Omeed Malik: The Father of Farvahar


Omeed Malik was born in New Jersey to two immigrant parents. His father was Pakistani and his mother was Iranian. He went on to receive a law degree from Emory Law School and his bachelor’s degree from Colgate University. After receiving his education, he started off a spokesman for New Jersey representative Donald Payne. He then worked as a corporate lawyer at Weil, Gotshal, and Manges in New York.

He then had stints at both MF Global and Bank of America Merrill Lynch before leaving to start his own firm. After leaving Bank of America, he filed a lawsuit against them for defamation and breach of contract among other things. He won an eight figure sum. Omeed Malik then went on to start Farvahar Partners where he currently serves as chief executive officer.

His lengthy experience in many other important leadership roles has served him well as the face of his own company. Omeed Malik looks to use his industry experience to serve in an advisory capacity to his clients. He also wishes to provide capital raising efforts and liquidity. Malik applies Farvahar’s mission statement to everything he does. “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds”. It has been in part that exact message that has made him one of the most successful men in his industry.

He provides advice to companies and financial advisors as well as the general public based on the expertise he feels he has perfected through his combination of experiences in the industry. Omeed’s understanding of the market is second to none. See Related Link to learn more.

Omeed often gives lectures and is asked to feature on panels about all kinds of topics such as investing, trading, business development, and other topics significant to his field. It is clear to everyone in the industry that Omeed Malik has arrived and he is here to stay.


Additional reference: Launches AI Technology to improve Customer Service is an exceptional retail company that has partnered with China Unicom Sichuan to upgrade customer service. The primary tool behind the collaboration is the Artificial Intelligence that will be integrated by the two companies. This way, when clients call, they are received by a voice that sounds natural and welcoming. It will then redirect them to the right person who can handle their queries. The transfer will be effortless, and customers will feel satisfied when they get the services they need.

To start, there will be an integration of the AI tech to the WeChat accounts that will be available through texts. In addition to that, they will assist China Unicom Sichuan in building a marketing solution that will reach all the target audience. It will ensure that all the customers get to know about the services and goods in various stores. Put, the deal aims to up the game in the customer service realm.

Besides that, top-notch technology has spread to the medical sector, where it functions perfectly. In July, Jingdong and the West China Second University Hospital led the inception of AI that works in the medical systems. The process was seamless using the hospital’s WeChat account. Hence, patients can now get feedback and timely response to their questions. Read This Article for additional information.

The information embodies the doctor’s schedule, the department to visit, and how to obtain numbers or tags that they can use to line up. Since its motion in 2014, the hospital receives approximately 40,000 patients daily via the WeChat account. The AI has met Customers’ expectations, and they are generally satisfied.

The accuracy level is at 90%, thanks to the’s innovation that involves a chatbot in serving customers. The success rates are high because, in a day, the robot handles 32 million queries and responses correctly to 90%. The crowning moment is that the system acknowledges the inquiries immediately and also promptly gives feedback.

Customers then get all the answers to the questions that they have in mind. It is, therefore, a significant milestone achieved by the illustrious It has solved challenges that come with serving customers in an exceptional way.


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Neurocore Providing Brain Strengthening


There are people all over the globe that have cognitive issues. They can be slow learners or have severe memory loss. These two issues can occur at any age young or old both experience these problems.

Neurocore is a new brain strengthen procedure that helps to improve brain function and performance in every aspect.

Neurocore utilizes exhaustive evaluations to identify the reasons for certain symptoms. Then the company will start Neurofeedback brain performance training.

A gentleman by the name of Timothy Royer founded the Neurocore Brain Treatment Centers in 2004.The focus of the company is to help their clients achieve maximum brain function so the client can perform at their maximum capabilities and lead a productive and fulfilled life. Neurocore currently is based out of Boca Raton, Florida and the company currently has nine locations open Nationwide.

Studies have shown that treatment like “Biofeedback” do not only benefit cognitive issues but it can also be used to treat pain and high blood pressure. It is said that you can teach individuals how to control involuntary bodily functions such as the heart rate.

This is the reason why athletes have themselves started to use “Biofeedback” treatment to better their performance on the basketball court and on the football field. Recently the entire Portland Trail Blazers basketball team and the Washington Redskins starting quarterback Kirk Cousins received treatment from Dr. Timothy Royer so they could maximize their full potential on the basketball court and on the football field. Go To This Page for more information.

Dr. Timothy Royer teachers the athletes how to program their brain to operate at peak athletic performance at will. He also teaches them how to reverse the process so the brain and the body can recover efficiently. It is very important for the athlete when the game is over to lower their brain level to a more relaxed state. By lowering the brain level to a resting state after a hard fought intense game this will ensure that the athlete gets the proper sleep to restore his brain and body for the next day.

Neurocore’s “Neurofeedback” training can be useful across all aspects of life. The brain is amazing it makes humans capable of accomplishing things that we never thought were accomplishable. In order to achieve this human must learn to control and train the brain.


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Paul Herdsman-A Leader in the Business of Customer Service


Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Office of NICE Global; a Jamaica based business services company that provided solutions to companies that need to outsource portions of their operations.

Paul Herdsman and his team focus on providing their clients with customer service based assistance. He is an entrepreneur that has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in retaining clients, developing business opportunities along with marketing, sales and human resources.

Bringing all of this knowledge into the direction of his own team is what Paul Herdsman does best. He understands the importance of a business maintaining and supporting its team members while working to gain profit, and runs his team in the same manner. He considers the investment in the staff at NICE Global to be the company’s greatest and most important asset Herdsman creates a culture that ensures all talented team members feel the successes of the company as it grows.

Paul Herdsman has been diligent in taking careful insight in the functions of each role he has fulfilled throughout his career. He has always considered what the best portions of each job were, how effective he was and the aspects of the position that he excelled at. He always found himself to be drawing to customer service and prides himself creating an efficient and streamlined experience for each and every customer.

Paul also takes pride in streamlining business operations to enhance their day to day functions and their customer service. This was, and continues to be Paul Herdsman’s inspiration for his efforts with NICE Global.


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Mark Holyoake Defines a Generation of Sports


From the bottom of the pack to the top of the world, the progress of an athlete during their lifetime is something that mesmerizes people around the world. The timeless success stories of those who acted on the talent they had, and the stories of those rose to stardom, are equally as interesting for fans around the world. Mark Holyoake has a story that encompasses his entire life from birth to retirement. Doug Sandler recently wrote a piece about the astounding life of this man.

Mark Holyoake grew up in Wellington, New Zealand where he lived under the perfect circumstances for someone seeking to become special in life. He showed signs of being athletically talented from a young age. Once he turned 9 years old, Mark Holyoake was winning small scale events and perfecting his craft. However, he hit the pedal to the medal when he turned 10.

That was the point he found himself placing highly at national level events. His accomplishments reflect only an aspect of his life. Mark Holyoake was also a master of time management with how he mixed his professional and academic life. He attended Auckland University to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

There is not a single athlete who believes they will still be doing professional sports throughout their entire life. The body can only handle so much and you will peak younger than you might like in life. Mark Holyoake views securing an education as an investment for the future. His self-discipline allowed him to graduate while never stepping away from earning high honors. Mark Holyoake’s career reached its height when he made a run for the team Olympic team in 2009 and 2010. He not only landed a role on the team, but helped lead them to a 4th place finish in their sport.

This landmark moment marked the end of Mark Holyoake’s career as a gymnast. He choose to fall back on his degree and become a personal trainer. The experience and knowledge he accumulated would be better severed helping the lives of individuals looking to improve. Find More Information Here.

Holyoake secured himself a full-time job as a leader, coach, and teacher of fitness. He then decided to launch his gymnastic clinic to support athletes’ health and wellness. He established a gym CrossFit Carbon Method venture and proceeded with its growth and development.


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Carsten Thiel Takes Time With Family Before Business


Carsten Thiel had been surrounded by science and medicine since he was a child. As the son of medical doctors, he had always wanted to follow the footsteps of his parents and work in some part of medicine.

Thiel is now an expert in pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals who has helped launch many different successful products throughout his career.

He was raised in Germany in a time that was still turbulent before he moved to the U.K. in order to pursue an education at the University of Bristol. While he was attending the school, he earned his bachelors and master’s degrees in organic chemistry and biochemistry. He went on to earn a Ph.D. from Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry for Molecular Biology.

Taking time out of his day to spend time with family is important for Carsten Thiel. Because his days can sometimes get quite busy and long, he makes sure to spend the mornings with them discussing their lives over breakfast and coffee. This is a good time to be able to get everyone’s schedule synched while relaxing before he starts his day. After spending time with his family, he reads the news and checks his emails. He stated that these activities are important and he tries to do them every day. Go To This Page to learn more.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything that you need to do during your day which is why Carsten Thiel tries to prioritize. By making sure that Carsten Thiel is keeping his long-term goals in mind instead of just his short term, he is better able to accomplish what needs to be done. In addition, building relationships is important to any business which is why he spends another good part of his day communicating with customers and meeting with the board of the company to make sure everyone has the same goals.


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Toyo Setal Excellence in Engineering

Toyo Setal has experience in many various fields, including operating mainly in EPC. He operates in engineering supplies, construction, and commissioning. He is focused on technical and economical feasibility studies. Toyo Setal guarantees satisfaction for his clients and to provide complete and effective solutions towards their problems. He is also very committed to delivering the product to his customer with technical excellence and within the deadline that has been established. Toyo Setal keeps up with the modern times and always invests in new solutions and innovations for the technologies of our ever expanding future. He is a pioneer in Brazil who carries out projects using state of the art software. He has created the EPC Portal, which is an information management solution.

EPC minimizes the time it takes to get information and links it all across a single platform. Toyo Setal promotes sustainability without the depletion of natural resources in order to preserve the natural resources for the future generations of the world. He always wants to help the local communities and he develops projects in order to help the local communities. As he promotes environmental programs that focus on the physical environment, these programs also rescue and relocate animals in safe places. These programs also put endangered species of trees in preservation areas.

Because of his contributions Toyo Setal received the “Innovations in Integration of Engineering Projects.” This award was received at the “AVEVA World Summit 2014” where companies give presentations on the challenges and integration of technologies. He was given this award because he presented the best solution for the challenges of technologies. He started with the AVATAR project which involves all engineering disciplines. The second phase is where he established the EPC Portal which is the biggest development that he has been able to establish in his profession.

NexBank Raises Funds For Senior Notes


NexBank is one of the leading financial services companies based in Dallas, Texas. In a recent announcement, the company said that it has finished raising funds for unsecured senior notes. The company just raised $80 million which has brought the total sum to $155 million.

According to recent data, the notes have a maturity that will be reached by March of 2026 and can be called by March of 2021. Each of the notes have an interest rate of 5.5% for a span of five years. All of the notes have been assigned a grade of BBB along with having an outlook that is very stable. As a result, the notes look to be a solid investment for NexBank.

After receiving the proceeds for these notes, NexBank will look to use them to help pay off some business debts. With the additional funds, the company will attempt to address its current financial situation by eliminating some of its key liabilities. This will then allow the company to have more funds available to hire more workers as well as expand to other markets throughout the United States. Find More Information Here.

The President and chief executive officer of NexBank John Holt has made some recent comments about the latest situation regarding the company’s finances. Holt has said that the latest fundraising has resulted in more investor confidence. He has also mentioned that the proceeds of the funds will be used to help the company make key adjustments to its balance sheet. At the end of his recent statement, Holt said that NexBank has a track record of financial strength and stability that will allow it to grow in the future.

NexBank provides financial services to a number of clients. It provides banking services such as commercial banking and mortgage banking. These services entail helping customers make deposits, withdraw funds, and receive loans for things such as automobiles and houses.

NexBank also offers institutional services which entail financial advisory for businesses and individuals. Over the past several years, NexBank has rapidly expanded to other markets and has experienced a lot of growth as well.


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Grace Farms Building Foundation

Community centers and public libraries are among some of the organizations and places that have provided creation, dialogue, reflection, and positive community engagements for various towns and cities. They provide a quiet place to learn and get in touch with nature and beautiful scenery. Their mission is to bring people together, though they all look different.

Grace Farms is a place that exceeds the expectation of a community center or library. Grace farms offers a beautiful scenery, with 80 acres of land. Their foundation was built on art, nature, faith, community, and justice, which is something they strive for. They are open six days a week, and their admission is free an open to the public. Grace Farms offers several different programs and activities year round. The possibilities are endless.

The president of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince is behind all of the work. She sought the vision and brought it to life. The Grace Farms Foundation began in 2007 with a few people dedicating their time and energy into creating this land into a land for others to experience wonderful things.

Grace Farms is located in New Canaan, Connecticut. It is one of the largest open lands in it’s area with 80 acres of land. Sharon Prince stated that their intend is to “have a greater enjoyment of the beautiful environment and changing seasons through the spaces and experience created by the River building.” The place is meant to bring peace in Grace along to every visitor. Sharon Prince Grace Farms has not only led Grace Farms to where they are at today, but has also led by example through her personal life as well.

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Isabel Dos Santos Believes Women Can Prosper In Africa

Despite the fact that Isabel dos Santos is one of the richest people in the world and the top richest woman in Africa, she states that she still feels as if she faces a fair degree of discrimination in her career. Even in the executive roles that she has played throughout her career, she has found that her opinion is questioned due to her gender. Instead of backing down, she began to assert herself more become more creative in the way that she used her experience, skills, and value as a successful professional. She states that this something that many women in different parts of the world have to deal with and many times they are not able to focus their energy on what they are supposed to be doing because they are busy unfairly having to prove themselves.

Isabel dos Santos wants the business world and entrepreneurship to change for women in Africa. She states that there are already a lot of changes happening as the opinions towards women in the workplace are starting to become more open, but there is still a lot of progress that the world has to work for. Isabel dos says she wants women to understand that the changes that they are fighting for will take a process to achieve, but it is something that must be done. While views may be changing in different countries around the world, change needs to happen on a global level due to the international nature of business.

While there may be a lot of hardships that women face when it comes to the business world of Africa, Isabel dos Santos believes that it is still possible for them to achieve success. Some of the areas in which she believes that women in her home country of Angola can find a good amount of opportunity are minerals, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. In particular, Isabel dos Santos believes that agriculture is one of the most promising markets in Angola. In addition, more Africans are finding themselves with disposable income that allows them to travel and stay at hotels an lodges throughout the countryside. Click here.