Gustavo Martinez Highlights On Advertising and Marketing In Business

Gustavo Martinez is a distinguished marketing consultant. He has a vast experience that spans approximately 35 years in the advertising and marketing industry. Gustavo has served in senior posts in various multinational marketing firms. He has developed exemplary advertisements that have set new standards in the industry.

Gustavo Martinez used to be the CEO and President in multinational companies like McCann Worldgroup, Henkel, Olgilvy, Mather, Price Waterhouse, and J. Water Thompson International Marketing Company. Gustave has been hosted for interviews by many companies to share about his successful career.

In an interview, Gustavo was asked to explain why he switched from the traditional marketing strategy to consultancy and business acceleration. In response, Gustavo noted that consultancy was not new in the market as it has been there for around a century. As for him, a consultant refers to an independent contractor hired to offer exclusive marketing services strategically, even at operational levels.

Gustavo Martinez also stated that consultancy is the pillar of the advertisement and marketing industry. The consultancy part of marketing has been proven to be the most feasible advertising and marketing strategy in the industry. Gustavo said that he started his consultancy career before his appointment as the president and CEO of multinational companies.

According to Gustavo Martinez, people should understand that the advertising and marketing industry is driven by creativity. This industry is different from other sectors that have already set a streamlined, flawless, and well established strategic process.

Gustavo Martinez went on and said that the industry is highly volatile and requires fast and creative thinkers who are capable of working best as independent consultants or contractors. These contractors work best when free and settled. For instance, they can’t work best in a 9 to 5 structured working condition since this would limit their creativity and thinking capacity.

Another area that Gustavo Martinez is targeting is business acceleration. He is working with UV Business Acceleration, a company that is majors in helping struggling startups to grow. Gustavo affirmed that about 90 % of startups fail due to poor adverting and marketing strategies. Most startups don’t include the costs of adverting and marketing when starting a business since they don’t know its importance in their businesses.

Gustavo Martinez said that many people don’t realize that adverting and marketing are as important as their products. Under Gustavo Martinez’s leadership, UV Business Acceleration is helping startups to refine various areas like functionality, technology design, and user experience right from the start of a business.

There are a few qualities that have seen Gustavo Martinez to his current state as an esteemed entrepreneur and business consultant. One of his key attributes is active listening. Gustavo believes that every person has something interesting and relevant to share. As a result, he always looks forward to his clients’ feedback as it would help him improve his services and provide the best marketing strategies and solutions. Gustavo also believes in generosity as it helps others realize that you value and appreciate them. He also affirmed that hiring the best marketing professionals has significantly contributed to his success as it has helped him build a successful practice in business consultancy.


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A School With A Great Student Life

The United States is ripe full of colleges where you can study art. There must be thousands of state, community and private schools for various art subjects. However, few schools stand out as being superior to the rest. These schools include the University of Rhode Island, School of Visual Arts and Academy of Art University.

There are many different expenses that students have to pay. For a full time undergraduate student, the costs per academic year equal out to about $26,147. This is one of the more expensive schools that you can go to, though the expenses pay out dividends when you come out with great connections, a valuable degree and relevant skills.

 The school is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students have an option to stay at dormitories, if they choose to. There is a shuttle bus provided so that students can easily get from the dorm buildings to the campus. The institute provides the best facilities so that students can focus properly and learn. There are many different classrooms and lounges that put students in the best possible mind space to do work.

The Academy of Art University has a vibrant student life that includes many clubs. These clubs include the Anime Club, Beyond The Front Row, Black Student Union, Chinese Students Association, Christian Student Fellowship, Comics and Concept Art Club, Drama Club, Drawaholics Anonymous Crew, Gaming at Academy of Art University, Interior Architecture and Design Club, Improv Club, Fine Arts Online Club, Indonesian Student Association, Jewelry and Metal Arts Club, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Outloud!, Sigma Delt Sorority, Tea Time Animation, Urban Knights Radio and Veterans Club. From looking at all of these clubs, it is quite evident that there is something for everyone. It is also quite evident that there is a diverse student body at the school that includes many different ethnic and racial groups.

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Hi, hippos!

It’s no tale that James Dondero of Highland Capital is quite the avid giver and supporter of multiple good causes around the globe – especially those that he most cares about, such as building a hippo presence in the local Dallas Zoo. Not only did he initiate the request and idea for a special return of the hippos to the zoo – animals which had not so much as stepped or had any sort of showing in this particular zoo for now more than 15 years – but he also funded and helped oversee every part of the process all the way through to its beautiful finishing touches. The new hippo sanctuary now holds more than 115,000 gallons of water with two acres of spacious accommodation, which is more than enough for even the biggest of hippos in the group, if you ask me. You now may be asking yourself who this man really is – the man behind the money. Well, friend, he’s the one and only James Dondero – President of Highland.

Highland Capital Management is proud to have Dondero as a top member within its team. He is not only its president but also serves as its new CFA and CMA alike. He works hard to ensure that the company continues to build and maintain a solid group of client relationships and profit – both of which allow him to continue to give generously as he has to the Dallas Zoo and multiple other places in the last two decades. Did you know that his first donation to this same zoo was back in 2001 when he began with $1 million? He has since given more – from time to time.

His budgets and company revenue with continued profits are astounding enough to allow for such generosity. Dondero claims, in fact, that if it were not for his success in the equities and capital markets realms, then none of this would even be a possibility. Yet, since he is an unequaled expert in all respective fields, he can freely give to his heart’s content, changing many places.


Career achievements of Smita Shah

People respect engineers all over the world. Most students that pursue the course do not achieve much, particularly those that are never serious with their studies. The education they acquire form tutors is vital in helping them professionally as most of the details they learn in class relate to the work they ought to do in the outside. Besides, the industry demands a lot of practice. By taking part in construction activities, a learner can discover slight details that can make construction a problem. When one is passionate about knowledge, they have the chance to make the best engineers. Smita Shah learned skills from experts in the construction sectors as well as her teachers. Regardless of the high respect, she has in the industry, her attitude to people is never snobby or ignorant. 

Smita Shah is usually working most of her time. Though being an engineer is a bit demanding, the fact that she handless technical issues make her schedule always tight. She, however, plays most of her activities in the engineering sector. The more complex her work gets, the higher-earning potential she gets. The high returns associated with the industry help her live the best life. She uses the returns to make her knowledge better. Besides, she tries to be healthy by maintaining a lifestyle that her specialist in health recommends. According to Shah, good health and physical strength help human beings become productive. With a healthy body, she can visit the clients she has in different locations. She likes to meet them personally and know what services they like to get from her construction company. She does not prefer taking people through her services online, as she thinks it might be confusing to those involved. Through the meetings, she sets aside for her clients she gets to collect enough information on the nature of the client, their attitude as well as determination. The customers of the venture enjoy extra benefits like discounts and free deliveries for locations that are not far. Besides, they acquire advise on different issues like material analysis, so that they do not fail while selecting the construction materials they want to use for their investments. 

Smita Shah Chicago enjoys the prestige she receives from people outside the field of engineering. Besides, people in media houses perpetuate engineers as respectable individuals. Their perspective has influenced the lives of people in such professionals. Smita also is mostly invited to visit media houses and discuss construction based matters. She explains how engineering affects the economy, and she also outlines any problems that constructors experience. Her sharpness and composure enable her to narrow up the puzzle of individuals on engineering without confusing them. Learn more:

Besides, Smita Shah Chicago has an interest in empowerment. She is an excellent speaker that uses her experiences in life to give hope and determination to other people. She likes to mentor women that take courses that are never considered worth their try. Her agile nature helps her to shun troubles in her life and live positively. Shah always knows the people that wish the best for her life, and they are the only ones she likes to share her inner issues with, whenever it proves necessary.

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Grupo RBS Enters A Range Of Different Media Sectors

The Grupo RBS brand is perhaps best known for its long-term commitment to the success of its media brand. However, the company has been developing a range of new areas of interest, including its dominating move into the book publishing, music streaming, and publication sectors. The shift of focus is a long-term strategy form the company that sees its diversification take many different forms. The Grupo RBS company has always been innovative but the arrival at the company of current Chairman, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has pushed the brand on to new levels of success.

Over the course of the last few years, the new Chairman has been looking for different ways of diversifying the investments of Grupo RBS far beyond the traditional boundaries of the media brand. For Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, the development of the eBricks corporation has been a major area of success for the business leader as he seeks new areas of investment opportunities. In the past, Grupo RBS was intent on building a brighter future for the employees of the Grupo RBS brand and the Sirotsky family. The Chairman of the Grupo RBS board believes it is his responsibility to ensure the future of the company for his employees, the local community, and the members of his own Sirotsky family. To know more about RBS visit

There are many different options open to those who are looking at Grupo RBS because of the wide range of media areas it already operates within. The radio station operator, RBS obviously has an interest in the music sector through its investment in the Orbeat record label that has proven successful for a number of years. One of the most impressive signs of success in evolution at the Grupo RBS brand is the changing approach to newspapers and newsgathering. One of the most impressive parts of the empire built by the founder, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho and his successor, Nelson Sirotsky has been the eight different newspapers operated throughout the Santa Catarina and Rio Grande du Sol states of Brazil.,297812.jhtml

U.S. Money Reserve

In a business, every employee plays a role in how well they operate in the system and demonstrates a potential range of success for the company. Many companies don’t focus on enhancing the abilities of their employees or encourage them to improve on their diverse talents.

Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Inc. |  Better Business Bureau; Profile

These individual people can be an important element to the future enhancement of the company with an ability that it may not even know that it needs.

As a current CEO, Angela Koch has provided an enormous contribution to the growth of the U.S. Money Reserve. The experiences in her background provided a perspective and ability that has enhanced in addition to her persistence.

Starting with a perceived disadvantage of a lack of experience, and no college degree, actually became an advantage.

A vested interest in her development from the people that she previously worked for made her more of an asset for future projects they needed to complete.

Through these experiences, she developed a unique perspective on the area of sales. Instead of categorizing an individual in sales as having limited specific abilities, she promotes their development by challenging them to learn how to run an operation. This increased value of the individual contributes to the increased value of the company.

Diversity in the workforce is very important for any business. To know the inner workings or complete process of how a company operates; creates an opportunity for the employee to better understand the value of their specific duty, and be able to identify and possibly fill in any shortcomings of different areas of the company’s operations.

This adds another level of quality control that can contribute to improvement in efficiency; creating a separation between the company and its competitors.

In the initial beginning of the U.S. Reserve, it possessed a foundation of experience and knowledge from its creator Philip N. Diehl. He gained this wisdom from his long professional history with top government agencies involved with the process and monitoring of the world’s precious metals.

With a combination of the necessary understanding of monetary policy, he has been able to develop a highly efficient business that deals with the transaction of these valuable resources.

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In the same way that an individual would want to improve on as many of their skill sets as they can. Acquiring coins is a good way to diversify financial stability. Owning physical resources like gold has numerous potential benefits in areas like taxes, or retirement portfolio stability and growth.

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Gustavo Martinez Believes Marketing Consultancy Is The Most Effective Marketing Approach

Gustavo Martinez is gaining lots attention in the world of advertising. Several of the most memorable ads ran over the last 35 years are so popular thanks to Gustavo’s creative mind. He is actively changing the way we handle our advertising, marketing, and consulting as an industry.


About Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo started out showing off his great talent with companies like Price Waterhouse and Henkel. His abilities were recognized right away. He quickly rose to be the president of McCann World Group, and he was also the president of Mather and Ogilvy a certain times during his career. The most prestigious position he ever acquired was when he became the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. That is one of the most prestigious ad firms in the world. Not long ago Gustavo stepped down from that position and ventured out into starting his own business.


What Changes Is Gustavo Making In The Industry

Gustavo has an understanding of the industry because he has paid close attention to how the minds and hearts of others works. He has shared that in advertising it’s the ads that trigger emotions and offer a clear message that will have the most success. Effective ads can’t be mass produced, they take real consideration for the target market. The creators of the ads must be flexible and creative as opposed to the standard nine-to-five job. According to Gustavo, powerful ads need raw creativity and sometimes the use of the consultancy model.


More On The Consultancy Model

Gustavo mentioned that the consultancy model has been taking effect on the world of marketing for the past 10 decades. Consultants are talented third parties who have the necessary freedom and flexibility to provide more effective creativity. Standard schedules and demands of a corporate job provide too many restrictions on the creative mind. Creatives with freedom will provide the best results for any marketing projects.


What About Business Acceleration?

Martinez Gustavo feels that independent consultants are the answer for business acceleration. Businesses are becoming more effective and flexible as they grow. Businesses who focus on acceleration spend less time on trial and error and other delays. The help of expert consultants allows businesses to grow at a faster rate.


Today Gustavo has teamed up with a company called UV Business Acceleration. Together they have a goal of creating a definitive business growth model. Almost all startups fail in the first three years, but Gustavo plans to change this trend by using what he calls “total-marketing-strategy optimization”.


When businesses are first created there are tons of mistakes to be made, but Gustavo is developing a way to reduce those errors by providing experienced and tested insight. Gustavo says in advertising the story the product tells is more effective than the media that is promoting it.


User experience is important to the marketing efforts of today. Several startups tend to overlook how important technological design and functionality are in consumer interactions with products they are purchasing. With the help of analytics, companies can extract data that would help them cut the time spent on trial and error projects. As the competition stiffens for startup companies it’s better for new businesses to start out using the most effective techniques advised by seasoned consultants.


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Maarten de Jeu’s Tips on Building Wealth

“Generational wealth” has become a buzz word, especially among millennials and generation z. But what does it mean to truly build wealth? There are various wealth-building investment vehicles. Renown strategic business advisor Maarten de Jeu informs us of how we can increase our wealth by investing in Commercial Real Estate (CRE).


Who is Maarten De Jeu?

Upon receiving his undergraduate degree from Leiden University, Maarten continued his education at the University of Oxford. He ranked first in his class and received a Masters’s degree in Business Administrative (MBA). After graduating, De Jeu has worked at Aviva pic, a British multinational insurance company, as the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. He also worked with TVDK Management Consultants as a consultant, collaborating with noteworthy brands such as Heinz and Sara Lee. De Jeu also has a role in founding two successful companies, SpeakUp, and SVM Business Advisory. 


During his free time, de Jeu enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis, and dedicating his time to various community and business associations. 


What is Commercial Real Estate?

The two common forms of real estate are commercial and residential properties. When investing in real estate you can either increase your wealth by selling the property after the value appreciates over time or by collecting rental income. Residential real estate is the property that is intended to be utilized as a living space. Commercial real estate can be defined as property primarily used for business purposes. 


What are the Benefits of Commercial Real Estate?

Before committing to commercial real estate as your wealth-building investment vehicle, it is important to note that there is some degree of risk involved with any investment and you must always do your due diligence. 


Advantages of investing in commercial real estate 

  1. Smaller market: The steep learning curve and regulations associated with commercial real estate causes the market to be less saturated than residential real estate.
  2. Increased Wealth: Commercial property tenants generally sign a three to five-year lease agreements thus resulting in more cash flow. The return on investment for commercial property is also 3-6 times more than residential. With increased cash flow and the potential to have a higher return on your investment, the chances of building wealth with commercial real estate are much larger.
  3. Owner Benefits: Tenants often sign a ‘triple net lease’ that makes them responsible for paying the building’s maintenance fees, insurance, and property taxes, thus relieving the owner of the financial burden. Learn more:


Maarten de Jeu’s Tips


Building the proper networks with other real estate investors and private lenders play a significant role in your success in the realm of commercial real estate.


It is important to establish your credibility with sellers and lenders. You may want to consider curating a small business plan that will help establish your credibility and competitive advantage.


Knowledge is key. You must have the ability to understand the metrics when analyzing potential commercial properties. 


DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE. Research is essential. Gather as much information about the property, the market, sellers, lenders, regulations, and the location as you can!

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Oren Frank’s Innovative Venture makes Solving Mental Health Issues Easy

Oren Frank founded the online therapy service called Talkspace in the year 2012. The company is headquartered in New York City. Users of the service can access the help of licensed therapists on their computers or on their mobiles both iOS and Android.

Oren Frank was raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. He later attended the Leicester Polytechnic in the UK, currently called De Montford University. He obtained the required qualifications at the institution to help him become an advertising executive. After graduating, Oren Frank worked in many well-known advertising companies including McCann Erickson WorldGroup, MRM and, EMEA. He was the chief executive officer of McCann WorldGroup for over five years.

Oren Frank launched Talkspace with the help of his wife Roni in 2012. His goal was to give access to therapy for all. Roni and Oren attended couple’s therapy and were impressed with the impact it had on strengthening their marriage. Their experience made them create Talkspace. They wanted everyone in need of help to have easy access to quality psychotherapy from licensed therapists to solve mental health issues.

Talkspace experienced immense growth after its launch and has attracted several investors to give it the necessary funding to improve services for users. Some of the investors include Norwest Venture Partners, Qumra Capital, Compound, Spark Capital and, Revolution Growth. The company has partnered with major healthcare companies including UnitedHealth Group, Magellan Health and, Aetna to make their website and app available for millions of customers across the globe.

Oren Frank’s innovative mental healthcare service Talkspace has helped millions of users with mental health issues connect and get the benefit of online sessions with licensed therapists. Oren Frank believes that the secret of success is by keeping priorities in view every day. He refuses to get distracted by urgent or routine tasks and stays focused on the most important tasks of the day. He believes that he is productive because he minimizes time spent on the social media.

Oren Frank created Talkspace to help users connect with qualified therapists. These licensed online therapists help them make essential and positive changes for a happier life.


Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Understands The Importance Of Innovation

Innovation is a hugely important concept in the world of business. Those who understand this idea are bound to succeed. One person who knows what it means to be innovative is Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has created a career that is centered around bringing this concept to life. To this end, he’s done all he can to take his educational background and show how the right preparation can ultimately yield impressive results. While a native of Venezuela, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez realized that an education in the United States would be an ideal course of action. He decided to enroll in Suffolk University. This admired university is located in Massachusetts. Here, he chose to pursue degrees in business administration and economics. In doing so, he quickly gained the kind of insights so crucial for those like him who wish to make their mark in the world of business. After finishing his degree, he decided that would be ideal to head back home and search for opportunity there.

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Becoming an Entrepreneur

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez got his start in the world of business while working in the oil industry. It was here that he realized he wanted to become an entrepreneur. It was also at this point that he realized that new technologies could be the key to creating the career he wanted. He began by expanding into the area of sustainable energy. This is one sector of the economy that he believes is truly poised for growth. Other fields have also captured his attention. He speaks of the need to engage in diversification. Diversification for Lopez is linked to the concept of innovation. For him, it’s all about bringing in new approaches even when it comes to working closely with already established business modes. This kind of understanding is a hallmark of his worldview and his work as an entrepreneur. It is the foundation of his ability to think outside of the box. As his career unfolds, it is also a concept he hopes others will follow along with and appreciate as much as he does.