Lincolnshire Management and TJ Maloney: The Private Equity Firm Behind The Holley Performance Products Deal


Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that is well versed with the prospect of control investments and is particularly familiar with investment potential for middle market companies. Lincolnshire Management is known for having worked with a wide range of companies coming to them from within the United States. The scope of the industries that they have worked with is considerably large and is something that has helped Lincolnshire Management become the notable name that they are today. Lincolnshire Management believes in offering personalized attention to each company that they work with and tries to ensure that all of their investment needs are met with. Lincolnshire Management has had extensive investment experience and this is something that has enabled the vast growth that Lincolnshire Management has seen.

Lincolnshire Management first opened its doors for business in 1986 and since then has had an incredible impact on the field of investments with the numerous deals that they have undertaken. Lincolnshire Management currently operates out of its headquarters in New York and handles businesses throughout the country. The main services that Lincolnshire Management is involved in include acquisitions, recapitalizations, corporate divestitures, buyouts and many more. Currently, Lincolnshire Management is known to handle more than $1.7 billion in equity from the clients that they have worked with.

Lincolnshire Management has received an incredible amount of attention for several of the investments that they have undertaken. In 2018, Lincolnshire Management worked with Holley Performance Products, and Driven Performance to carry out a merger that would propel both companies to the top of the industries that they are working in. Even though the finer aspects of the transaction were never disclosed, it is something that impacted the manner in which Lincolnshire Management was perceived. Lincolnshire received an incredible amount of praise for their outstanding contribution in this deal and was considered to be a powerhouse with regards to what they did.

Lincolnshire Management is known for having an incredibly proficient team of investors and financialists who work hard to help the clients who want to seek one or more of their financial services and who are in need of investment analysis and services. TJ Maloney is the CEO of Lincolnshire Management.

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Nitin Khanna and Work Oriented Investing

Nitin Khanna may have come across the concept of concentrated positions in companies that are expected to do well over the long term despite any market conditions are the ones that are expected to provide the best returns, even, a respected individual like Nitin Khanna may have witnessed, in times of deep crisis. Nitin Khanna may have also been advised and will advise about the fact that assets that are being able to be deeply resistant to financial crises and able to gain from them, these are the companies that one would want to hold over the long term.

Value-oriented investors like Nitin Khanna can dive deep into a business and learn why the qualitative is just as important as the quantitative, the qualitative may signal the quantitative at times. These intangibles may make a significant difference and may not be easy to capture in excel spreadsheets.

Furthermore, one must follow what is simple and inherent to them, not what is simple and inherent to those that are high priests within a particular field. By chasing after high priests, one automatically defaults in appeals to authority as opposed to asking what is true, and why is it so?

This leads one to believe in an illusion, which can certainly be quite harmful to investments and overall value. Slothfulness and laggardness in the mental realm can be the downfall of many an investor. One must avoid these traps, they are easy to come by in an era of abundance.

Companies that have assets that are stable and will continue to be stable in all times are those all-weather assets that should be appreciated by an investor base. These assets are those that will allow them to be valuable and useful in a recession, in a bull market, and in medium markets. The foundation of a company and its assets certainly matter in the long run as well.

Companies with massive growth potential, that hold the right assets, and can continue to be steady and stable in the long-run are companies that individuals should look out for in the marketplace. Of course, one must also look at the accelerators for growth.


Isabel dos Santos Highlights the Benefits of Including Youths and Women in Development Policies

Isabel dos Santos is an experienced businesswoman who dominates in most of the productive sectors in Angola. She is the daughter of the late former president of Angola. Having a political background has not given her undue advantage over other business individuals in the country because she has worked herself up to the ladder. By working in a male-dominated world, Isabel has proved herself to be a standout business executive who prevails where other women despair. According to Isabel dos Santos, women and youth are the future of the African continent, and therefore, all energy must be directed towards empowering this demographic. The problem is that women and youth are currently the most vulnerable group in society.

While woman are facing social and community issues which have everything to do with discrimination, youths are languishing with poverty and lack of employment opportunities. Isabel dos says that women make at least 50% of the population in more than 90% of all countries in Africa. This is a significant proportion that can play a vital role in changing the fortunes of the country. However, most of the women are not educated. A considerable number of African women don’t have basic education, which means that they cannot read or write, which puts them out of the equation for productive people in society.

Besides, the traditional aspects of discriminating women and assigning them house duties have not made it easy for the women. Additionally, the small numbers of women who have acquired both basic and tertiary education have been exposed to a male-dominated environment that sees women as people who cannot make sound decisions — Isabel dos Santos has faced these problems despite being an influential business person. Isabel dos Santos indicates that giving women the right education and accepting them in her entrepreneurship skills will not only change the cultural perception towards them but will change the entire world. It is also essential to consider the energetic and vibrant youths who have vision and knowledge to handle most of the challenges facing the business world. Isabel notes that policies should start including youths and women for Africa to change.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Five Decades Helping People Make Money From Investing

Igor Cornelsen started out when he was younger wanting to be an engineer. He attended one of Brazil’s top engineering schools but, in his junior year, he decided he’d be happier learning economics. He graduated with a degree in economics in 1970.

This set him up for success in the financial industry. He rose through the ranks at an investment bank and at a young age was named to the board of directors of a major Brazilian Bank. In 1976, he became this bank’s chief executive officer. He went on to work at high-level positions for a number of banks such as Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.

He says that by investing you can become rich. Igor Cornelsen points out that you can also set your family up for wealth that will last generations. The goal is to create enough passive income that you achieve financial independence for yourself and your heirs. This passive income can be generated from a number of investments such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or opening a small business.

To make money from the stock market it requires complex strategies. This is especially true in a country like Brazil that has a developing economy. If you have enough knowledge and confidence to invest in the right ways you’ll find success. Most people, though, fail because they let emotions make their financial decisions.

Igor Cornelsen has been helping people make money from investing for five decades. For the past two decades, he has been operating BainBridge Investment Inc., a financial services company he founded in Sao Paulo. In addition to investing his client’s money he also educates them about the right ways to invest. This includes advice such as investing in low performing markets around the world and taking advantage of when they go back up. He also says to always know the law and follow all of the rules when it comes to investing. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen:

Gustavo Martinez Is A Modern Marketing Consultant Who Helps Startups To Navigate Today’s Murky Business World

Gustavo Martinez understands the true value of a person as he believes that everyone has something to offer to the world. He has been a part of some of the most successful marketing teams in history. In the past, he has served with Ogilvy and Mather, the McCann Worldgroup, Price Waterhouse, and Henkel. Altogether, Martinez has been working in the marketing sector for more than three and a half decades. During this time, he has been able to help put together some of the most well-known marketing campaigns and ads in history.


While Gustavo Martinez has been serving in the marketing industry for a long time, he is very open to new technology. He feels that many of his colleagues are overlooking huge opportunities in the sector by ignoring the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT has to do with emerging technology that is helping to connect everyday technology devices, cars, homes, and more to the internet in order to offer people more. He believes that common household appliances and other technology will soon be able to market to people directly in their homes and believes that advertisers will pay a pretty penny in order to do so.


Gustavo Martinez has been able to find success in the marketing industry where others have not because of his willingness to listen to people. He knows that marketers are a breed of their own and that many of them need the room to be able to work effectively. He has compared marketers to artists because of their ability to use their creativity in different ways. When putting together marketing teams, Martinez seeks out the best people in the industry, and he doesn’t mind paying top dollar for their services. He sees himself as a leader who is tasked with inspiring his team so they can work to the best of their abilities.


Gustavo Martinez is not your typical run-of-the-mill businessman who sees taking part in charity as an opportunity for exposure or advertising a company. He genuinely believes that marketers should partake in charitable causes just to help out their fellow human being. He has been very clear about his feelings on the matter and has commented that many companies donate money simply to get their names out there and to look good. He feels that charity should be engaged in because someone wants to do something out of the kindness of their heart.


Gustavo Martinez has served as the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide in the past and now works as a consultant in the marketing sector. Many companies have benefited from his knowledge and experience. He also serves with UV Business Acceleration, which is a company that helps startups to find success where so many others have failed before them.


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Smita Shah: Promoting the STEM Industry and Encouraging More People to Take a Career Involving STEM

In the United States, the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) industry is dominated by males. However, recent statistics show that this trend is slowly changing over time, and more women are becoming interested in taking up a STEM career. One of the most successful individuals in the industry is Smita Shah, who is known as the founder, president, and chief executive officer of SPAAN Tech, Inc. The company that he established provides engineering solutions to projects that are technical in nature. She has been helping a lot of businesses that are having technical issues, and her company is rated as one of the top firms when it comes to engineering services.


Smita Shah has always known that she is extraordinary. When she was a child, her teachers noticed how bright she is. While studying in India, she showed her classmates that she can excel in STEM subjects. After her basic education, she decided to migrate to the United States and study at MIT. MIT Is one of the best universities in the world, and it is unusual seeing women of color studying engineering in the university. Smita Shah stated that people are skeptical if she told them that she is studying from MIT, but during her stay with the university, almost half of the students are female, and she is confident that the attitude towards women studying in MIT already changed in the present.


After she graduated from MIT, she decided to pursue a career in the business sector, establishing a company that relies heavily on the concept and principles of engineering. Through the years, she has become an expert in the industry, and she would also speak in public to highlight the importance of STEM in the country. She encouraged many children, especially girls, to take up a STEM career because the United States badly needed for people working in the industry. Because of her attitude and desire to help the country in promoting the STEM career, Smita Shah was awarded numerous awards and recognition. Learn more:


She received multiple awards during her career, and her company was also recognized as one of the fastest-growing firms in the country. As an immigrant, Smita Shah was also entitled to receive the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. She was so happy with the recognition that she received and promised that she will do her best to encourage more people in entering the STEM industry. As a civic leader, she also promised to promote innovation and entrepreneurialism. With her assistance, many startup businesses in the United States are becoming more aggressive in expansion, and they are relying on the advice and services provided by Smita Shah’s company, as well as her mentoring techniques and strategies on how to become successful in the industry. 

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LocationSmart Provides Real-Time Tracking Into Canada

LocationSmart has recently announced plans to expand their services into Canada. They are the largest Location-as-a-Service company in the world. Their services include secure carrier network location, consent management, short message service, and geo-contextual services. This new expansion will provide access to over 90% of Canada’s mobile subscribers.

Canada offers location and SMS services to all major cellphone providers and most other providers. After receiving proper consent, all businesses can locate all Canadian mobile devices on the network. All locations are provided in real-time. LocationSmart will now be able to provide carrier-grade security and privacy control to make sure location information is secure and trusted. Real-time location plays a major role in tracking shipments, gaming compliance, roadside assistance, workforce management, and transaction verification.

Customers will be able to find a brick-and-mortar business with the help of LocationSmart’s platform with a short text message. A business can create a dedicated number for customers to interact with. Once approved, the customers location will be detected and they will be provided with the nearest address to the business they are looking for. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

LocationSmart can help in many ways in the workplace. You can locate your assets and resources as well as employees. This can be used to assign jobs and assignments based on location. You can also conduct an audit to make sure your workers are arriving and departing work locations at the appropriate time.

There are several tracking devices that can not be located through Wi-Fi or GPS. Mobile devices can always be located through network locations without any hardware modifications, service calls, or mandatory downloads. These tracking devices can help you safe-guard valuable assets.

LocationSmart can be used to create an elaborate geo-fence. This geo-fence can inform you when a customer enters your area of service. A geo-fence can be placed around a building, neighborhood, asset, or street. You can be informed when someone enters or exits the area. This can you help you decide if you want to approve or deny a transaction based on the customers location. This can prevent identity theft and fraud.

LocationSmart is a Cloud Location Services leader for connected devices with over 15 billion connected devices worldwide. LocationSmart was founded by Mario Proietti and Masoud Motamedi and located in Carlsbad, California.

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Dr. Tim Ioannides Take On Vitamin D


For nearly the last two decades, Dr. Tim Ioannides has made a huge impact on the world of dermatology. He has been working for the last fifteen years at his own center, Treasure Coast Dermatology. His center has developed a reputation for proactive care when dealing with a person’s medical care.


Tim follows a patient first approach. For doctor Ioannides each person he sees is more than just a number. He wants to give them whatever they need to be successful. He believes prevention is the best way to go about this.


Dr. Tim Ioannides got his start in Florida working at the he University of Miami School of Medicine. It was here that he got his medical degree and got his start. He also continued his education by studying by completing his medical residency. This experience would prove to be valuable as Ioannides began working in the medical world. His desire to work with medical dermatology eventually lead to him starting Treasure Coast Dermalogy0


Dr. Ioannides’s proactive approach has served him well when it comes to skin disorders. Working with thousands of clients he has witnessed firsthand how a skin disorder can devastate a person’s life. Surprisingly many skin disorders are the result of a deficiency that is often correctable. Vitamin D deficiencies are near the top of this list. Nearly forty percent of all Americans are deficient in this vitamin. This can have a tremendous impact on the skin along with other parts of the body. The fix however is quite simple. Visit This Page for additional information.


Dr. Ioannides has advised many patients in this situation to get more sunlight and take 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. This combination along with regular exercise can have a huge impact on a person’s vitamin D3 levels. Dr. Ioannides is focused on educating people on the importance of this vitamin and other things people can do to prevent skin disorders.


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Isabel Dos Santos Invests in Successful For Everyone Future

Isabel dos Santos is a positive role model for people everywhere. She uses her acquired knowledge from experience and schooling to improve the lives of others. Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of Eduardo dos Santos and his wife. She was given a prestige elementary education at an all-girls’ boarding school and later moved to London to study electrical engineering at King’s College in London where she met her husband Sindika Dokolo (Itwebafrica). 


Isabel later started a very successful business career. She earned a lot of her money from investing in an oil company. She also held management positions in a number of highly successful companies always helping the company where she worked at to grow and achieve higher levels of success. Isabel dos Santos later went to work for her dad then, started companies of her own. Then, she found her passion for development in telecommunications through powerful partnerships and investments not only in Africa but in companies in other countries such as Portugal. 


Isabel Dos Santos eventually founded her company Unitel International as a partnership with Telecom. One of her main interests also was to start philanthropic projects.  This business really paved the way for many of her moves for charity and helpful actions she has fulfilled all over Africa. She started to channel her power and success into helping the people of her mother country, Africa. Isabel has been planting seeds to grow prosperity ever since. She strongly believes in the ability to create jobs with the simple use of a computer screen and an internet connection 


This is a very beneficial approach to creating opportunity because it has a very low opportunity cost with a huge amount of gains. Santos aims helping oppressed women, she knows that her helpful approach can give the women of Africa a chance in the business world. On the working field, she also aims to improve Africa’s agriculture through the use of modern-day technology and calling for investments for Africa. She has helped sow seeds into a strawberry farm that now flourishes as a valuable resource for income and nutrition in Africa. 

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What It Takes To Be A Leader With Greg Blatt

One thing that any knowledgeable businessman or entrepreneur will tell you is that success is never guaranteed. No amount of money, time, and resources could ever pull that off. The reason why is because the business industry is by far the most crowded space to work in. This only adds to competitiveness and the level of demand that it takes to simply keep up. Speaking of levels, there are levels to everything including business professionals. One person that has proven to be a level above everyone else is Greg Blatt (Crunchbase). 

The interesting thing about Greg is that not only has he managed to be successful in business but, he has improved as a professional to the point where he is now a distinguished leader in the industry. That is far and beyond more difficult to do than virtually any other success one can achieve in the field. Just to mention, Greg Blatt was CEO for Tinder and Match Group and is now in a position where he is teaching other promising entrepreneurs the skills that it takes to become a leader. 

Going away from the traditional idea that leaders are born with these skills, this successful businessman is proving that they can be learned and implemented effectively. With this in mind, let’s talk about what it takes to be a leader according to Greg and, get a detailed analysis of the skills that he teaches.

Leadership Skills For Success According To Greg Blatt

In an article on Greg Blatt and the benefits of having leadership skills, above many things, we get to see how having these skills have bolstered his business endeavors. In other words, they have boosted the effectiveness in which he gets things accomplished. This is the amazing thing about Greg Blatt‘s willingness to share these skills. Not only do they help him, but they also contribute to the overall success of the business industry given how many people will try to implement them. As far as what these skills are exactly, they are a combination of having discipline, analyzing everything, and gaining experience valuable experience. Without a doubt, whenever someone uses these skills in their business endeavors, they will surely increase the chances they have to succeed.

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