Dick DeVos Part of Grand Rapids Downtown Development

Dick DeVos doesn’t like urban sprawl. That’s why when Grand Rapids leaders floated an idea to build a sports and convention center north of downtown, Dick DeVos made plans to keep the venture in the city limits. At the time, DeVos was moving up the corporate ladder on his way to CEO of Amway Corporation. However, DeVos put that aside to start convincing community leaders that a downtown venue was the way to go.


If you asked Devos, he would say that he saw what happened when Detroit built major entertainment venues outside of their downtown area. He didn’t want Grand Rapids to suffer a similar fate. DeVos said that Detroit was a telltale “lesson,” and he wanted better for his City of Grand Rapids.


DeVos organized his informal lobbying group with the name Grand Action. The group was made up of local business leaders who wanted to see Grand Rapids entertainment stay in Grand Rapids. The group is responsible for the development of much of the Grand Rapids skyline including DeVos Place, DeVos Performance Hall, Van Andel Arena and the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Because of their efforts, Grand Rapids has seen a renaissance. Old factories have been converted to apartments and condominiums, and more young people than ever are making downtown a destination. The City of Grand Rapids has followed suit making Rosa Parks Circle the hub of downtown activity.


The DeVos family didn’t just stop with business development as a way to improve the city. Rick DeVos, son of Dick DeVos is the founder of Art Prize, an art competition held semi-annually in Grand Rapids. Artists from around the world partner with businesses to display their work throughout the City of Grand Rapids. Visitors can see the art for free and vote on their favorites. Artists can win prizes based on the community vote as well as based on juried decisions from art experts.


While many wealthy families send their children to expensive boarding schools, Dick DeVos decided local was best for his own family. His children attended nearby Grand Rapids Christian High School. The school attracts local Christian families from a variety of economic backgrounds throughout the city. The DeVos family is also a donor and supporter of Potter’s House, a charter school for families of all incomes in the Grand Rapids area. DeVos and his wife Betsy Devos say that it’s their goal to make quality education available to families of all economic backgrounds.


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Talkspace’s TV Campaign with Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps agreed to partner with Talkspace in their efforts to publicize the value of therapy in mental health improvement. Phelps would let in the world on his personal experience in a national TV campaign. Open discussions on mental health would also be encouraged while the benefits that the online therapy platform offers would be made public.

While speaking about the partnership, Phelps narrated how he had to deal with anxiety and depression during his career days. Online therapists helped him get his life in order and he desired to lend a hand to individuals with similar challenges. The campaign was designed to indicate that such services are more affordable and can easily be accessed. Talkspace was determined to challenge the stigma around mental health and they counted on Phelps to advance their efforts.

Talkspace began its operations back in 2012 thanks to the efforts of their CEO, Oren Frank. His goal was to make therapy sessions more accessible and the internet has helped him achieve this. The firm recently brought Neil Leibowitz on board as their chief medical officer. The move was aimed at improving the sales of the online therapy firm.

The appointment would also see clients receive prescriptions through the company’s app. Neil Leibowitz took his time before accepting the offer. He made up his mind after interacting with the team at Talkspace and their products which have proved their worth in enhancing mental health therapy. Visit iamtrillyoga.com to learn more.

About Talkspace

The firm has mobile and web applications that provide individuals with mental health challenges access to licensed therapists. Millions of individuals have sought their services and received the much needed help. Talkspace makes the most of the advances in the digital world to further its cause of fighting the stigma associated with mental illness.

Talkspace has no plans of taking the place of in-office therapy. Their “Unlimited Messaging Therapy” was introduced to reduce the congestion in therapy offices and allow individuals to receive help without having to alter their schedules.

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Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps to Advocate for Better Mental Health Practices

Talkspace is a global leader in providing online therapy. The company recently announced its partnership with Michael Phelps with the aim to help to promote mental health. The collaboration will feature a television campaign in which the international swimmer who has also experienced detrimental mental health issues will share his experiences and encourage people to address mental health issues and demonstrate the benefits of Talkspace Therapy. Various digital assets will support the campaign. Read more Talkspace Couples Therapy Review at askmen.com

Michael Phelps Shares His Story Regarding Mental Health Disorders

Throughout his career, Michael Phelps has struggled with depression as well as anxiety in certain stages of his life. He found it difficult to get the assistance he needed. When he started talking openly about his mental health, he felt some strength, no vulnerability. When he discovered that he could use telemedicine to interact with a therapist, anywhere he could be he felt some sense of empowerment. Michael Phelps now wants to assist people dealing with mental health disorders by encouraging them to seek help from healthcare professionals. He wants to show those who are suffering that it’s easier to access help now. The announcement has cemented the shared vision between Talkspace Therapy and Michael Phelps in fighting the stigma surrounding millions of individuals suffering from mental health. The company’s board of directors will facilitate the program.

More about Talkspace

Talkspace is a popular platform that provides various mental healthcare therapies as well as treatments. The company utilizes an online text and video-based platform to convey its treatment to patients regardless of where they are and how busy their schedules may be. Not only are the services affordable but accessible to those who don’t have insurance. Talkspace ensures that patients receive tailored treatment based on their mental health. There are many personalities as well as lifestyles that constitute Talkspace. Most of the company’s therapists are organized. They also enjoy a solid routine coupled with a support system that helps them to focus their energy on providing better healthcare.

Learn more: https://www.opencounseling.com/blog/betterhelp-vs-talkspace-a-former-therapists-in-depth-review-with-ratings-part-1-33

Oren Frank, CEO Of Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy app for people who struggle with mental health problems. You can pay eighty dollars to talk to a therapist or fifty dollars to message a professional. According to Oren Frank, the CEO, Talkspace has a million users. They’ve just hired a chief medical officer so they can start prescribing medication to their users. That chief medical officer is Neil Leibowitz who, besides prescribing medicine, will also be helping Talkspace build its enterprise business.

Oren Frank hopes that the enterprise business will represent half of the revenue Talkspace brings in. Employers have started paying more attention to mental health after seeing that depression and anxiety in millennials has gone up. Leibowitz was skeptical about Talkspace at first, but joined after becoming familiar with it and its staff. Now he sees Talkspace as a way to give more people access to therapy. Read more about Oren Frank at haaretz.com

Oren Frank recently tweeted an article that girls who spend hours on social media, more than three to be exact, are more likely to be depressed. There are even more girls depressed for those who are on social media for more than five hours. Teens who more than regularly used social media were more depressed due to more anxiety, interaction with bullies/harassers, and lack of sleep.

Teen girls use social media more than teen boys do. One suggestion to change this is to take away access to social media once bed time approaches. Oren Frank commented that Talkspace could held teens delete their accounts if needed. Teens have reported not being able to sleep due to receiving notifications from social media on their phone. They’ve had self esteem issues, being unhappy with their appearance or body weight. They’ve dealt with cyberbullying and online harassment, which could have contributed to (or caused) their low self esteem.

Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6n0bmxHOps


Sunday Riley is Ahead of the Class

Sunday Riley, is shocking many by becoming the next big at home name in skin care products. You may ask, what sets them apart from the rest and what makes brand so special? Well let’s chat for a moment about Sunday Riley.

This Houston based independent company is proving to be one of a kind. Sunday Riley has a 13 products in their line, and here are some of the top amazing products their Sleeping Night Oil, Saturn Sulfur Acne Mask, and Tidal Brightening Water Cream to name just a few. All products are. botanically based, which means they are a dream come true to your skin.

For those of us that deal with the pesky dark marks on our skin the Tidal Brightening Water Cream is a godsend for this problem area! Otis packed with papaya enzymes which help to clarify our skin which drastically reduces the appearance of those dark marks that seem to plague our skin in older age. A lot of concern to less invasive products for skin is something this company takes pride in which is why so many botanical based ingredients are used in each product. That is simply amazing, and is definitely what sets them apart!

Sunday Riley is definitely no stranger in the skincare industry. Their super impressive following on social media is hitting astronomical levels. With the world becoming so health and wellness savvy regarding all natural products, Sunday Riley has definitely made a mark that won’t go unseen. The success of this business will surpass what its founder has dreamt for it to be. With such a short track record in the industry this company is making humongous moves and a strong statement that they are here to stay and here to bring our skin what it has needed, a dependable “green” based product that exudes the beauty of our skin. So what are you waiting for, go grab yourself a few of these products and you’ll understand what the hype is all about!

“Isn’t It Romantic” Staring, Rebel Wilson, And Yes It is Romantic

Rebel Wilson has made an incredible footprint in film, television, and theater. Her list of accomplishments has over forty-two productions and appearances. She has received twelve nominations and eight awards.

Starting out as a shy, Australian girl and growing up in the suburbs of Sydney, she was dropped off by her mother at an acting class and left in tears as her mom drove away with the promise that she would pick her up in two hours. No doubt the best gift she could have been given. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://www.broadway.com/buzz/194108/rebel-wilson-to-play-jennyanydots-in-cats-film/ and https://deadline.com/2018/11/cats-movie-rebel-wilson-cast-as-jennyanydots-andrew-lloyd-webber-1202504908/

Rebel is hilarious and has a way of making you feel comfortable. Her humor seems real and from the heart. She has a way of making you feel like you are hanging out with a friend who always makes you laugh.

Rebel Wilson stars with Liam Hemsworth in the 2019 movie, ”Isn’t It Romantic”. In the movie, Rebel Wilson as Natalie hates Romantic Comedies. But after a hilariously, tragic bump on the head ends up in an alternate universe of Romantic Comedy.

Apparently, one girl’s nightmare is another girls dream. So while Natalie desperately tries to find her way out of the surrealism, most of us are thinking if it could just be me. Watching the Trailer has me hooked. It is funny, it is believable and it makes you want to drink whatever she is having. Read more: Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList and Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter

In the Movie “Isn’t it Romantic” Blake played by Liam Hemsworth would be a prize catch for any lovesick girl, but because of Natalie’s dislike for romantic comedies, she feels she has woken up in a nightmare. After waking up in a New York City that is clean, painted an decorated by florists, she comes home to an apartment fit for a princess. It is apparent she isn’t in Kansas anymore and soon finds out that she has to jump through some hoops to get back to the real world.

All I can say is watch the trailer for yourself. This movie satisfies the need for laughter and it is super refreshing. Rebel Wilson admits the movie was not her idea but she has found the top of her acting career as not only the star but a producer as well. If you have been put off by some of the recent movies and felt the darkness creeping around you with dystopian shadows, you will come into the light with this movie. It is about time we had some cheer.

Rebel plays the part in such a believable way it makes you think the movie was made specifically for her. Her ability to make the comedy natural makes it immersive. It makes you wish you could have such an emergency just once. Well done Rebel Wilson

JD.com Offers a Helping Hand to Offline Bookstores

At a time when traditional over- the -counter bookstores are facing a fierce completion from their online business rivals, JD.com has stepped in to offer them the most needed support in their hour of need. The glimmer of hope comes after JD.com opened its online platform to save them from declining traffic and sales, which has threatened the survival of their establishments. This is not the first time that the leading e-commerce giant has opened its technology-driven platform to third-party traders. As part of its Retail as a Strategy program, JD.com has helped numerous retailers to access the Chinese market by offering them a space in its online platform.

Even though JD.com has its thriving online bookstore, the company has been generous enough to accommodate other players. Apart from marketing the books for the third parties, the company has gone ahead to offer related solutions such as logistics and technology to a total of 49 offline bookstores. Among the beneficiaries include Tangning Books, AIO SPACE and, Yitiao. Through this window, the 49 bookstores have reaped big from JD’s cutting –edge technology. JD has taken over the responsibility of modernizing their supply chain in a bid to increase the sales volumes of the target bookstores. For instance, the Guangzhou-based bookstore, Tangning Books, was barely able to manage its array of 60 book suppliers before partnering with Jingdong.

Since the partnership, the two companies have harmoniously worked to source books from the vast JD’s online store. Additionally, JD.com has granted Tangning access to its robust logistics network. Those who purchase their books receive them within a day of purchase. The move has helped a great deal to save on the cost of labor and delivery. As a result, Tangning Books has recorded a 30% increase in sales and a 17% growth in annual profits, thanks to JD.com. Through the recent partnership with offline bookstores, JD.com has also helped them overcome the challenge of low stock. Since physical stores may be limited concerning space to stock every book in the market, JD.com’s vast inventory has come at a no better time. Customers can scan the QR codes for books they can’t get from the stores and have them delivered within a day, courtesy of JD’s vast inventory.

Renew Youth: Importance of Treating Hormonal Imbalances

Renew Youth focuses on providing women with unique, idiosyncratic, and individually personalized health care assistance programs that is not only focused on helping women overcome symptoms of menopause, but it is also to particularly help them safeguard their health and wellness as they come to a particular age. Renew Youth has spent decades and decades on perfecting treatments that are focused on menopause treatments, and Renew Youth has helped a lot of women in their venture to balance their hormones in the most safe, most effective and most efficient ways.

Renew Youth has noticed a growing attention, information and awareness of women towards hormone therapy – particularly on very strong estrogen substitutes and replacements and this can be very beneficial when an individual is approaching menopause.

During menopause, there is a heavy decrease on estrogen and this low estrogen can trigger hormonal imbalances that result in a lot of obvious symptoms like mood swings, memory loss, fatigue, and hot flashes. And women experiencing this will know that they are experiencing menopause and they understand and they are aware that they are in need of attention and help.

Renew Youth is very careful with how they give estrogen to their patients – and the prescribed estrogen is very controlled. Renew Youth wants to avoid the dangers of estrogen dominance – because some women have the chemical makeup that actually produces more estrogen than usual and this is dangerous for women if it is not treated properly. When women are experiencing estrogen dominant, there might be a lot of symptoms that women wouldn’t want at all and these could manifest as: low sex drives, unusual gain of fat, hair loss, memory loss, extreme headaches and unexpected moodswings.

Renew Youth sees the importance of treating estrogen imbalances properly because this greatly affects the functioning life of a woman.

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The Life of Serge Christian Belamant

The Life of Serge Christian Belamant

Serge Belamant was born in 1953. He was born to a tiler father. They moved to South Africa from France when Mr. Belamant was a teenager. About Serge Belamant got higher education and worked so hard in South Africa that he got the name of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in the financial world of South Africa. He is considered the brain behind blockchain technology. This technology played a key role in improving the financial world . There was a need to switch over the usual transactions. There were a lot of different reasons involved behind the need for Blockchain technology.

The main idea behind creating such technology was to increase the transparency and efficiency of the financial services. This provided security as well. To define the Blockchain technology, one can simply say that it is basically a list of data connected to each other by cryptography. Each list consists of transaction data. Serge Belamant worked hard to come up with such technology. His main contribution towards blockchain was the use of smart cards. These cards used microprocessors that could be used offline and online as well. These smart cards can develop an independent and distributed transaction.

This allows the customer to do a lot of banking processes such as withdrawing credit, depositing money, transferring money to trusted accounts and investment as well. All of this with full security as well. Mr. Belamant used to work at SASWITCH but left the company in the late 80s. He later joined Net1 technologies. His company position was not looking good at the start, but it took off after Visa acquired them. The company, Visa, wanted to develop a new app by utilizing Serge Belamant system of fund transfer. Net1 Technologies started using the Universal Electronic Payment technology after Visa hired them. The combination of these two systems resulted in the production of Chip Offline Authorized Card. Visa still uses this card (COAP). Serge Belamant left the company named, Net1 Technologies as well. He then joined Zilch Technology Ltd.

How Sheldon Lavin Helped Build a Premier Food Provider

Mr. Lavin is a leader with a vision and a reputable professional. He holds the positions of the Chairman and CEO at OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin has a degree in accounting and Finance from the University of Illinois and also a Bachelor of Science degree that he studied at Roosevelt University. He ran a financial consulting firm for about 15 years before joining the Otto & Sons in 1970. It is the company that was later renamed to OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin has steered the company into a multi-billion dollar food providing enterprise. OSI is the provider of foods such as beef, pork, poultry, among others to restaurant chains and other food retailers in various countries. As the leader of this great company, he has overseen its expansion from serving the US market alone to a total of 17 countries. He considers expansion and diversification of the company as the key to achieving significant growth.

He is also responsible for cultivating a family-like culture in OSI Group, which has also been a contributing factor to its success. Sheldon Lavin has expressed that he does not run OSI as other typical companies its size where all the instructions originate from the top management. Although there are rules to be followed and responsibilities to be fulfilled, it runs likes a family, and this culture has always worked.

He has received several accolades for his efforts in the business and its performance. He has also been recognized severally for his efforts in philanthropy. Sheldon Lavin has made donations to various charities in support of different causes among them being the Ronald McDonald House Foundation that offers housing facilities to the families that are dealing with illnesses.

One aspect that has played part in making him succeed in business is the ability to plan ahead. It is a quality that makes him unique from other leaders because by planning beforehand, he becomes better prepared for what the future brings. Sheldon Lavin makes sure to develop plans that can create a better future for the company. He also believes that a leader should have humility. When one is not humble, they cannot learn from the subordinates or listen to their opinion.

For More info: www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/