Training the Brain with Neurocore


Neurocore was founded in 2004 by the neuropsychologist Dr. Tim Royer. Neurocore uses neurofeedback to help clients overcome problems related to stress, anxiety, sleep problems and attention problems. Neurofeedback can be used with patients of all ages, from children to adults.

Neurocore has clinics in Florida and Michigan. Funded in part by investments from Betsy and Dick DeVos, this company provides an alternative for parents who are worried about starting their children on ADHD medications. For families like the Pojeskis, of Grandville, Michigan, Neurocore has been a huge help.

Jackson Pojeski is only eight, but struggled with feeling that his brain just wouldn’t stop. He had trouble maintaining focus and would melt down sometimes in public places. His parents tried melatonin to help his body regulate its circadian rhythms. However, that didn’t help enough. They turned to Neurocore sessions to help Jackson re-program his brain. Visit This Page for additional information.

At Neurocore, treatment is simple and easy. Clients are hooked up to a variety of monitors for breath, heart rate and the brain. Then they are shown videos. If their attention is good and their brainwaves are balanced, the movie plays normally. Unrest causes the movie to pause. Having better attention leads to a better result, of being able to see the movie without interruptions. This motivates people’s brains to re-set to a calmer state. People learn to modify their breathing, heart rate and other markers without realizing they’ve learned to do so. Resetting these bio-feedback loops helps them to be calmer overall.

Neurocore is a prominent neurofeedback company, but this technique has been around for decades. By harnessing it and marketing it effectively, Dr. Royer has made people aware that there are plenty of alternatives to medication.

Neurocore has offered hope and real change to people who might otherwise be on medication for their whole lives. Neurocore published a study of their regimen in 2017, in the peer-reviewed journal NeuroRegulation.


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Matt Fleeger: Man with a Heart of Gold donates to the Sadie Keller Foundation

Around January 25, 2019, Gulf Coast Western Inc. CEO Matt Fleeger donated $14,000 to the Sadie Keller Foundation. As an oil and natural gas magnate, Fleeger is known for contributing much of the profits from his organizations to children’s causes. For example, he is the founder of the Fleeger Family Kitchen, a non-profit organization which teaches children STEM skills through gardening.

Fleeger contributed to the Sadie Keller foundation as a part of his company’s commitment to aiding children who are suffering from cancer. The Sadie Keller foundation, named after 10 year-old leukemia survivor and child advocate Sadie Keller, was established after the cancer survivor endured three years of blood transfusions, infections, rare side effects of cancer medications, and even missing entire years of school. Sadie has since recovered; her last treatment was in 2017. Since then, she has made videos increasing awareness of her condition and reaching out to other cancer patients her age. She quickly spread her message, including showings on ESPN during cancer awareness events, and eventually, her foundation received a donation from Matt Fleeger.

Currently, the Sadie Keller Foundation primarily lobbies congress for pediatric cancer research funding and provides services and resources to families struggling financially with treatment for their children. Some of the funds from donations to the Sadie Keller Foundation are used to lobby congress for better fudning of pediatric cancer and work towards eliminating childhood cancer across the country. The most notable laws the foundation has had a hand in advocating for include the STAR Act and the Race for Children Act, both of which are dedicated to finding pediatric cancer research. Donations from individuals like Matt Fleeger are essential to maintaining efforts in securing pediatric cancer research funding, as less then four percent of annual cancer research funding is actually allocated specifically to pediatric cancer research.



Based out of Los Angeles, California and Italy, ViSalus is a new multi-level marketing company involved heavily in weight management products. The biggest campaign run by ViSalus is the “Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge”. The company manufactures weight management products, dietary supplements, and energy drinks throughout the United States, Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

ViSalus presents weight management products such as Vi-Shape meal replacement shake, Vi Go Instant Energy, and Vi-Trim Clear Control Drink Mix. ViSalus creates other drinks such as Neuro, an energy drink, and Vi-Pak, an energy supplement. These items were created by Michael Siedman, an ear, nose, throat specialist.

ViSalus is most concerned with physical transformation toward a more healthier body. With the rising threat of obesity and diseases linked to obesity such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, companies such as ViSalus create necessary products that will help people find solace in eating better and healthier.

The 90-Day Challenge is a way ViSalus challenges its participants in attaining a better, healthier lifestyle. With it’s wide array of products, ViSalus strives to offer the best products aiming for healthy and strong lifestyles. The company wants people to choose a lifestyle that is healthy and beneficial. The products offered by ViSalus are geared toward projecting a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, it is the person’s choice to live the kind of life free of toxins and elements that create an unhealthy lifestyle. ViSalus simply puts the tools in the hands of the participant.

Through drinks, snacks, meals, and supplements, ViSalus provides products that help people live a healthier, cleaner life. The goal of ViSalus is to help people achieve their weight loss goals and alter their bodies through a healthy and safe formula. As ViSalus, there is no magic pill that helps people lose weight. A formulated process in different stages is the best way to help someone attain their physical goals. ViSalus is there to help people reach those goals. Read This Article for related information.


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Sergey Petrossov: The Successful Entrepreneur

Sergey PetrossovAn article in the Miami Herald profiles Sergey Petrossov, the young entrepreneur and CEO of JetSmarter, a company that is looking to revolutionize the way passengers fly on private planes. The company plans to do this through its eponymous mobile app, while also expanding functionality to make luxury travel an attainable, more cost-effective reality for the frequent traveler.

JetSmarter is located in Fort Lauderdale and is valued at over 1 billion dollars. Petrossov explains how he has plans to expand the company to include markets in India, China, and South America. Discussed is JetSmarters app, and how it helps clients to book and organize a flight. The article also the life of Petrossov by asking presenting a question and answer session regarding his life and what brought him to the founding of JetSmarter. It likewise examines his plans for the future and what people can anticipate. Some of the questions asked relate to his education and his expanding success. Additional information in the article includes a short biography on Sergey Petrossov’s business career, education, and personal life.

Petrossov is the 30-year-old CEO of JetSmarter. He founded the company in 2013 and it has grown over the years and it is now a billion-dollar company. Petrossov moved to the United States with his family at four years old. His family moved to Florida where he grew up and currently resides in Boca Raton. Sergey Petrossov was listed in 2016 as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 due to his high success. He has visited over 30 countries with his favorite city being New York City.

Jeremy Goldstein’s Contributions to Fountain House

For years, people in New York City suffering from mental illness have been able to turn to Fountain House for help. Fountain House is an organization that assists people with mental illness learn to function in society. The organization was started by a group of people with mental illness in 1944 as a way to help each other. The group quickly expanded and in 1948 they bought a house to act as a base of operations. In front of the house stood a large fountain, which the group came to see as a symbol of the work they were doing. This fountain is where the group derives its name.


Fountain House’s current model is the same one they used in 1944. Back then, the group was known as “We are not alone.” Fountain House takes in clients and helps them achieve their goals of employment and education. The group also helps clients form friendships and relationships through community service. Fountain House members can use their skills like cooking, farming, and communications to better the community and themselves. Fountain House also aims to help homeless people with mental illness find housing and safe shelters. By encouraging clients to actively engage in the community, Fountain House is able to not only better its clients, but they are also able to improve New York City.


Fountain House recently benefited from a charity event hosted by attorney Jeremy Goldstein. Mr. Goldstein put on a lavish gala on the rooftop of the Nomad Hotel in New York City. Tickets for the event sold for a donation of $5000. Guests were treated to an amazing five-star meal and a variety of vintage and rare wines.


Mr. Goldstein has been a lawyer in New York for many years. He earned his law degree from the law school at the University of New York. After his education, he took a job at a local corporate law firm but left to start his own firm when he realized he could work with both big corporations and individuals.


Mr. Goldstein’s firm, Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, LLC. has assisted mergers and acquisitions for big corporations like Chevron/Texaco and J.P. Morgan Chase & Company/Bank One Corporation. Mr. Goldstein’s success has landed him a lot of attention. He has been named one of the top 500 corporate compensation lawyers in America. He has also been invited to serve on the boards of several different organizations.


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Mark Holyoake Stays on a Path to Success

Mark Holyoake achieved what few gymnasts can do. He reached the professional ranks of the sport. A cursory glance of his career reveals many incredible accomplishments. The Wellington, New Zealand native holds the world record for most rotations on a pommel horse. He performed 66 rotations in 60 seconds, an incredible feat. His career reveals placements in the Commonwealth Games and the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

These achievements reveal the results of hard work that started at age 9. Mark Holyoake is now retired from professional gymnastics, and many people wonder what the high-profile athlete is doing today. Interestingly, he turned his attention to the world of entrepreneurship. Holyoake serves as the co-owner of Carbon Method Crossfit, a unique facility that combines Holyoake’s approach to training along with CrossFit principles.

After initially becoming involved with CrossFit, something he did after becoming a personal trainer, Holyoake started to compete in the CrossFit Games. While not as high-pressure as professional gymnastics competition, the CrossFit Games are challenging. Holyoake rose to the challenge and did well. Most interestingly, his involvement in the CrossFit Games revealed he still maintains that winning competition attitude.

Success in life requires hard work and a consistent approach to commitment. Had Holyoake not possessed these traits, he wouldn’t be a world record holder. Nor would he display the attributes of a successful entrepreneur. Fans and would-be clients may look over his career biography and see someone who never walked away from a commitment to continual achievement.

Holyoake adheres to the notion that life experience provides a basis for learning. Every day becomes a learning experience. Taking that experience and utilizing to do better with today and tomorrow’s challenges might lead to better success. Self-reflection and a drive to continually learn can both be benefits in business.

Mark Holyoake does stay true to his roots. He teaches a gymnastics class once a week at his studio. The retired pro keeps some of his skills sharp by running the class. Holyoake also takes the class as an opportunity to share his knowledge about the sport.

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Maurício Mendonça Godoy: Maintaining the Advantage of Advancement

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is one of the most influential Brazilian figures in business, and there are a plethora of good reasons to justify his presence as such. When you analyze his work ethic, it becomes clear that nothing in the world matters more to him than advancement, and this much is reflected in his many business endeavors. He believes that without constant efforts to improve the state of your business, you will invariably fall off in the world of entrepreneurship.

Especially given his field of engineering, it is constantly necessary to ensure that you stand at the peak of technological evolution, as without this advantage, your business is guaranteed to fall into irrelevance. This is a lesson Maurício Mendonça Godoy has learned over and over throughout the course of his career. Even if he were involved in a field other than technology, Maurício Mendonça Godoy believes he would still consider constant progress to be a very important asset of running a company. The field of business at large requires you to be receptive to progress, as if you are not, it will simply surpass and outgrow you. See more articles about Mauricio Godoy at

While progress has always been of paramount importance to Maurício Mendonça Godoy, he is aware that there are several other characteristics necessary in someone truly willing to stand at the top of an industry. Specifically with regards to the automobile and engineering industry, a vast amount of perseverance is required in order to maintain a high standing. This is something he has spoken extensively on in his interviews, as he believes that it is of utmost importance to push forward even when times seem tough.

After all, being a member of the business community always comes with some level of uncertainty, and without having skill in perseverance, that uncertainty can often be enough to deter you from your path to success. This is why Maurício Mendonça Godoy has never given up even in his hardest times throughout running one of the most successful engineering companies in Brazil. Being such an important figure certainly comes with its hardships, but for him, the benefits of having that position by far outweigh the negatives. Connect: and Nespresso: Socially Responsible Corporations at Work and Nespresso recently became partners in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce corporate waste. A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon compounds, such as carbon dioxide, edited into the atmosphere as a result of burning fossil fuels by a person, corporation or group of people.

Both corporations are dedicated to recycling Nespresso’s coffee capsules in order to recover aluminum, a natural resource, which can be used again as a raw material. Nespresso has appointed to employ its internal logistics network to coordinate Nespresso’s recycling program in China. will schedule the collection of these capsules from their eCommerce consumers and deliver these capsules to local recycling facilities for processing.

Coffee capsules are a big concern for environmentalists because of the waste they create. Both and Nespresso have committed to recycling this “consumer waste” and giving it a new purpose. Through their joint program, both Nespresso and JD’s corporate sustainability increases. The capsules are made of aluminum, a natural resource that has become a costly raw material in the past decade. Instead of spending money to purchase new aluminum, they are saving money by recycling both the capsules and the tops.

The aluminum is used to create new packaging for Nespresso coffee, as well as, other food and drink items sold by their corporation. Other items such as bicycles and window frames are also manufactured. They are confident that they will be able to recycle get a minimum of 86% of the capsules. By 2020, their goal is to recycle 100% of the capsules. Get More Information Here.

The sustainability of the environment from which both corporations operate from in China also increases as a result of this project. and Nespresso are supporting local and family-owned, organic farms in China by giving them coffee grounds at no expense. The coffee grounds, found within the reclaimed, capsules will support China’s agricultural economy by providing compost, an organic compound, which will be used to enrich the soil. The produce that is grown on farms using this compost, will in turn, support China’s growing population with fresh, organic food.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Talks to Fellow Entrepreneurs at Davos Forum

Forum and similar conferences and conventions are essential to global economic growth and innovation. These types of gathers are places where entrepreneurs and business leaders gather to learn from each other and share concepts. Getting inviting to such an event is considered an honor by many nationally and internationally recognized business leaders.

Richard Liu is one of the most recognized business leaders of today. Richard Liu is founder and CEO of one of China’s largest e-commerce giants, He began developing the company in 1998, though it was not his first attempt at entrepreneurial independence.

While still at university, Richard Liu purchased a small restaurant, which he hoped he could run while still attending classes. Almost immediately, Richard Liu realized that running a business is a full-time job, but he could only dedicate at most two hours a week to the restaurant. Within a matter of months, his restaurant went belly up, and Richard Liu ended up in debt.

After earning a degree in sociology from Renmin University, he earned an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School and took a job at a Japanese health product company named Japan Life. Two years after joining Japan Life, Richard Liu struck out on his own again, this time, opening a four-square-meter shop in Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Park.

The little shop only sold magneto-optical products, but his products were some of the only authorized merchandise in the area. Many of his competitors sold knock offs and cheap replicas. Despite the price difference, customers responded to Richard Liu’s Jingdong, making his second attempt at entrepreneurship successful. Refer to This Article to learn more.

At the height of his early success, he owned and operated 12 Jingdong locations throughout Beijing and planned to open more. Before his plans could take flight, a SARS outbreak brought his world tumbling down.

SARS made in-person interactions dangerous and scared many into living more homebound lives. To reach his customers, Richard Liu moved his company online and was born in 2004.

Liu Qiangdong has also been recognized by the “Business of Fashion Top Performing Businessmen of 2018”. An award that is very well deserved by Richard Liu Qiangdong. It is a reflection of his consistency and excellence in his business.




Sharon Prince Gives Sustainable Development Goals


Sharon Prince is a founding member of Grace Farms Foundation. The privately-owned foundation was established in the year 2009. Prince spearheaded the farm to a public space that blends art, nature and architecture all in one platform. Since the introduction of Sharon Prince Grace Farm, people across various sectors have been able to convene and activate initiatives of the Foundation.

Sharon Prince commissioned SANAA, a Pritzker Prize winning firm in the year 2010 that designed the River building. Sharon Prince has been fully in the participation of Prince in the Miles Crown Hall Americas prize, upon its opening in 2015.

Grace Farm Foundation hosts Lectures, Concerts and nature tours among other services. The farm has a building that meanders down the hill like a river and that’s how it attained its name the River.

Sharon Prince Grace farm building is designed for lighting, optimal acoustics, and the sustainability of environmental factors. Sharon Prince Grace Farm has state of the art facilities that include Lecture hall, classrooms a rehearsal space that houses individuals in the community without necessarily making profits out of the space.

Prince has unmatched efforts against the fight to disrupt slavery against women on both local and global scale. Sharon has received an award NOMI Abolitionist award after a published report in 2016 after she co-hosted the United Nations in a convening that was titled Fighting Human Trafficking and Conflict. Go To This Page for additional information.

Sharon Prince Grace Farm has an upcoming project to campaign towards the end of modern slavery that is up to date under the Freedom Needs Fighters program, which she is a board member.

Recently SharonPrince Grace Farm partnered with Georgia government in support of transforming the economy and to include a regulatory exemplary to support transparency chains of supply to the commercial sector. In addition, Sharon Prince spearheads social justice initiatives.


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