How Geologist Matt Badiali Helps Natural Resources Investors

A geologist by training, Matt Badiali is now an investment newsletter writer who focuses on advising people who want to invest in natural resources. He is a graduate of both Florida Atlantic University and Penn State University with a master’s degree in the earth sciences. He was teaching this subject and pursuing his Ph.D. when he had an opportunity to enter the financial industry over 10 years ago.

He uses his educational background to figure out what the best natural resource is to invest in whether that’s an oil company, a marijuana farmer, or a gold mining firm. Matt Badiali believes that in order to get the real story he needs to visit the thing he is thinking about recommending to his readers as an investment. This belief has taken him all over the world so that he can see copper mines for himself or figure out the real deal with an oil find.

His financial newsletter is named Real Wealth Strategist. He advises his subscribers on what specific companies they should be buying the stock of. His advice has usually led to double-digit and sometimes triple-digit gains for his readers. This newsletter is published by the Florida-based firm Banyan Hill Publishing.

Matt Badiali recently did a presentation named “Marijuana’s US Tipping Point”. In this presentation, he talked about how a person could turn $50 into their ticket to early retirement by riding the wave of marijuana’s legalization across the nation. How this works is you ladder your gains. A $50 investment can grow to $5000 and then you put $500 of that into another winner and grow that to $12,000 and so on. You can make a couple million this way and then retire.

Canadian marijuana companies are popular investments but Matt Badiali says there is more to the industry than that. He points to a company, revealed in his newsletter, that is global with facilities in Brazil, Australia, Denmark, and Chile. Matt Badiali says they are making several types of marijuana products such as creams, gels, and oils. They are primed to release these products all across America as medical marijuana continues to be legalized.

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Matthew Fleeger’s Secret In Succeeding In The Oil Industry

Matthew Fleeger is the current Director and President of Gulf Coast Western. He is known for his efforts in various business sectors in the United States. The company showed significant growth since he became president and CEO. He launched two successful businesses in the tanning industry before going to the oil and gas industry. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which assists him in delegating his duties within the company.

He spent nearly three years at Kinlaw Oil Firm as its Vice President. This experience and knowledge assist him in his managerial role at the firm. He is an expert of joint ventures and mergers which he uses mostly for the growth of the Gulf Coast Western. In 1993, Matthew Fleeger co-founded MedSolutions which transports, disposes, and treats medical waste. The two firms he facilitated in their founding in the tanning industry have combined revenue of approximately 100 million dollars.

The firm expanded its operations in six other states including Colorado, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Their partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners enabled the company to explore the opportunities in the area. The institution invests in areas that have minimal risk to their investors but have huge returns. It operates with trust and respect in order to get new partners. Gulf Western Coast received a triple-A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How Matthew Fleeger handled his mistakes proved his leadership skills and ability to make decisions. He ensures that his staff is well motivated and satisfied thus boosting the company’s performance. He acknowledges the efforts made by the company since he values team building and having a good corporate culture. Being a philanthropist, he engages in other projects that facilitate the well-being of the community. The Sadie Keller Foundation and the Parish Episcopal School in Texas are one of the organizations that have benefitted from his works.

Catching Up With Sheldon Lavin

An interview with Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group, LLC, was conducted by none other than Senior Editor of CEOCFO Magazine, Lynn Foss. The interview details many areas of interest for business owners to learn about a successful CEO’S journey to success, as well as for those interested in getting to know more about the Global Food Executive.

Published May, 29th, 2017, the interview began with asking Lavin about his time working as a financial consultant. For those who are not familiar, Sheldon Lavin answered the question detailing what he learned as a financial consultant and how it helped him later in life in other business endeavors. He answered with the fact that he has always envisioned himself working within a business that he himself had full ownership of. The CEO revealed that he has an academic background specifically in the area of finance and accounting, which is precisely why he chose to go that route.

The CEOCFO representative went on to ask Sheldon Lavin how he originally envisioned his company, to which he replied that he envisioned it as exactly what it is today; a quality enterprise whose name is synonymous with food processing the world over. With the next question being about the global reach of Lavin’s company, it is no surprise that OSI Group does indeed have a far reach. They have 70 physical locations, Lavin said, in 17 different countries in the world. The products processed by the company vary in each country and includes mainly proteins, baked goods, vegetable based items, and some sauces. To know more about him click here.

When asked how he made it all come together to start with, Sheldon Lavin explained that OSI Group is an entrepreneurial based company that is not run like a lot of other companies of the same type. There are no dictatorial rulers at the top, despite there being certain rules and policies within the company to follow. Lavin goes on to explain the evolution of the company and that innovation has always been in his DNA. The CEO talks more about the culture of family that is appreciated at the company and that the company has always had a philanthropic edge to their dealings with charities, such as the Ronald McDonald House.


OSI Industries, The Best Option for High Quality Meat Product

Originally, OSI Group was established to offer market for small amounts of meet in Oak Park Town. It was founded in the year 1909 bearing the name Otto & Sons. With its headquarters in America, the company developed to be the highest quality meat provider within the region. It gained strong reputation within the local community as they believed the company maintained high standards of hygiene among other important attributes. In the year 1955, the company was progressing and expanding. From the local community, the extended their services to restaurants. With partnership of other business entrepreneurs, the company managed to establish its restaurants to supply ground beef patties.

A continuous development was experienced in Otto & Sons company. it launched its first meat firm which was capable of processing high amounts of meat to cater the increasing demand for meat within the region. The firm was well equipped with machined designed to process and shape meat patties according to customer requirements. In addition, it included tunnels which were used to meat products by the use of liquid nitrogen. Otto & Sons company was officially changed to OSI Industries in the year 1975.

To expand and grow to one of the best meat company in the globe, OSI Industries made several partnerships such as the Alaska Milk Corporation among others. There corporations were designed to export food in other countries. The OSI Industries utilized this great opportunity to market its meat product in other countries such as Philippines.

OSI Industries has developed rapidly to emerge one of the largest companies to supply high value meat products. Currently the company has established its roots in more than 17 countries globally. It has numerous facilities and it is known to be one of the companies with a high number of employees which is about 20,00 employees globally.

To remain productive in food business, OSI Industries established an innovation center in the year 2011. This center works to come up with strategies which are required in coping up with advancements being experienced in food industry. The innovation center its headquartered in Aurora.

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Article Title: Serge Belamant, The Financial Systems Expert

Article Text:

Serge Belamant is a computer expert with computer science profession from University of Johannesburg. He is well skilled in programming specifically finance based systems. This has gained him reputation to work in various companies which are based on technological advancements.Serge Belamant has played a basic role in developed of various technologies which have been noticed to have a great change in financial industry. Companies have depended on him as well as international banking companies in creation, design and development of their banking systems. Read more on

He established his company, the Net1 UEAPS Technologies, which focused on development of universal payment systems in the year 1989. Most of system design as well as development were done by Serge Belamant. With his desirable systems which could solve financial problems, many companies considered them to be very stable systems which were worthy implementing for good return. With time companies like VISA contracted him to develop chip which was based on offline operations. Over the time VISA cards designed by Serge Belamant were implemented by many financial companies globally which are even being used to date.

His company was major developer as well as distributer of digital financial systems in South Africa. Their systems had ability for the users to transfer their welfare funds and other services such as grants. Digital systems developed by Serge Belamant are being used not only in South Africa but also in other countries such as Iraq and Russia.

The idea to venture in financial business was spanned by his own son. The impact of social media could be implemented as a basic tool to provide younger people with financial solutions based on their language they can easily understand and interpret. The financial solution they proposed with his son would have the capability to give guidelines of peoples spending and saving habits. Therefore, it will be possible for the users to improve their financial situations as they can easily monitor and predict their spending.Serge believes that his ability to develop product which have a positive impact in lives of people is what makes him earn money for his living. Visit

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Dick DeVos Helped to Shape Grand Rapids Through Policy and Philanthropy

Dick and Betsy Devos are in Washington together finally. For many years, the pair have been working within philanthropy and the Republican Party in Michigan, hoping to create change education, aviation, and the arts. It started in the 1990s when Dick Devos left Amway to pursue local interests to Grand Rapids, his hometown. He worked with several business owners who were afraid that the downtown area of the city was closing up shop.


Devos had seen the economic depression in Detroit, and he wanted to prevent that from happening in Grand Rapids. While West Michigan had always had its own bustling growth, Dick Devos began to work on a plan that would rapidly bring more people to the area and hopefully build up the downtown so that businesses returned to the area.


He started by working with businesses on a new committee known as Grand Action. This group would become responsible for many new areas and building up the skyline of Grand Rapids. This includes the construction of the Devos Place Convention Center and Andel Arena, as well as the Devos Place Performance Hall.


While it had been difficult for business leaders in the 1990s, everything changed after 2000. Devos had worked with the local airport to start bringing in business travelers. He had gotten new flights added to one of the terminals owned by AirTran Airways. This one move would put the airport on the map, and it would become what Devos was known for.


As the son of Richard Devos, Dick Devos had a lot to live up to growing up. However, one thing that he always loved was aviation. In September of 2017, he was invited to the Management Advisory Council by the Federal Aviation Administration. Many thought that the move was strange at the time, but these weren’t individuals who were in the airline or airport business. To those who knew Devos, it was the smartest move yet by the FAA because it meant that they had a true businessman to advise on how to help airports and airlines.


Devos has been working with the FAA since that September, meeting with the 13-member council every quarter to discuss plans for new growth, changers to policies, and regulatory updates regarding technology. Many airports have declined in the past 10 years, and Devos wants to help make them better, just like he has done with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids.


Now the airport in his hometown is seeing millions of passengers every year. The CEO has praised Devos for his ability to bring airlines and strategies together, allowing for projects like Gateway Transformation, which funded a $45 million renovation at the Grand Rapids airport.


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The Innovative Solutions and Strategies of Allied Wallet

A leading provider of online payment processing that has global and multi-currency merchant services and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway is known as Allied Wallet. Last year, the company was able to be in partnership with China UnionPay with high hopes of expanding its services in Europe as well as offering an Allied Wallet-branded China UnionPay card for their clients (Bloomberg).

In our industry today, the world’s biggest payment card issuer is the China UnionPay and it was able to issue more than 6 billion cards in its domestic market, and their issuance of cards is more than Visa and MasterCard combined. The cards are currently increasing in popularity all over the world particularly in Europe and Allied Wallet has made the right decision in partnering with China UnionPay. Allied Wallet strives to supply the increasing demand for China UnionPay cards and at the same time assist the company with their growth and expansion across the globe.

Allied Wallet and China UnionPay began issuing cards for their European clients wherein they will be able to use their cards whenever they travel to Asia and to secure and simplify everything that they will be spending. According to the head of UnionPay in Europe known as Zhillhong Wei, travelers who are going abroad are not their target market. They plan on targeting local consumers in the domestic market, not only the people who are traveling across Asia. Exceeding customer satisfaction is one of their priorities along with expanding their connections. The Chief Executive Officer of Allied Wallet is Andy Khawaja and he emphasized how proud he is to be able to be in partnership with China UnionPay. He is looking forward to providing more people the opportunity and access to use the cards.

The cards of China UnionPay are accepted by millions of ATM machines and more than 40 million merchants around the globe. Its partnership with Allied is beneficial to every client and creates new and easy solutions for making payments. Allied revolutionizes the e-commerce industry by building innovating payment processing solutions and has already issued millions of cards in the first year of the release.

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Greg Blatt Is A Gifted Businessman With An Innovative Mind

Greg Blatt is a business professional who has helped multiple companies to grow their earnings and their customer base. He has served as the chief executive officer of IAC, Match Group, and Tinder in the past and has helped them all to grow when they needed it the most. Along with serving as the CEO of these companies at various times, he has also served in many other positions including executive chairman, general counsel, and executive vice president.

Greg Blatt has also previously worked with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia by serving as the company’s general counsel of business affairs and executive vice president. Before working for Martha Stewart, he served as an associate for two separate law firms. During his time as CEO and chairman of Match Group, the company found success through its Tinder Plus subscription deal. When this took place, the leadership of the company breathed a sigh of relief as its revenue remained strong. Match Group also increased its user base by five times during his time of leadership.

Instead of staying satisfied with everything he has already accomplished, Greg Blatt has chosen to move on and accomplish even more. As he left his latest venture behind, his fellow colleagues were sad to see him go. Blatt commented that he is proud of everything he has been able to get done during his time with the incredible teams he has worked with. He has also been happy to be a part of bringing people together through Tinder and other dating apps and feels that he will have plenty of new opportunities in the future.

Greg Blatt studied at Colgate University and earned his undergraduate degree in English language, economics, and literature/letters during his time there. He continued his education at Columbia Law School, where he received his Doctor of Law. Throughout his working career, Greg Blatt has been able to persist through the good times and the bad. He has worked in industries that are extremely competitive, yet he has been able to find innovative ways to help his companies to rise above the rest. Expect to hear more from Mr. Blatt in the future.

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Dr. Dov Rand: Understanding Physical Medicine

There many specialties in the medical industry. Many people say that they find it difficult to keep all of these specialties straight. For patients, it is essential to have some knowledge of all the branches in the medical department, just in case they need some special care in the future. Physical medicine and patient rehabilitation are one of the areas that are not understood by many. Known as physiatry, this is a field that affects thousands of people in the world. Dr. Dov Rand is a professional who specializes in this department, and he is helping many patients with their problems. The respected practitioner is currently based in the United States (Defrancostraining).

Dr. Dov Rand career life

Medicine is not a field for everyone. The professionals venturing into this area have to spend years in school before they can get the right qualifications to practice. The doctor had to attend some of the best medical schools in the world. After studying and working for years, the medical professional established an institution called Healthy Aging Medical Center where he has been helping thousands of people to attain high levels of health, regardless of their age. There are numerous forms of treatments that have been introduced in recent years, and they have helped the medical doctor to achieve his mission. Dr. Dov Rand has also researched to understand the right medical procedures to carry out on his patients so that they can lead a healthy life.

Hormonal conditions

Physical medicine, combined with rehabilitation has been used to treat many hormonal conditions in patients. Dr. Dov understands this section so well, and he has helped the patients affected in the outpatient setting. Dr. Rand uses bio-identical treatment to restore the health of men who are getting declining testosterone levels because of age. This is a condition many people do not like to speak about. With the help of the experienced medical professional, many men have been cured. The doctor has recently announced that he is looking for better forms of treatment for infertility issues in both men and women.

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Businesswoman Isabel Dos Santos Share How To Grow Africa’s Economy Through Equality

Isabel dos Santos, at a worth of around $2.2 billion, is the richest woman in the world who is from Africa. She is an international businesswoman and a graduate of King’s College London where she earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. She established Unitel International Holdings B.V. and is invested in a diverse group of companies across multiple industries (FinancialTimes).

She often engages in public speaking about developing Africa. She has spoken around the world about the need to invest in Africa including at the European Parliament. Isabel dos Santos promotes grassroots development and the incorporation of technology to grow Africa’s economy. She says everyone in Africa will benefit and have more opportunities to improve their lives.

Isabel  says that by providing people with a way to become economically successful their entire community will thrive. Technology, especially mobile, can be used to help people such as by providing them with remote working positions. According to Isabel dos Santos, African communities can become part of the global economy and grow in the same way that other developing nations around the world have done in the last few decades.

She says that one of the most pressing issues is the inequality between men and women in Africa. Like most other societies, Isabel dos Santos says that in Africa it is men who are generally supported as entrepreneurs. Women often can’t find anywhere near the same level of support for starting their own company. She says that by hindering women African societies are unnecessarily hindering their development and just making things harder for everyone to succeed.

Isabel spoke at the University of Warwick about this topic. She said that it is important to set long-term goals and work toward accomplishing them rather than expecting immediate results. The college students she talked to want to be involved in developing the economies of Africa when they graduate. She said that they should set longterm goals and subgoals. By doing so they can avoid burnout and see how much success they have had along the way.

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