The Fortress Investment Group And Limited Partners

All firms must have the capital to survive. The essential thing to remember is that capital presents itself in multiple different forms.

These forms might include the cash, debt, assets like land, buildings, milkshake ingredients, humans, and other items. Further, it is evident that these different assets might have various forms of utility. Each company uses its different types of capital wisely and allocates money in a manner that brings about the most impact.

As these companies do so, they can grow, expand, and do more with the funds they attract. Firms that continue to bring about higher returns on capital are the firms that can survive and thrive within the cutthroat world of high finance.

Companies like the Fortress Investment Group place money in the right ways and right areas to grow it in a meaningful way. The Fortress Investment Group might work with distressed companies, those entities with distressed assets, and firms that continue to do well and need a little push.

The Fortress Investment Group has three main lines of business. The first one is credit, the next one is private equity, and the last one is permanent capital vehicles. Each of these different types of funds is allocated to do unique things in the world. Private equity is there to derive value from businesses and then to create more value by investing wisely and accurately.

Private equity is an exciting sector because it involves a variety of different personalities and is known as an alternative investment. These investments are not a part of the public sector. Companies engaged in private equity are, by definition, private.

The group might have a significant stake and might have different clauses that guarantee protection and assistance. Further, we know that these investments include the need for leverage, for enhancement of value, growth money, and smart money to guide leaders in enhancing the business.

The Fortress Investment Group works with Softbank and other firms that also delve into this sector in a variety of ways. The end goal is to help investors appreciate their capital while doing well for all limited partners as well.

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Sheldon Lavin: Pushing OSI Group Forward

When it’s time for a company to make some strategic moves, you need people at the helm that can make it happen. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group is perfect for that role. After all, he has worked in dance which brings the right type of experience to the company. This business started out as a tiny butcher shop known as Otto & Sons to having McDonalds be its first restaurant to supply fresh meat to. When it was time to go global OSI Group took a chance and it paid off. Now this company is a dominant entity that distributes tons of food worldwide. Check out this article of Sheldon Lavin at

Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award in India. His hard work in establishing good production plants in eight locations in the region is why he was not overlooked for something this prestigious. They are also located in 16 other countries that are benefitting from getting the food that meets the needs of those people. Here we see where OSI Group is still pressing forward with more work. They are looking at plant-based foods that are geared toward people that don’t want to eat meat. Impossible Foods came out with a very popular burger that is taking the country by storm. Because it’s trending so well, the company is having a hard time meeting the demand. OSI Group saw an opportunity to come in and take some of the load off by reaching a deal concerning the Impossible Burger. This item is now on the menu of some of the most famous restaurants such as White Castle and The Cheesecake Factory. It’s not going anywhere anytime some as people are wanting more healthy choices. This was a wise move going forward for the company, and Sheldon Lavin played a huge role in it.

Looking for ways to keep the company moving is the role of the CEO and Sheldon Lavin has done that. You can for OSI Group to continue growing and looking into food-based ideas to better help everyone they serve. There is always a good plan in place.


ClassDojo – Search & Recap

ClassDojo, an app designed to improve school communication in and out of the classroom between teachers, students and parents, was created in 2011. Offering many collaborative activities as well as animated videos, the app positively impacts the student learning experience and socialization. ClassDojo acts as an informative way to engage students and parents through easy access, intuitive communication tool. It also allows teachers to leave feedback for students, communicate with parents about any upcoming important school news and progress updates, and encourage students to perform at their best on homework assignments.

Why Is ClassDojo Worth it?

This app also allows parents, students and teachers to communicate on a chat without having to exchange personal contact information. Parents greatly benefit from ClassDojo because it provides them to have a direct line to the school. If they have any questions about their child’s recent assignments, upcoming field trip or new school policy, they can instantly connect with a teacher.

How Can ClassDojo Help Students Grow?

The app encourages students to develop socially, academically and emotionally. In a technology-driven world, the youth can appreciate an app that is in favor of the academic and social growth. It not only teaches students how to be empathetic, it reminds them to never give up, be kind to others and to acquire as much knowledge as they possibly can.

How Do Students Benefit from the Reward System?

Teachers are able to enforce student’s self-esteem and confidence by utilizing the ClassDojo app’s reward system. Students can receive or lose points depending on their classroom behavior; this app can keep track of a student’s performance, which determines if the student is eligible for special treats and privileges.

Highland Capital Management Announces Retirement of Co-Founder Mark Okada


Transitioning to Follow After Announcement of Okada’s Retirement

Highland Capital Management has announced the retirement of co-founder Mark Okada commencing at the end of the year. After 25 years of leadership, his decision to serve as a senior advisor to the firm has been well-received. He’ll retain his stake as an owner of the company, while in retirement.

James Dondero will be taking on additional responsibilities for overseeing the firm’s investments as a co-chief investment officer. Dondero is also a co-founder that started the Dallas-based investment firm with Okada in 1993. The international firm also has offices in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, and Singapore and employs approximately 115 employees. Go Here for more information.

The working relationship between Okada and Dondero is reported to date back over 30 years. Dondero expressed his gratitude for Okada’s leadership and helping to grow the company into a multi-billion dollar firm that has been through several credit cycles throughout the years.

Highland Capital specializes in the leveraged-loan products and has expanded significantly throughout the years. High-yield credit, public and private equities, structured credit, sector, and region-specific verticals, and more are handled by the company’s expert strategists. An “alpha” methodology has been adopted by the company to deliver bold results and transparency in its investment efforts.

Highland Capital provides a number of industry leading benefits to promote employee success and wellbeing, and they’ve been recognized by Pensions & Investments as one of the Best Places to Work in Money Management.

Highland Capital also plays an active role in the community through sponsorship of local and international events and volunteering. Partners include local public service agencies like the police and rescue services, in addition to traditional charities that support children, financial literacy, healthcare, education, and more. Refer to This Article for related information.

No specifics have been reported regarding Okada’s plans for retirement; however, it’s understood that Okada plans on moving into another phase of his career. The company has begun its initial stages of transitioning as Okada prepares for taking on his contracted role. More information regarding Highland Capital Management can be found on their website by visiting


OSI Group Perfect Partner To Build the Impossible Burgeri

Dr. Patrick Brown, the creator of the meatless Impossible Burger, spent more than six years leading a team of scientists to produce the perfect plant-based burger. In this case, the term “perfect” is defined by tasting so much like real meat that burger lovers can’t tell the difference. Dr. Brown’s team studied meat at the molecular level to ferret out key details of what gives it the taste it has and the texture we feel when we chew on it. They also wanted to know how meat interacts with heat and develops its flavor. That intensive research eventually paid off. It enabled Dr. Brown’s team to make a veggie burger that is as savory, juicy and delicious as real beef.

Since the Impossible Burger was launched for public consumption, the response has been phenomenal. The vegan patty is selling fast in more than 15,000 restaurants. That includes major chains, such as Burger King and White Castle. The popularity of the Impossible Burger caught even its makers by surprise, however. Impossible Foods, based in Redwood City, California, soon ran into a production crunch. Not only did more restaurants want to offer the Impossible Burger to eager customers, but the public is clamoring for the product to be made available in grocery stores. Impossible Foods recently turned to food processing giant OSI Group to help them ramp up production.

OSI Group is the long-time partner of McDonalds, the burger behemoth that sells some 75 all-beef hamburgers every second of every day worldwide. Although both OSI Group and McDonalds are deeply identified with the meat industry, manufacturing the Impossible Burger is well within the capability of OSI. Since it first became the go-to leading food supplier of McDonalds some six decades ago, OSI Group has evolved into a multifaceted, high-tech and highly innovative food processing entity. Building the complex and scientifically formulated Impossible Burger is a job tailor-made for OSI. Impossible Food recently announced its meatless meat will be available in 100 grocery store located on the east coast. That followed a rollout in key southern California grocery store location two months earlier. Click here.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy Brings Heightened Awareness to Entrepreneurial Customer Interactions

 Influencing a Customers

A startup that makes it past the first initial years in the marketplace will deal with customers every day of their career, and it will be a constant learning experience.

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They say it is near impossible to get inside a consumer’s head, but some ways have proven to be efficient in getting startups a little closer to understanding how to interact with their potential customers. We have five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting.

There are millions of products that can be influenced by getting the consumer to engage with the product by seeing, hearing, or touching.

Apple® sets up their genius bars in such a way they give their visiting customer a friendly and professional smile, several rows of actual devices they can interact with and someone nearby that can answer their questions. Also, Appl® uses live music to set a tone.

Customer Interaction with Products

Starbucks® does the same thing in their coffee shops. What do your “smell” when you enter a Starbucks® shop?

You will smell the fresh aroma of recently brewed coffee beans that are now flowing into coffee cups traveling on the road or sitting at a table or bar with a customer.

An added aroma of coffee on the shelves for sale. It is an atmosphere. Customers can smell or walk up and hold the freshly roasted coffee in their hands.

Luke Lazarus is getting his startups used to what is referred to as “customer influence points.” These points where the customer interacts with the product is also a way in which the keen observer can learn how their customers interact with their product. Are they inquisitive? Do they smile or grimace? Does the customer hold one or two?

Bringing Clarity to the Story

One of the critical elements of Luke Lazarus’ work as a consultant is he offers the startup teams a heightened understanding of what it means to interact with the consumer.

They not only learn what it means to make an emotional connection with the consumer but also how the consumer shares knowledge of themselves through interacting with the product.

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On a given day a startup in a brick and mortar building with have the opportunity to see hundreds of consumers in their store and all will be different, yet every product the consumer interacts with sheds light on their interest and familiarity with a product.

Depending upon how the consumer interacts with the product can tell the person who is representing the product on how to approach the consumer.

Does the consumer value the product because they interact with it, or are they just inquiring? Do they hold onto the product or casually pass it by and move on to another department.

Market Analysis

Will it be teenagers ages 10-15 or young adults ages 17-24? If the startup is right, they will have a clear understanding of what kind of story to build around their chosen demographic and age group.

They may want to do what some ad groups do is apply the story to different age groups before they find really what part of the population is more interested in their product.

Luke Lazarus helps startups by giving them the tools to observe the things that matter to make their story points and values have meaning to their customers so they can use marketing tools appropriately and consistently.

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Entrepreneur Darien Dash Talks About His Company

Darien Dash is the Chief Executive Officer of The Movement Management Firm. The Movement Management Firm provides business advice to clients in the sports, capital market, and entertainment industries. Throughout his career, Darien Dash has always prioritized providing digital marketing and internet services to minority and low income communities. Darien Dash is the founder of DME Interactive Holdings, which eventually became the first African-American owned internet company publicly traded on Wall Street. Recently, Darien Dash sat down to discuss his career.

Dash says that creating The Movement Management Firm was a natural progression for him, as he advised athletes, executives, and entertainers for several years prior. Dash notes that he has a great team around him that assists him with his day to day responsibilities. Dash says that his day to day responsibilities depend on the needs of his client. Dash notes that the Movement Management Firm helps out successful companies as well as startups.

Dash relies on repetition. He focuses on strategies that work and attempts to repeat those strategies as often as possible. Dash says that he tries to find a good balance between sticking with strategies that work and being flexible enough to adapt. Dash says that his primary job is to serve his clients, regardless of the level that they are at.

Dash advises young entrepreneurs to pay attention to their financial statements. Dash believes that many entrepreneurs fail to give enough attention to their balance sheet. Entrepreneurs should also pay attention to their personal income statements. Dash says that it is important to keep track of everything before things get out of control. Dash advises young entrepreneurs to consistently check their income statements so that they will have a clear idea of where their income is coming from. Dash also says that it is important to continue setting goals, even as people become successful. To know more about Darien visit

Looking ahead to the future, Darien Dash is excited about the potential of several minority entrepreneurs gaining prominence. Dash is also excited about the evolving relationship between entrepreneurial communities and social justice communities.

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin and Virtual Health

Jack Plotkin is the CTO of Virtual Health. This company is, in many ways, the future of healthcare. Virtual Health is one of the leading names in the business of telehealth. Telehealth has a number of benefits including the ability to bridge both distance and time. With the many issues facing the modern healthcare industry, it is important to explore ways to increase patient access to much-needed healthcare. Virtual Health does exactly this.

An Evolution in Telehealth

Telehealth has been existing in some way for the past few decades. Despite this span, it has not become an integrated part of modern healthcare to this point. There are multiple reasons for this. These include a lack of engagement from patients and providers, an inability to integrate with the current healthcare system, and problems with reimbursement from private and government insurance providers. The early form of telehealth was based on wired technology that often required patients to walk a long way to get to their sessions. Then, they answered a series of yes and no questions which were not able to adequately capture their healthcare needs. It is easy to see how patients would struggle during this initial form of telehealth.

Telehealth in the Modern Form

Now, there are numerous technological advancements that have made telehealth much more viable. Some of these technological advances include armbands, watches, and bracelets. These all of the ability to record important information about a patient during his or her health session. This yields more information that doctors can use to provide better patient care.

Led by Jack Plotkin

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin is the CPO of Virtual Health. He is also the architect of the company’s care coordination and population management facets. He initially studied both computer science and economics at Harvard before his time with Virtual Health. Over the past few years, he has made himself a leading name in enterprise solutions for large organizations, such as hospitals and the healthcare system.

Get In On Great Technological Offerings with MAGFAST Article Text:

Charge Your Mobile Device Safely with MAGFAST Chargers

If you have kids or pets, keeping them away from the cords on wireless device chargers can present a challenge. With MAGFAST, you can enjoy a fast-wireless charging experience that doesn’t involve separate parts that can break easily or disappear. The founder and CEO of MAGFAST, Seymour Segnit developed the product to reduce unnecessary parts and the need to buy cheap aftermarket chargers that underperform. Segnit has experience in technology, broadcasting, and has a degree from Oxford University. He’s so confident and passionate about MAGFAST Chargers that he was able to break through his crowdfunding goal in 15 minutes.

The Essentials of MAGFAST Chargers

When Segnit set out to create the chargers, he was initially working with scientists to help develop the technology. Although they assisted, they simply weren’t able to create exactly what he was looking for. MAGFAST Chargers utilizes magnets to hold the chargers together, and they’ll also work together each to provide additional charging power to unplugged units. One of the most anticipated designs utilizes a USB on top of a fully functional power outlet to preserve the outlet for usage. Lightning cables and connections are available to use, so you’ll be able to do a hardwired charge if desired. A power bank style charger can be taken anywhere with ease to ensure that you’ll always stay connected.

Enjoy a MAGFAST Chargers Preview

MAGFAST is offering backers a chance to pre-order their products at a significant discount. Under the current promotion, backers also receive a free product for attending a video demonstration to show all the features of the product and how it’s properly utilized. It’s a great opportunity to invest in new technology and be a part of something that could very well disrupt the wireless industry. Be sure to check everything out and register for the presentation by visiting the MAGFAST official website at, today.


Jeremy Goldstein, The Charitable New York Attorney Who’s Helping Fight The War On Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York lawyer, and he hosted a charity dinner on May 21, 2019, that benefit those suffering from mental illness. The attendees where charged $5,000 with all the proceeds going towards the Fountain House, a charity that focuses on helping people who suffer from mental illness try and live normal lives.

Fountain House was started in 1944 when a group of people experiencing mental illness came together to help others by forming a support group. The group referred to themselves as, “We Are not Alone.” Even though this group was started in 1944, mental illness still has a stigma attached to it today, which hasn’t allowed people suffering from the disease to fully speak out publicly and get the help they need and desire. However, the group that started in 1944 has continued to grow over the last seventy five years.

The members later named their group, Fountain House after purchasing a building with a large fountain in 1948. Fountain House provides job opportunities and affordable housing for those suffering from mental illness. In addition, members have the opportunity to advance in their education to help them reach above their current status, then in return, give back to the community to help people in similar situations that they were once in.

Fountain House support for those suffering from mental illness have benefited New York, as well as other cities around the globe by increasing the standard of living for the members they support. For example, the employment rate is 15 percent for those suffering from mental illness, however, Fountain House Employment Program employed 42 percent of people experiencing mental illness. In addition, Fountain House members spend less time in hospitals, and graduate from high school at a rate around 77 percent. Compared to those who suffer alone, with a graduating rate of only 32 percent. Fountain House initiatives demonstrate that their structure and program works.

Attorney, Jeremy Goldstein started his own boutique law firm that advises high powered CEO’s, corporations, management teams, and compensation committees in executive compensation and corporate governance matters. Before Jeremy Goldstein started his own law firm, he was involved in a number of the largest corporate transaction over the last decade.

Jeremy Goldstein also spends some of his time writing and speaking at prestigious events about his field of law. He is also a charitable philanthropist, who has helped many charities in addition to Fountain House.


Connect with Jeremy Goldstein on LinkedIn.