Jeremy Goldstein- A member of the board of directors at Fountain House

Fountain House is an organization that takes care of the mentally ill people in New York. It began over 70 years ago and now leads in the category of organizations that look into the interests of the mentally ill people. The programs they are rolling out have proved to be very useful, and as a result, other organizations and governments have coped their business model. Fountain House has been a success due to the support it has received from professionals. Jeremy Goldstein, a leading legal practitioner in New York, is a member of the board. He is using his professional experience to help this organization to implement programs that will have a far-reaching impact in the lives of the mentally ill people.



Fountain House is engaging in programs that help the underprivileged in society as a way of giving back to the community. Jeremy Goldstein is working closely with this organization so that he can be at the center of a worthy cause. He has held multiple dinner parties in New York in support of this organization. In these dinner parties, he invites prominent people who contribute funds that are channeled directly to the activities of the Fountain House. The main aim of the programs implemented by Fountain House is to see the mentally ill people live in the community with other people normally.



Fountain House has supported the mentally ill people in the United States by lobbying for job opportunities on their behalf. Out of the mentally ill people who today have jobs, 42 percent of them have been assisted by Fountain House. The Fountain House Employment program brings to the table over $2 million annually from the companies who have employed the mentally ill persons.



Fountain House is also running other programs such as healthcare, education, housing, and others. About 77 percent of the people under the care of Fountain House graduate from school as compared to only 32 percent that graduate outside of the organization. Fountain House offers a unique environment for accommodating these persons.



Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer in New York. He has practiced as a compensation attorney for the past 15 years and currently runs the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Jeremy holds a BA from Cornell University, MA from the University of Chicago and a Juris Doctor from the New York School of Law. Through his legal firm, he is working with CEOs and management teams of many organizations. He has also been involved with mergers and acquisitions of prominent business organizations in the United States. His main aim is to help businesses to do business with the integrity and attain the main objective, which is to record business growth and development. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the few professional compensation lawyers in the United States.


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Isabel dos Santos’s Consistent Efforts for Reform

Isabel dos Santos is extremely well-known for the charitable work she does around the world. Being one of the most successful business people in the country, she has a major influence on much of the world, and she tries to use it to help others. Lately, she has taken to helping underprivileged children.

In her mind, these kids are given a completely unfair hand, and there are simply far too many of children out there who have no opportunity at all to succeed. Because Isabel dos Santos has worked with so many different people, she knows the importance of being around others when you are young, and many children are not even rewarded this blessing. Because of this, she tries to take note of everything in her life that not everyone has which she might take for granted.

Isabel dos Santos does not ever want to reach a point in her life where she feels like she is not being challenged, but she is also thankful that the challenges life dealt her still provided her with basic human needs. In her mind, it is resentful that we should even have any human beings on this earth who are not getting enough food and water. She wants to change this, however, by funding efforts to both localize food and make greater efforts with exports to get to all the children in the world who do not have that sort of thing available for their disposal.

Many companies have all that they need in order to give something back to the world and yet they are still hesitant to do so. Isabel dos Santos has noticed this in the state of business in Angola, and it was what disgusted her enough to decide that it was well-past time she entered the market for business. Of course, at this point, she was only young, and she had much to learn, but by taking a look at all the massive bounds she has made for humankind in her lifetime, we can see that Isabel dos Santos is not likely to be stopping her efforts anytime soon.

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Hyland’s Rise to Homeopathic Hierarchy

Hyland’s Homeopathic began its inception with humble beginnings, dating back to 1903, where eight doctors, one of them being George Hyland, who created Hyland’s in the basement of a building. Seven years later, Mr. Hyland purchased a pharmacy, which at the time was only focused on compounding medications, but eventually upgrading to a homeopathic company. With products ranging from relief tablets to cell salts, there are over hundreds of items for all member of the family. Homeopathy is the process where it is believed that the body can be able to heal itself. Instead of large doses that would normally treat an ailment, homeopathic medicine emphasizes small, fine doses of medicine for healing. With the ingredients that we use in all our products, we are confident that with the use of our products, no matter what age you are, will provide you with instant relief. We take pride in developing products for all of our customers, especially babies and children, as we have the opportunity to lay the foundation for them to choose products that will benefit them now, and even in the future.

This is information that every parent should know, and if not, should be aware of: signs of teething can start around 4 to 7 months. Hyland’s has created a section just for babies on our website. There are various tablets that babies can use for various reasons. Hyland’s teething tablets is an answer to every parent’s worst nightmare. Hyland’s has created a natural active ingredient homeopathic baby oral pain relief tablets that will sooth the pain and discomfort that comes along with teething. The dissolving of the tablets that Hyland’s has created makes it so much easier for your little one’s comfort while teething. All babies will experience teething at some time in their lives, but the tablets created by Hyland’s will help our little one’s get through the day with a big smile. Hyland’s has produced a product that is safe, gentle, easy to take, with all natural-active ingredients just for your infants. There are no artificial flavors, no benzocaine, dyes, or parabens in this product.

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Steve Ritchies Rise to Success

When it comes to the succession of any leadership role in a company, very few people are often considered to take up the leadership mantle of any company. The people considered for the Chief executive position are skilled at what they do, have a proven record of accomplishing the impossible in previous posts, and they are committed to seeing the company succeed at all costs. This description does apply to Papa John’s current Chief Executive officer, Steve Ritchie. He acquired his position as Chief executive officer in 2014. His rise to this position took commitment, hard work, and dedication to not only the company but the employees as well.

He started working at Papa John’s—which is the third largest pizza delivery company in the world —as a customer service representative in 1996. In this position, he earned $6 for every hour. He would later move from the customer service position, to become a Papa John’s operator and owner in 2006. In 2010, Steve Ritchie began to serve as not only an owner in Papa John’s but also in other leadership positions. He would later work from other leadership ranks to become the Chief executive officer. In 2015, he was also named the president of Papa John’s.

His succession to becoming the company’s chief executive officer has made it easy for him to focus on the team members that make Papa John’s what it is today. His experience working as a customer service representative has given him the tools he requires to motivate his team to do better. It also makes him the right leader to take Papa John’s to another level of growth. In his current leadership position, he has been able to lead the global development of Papa John’s, enabling the growth of its digital market in this competitive day and age.

Shervin Pishevar Fears Where the Dow Jones May Go

The stock market is never entirely predictable. Trends do emerge that provide analysts with some reasonable indications about where the Dow Jones may head. And then things happen without warning. Recent upheavals in the trade war between the United States and China led to the market dropping. A proposed ban on Huwai technology further hurt the market. Then, some concessions emerged, and the market perked up. All of this occurred within a few days. The lesson here is the market can be volatile. In a 21-hour tweet storm, technology and venture capital guru Shervin Pishevar warned his followers about potential market disasters.

Since his tweet storm garnered media attention, Shervin Pishevar warned more than his Twitter followers. A sizeable audience learned about his predictions. And those market predictions are frightening. Pishevar believes the stock market may drop by 6,000 points. The financial disaster tornado occurring in the aftermath of a 6,000-point drop could drag the global economy into a nightmare scenario. All this did happen before. The 2008 financial crisis proved the stock market is never invulnerable.

Pishevar did hint in the tweet storm he agreed with conventional wisdom. Gold prices increase when markets collapse, but he did not outright endorse any precious metal purchasing plans. Pishevar isn’t selling the public anything. Nor does he try to motivate them to take specific actions. In his past and present tweets, he shares his opinions. Not everyone agrees, but the ideas are worth checking out.

Shervin Pishevar runs Investment company, a top venture capital enterprise. As a “super angel investor,” Pishevar help funnel money into many business ventures. He is most well known for being an original Uber investor, and Pishevar currently puts efforts into the Virgin Hyperloop One transportation system. He knows a lot about tech, finance, and investing. His insights come from experience, although opinions do remain speculative.

Shervin Pishevar doesn’t want to start a panic. He does, however, want the public to pay attention to the current stock market landscape. Being caught by surprise during a Dow Jones decline could yield devastating effects. Stay current on all news and be informed.

The Support That Donata Meirelles Is Offering To Get an AIDS Cure

Donata Meirelles is well known for being a Brazilian fashion consultant. There are so many contributions that she has made in the fashion industry. Also, at the Vogue Brazil, she was a former stylist. The other thing is that she has gained a reputation for is being an advocate for the research of AIDS and education. To show her support in the cause, she attends the annual events, and not only that she will engage her online followers if they can support her to fight AIDS and HIV. Donata has over 463,000 followers, and a team of a broad audience that is assisting her in different ways that AIDS can be researched and the funding. See more of Donata Meirelles fashion and style at Fashionismo.

There is a post of the New York Times that she reacted to recently which read: “patient of HIV is said to have received a cure for the second time. The success will be of great help to the scientist to end AIDS.” Donata Meirelles is excited just like the rest, because for many years together with the AIDS research community they have been involved in many fundraising efforts. She said that she was very excited to read about the news. Donata was introduced by a friend to the amfAR eight years ago. Since then, she has been nothing but supportive of the cause.

To increase the support that amfAR gives these initiatives, they do so through the help of fundraisers and donations. The largest source of revenue for the amfAR’s is through the fundraising they organize. Meirelles has been nothing but support to every event they have had. Especially the amfAR’s Annual Cinema against AIDS Donata will ensure that it’s always a success. They will raise money through the number of expensive tickets sold. The other way is that celebrities will donate costly items that will be auctioned in the foundation.


Grand Tokaj Makes It’s China Debut With JD.Com

Just about every Chinese consumer in search of convenience has settled on as their premiere solution for online and in-person shopping. That’s been made clear to any number of international brands, which is why so many want to make their debut to Chinese consumers through China’s biggest retailer. Hungarian wine maker, Grand Tokaj, is looking to do just that by entering the company with as their partner.

This partnership between wine maker and retailer will result in some marketing assistance for Grand Tokaj, helping them acclimate to the changes in Chinese consumer habits and how they differ from Hungary. With a tested logistics network, is the best solution for making sure brands like Grand Tokaj make a good first impression by ensuring that bottles of their wines reach customers accurately and on time.

The result of their team up was learning that there was a real thirst for Grand Tokaj wine. After 10 hours of availability, more than a 1,000 bottles of Takji Aszu, their premiere wine, was sold during the launch event. Within those five days, about 400,000 customers purchased Grand Tokaj wines.

JD FMCG’s President Carol Fung discussed the expanding wine market in China in a recent statement. With more young urbanites, especially women, turning to, they’re turning to more foreign brands to satisfy their tastes.

Grand Tokaj’s CEO Gergely Goreckzy, agreed that the curiosity from young people is helping their brand gain traction in this new region. It’s making inroads for other Hungarian businesses, including other wineries.

when it comes to selling alcohol, has been the top retailer for Chinese drinkers for the past three years. The data collected from those transactions help to build their consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) solutions, helping drink brands become more recognizable commodities. That means being more visible online and in stores.

Remy Cointreau Group is a success story of this method. Their small cognac bottles first showed up on in 2017. It turned out to be a hit during the Singles’ Day Shopping Festival, and it’s since become the company’s best-selling bottle on the site.

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The Loving Kindness of Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a profitable energy company located in Dallas, Texas. They are well-known for their genuine service and door to door energy sales. When you get into the doors however there is more than meets the eye. Not only are they a company that provides a useful service, but they also devote much of their resources towards helping the community. In this instance, the prime example is aiding in the relief effort of the crippling storm Hurricane Harvey. This storm decimated areas of Dallas, leaving many without shelter and nowhere to go with no food or water. This in the eyes of Stream energy was simply unacceptable and tugged at their heartstrings. A genuine company like Stream Energy could not simply stand by while so many people suffered. They were able to fund thousands of dollars by partnering with The Hope supply company.

Through this bond, they made the lives of those afflicted by the storm perk up with hope as they actively engaged the community by giving food, water, and shelter. Stream energy is all about making a lasting relationship with their customers on a genuine level that can hardly be matched. They see each person as a family member and seek to help them in any way they can. Hurricane Harvey was just one of the many instances where Stream Energy has shown their loving kindness. Simply giving the funds to aid in the recovery process isn’t enough for them either.

They continually provide emotional support face to face in an effort to give hope to the people who have lost everything. It’s hard to imagine what a taxing toll that must have taken on all those who were struck with the storm. Stream Energy has the power to provide safe and affordable energy not only to the local homes but also to the souls of those oppressed by mother nature’s storms. They bring light to the community with their rare qualities that make them stand out indefinitely. Other companies should take away from Stream the simple notion of charitable humanity. They have served Dallas Texas for four years.

Isabel dos Santos Continues To Raise Importance Issues Of Economic Awareness For The Continent Of Africa:

In the business sector of the African country of Angola, Isabel dos Santos is an individual who clearly stands out from the pack. This is due to the level of success that she has cultivated over the course of her career in business. Through her wide and diligent investments in both Africa and abroad, Isabel dos Santos has become Africa’s wealthiest woman. She also holds the distinct honor of being the continents first female billionaire. She currently holds stakes of stock in several of the biggest and most important companies in the Angolan business sector and was named in 2015 as one of the world’s most influential women. This prestigious distinction was bestowed on Isabel dos Santos by the BBC.

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The impeccable reputation of dos Santos has been built not only due to her success as a businesswoman but also due to the fact that she has become such a strong advocate for important issues that the people of Africa face on a daily basis. She is a huge advocate for the continued development of the economy of Africa and has advocated for a tech revolution in the continent. Women’s issues are also near and dear to Isabel’s heart and she has worked hard over her career to promote causes that empower women.

Isabel dos Santos recently found herself in an important speakers position as the Africa Summit 2019. This event was held in Brussels, Belgium at the EU headquarters. During her talk, Isabel dos Santos raised important points about the importance of bringing technology to the people of Africa along with critical education. She feels strongly that these are the areas that are of the utmost importance in terms of making it possible for Africa to be able to develop in some areas where it has been lagging behind other parts of the world. Isabel also touched on areas such as the agricultural sector and urban planning in regard to areas that she sees as critical for the future development of the economy of Africa.

Related: Partnership with Hungarian Sweet Wine stands as the biggest online retailer in China. When it comes to revenue, it’s the top Internet Company in China. The company sets the value for online shopping through its engagement to credibility, quality, as well as its broad product offering that covers full range products starting from clothes and foods to beauty products and electronics. It has an incredible national achievement network that offers high-quality standard good and next day delivery. covers a population of over one million. The quality of service and speed is globally incorporable. customers have shown their satisfaction for the services through positive reviews as they claim that the brand offers a quality guarantee. Among the things that have earned JD a great name is offering their customers genuine and highest quality products with zero-tolerance to counterfeits.

It also incorporates the direct sales business model, which allows it to exercise full control of the supply chain in the market that has a limitation on sellers to help maintain stringent quality lapse. This, together with a range of evaluation methods, assist in the identification of any suspicious sellers or products in the market. is the best partner for both local and international brands aiming at accessing Chinese consumers inclusive of financing, marketing, logistics, and warehousing, as well as big data-driven and consumer analytics. As a digital company, creates a credible and flexible system that instills value to both customers and partners in various sectors such as logistics, e-commerce, Internet finance, smart technology, and cloud computing.

Grand Tokaj, the famous sweet wine producers in Hungary, has chosen to partner with for China E-commerce inauguration. Currently, the authority of wine discerning on can examine a fantastic variety of sweet wines from Hungary. This has been brought about by the collaboration between Grand Tokaj, winery Grand in Hungary and The partnership marks the first attempt of the winery into the Chinese e-commerce world. The primary objective of in the partnership is to help the brand with marketing and assist in the customization of products for the Chinese market by considering JD’s colossal data analysis. This will be a great advantage for the Grand Tokaj. Their market will expand, resulting in more income.