Impossibel Foods Calls On OSI Group McDonalds For Help

Impossible Foods is a maker of meatless food products. The Impossible Burger is one of their most known and well liked products. The Impossible Burger has major customers like Burger King and White Castel. Impossible Foods has become an instant success with its Impossible Burger. Their major clients love the texture and taste of this meatless burger. Because the burger closely looks, feels and tastes like a beef burger, Impossible Foods has been able to make a lot of money off of this burger and market it to meatless consumers and consumers who just want to try something new. The favorability of their burger is good and has caused them to not be able to keep up with the excessive demand. More Business News at

Impossible Foods had to think and act fast. Therefore, they decided that OSI Group McDonalds was the best way to solve their shortage issues. OSI set down with Impossible Food and together they create a short term and long term strategy. The short term strategy entails them starting up production and quickly getting the Impossible Burger into the hands of customers. Their long term strategy involves getting food processed over a long period of time and shipped around the world to grocery outlets.

OSI Group McDonalds will be allowing Impossible Foods to use their facilities in the midwestern United States. They will use these facilities to manufacture the Impossible Burger. OSI will be assisting the meatless burger company with much needed advance. Part of the long term strategy is to scale. Impossible Foods is interested in scaling up. Their desire to scale up is because they know they have the opportunity to become one of the biggest makers and sellers of meatless meat in America.

Being coached by OSI will help them with scaling up and will help them drive sales. Both companies are on a dedicated mission to solve the shortage crisis, get the Impossible Burger delivered to customers all around the world and scale up to help Impossible Burger sell more burgers and make more money. All issues Impossible Burger were having before should be halted at this time because production is up and going. Read:

Jeremy Goldstein’s Charity Wine Dinner

Earlier this year on May 21st, Jeremy Goldstein, a New York lawyer, hosted a wine charity dinner at the Nomad Hotel. In memoriam to Jim Finkel, the gala was called Mental Illness: You Are Not A’Rhone. and the proceedings for the event were made to benefit Fountain House which is a charity meant to help those that are struggling with mental illness live normal lives. The GazetteDay article actually focuses a lot on Fountain House and how exactly it maintains the goal of helping mentally ill people.


With a statistic that 25% of the world’s population suffers from mental illness and as the world dives into an even more depressing state, it’s all the more important for mental illness to be addressed. A huge advantage that Fountain House has going for it is that the organization was formed by people who also suffer from mental illness which means that the help people may need is dealt with on a personal and familiar level. Starting back in 1944, the founders had initially founded a support group with one another called We Are Not Alone and, thanks to the negative stigma surrounding mental illness, the group is dedicated to breaking those negative thoughts as well as helping their clients.


In completing their goal in advocating for those with mental illness, Fountain House has built mental health programs around New York as well as dive into research ao that they can create more innovative programs for their clients. They even get heavily involved within both local and global communities through their values. Fountain House has also implemented a variety of initiatives to aid the community such as providing safe housing yearly and assisting clients to graduate high school.


In addition to the previously mentioned initiatives, Fountain House helps their clients find gainful employment, learn new skills, and develop new friendships as well as increase their client’s confidence. In return, clients that were helped by Fountain House are required to serve within their community. This can be done through a variety of ways such as education, communications, reception, and a few others, allowing people to have the opportunity to give back to their community the same way Fortune House gave to them.


A graduate from New York University of Law, Goldstein worked as an attorney for another New York law firm before moving on to form his own firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, whose main job is normally advising clients in execution compensation and corporate government matters.


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American Entrepreneur Nick Sarnicola Talks About His Two Global Brands

Nick Sarnicola is an American entrepreneur, salesperson, team builder, and philanthropist who has been in the network marketing industry for 20 years. He built a billion-dollar sales team at ViSalus Sciences, a company he co-founded in 2005. In the position of chief executive officer, he oversees a global company that helps people lose weight and reach their fitness goals. He became the CEO of ViSalus on January 1, 2017. Before that, he was this company’s top salesperson. He developed a national network of independent promotors who sell ViSalus products. His network company is based in Los Angeles, California, and has customers across North America and Europe.

One of the most successful products Nick Sarnicola introduced at ViSalus was Vi Shape Superfood Shake. This is a plant-based meal-replacement shake. It has plenty of protein due to the ingredients flaxseed, pinto beans, quinoa, chia, chickpea, and pea. He hand-selected these ingredients based on their healthfulness. The shake also has 25 vitamins and minerals, nine essential amino acids, lots of fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics. It’s also vegan, doesn’t contain GMOs, is gluten-free, and is kosher. He launched another very successful company in 2017, Liv Global. This company encourages people to get out and live their life now, not putting off things they want to do until retirement. It has a mobile app that features events to attend. People can become subscribers and get access to exclusive events along with great travel deals.

Liv Global is an award winning organization thanks to the efforts of Nick Sarnicola. The Hermes Creative Awards recognized Liv Global in May 2019. His company won two Gold awards, one for its corporate website and the other for its membership overview video. Other awards it has won include the Telly Award, the Gold Marcom award, and being a finalist for the Cine Golden Eagle award. He established the Rooks-Sarnicola Entrepreneurial Institute a few years ago. Nick Sarnicola wants to encourage people to become business owners. His institute recently gave a grant of $10,000 to an aspiring entrepreneur at Michigan’s Muskegon Community College. He donated $200,000 to his own institute as a permanent endowment so it can continue to fund the dreams of young people.

Your Investment Analysis Partner

Empiricus Research is a financial investment publishing company founded by Brazilian entrepreneurs, Rodolfo Amstalden, Felipe Miranda, and Caio César de Mesquita in partnership with the American company, The Agora. It sells information through newsletters with its newsletters currently enjoying a staggering 180,000 subscribers.

Empiricus also owns half of the O Antagonista website. Before creating Empiricus, Caio Mesquita worked in the financial market, Felipe Miranda was a professor at FGV, and Rodolfo Amstalden was a consultant at the International Paper. The three have also been partners in other businesses operating in the financial market, including at Sextus.

Empiricus gained much attention after releasing the video “O Fim do Brasil” in 2014. The video was broadcasted through social media video Ads in Facebook and Google Ads. As its name ‘The End of Brazil’ suggests, the video predicted tough times for Brazil’s national economy. It attacked the policies implemented by the then President Dilma Rousseff’s government. The video was similar to the version of the play “End of America” owned by the Agora group.

Empiricus used various marketing and promotional strategies to attract customers, including paid Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Most of their promotional themes dealt with political issues.

Empiricus produced some investment analysis pieces during elections periods. The articles highlighted essential issues like what should be expected if Aécio Neves wins the elections and which stocks should be expected to go up in case of an Aécio victory. Another piece produced during this period asked its readers to protect themselves should Dilma win the elections.

Given the timing of production, the pieces became contentious as they had a massive impact on the elections and were subsequently suspended. The judicial suspension was, however, lifted by the TSE (Electoral Supreme Court) after recommendations made by a Judge of the Supreme Court, Mr. Gilmar Mendes. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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Brazil economic growth plans 2018, Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens, an Infrastructure Projects Specialist, reported there will open bidding in Brazil on economic project. The federal government according is planning a huge stimulus program in Brazil. This package is to include 57 projects and include 22 sectors. The Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) reported this stimulus is slated to be a R $ 44 billion shot in the arm of the Brazilian economy, who has recently came out of economic recession.

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It should be noted Felipe Montoro Jens reports the vast majority of these bids are not going to take place until the end of 2018. The Ministry of Transportation pointed out that the bidding is scheduled to coincide with the current President of Brazil, Michel Temer’s last months in office at the end of this year. Felipe Montoro Jens, reported this good news, but there is still no clear indication on how some of these projects are supposed to be made available. Felipe Montoro Jens noted as examples the Mint of Brazil, Ceasminas, Casemg and the Docks of Espirito Santo are scheduled, but it has not disclosed of the process to sale them. In addition, Infraero a government owned enterprise in charge of managing all of the major airports in Brazil, is scheduled to sale their stake in some of the airports under their jurisdiction. The airports to be sold are Brasilia, Confis (Belo Horizonte), Galeao (Rio de Janeiro) and Guarulhos (Sao Paulo). Felipe Montoro Jens, reported the Transportation Ministry announced BR-153, the main highway connecting Anapolis (GO) to Alianca (TO) is to get repaved as part of the infrastructure stimulus portion. Also it was reported by Felipe Montoro Jens, BR-364, an almost 800 kilometer stretch of road is in plans as well to be redone. The PPI agency was created to build relationships with the public and private sectors, in an effort to create jobs and economic growth. Read:–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro

The professional outlook of CEO Kevin Plank

Kevin Plank is widely-known as the CEO and founder of popular sportswear brand Under Armour. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park and has even donated money back in 2014 to the college with an amount of $25 million. The money was used to help contribute to build a new indoor football facility, gyms, and other sports facilities. Kevin Plank directed what he learned on the football field for helping achieve his dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He believes that the lessons he learned on the football field directly translated to business ideas and lessons that he knows today. Plank wishes to give back to the community that molded him and help other upcoming students who want to make a difference. Plank was a football player at the University of Maryland and came up with the idea to create T-shirts that could lock in moisture and keep athletes from running around with drenched sweaty clothing. After graduating, he made it his mission to create stylish and high-quality clothing with his company Under Armour in 1996. Today, many athletes wear Under Armour clothing for its durability and special material for working out. Many popular NFL players wear the brands clothing. The CEO also owns his investment company named Plank Industries that is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It serves as the main headquarters of the businessman with investments in real estate, horse racing, and in many other food and service industries. Kevin Plank is known for his generous contribution towards students as he also donated $1 million to the Baltimore non-profit CollegeBound Foundation that helps graduate receive a college education, and more importantly, finish. Kevin Plank has his own philanthropy named The Cupid Foundation that donated the money on his behalf.

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Territorial conflicts and its implications on the development of constitutions

Back in July of 2019 renowned law expert Sujit Choudhry in partnership with George Anderson published “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”, a body of seventeen essays that examines specific cases of developing constitutions in the context of conflict and crisis across the global geopolitical map.


Choudhry a native of New Delhi India, grew up in Canada and became one of the most respected figures in Constitutional Law in North America and around the world. An alumni of Harvard Law School and other Alma maters, Choudhry has specialized as an advisor of international governments in the resolution of disputes and the rebuilding of their constitutions in the aftermath of conflict.


This new publication centers its analysis on seventeen diametrically different states of power and how their territorial disagreements affect the preparation and implementation of their newly crafted constitutions. Each country in question possesses unique characteristics that require the use of in depth-research studies along with the intermediation of scholars, whose recommendations seek to resolve the constitutional conflicts taking into account the territorial disagreements as the root cause.


In understanding the array of conflicts in smaller and larger autonomous, self-governing, special-status and more regularly structured nations, a new referent is established for International Constitutional Law experts and enthusiasts belonging to different currents stemming from a Realist school of thought.


Among the cases taken as samples for this publication, a diverse group of nations is utilized to exemplify different approaches in constitutional engagement and conflict resolution. Some of these countries are: The United Kingdom, Spain, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Philippines, Indonesia among others.


JD.Com The Retailer is China’s largest retailer. As it’s the biggest retailer and largest Internet company in China, offers fresh food, clothes, and electronics as well as cosmetics. is a member of the Global Fortune 500, as one of two business 2 client retailers in China. Liu Qiangdong founded, in June 1998 by although its retail platform went online in 2004. is China’s top biggest retailer, which started off as JD Multimedia in a four-square-meter retail space in Beijing’s technology hub called Zhongguancun. is partly owned by Tencent, a company with 20% ownership stake.’s mission is to improve high tech service and AI delivery while using drones, self-driving cars as a form of autonomous technology, and robots. has the largest drone delivery system in the world as a builder of drones. In July of 2017, J.D. and Walmart joined together to start their first annual August 8th shopping festival. Jingdong has an existing partnership with Farfetch, where $397 million was invested in that. Jingdong achieved more than double the sales from June 1st to fifteen days later. As the largest retailer in China, the history of Jingdong prices books 20% cheaper than it’s competitors. Jingdong will continue to grow. Click here.