Amicus Therapeutics Taking the Lead Role in Biopharmaceutical Research

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical firm based in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company has been public since 2007 after adopting a new trademark. Amicus Therapeutics focuses on research and treatment of rare and orphan diseases. They pay attention to particularly lysosomal storage disorders. Apart from conducting research work, the company also develops drugs mainly enzyme replacement therapies.


Among their first products in the pharmaceutical market was Migalastat, a treatment agent for Fabry disease. The mechanism behind their product is to manage mutant alpha-galactosidase (GoogleFinance). Following the release of their product, they partnered with GlaxoSmithKline and JRC Pharmaceutical to do more research on alpha-galactosidase. The partnerships with these firms widened the grounds and opened more doors for them regarding manufacture in the pharmaceutical world.


Partnerships Made By Amicus Therapeutics


To rhyme with their production expansion abilities, Amicus Therapeutics began another research center in San Diego in 2008. Amicus Therapeutics has in the past gone signed partnership agreements with private organizations. In 2010 they gained $500,000 from The Micheal J.Fox Foundation, which was keen on the research that the company was doing in collaboration with David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. All the proceeds they got went directly into furthering their research.


Other research firms have taken an interest in the research activities of Amicus Therapeutics ( Among such organizations is the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. They also made agreements to support them through the Alzheimer’s disease Research Centre in their clinical research work.


Among their greatest achievements, as they continue to grow is their purchase of their rival research company Callidus Biopharma, in 2013. By making it an asset, they got the material support that they needed to advance their research on management of Pompe disease through enzyme replacement. Apart from that, Amicus Therapeutics also bought Scioderm in 2015.


Amicus Therapeutics motivation to find control measures for Fabry disease and Pompe disease is to ensure that the people who suffer these ailments have an answer for their problems. Their primary focus is to ensure that all individuals get proper medical care when it comes to rare and orphan disorders.


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