Securus Technologies Attempting to Secure Prisons from Drone Drop-offs of Illegal Materials

Use of drones has become quite common, and they are extensively used in a number of industries. Even though they have come under strict scrutiny, they remain unregulated, and there have been just a few laws restricting their purchases and use in highly sensitive areas. One of the major misuses of these drones is in the prison industries. The law enforcement agencies are finding it difficult to stop its use in transferring a large amount of illegal packages into the prison. These illegal airdrops of materials have become quite common in most prisons and they pose a threat to the lives of inmates and even the prison guards.


There was an incident in Ohio where drones were used to deliver some amount of drugs and tobacco into the Mansfield Correctional Institutions, but the package was mistakenly received by the rival gang that led to a major fight between the gangs. Several inmates and correctional officers were injured in the process. There have been several similar incidents in prisons due to the use of drones for delivering illegal materials. Thus, if something is not done sooner, it would lead to serious consequences.


The drone detection technology by Securus Technologies would ensure that the drones that are being used by the criminals won’t be able to enter the correctional facilities and supply any kind of contraband items. It has been a problem that has been reported in many of the correctional facilities recently. The use of contraband items inside the correctional facilities has been increasing, and it is mostly due to the use of drones to supply the contraband packages.


As the prison premises are large and much of this area is open to air drops, the drones are used by the criminals to supply the contraband items without getting caught. However, the drone detection technology that was introduced by the Securus Technologies recently is aimed at making a huge difference to this menace. Not only would it put an end to the use of drones in supplying the contraband items to the prison, but it would also ensure that any and all unauthorized drones in and around the prison facilities are immediately detected.


The criminals can forget using the drones again to supply the contraband items. Similarly, the Securus Technologies recently developed the wireless containment system that is already in use in many of the penitentiary facilities. It is a technology that would not allow the prisoners to use the contraband phones. The use of contraband phones is illegal and can be used for many illegal purposes, starting from threatening someone to ordering a hit and from arranging contraband supply to much more. The use of wireless containment system would put an end to the overuse of contraband phones in the correctional facilities these days.


Rocketship Schools Showing Leadership In Education and Throughout the Community

To ensure that students are successful in the classroom, they must have a strong foundation, built on leadership, with parents and teachers working together to help children excel in their education. No other charter or public school understands this better than Rocketship Public Elementary Charter Schools.

Rocketship Schools are raising the bar, setting the new standard for child education and overall student involvement. Their educational curriculum emphasizes the critical studies of STEM: consisting of the sciences, technology, engineering and math. The teachers of these studies heavily engage with their students, familiarizing themselves with the parents and families of their students and providing personal, tailored instructions for them to become better students. This becomes quite impactful for a student’s education, because now that the teachers have created a healthy and positive dialogue between them and the parents, the parents are now empowered to take the necessary actions needed to help their child excel; not mention, the parents are aligning with other parents, expressing the importance and benefits of teacher/parent collaborations. Rocketship fully understands that engagement between the teacher and parent is key to student success, as this is shown in the results, as communities that have Rocketship Schools in them are more cohesive, where the teachers and families of the students operate more as partners in education, rather than separate entities. The results are also shown from a national standardized testing standpoint, where Rocketship students largely outperform their charter and public school comrades in ELA and Math testing and score impressive retention rates of 90%, crushing the notion that children can’t obtain a great education in low income areas.

With same fervor needed to secure the success of their students, Rocketship places just as much value and care into their students as they do with their students’ families and communities. Best example given, would be when Rocketship came to the aid of fellow San Jose Rocketship student, Cesar and his surrounding community. Cesar, along with his mother Dulce and their family, were victims of the Coyote Creek flooding disaster in the San Jose area, which devastated a large portion of the area, leaving homes destroyed and thousands of families displaced, looking for shelter to start life anew. Rocketship took the opportunity to help out immensely, raising over $60,000 for Cesar’s family along with 30 other families whom children attend the San Jose Rocketship School and were impacted from the flood. The funds raised went to the families for rent deposits, home repairs, other high cost expenses and amenities needed in a time of relief. Dulce thankfully praises Rocketship for being such a community leader, stating, “My family is so thankful for the support we received from everyone at Rocketship, for giving us nights where we could rest knowing our children were safe and sound.”

Rocketship Public Elementary Charter Schools is a national nonprofit network of public elementary charter schools catering to low-income communities, making sure that the children of these communities have the opportunity to receive an excellent education.

Founded in 2006, Rocketship’s mission is to work as a collective of teachers, parents, and leaders to close the achievement gap by building a scalable and sustainable school model that magnifies student success, in underprivileged communities throughout the United States. Rocketship places high value in authenticity, community, tenacity, innovation and excellence.

Business Owner Ara Chackerian is Advancing the Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian is an investment executive at Capital Holdings, LLC. He serves as the Managing Director of the company. His background is extensive, and he has been in the field of investments for more than 20 years. In addition, he co-founded TMS Healthcare Solutions. He serves on the board at that company. These companies are based in San Francisco.

Capital Holdings, LLC invests in young, early stage companies. Its primary focus is on that of healthcare companies. As an entrepreneur and a businessman, he sees potential in early stage companies for growth. His other company, TMS Healthcare Solutions provides a treatment for depression, which stimulates the brain through transcranial magnetic activity.

Ara Chackerian developed his entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, and he attributes its development to his parents. They encouraged him to think things out, and by doing so new ideas will come alive. He has two hobbies in particular, about which he has said, help to get him in a “state of calm” and thought. Surfing and running are calming to him. Check out

There are several more companies that he has co-founded, also in the health related industry. He believes that he will have an impact in changing the healthcare industry in the United States. He is dedicating his life to helping other people. That includes with Advanced Healthcare, talk therapy, and diagnostic imaging. His work is not limited to the US, he is also active in businesses in Nicaragua and Armenia. Check out

Ara graduated from Florida State University. He studied marketing, and he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. Ara is known as an angel investor. All of his businesses are highly successful. Successful not only in terms of helping people, and they are good financial investments. This speaks to his teen expertise in identifying good investments, which is what makes for a successful entrepreneur and a savvy business owner. You can visit pipelinerx

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Dr. David Samadi: Urologist and Chief of Robotic Surgery

Celebrity doctor and Chairman of Urology, Dr. David Samadi is a successful urologist specializing in robotics and the diagnosis of prostate cancer. With over 800 robotic laparoscopic procedures, Dr. David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology Dept. at Lenox Hill Hospital and has treated other urologic diseases such as kidney and bladder cancer, effectively performing over 7,000 robotic prostate surgeries. He was born in Iran and raised in a Persian Jewish community until he was 15 years old, relocating to the United States with his brother after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Before his move, Dr. Samadi and his brother lived in Belgium and Rome where they finished their education, he then moved to Roslyn, New York where he completed high school, receiving his master’s degree at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, NY, With continued success, he has been noted to be the only one who can perform the TheSamadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, also known as SMART.

Dr. Samadi takes an innovative approach when performing this procedure by eliminating incision during prostatectomy and instead uses six small instrument holes, this result in less pain and bleeding during the procedure. It has been noted that Dr. David Samadi is the only surgeon to be able to perform this technique using the da Vinci robotic system to remove carcinogenic prostate, Samadi takes on multiple occupations as a successful doctor while also hosting Samadi TV which broadcasts live on Fox News Channel on Sundays at 12:30 p.m. EST. On his platform he discusses topics about women and men’s health.

Dr. Samadi TV was created to help educate the public about nutrition, prostate health, diet, and other areas of health and wellness, giving expert opinions from certified health experts. Including being a lecturer and writer, Samadi has written articles about Urology; his work being featured in several medical journals. Dr. Samadi has been recognized as best doctor in the New York Magazine, his articles published in Urologic Oncology, Journal of Robotic Surgery, and more. Additionally, Dr. Samadi currently balances being a host and a successful doctor in Old Westbury, New York.

End Citizens United Helping Spread Awareness About The Rigged Campaign Finance System

Politics in the United States has been a center of attraction globally in the last couple of years, especially since Donald Trump was elected as the President. The common consensus among the general population is that Washington is working mainly for its special interests and mega-donors, and not for the public. It is this notion that the new wave of politicians wants to end completely. One of the reasons why many people in the United States feel that the government is owned by the wealthy individuals and wealthy corporations is because of the unlimited flow of money into the politics. The elections these days have become a glamorous affair with tons of money being spent on lavish rallies, summits, and meet-ups.

One of the reasons why the wealthy corporations can spend so much money in the elections is because Supreme Court allowed it to happen in 2010 in the Citizens United Vs. F.E.C lawsuit. With that verdict of Supreme Court, it became more comfortable for the corporations and individuals to spend as much money as they want in the elections. The politicians who are supported by the corporate money are obliged to the corporations and affluent individuals who back them during the polls, and thus, when they come to power, it becomes essential for them to return the favor. The favors they need to return are not always in the interest of the ordinary people. It is what has infuriated millions of people across the United States.

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One of the Political Action Committees that have been working tirelessly to spread the awareness of how the Big Money has broken the integrity of the elections in the United States is End Citizens United. End Citizens United is a grassroots PAC that does not accept corporate money and endorses the politicians who reject the corporate money. As of now in 2018, End Citizens United has recognized and supported 70 senators who have denied the use of corporate money. The awareness among the people is growing at a massive pace, and more and more people are pressurizing the government to reframe or modify the campaign finance rules so that the elections remain a neutral process where money cannot manipulate the outcome.

Recently, two Democrats Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand also announced that they would not be accepting corporate money, and are endorsed by End Citizens United for the same. They acknowledged the fact that the campaign finance system needs to be fixed to be more neutral and allow all candidates, with or without substantial financial backing, to have a fair chance of being elected. With the use of unlimited money that corporate companies provide, the candidates can manipulate the public opinion about them, but this is not possible when the campaign finance system is restricted.

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