Cancer Treatment Centers of America Forms Partnership to Provide Exclusive Quality of Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is currently improving its oncology care with the help of Nanthealth and Allscripts. Technology and innovation are coming together in this streamlined comprehensive package called Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways allows the oncology treatment professionals to work with the precision and efficiency of a supercomputer. The platform micromanages the tasks involved in personalized oncology care by using touchscreen real-time unified technology systems. The objectivity of this integrated technology removes ambiguity and confusion.

Allscripts is providing electronic health records (EHR), and other informational technologies which help physicians handle large patient populations and workloads. They are the data management solutions technology firm making complex comprehensive care possible. Their current Sunrise IT platform allows for instant and seamless access by all staff and associates to all-encompassing EHR, from admission to discharge.

Nanthealth is providing a platform named eviti. Which has the esemplastic ability to transform a library of more than 2,700 evidence-based cancer treatment regimens into specific plans for each individualized patient.
The regimens determine the most successful treatment plan for any type of cancer or modality. Each regimen defines the costs, expected outcome, toxicities, along with the level of evidence and literature in support of the proposed treatment.

The library is an ever-expanding unbiased source of information compiled from government sources, other oncology associations, and peer-reviewed literature. It is meticulously maintained by various experts, informatics, and practitioners in the oncology field. Using the nuanced depths of data and diagnostic algorithms, the physicians are among the best equipped in the world for solving cancer-related health issues.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. It currently operates five hospitals specializing in comprehensive cutting-edge cancer treatment, located in: Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tuscan. CTCA has international brand recognition, and attracts patients seeking premium oncology care from around the world.

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Dr. Rick Shinto Leads Innovacare Health to a Success Path

There has been an improvement in the quality of the health services offered in the country in the recent years. The growth is mainly attributed to the technological developments and also the increased number of quality healthcare providers in the country. Innovacare Health is one of the most reputable healthcare providers based in North America.

InnovaCare specializes in offering Medicaid, physician services, and Medicare Advantage Programs. Over the years, Innovacare Health has remained dedicated to providing unmatched health care solutions by creating profitable and sustainable healthcare models that are integrated with advanced modern technology. The company has made huge strides by allowing patients to access high-quality healthcare services at affordable rates. InnovaCare’s membership is drawn from Puerto Rico-MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. Currently, the company has a membership of more than 200,000 people who are served by more than 7,000 providers.

The company has been on the forefront to partner with various organizations and government agencies to provide affordable healthcare to the public. InnovaCare has a partnership with the Puerto Rico government Medicaid plans to provide affordable coverage plans through a harmonized care model. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance.

InnocaCare’s leadership team

InnovaCare boasts of skilled top leadership, which is one of the reasons the company has experienced massive success over the years. The company is being run by visionary leaders, who are talented and have numerous years of experience in managing the health sector. Dr. Rick Shinto, who is the president and the CEO of InnovaCare has over 20 years of experience in clinical medicine and operationally managed healthcare. Before joining InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto was the president and chief executive officer of Aveta Inc, Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California, and Chief Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management System.

Dr. Rick started his career journey as a pulmonologist and internist. Dr. Rick graduated from the University of California at Irvine with a bachelor’s degree. He then went on to pursue an MBA from the University of Redlands. He is M.D accredited. Dr. Shinto has won various awards in his career in the healthcare sector. He received the Access to Caring Award which was given at the University of Health Sciences during their annual tribute to the Caring Celebration. He was awarded due to his achievements in the advancement of healthcare service to the poor.

Recently, the company added three executives to the helm of the organization’s leadership. The new executives include Jonathan Meyers, Mike Sortino, and Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope is the current Chief Administration Officer. She joined InnovaCare in June 2015. She previously served in the position of COO of InnovaCare, and the Vice president of clinical operations. Learn more about the company at

Oncotarget Provides Insightful Peer-Review

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed open access medical journal designed to maximize research in the field. The journal was published by Impact Journals and first established in 2010. The editors-in-chief are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The journal covers different aspects of oncology which is the study and treatment of tumors and cancer.

Oncotarget publishes the papers online each week, but teach paper or issue can be printed if there is a special demand. Their mission is to make the results the research and study of oncology widely available. This, in turn, helps to maximize the impact of the research being done in this field and encourages insightful review. This process spreads the word about exceptional discovery so they can be shared quickly to a wider audience. Taking down the walls usually set-up for people who may specialize in an area of oncology by linking different fields of biomedical science. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Fostering the applications of basic and clinical science helps to fight back disease and to maximize the discoveries made in oncology to continue pushing forward. The journal is under the leadership of the most prominent scientists in the field while helping researchers to contribute to the continued progress of science. The main goal of Oncotarget is a life without the disease which would improve the lives of people worldwide.

The journal has seen a rise in popularity recently due to their dedication for multiple peer-review, insightful, construction, and punctual papers. Increasing the impact of the research submitted by their authors and offering a platform for the knowledge to be distributed on a wider scale. Areas of oncology Oncotarget are accepting papers for include the following:

  • Neuroscience
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiology
  • Metabolism
  • Cell Biology
  • Pharmacology (all areas)
  • And more

Oncotarget has even been prompted to launch sections that go beyond oncology to continue having an impact on the community. Over five years they’ve had an impact of 5.415 and have held the highest ranking in Medicine and Oncology.

The journal is an excellent source to stay up to date in the world of oncology and for specialists in this field to share their research with one another. Download output styles at

How EOS Revolutionized Oral Beauty Care For Women

The second best lip balm brand in the world started off as a less famous brand under the management of three genius entrepreneurs. One of the founders, Mehra, revealed that they purposefully opted not to focus on the brand’s history but the productivity of the balm. Consequentially, little was known about the upcoming of Evolution of Smooth,

EOS lip balm gained worldwide fame when icons such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus used the balm in public on a regular. The start of the firm was on the opposite side of that spectrum, lacking in glamor and fame. In an exclusive Fast Company interview, Mehra, Craig Dubitsky, and Jonathan Teller co-founded EOS to create a shift in the boring oral beauty care sector. This establishment was the result of an observation revealing that chapsticks were a unisex product at the time. All brands had a cunningly similar packaging and a boring description complete with a list of ingredients. According to the founders’ research, women enjoyed switching up the balms’ flavors but had few options to pick.

Mehra, Craig, and Jonathan set out to revolutionize the experience of using a balm by creating a product that engaged the user’s senses. That way, every woman would have a more pleasurable moment when they viewed the new shapes of the balm in the store, heard the click sound while opening the balm and enjoyed the wide variety of flavors.

Scaling up the market with predecessors such as Burtbees and Pfizer dominating the market required the three partners to apply aggressive and smart networking and marketing strategies. After landing a sales deal with Walgreens, they began advertising on television, radios, and magazines. They contacted beauty bloggers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to review balms so as to diverge from the traditional marketing skills employed by their predecessors. Currently, they have millions of followers on social media and sell a million balms per week.


Lawyer Referral and Information Service Launches a New Service

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), a trusted associate of the New York State Bar Association, has announced the launch of a new online portal. More convenient than the old telephone service, the online portal is available 24 hours a day. The phone service is still available for those who wish to use it.

This service was created to offer New Yorkers a more convenient way to seek legal help. For most people, searching for legal help usually means that life’s gotten extremely stressful. Not only is this new service a lower pressure way to find legal assistance, it instills the confidence that they will be matched with a qualified lawyer.

Every lawyer the LRIS may match an individual with has been reviewed and is in good legal standing with the New York State Bar Association. This service was also developed while taking lawyers’ potential client list into consideration. With this portal, lawyers can reach more potential client at a lower cost.

To be matched with the perfect lawyer, New Yorkers have to fill out a confidential questionnaire detailing their legal issues and location. The questionnaire is then reviewed by a State Bar staff member and matched with a practicing lawyer in the same or nearby community.

One of the top attorneys in New York is Jeremy Goldstein. He’s the founder and a partner at his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. His firm usually advising committees, corporation, and high-profile individuals on executive compensation and corporate governance matters.

Before founding Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, Jeremy Goldstein worked for Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz. After years of hard-earned experience, Jeremy Goldstein has become a talented writer and speaker on corporate governance and executive compensation matters.


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George Soros Does Not Stop With $12 Billion Given To Good Causes

The figures may sound amazing, but by the start of 2017 billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros had given away an amazing $12 billion in support for good causes, according to the Open Society Foundations. Soros is well known in many parts of the world for his outspoken criticism of some politicians and his support of liberal leaning charitable projects he feels reflect the ideals he hopes the human race will live by in the 21st century; on the business front, George Soros is well known for the success of his Soros Fund Management Brand that has allowed him to amass a personal fortune estimated to have reached around $25 billion by the start of 2017. In his writing, George Soros has often stated his aim in building the business empire he has created since establishing his own hedge fund in 1969 was to allow him the ability to help as many people in the world as possible. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros was originally known as Gyorgy Schwartz before the rising right wing attitudes seen in central and Eastern Europe in the 1930s prompted his father to change the family name to the less Jewish sounding Soros, Biography reports. The interest in building a global culture across the entire planet is something the family of George Soros have been interested for many years as the Soros family were a driving force behind the growth of Esperanto as a global language in the early part of the 20th century in a bid to build a thriving global culture that would help reduce the rise of nationalism; the Soros family survived the World War II Holocaust that claimed the lives of around half a million members of the Hungarian Jewish community.

It was after a single decade was spent building his Wall Street based empire as a hedge fund manager that George Soros began looking to help good causes across the planet with an initial focus on Communist countries, such as Soros’ own Hungarian home nation. In 1979, George Soros began seeking ways of taking on the tyrants of the world in all their forms before developing his own Open Society Foundations to continue his good work. While many wealthy billionaires and wealthy philanthropists have looked to back a single area of concern, George Soros and his Open Society Foundations spread out their work across so many different areas of interest the network uses 500 pages of its Website to list its many diverse causes that are being backed on a regular basis.

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Making Investments Early In Life Is Essential For Long-Term Wealth Creation Says Warren Buffet

In an interview with CNBC recently, Warren Buffet said that it is important for the people to get more conscious regarding their savings and retirement planning to ensure that their future is financially secured. However, Warren Buffet added that it is important to research on the various investment tools available and carefully analyze the pros and cons with different retirement planning and investment tools before signing on the dotted line.

It is because the financial markets are more volatile today than it was earlier, and it only makes sense to diversify the investment portfolio to ensure there is a balance between the financial tools that are more stable in nature and the ones that are more aggressive but risk prone.

Warren Buffet says that the investments should be made with a bigger picture in mind and for the long-term, rather than trying to cut significant returns in the short term. It is because the Warren Buffet is known to have created his wealth majorly through the long-term investments in the funds, stocks, and a diverse range of other investment options.

Tim Armour, a well-established and credible finance and business executive in the United States, seconds the guidelines for investment mentioned by Warren Buffet. Tim Armour is the CEO and Capital of Capital Group, who succeeded the James Rothenberg.

Tim Armour has made immense contributions to the growth and expansion of Capital Group, not only in the United States but also overseas. Tim Armour led Capital Group to collaborate with the reputed Samsung Asset Management of South Korea to devise customized financial tools for retirement planning for the population of South Korea.