Victoria Doramus’ Work in the Community

Many people around the world suffer from addiction and need someone to show them that they can make it past their addictions. The family of Amy Winehouse put together an organization that helps people recover from whatever addictions that they may be dealing with. Victoria Doramus is an individual that takes time out of her day to help people move past their addictions. Serving as an addiction and recovery expert Doramus has been in the place of the people who are trying to recover. By using the resources that she had available she was able to create a life after being addicted.

Victoria Doramus is very passionate about people who are recovering from addiction, but she is also passionate about helping in the community in other ways. She has been working with charities since 2016, and she has gone deeper and deeper into her involvement since she started. She is very involved in a program called Room to Read. The Room to Read nonprofit organization is geared toward educating children so that they may increase literacy rates. They help children develop the necessary skills to become great readers. Victoria Doramus is a scholar herself. It is no surprise that she is willing to help educate children.

Victoria Doramus is from New York City. She left New York City for Colorado looking to obtain higher education. In 2002 Doramus became a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. While she was a student at the university, she discovered a profound love for writing. She loved writing so much that she decided to make writing the focus of her education. When she was finished with her program at the University of Colorado Boulder, she traveled to London to continue her education.

While in London Doramus studied fashion and the arts. She soon combined the love that she had for writing with the love that she had for fashion. When she entered the workplace, she used her knowledge and skill to impact marketing and branding through fashion and writing. Many people have benefited from that work that she has done over the years.

Glenn Schlossberg and Jump Design Group acquires Cathy Daniels and injects its Technology into it

Recently, Jump Design Group announced its acquisition of Cathy Daniels, a sportswear label. It acquired the sportswear label July last year and took over all the company’s assets. The sales team and factory groups of the company were retained. The Cathy Daniels’ President, Jerry Passaretti, who has been the face of the company continued to serve under Jump Design Group spearheading Cathy Daniels’ business development.



According to the Jump Design Group CEO, Ashesh Amin, Jump Design Group was not on a mission to acquire troubled companies and get them back to their feet. Instead, he said that they are on a mission to acquire companies that are performing well and have a sound portfolio and complement them with their marketing, strategies and customer base.



Eccobay was founded in 1972 by the late Herbert L. Chestler. Glenn came up with the idea while seated at the back of his station wagon. In the early 1980s, Steve and Danny, his sons, restructured the business to conceive Cathy Daniels after joining the team. The company continued to grow in stature and focused on sportswear. It established itself as a leader in the moderate sportswear area. Danny and Steve were noted saying that they took after their father and the business was built on honesty, hard work, commitment, and integrity.



Steve and Daniel Chestler said that they are proud having left a legacy. They continued to say that they made sure the whole Cathy Daniels team continued to operate under Jump Design Group. They said that they have passed responsibility to Jump Design Group and more specifically, to Ashesh Amin, Glenn Schlossberg as well as Jerry Passaretti who continued to pursue more growth and success with their family’s legacy.



Mr. Ashesh Amin commented that their founder, Glenn Schlossberg had built a solid business foundation for Jump Design Group. They are committed to use innovative technologies to develop best products for their customers. Their acquisition strategy involves merging the back-end infrastructure with that of the acquired company and leaving the front-end such as sales and brands teams as they were.



Jump Design Group aims to inject technological infrastructure to its newly acquired companies which might have been reluctant to take technology for one reason or another. It integrates technology, design, branding, with logistics, demand and finance to expand its product portfolio from dresses, into sportswear, athleisure, as well as denim. Know more about Glenn on LinKedIn.



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Jason Hope is Passionate about Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope is passionate about anti-aging research. He supports cutting-edge methods that are essential to battling certain diseases. Such diseases are diabetes, dementia, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis.

Jason Hope dedicated $500,000 to the Strategies for Negligible Senescence Research Foundation in 2010. It is an organization that studies hundreds of processes that have an impact on the operations of aging. The Strategies for Negligible Senescence Research Foundation operates in Mountain View, CA. It spends its time developing procedures to increase access to technologies that reduce the impact of aging. The institute researches telomerase as well as equipment that repairs damaged cells. There are studies conducted on agents that mitigate oxidation, along with strategies that decrease byproducts stored in cells. In-depth research covers links that connect the cells. Scientists at the institute have figured that the average person’s lifespan will eventually exceed 1,000 years.

Leaders at Strategies for Negligible Senescence Research Foundation spoke at an event on December 2010. They indicated that it was Jason Hope’s donation which helped them develop several new initiatives. Hope formed a friendship with the founder of the association. Their relationship is grounded in many shared interests. They discuss strategies that will improve the mitochondria condition, reduce the impact of atherosclerosis and regulate the extracellular matrix that surrounds healthy cells. Decreasing oxidative stress and other compounds that rejuvenate aging cells was also a favorite topic.

Research shows that senescent cells release compounds that increase inflammation on a regular basis. Healthy cells are capable of eliminating different types of senescent cells. However, some damaged cells gradually accumulate around the other cells. Scientists calculate that senolytic medications reduce the number of senescent cells. The compounds also prevent age-related diseases, as well as increase the amounts of nutrients received by healthy cells. The process lengthens an individual’s lifespan along with decreased inflammation that aggravates many chronic conditions.

Jason Hope works out of Scottsdale, Arizona where he began his career as an entrepreneur. Hope launched a well-known telecommunications company after earning a degree from the University of Arizona. He majored in finance, then went on to complete a master’s degree from the Carey School of Business. Hope is known as a futurist who regularly invests in start-up businesses. Jason also specializes in consulting managers of large companies.

Oren Frank’s Life Career and Talkspace

Oren Frank is a graduate from Leicester polytechnic who is very skilled in media, marketing, data, technology and strategy. He became a regional creative director EMEA at McCann Erikson from November 2001 to November 2003 based in London, UK, after which he was promoted to a CEO, world Group Israel at the same company based in Israel, telaviv from March 2003 to November 2007, simultaneously in the same company he was promoted to a Chairman position from November 2005 to November 2007.Oren Frank became a Global chief creative Officer at MRM worldwide from Jan 2008 to April 2011. Then worked as a writer, columnist, blogger at the markerAdge, Huffpo from march 2008 to February 2014. Learn more about Oren Frank at

On April 2012 Oren Frank became the co-founder and CEO of TALKSPACE which is an online and mobile therapy company. The company has a number of independent consultable psychiatrists who give therapy lessons to company users online. TALKSPACE hired a CMO, Neil Leibowitz. He is regarded as a major upgrade to TALKSPACE since the company is set to start prescribing medicines to its users when required.

The addition of Neil Leibowitz to the company makes Oren Frank hope for a huge success by end of year. TALKSPACE is set to focus on mental health since people born in the 90’s and 2000’s are said to have been hit with stressful minds and unrealistic thoughts which may make them become suicidal. These effects are generally a major setback to the economy. Thus, the inclusion of Neil Leibowitz is a great idea and a life saving setup.

A day ago TALKSPACE introduced itself to teens, where they use blogs and hashtags such as #talkspaceteens which gives a platform to parents and teens to ask fundamental questions about their health. Oren Frank is a skilled blogger reason why TALKSPACE is into blogging.

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Transform Your Locks With Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz offers a unique formula that gives your hair immediate luster. You can blend their shampoo and conditioner to promote healthy hair. They offer their clients over 10 years of experience in the hair industry. Their rich blend of products provide fast acting ingredients that fortify the locks of all hair types. Thousands of users prefer their hair care collection over store bought hair care products. Their committed to helping you feel good about manageable hair. You can learn more about the proven results of Wen by Chaz from visiting their website for more details.

Unfortunately, daily styling tools and the elements can cause havoc on your hair. The WEN collection offers a refreshing aroma to go along with their formulated ingredients. Don’t miss out on your opportunity for stronger longer hair. Trust their team of professionals to provide a LEAP Bunny approved formula. Their hair care products targets certain areas of your hair to remove excess grease and oil. You will notice a difference in your hair after the first wash. You will notice a complete change in as little as 30 days. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to enrich your hair with the Wen by Chaz formula. Visit for more information.

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Shinto And Kokkinides Lead InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a Medicare and Medicaid Advantage company in Puerto Rico, using 7,500 in-network providers to deliver healthcare to more than a quarter of a million network members. The InnovaCare Health administration has more than 125 combined years in delivering healthcare management with hard-earned expertise in value-based healthcare. InnovaCare is the only health plan in Puerto Rico to be fully accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

CEO Richard “Rick” Shinto has a track record of developing innovative solutions in the management of healthcare. He earned his undergraduate degree from UC Irvine and his MD from SUNY Stony Brook. Along the way, he also earned an M.B.A. from the University of the Redlands.

Dr. Shinto accumulated 25 years of experience in managed care starting as an internist. He provides value-based healthcare by improving treatment options. Prior to joining InnovaCare Health, Dr. Shinto was CEO of Aveta and of the North American Medical Management Group of California. Dr. Shinto sits on the boards of both America’s Health Insurance Plans and America’s Physician Groups. He sits on the board of America’s Health Insurance Plans and America’s Physician Groups.

In 2018, Rick was voted one the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare News, a weekly publication targeting healthcare industry executives. The award, in its seventh year, honors minority healthcare executives in the vanguard of healthcare delivery models, highlighting the need for diversity in healthcare.

Penelope Kokkinides returned to InnovaCare Health in June 2015. She assumed the role of Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope obtained her undergraduate degree in biology from Binghamton University and a master’s degree in social work from NYU, specializing in the treatment of substance abuse treatment. She then earned a second master’s degree in public health from Columbia University School of Public Health.

Penelope brings with her 20+ years of healthcare experience centering on managed care. She previously served as COO of InnovaCare Health, Aveta, and Touchstone Health. She also served as Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at the AmeriChoice subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group.

Rick and Penelope, with their combined training and experience, are easy choices to lead Innovacare into the future.

The Establishment Of OSI Industries And Its Growth

The food provider started as a small butcher based in Chicago and has expanded its operations to 17 nations where it operates 65 plants. More than 20,000 people work at its facilities. It was established during the immigration era when thousands of Germans came into the country and settled in the Chicago’s plains. According to statistics, the immigrants made up a quarter of the total population in the city.

The pioneer of the venture was Otto Kolschowsky. The firm started expanding a decade after its inception where it launched its whole business and opened another store in Maywood. Years later, the food provider was rebranded as Otto and Sons.

The firm partnered with a family-owned owned hamburger business known as McDonald’s to facilitate the distribution of its meat products to various parts of the country through its restaurants. McDonald used the franchise model at the time and Ray Kroc became its agent in Illinois. The partnership grew stronger due to the friendship between the burger business and the sons of Otto Kolschowsky.

Years later, Ray Kroc acquired the McDonald’s and became its CEO. OSI Industries continued to grow and one of the leaders who has played a significant role is David McDonald. The businessman was born in Iowa. During his higher education, he majored in animal science and was passionate about agriculture and biology. Before he joined OSI Industries, he worked at the North American Meat Institute.

Currently, David McDonald is the president of OSI. At the helm of the food company, he has helped to ensure that all the products meet the quality expectations of the customers and the industry. During his tenure, he has streamlined the logistics department to ensure that the customers can get the products more conveniently. One of his achievements at OSI Industries is expanding the firm through acquisitions of large corporations such as Baho Foods, Flagship Europe and Tyson Foods.

The production capacity and market share of OSI has increased significantly over the years. For example, OSI Industries has a facility in Toledo, Spain where new equipment was installed to double the production of meat products. The development was aimed at meeting the growing demand in the country.

Dick DeVos Part of Grand Rapids Downtown Development

Dick DeVos doesn’t like urban sprawl. That’s why when Grand Rapids leaders floated an idea to build a sports and convention center north of downtown, Dick DeVos made plans to keep the venture in the city limits. At the time, DeVos was moving up the corporate ladder on his way to CEO of Amway Corporation. However, DeVos put that aside to start convincing community leaders that a downtown venue was the way to go.


If you asked Devos, he would say that he saw what happened when Detroit built major entertainment venues outside of their downtown area. He didn’t want Grand Rapids to suffer a similar fate. DeVos said that Detroit was a telltale “lesson,” and he wanted better for his City of Grand Rapids.


DeVos organized his informal lobbying group with the name Grand Action. The group was made up of local business leaders who wanted to see Grand Rapids entertainment stay in Grand Rapids. The group is responsible for the development of much of the Grand Rapids skyline including DeVos Place, DeVos Performance Hall, Van Andel Arena and the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Because of their efforts, Grand Rapids has seen a renaissance. Old factories have been converted to apartments and condominiums, and more young people than ever are making downtown a destination. The City of Grand Rapids has followed suit making Rosa Parks Circle the hub of downtown activity.


The DeVos family didn’t just stop with business development as a way to improve the city. Rick DeVos, son of Dick DeVos is the founder of Art Prize, an art competition held semi-annually in Grand Rapids. Artists from around the world partner with businesses to display their work throughout the City of Grand Rapids. Visitors can see the art for free and vote on their favorites. Artists can win prizes based on the community vote as well as based on juried decisions from art experts.


While many wealthy families send their children to expensive boarding schools, Dick DeVos decided local was best for his own family. His children attended nearby Grand Rapids Christian High School. The school attracts local Christian families from a variety of economic backgrounds throughout the city. The DeVos family is also a donor and supporter of Potter’s House, a charter school for families of all incomes in the Grand Rapids area. DeVos and his wife Betsy Devos say that it’s their goal to make quality education available to families of all economic backgrounds.


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Talkspace’s TV Campaign with Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps agreed to partner with Talkspace in their efforts to publicize the value of therapy in mental health improvement. Phelps would let in the world on his personal experience in a national TV campaign. Open discussions on mental health would also be encouraged while the benefits that the online therapy platform offers would be made public.

While speaking about the partnership, Phelps narrated how he had to deal with anxiety and depression during his career days. Online therapists helped him get his life in order and he desired to lend a hand to individuals with similar challenges. The campaign was designed to indicate that such services are more affordable and can easily be accessed. Talkspace was determined to challenge the stigma around mental health and they counted on Phelps to advance their efforts.

Talkspace began its operations back in 2012 thanks to the efforts of their CEO, Oren Frank. His goal was to make therapy sessions more accessible and the internet has helped him achieve this. The firm recently brought Neil Leibowitz on board as their chief medical officer. The move was aimed at improving the sales of the online therapy firm.

The appointment would also see clients receive prescriptions through the company’s app. Neil Leibowitz took his time before accepting the offer. He made up his mind after interacting with the team at Talkspace and their products which have proved their worth in enhancing mental health therapy. Visit to learn more.

About Talkspace

The firm has mobile and web applications that provide individuals with mental health challenges access to licensed therapists. Millions of individuals have sought their services and received the much needed help. Talkspace makes the most of the advances in the digital world to further its cause of fighting the stigma associated with mental illness.

Talkspace has no plans of taking the place of in-office therapy. Their “Unlimited Messaging Therapy” was introduced to reduce the congestion in therapy offices and allow individuals to receive help without having to alter their schedules.

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Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps to Advocate for Better Mental Health Practices

Talkspace is a global leader in providing online therapy. The company recently announced its partnership with Michael Phelps with the aim to help to promote mental health. The collaboration will feature a television campaign in which the international swimmer who has also experienced detrimental mental health issues will share his experiences and encourage people to address mental health issues and demonstrate the benefits of Talkspace Therapy. Various digital assets will support the campaign. Read more Talkspace Couples Therapy Review at

Michael Phelps Shares His Story Regarding Mental Health Disorders

Throughout his career, Michael Phelps has struggled with depression as well as anxiety in certain stages of his life. He found it difficult to get the assistance he needed. When he started talking openly about his mental health, he felt some strength, no vulnerability. When he discovered that he could use telemedicine to interact with a therapist, anywhere he could be he felt some sense of empowerment. Michael Phelps now wants to assist people dealing with mental health disorders by encouraging them to seek help from healthcare professionals. He wants to show those who are suffering that it’s easier to access help now. The announcement has cemented the shared vision between Talkspace Therapy and Michael Phelps in fighting the stigma surrounding millions of individuals suffering from mental health. The company’s board of directors will facilitate the program.

More about Talkspace

Talkspace is a popular platform that provides various mental healthcare therapies as well as treatments. The company utilizes an online text and video-based platform to convey its treatment to patients regardless of where they are and how busy their schedules may be. Not only are the services affordable but accessible to those who don’t have insurance. Talkspace ensures that patients receive tailored treatment based on their mental health. There are many personalities as well as lifestyles that constitute Talkspace. Most of the company’s therapists are organized. They also enjoy a solid routine coupled with a support system that helps them to focus their energy on providing better healthcare.

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