The Wonderful Works Of Barbara Stokes

After earning her Bachelor of Science in Engineering in 2001 from Mercer University, Barbara Stokes held many prestigious positions including working at Being and the Pisces Corporations. Currently, Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes of Alabama (GSH) along with the Habitat for Humanity of Madison County are leading the relief effort for the homeless and poverty stricken persons of Huntsville, Alabama. GSH recently donated over $100,000 worth of construction goods to the Habitat of Humanity for housing construction. Read this article at

Green Structure Homes of Alabama was founded by Barbara Stokes in 2008 with the driven purpose of aiding disaster relief, and building quality homes for those in need. Barbara is a believer that the family, the community they live in, and the surrounding environment all play significant roles in human development. Mrs. Stokes doesn’t measure the success of GSH in dollars or the overall value of her company, but rather the degree of positive impact it has on the communities it services, and the joy it brings to its people. Truly, Barbara Stokes’ example is a shining beacon of the human spirit! Read more at Business Insider.


Equities First Holdings – Business Loans Can Help You Succeed

Equities First Holdings specializes in alternative lending and is one of the most reliable firms out there. Since its formation, this outstanding firm has maintained a great reputation as a provider of stock-based loans. Equities First Holdings has built a solid partnership with many successful companies and has numerous clients all over the world. It has a team of financial services experts.

The story of Nick Sarnicola

Nick Sarnicola boasts for having many titles in the business world. The executive tops the corporate list for being a lifestyle entrepreneur, team builder, philanthropist, and sales leader. His career has lasted more than two decades, and he has successfully transformed the story of many companies in the world. Thousands of professionals have a great story to tell because of the assistance they got from the entrepreneur. It is rare to get an executive who blends well with his or her workmates in the office. The products from his companies have made all the difference in the market. With the emergence of life-threatening medical conditions, Nick Sarnicola has shown so much concern, collaborating with several companies to introduce workable solutions. The brands under the leadership of the business executives are popular, and they show that he loves his role in the business industry. The wealthy nutrition expert was financially independent before turning thirty-five years old. Those close to him tell a story of a professional who loves to use all his potential to make tomorrow better. Leadership strategies used by the executive are unique, and they work for all his organizations. One of the companies under his management has increased its facilities in the market, reaching sixteen nations of the world. See more on Twitter for more information.

Two globally recognized lifestyle companies function under the leadership of Nick Sarnicola. The executive founded both institutions, and he mostly motivates people to transform and live healthy lives. The business leader plans to inspire more individuals in the world to invest in their businesses and raise to change the world. Successful investments, according to Nick Sarnicola, are functional because they enjoy leadership from individuals who love their responsibilities. Running a business should always be a lifestyle for the people involved. One of the best qualities of Nick Sarnicola is his ability to market products from scratch. Even with very little resources around him, the businessman has an entrepreneurial spirit that is not common among many people in the world. The philanthropist knows how to introduce marketing campaigns that work for all brands, regardless of their size in the market. Global sales do not scare him either. After years of service in the challenging industry, the executive has all the skills to make sales and marketing easy and exciting. Visit:

JD Helps Chinese Millenials From Rejection When Gifting With JD Gift

Providing gifts to others has been one of the longtime Chinese traditions. It is believed that providing gifts shortens the emotional distance between people. This also facilitates communication and creates a number of business opportunities. When providing someone with a gift, it is expected that gifts should be given to people directly. The advancements of technology has made providing gifts a little awkward. which is China’s largest retailer, is looking to eliminate the awkwardness by offering an app called JD Gift. This is a mini program that is embedded with the WeChat app which makes providing gifts very easy.

When ordering a gift online, a user can get the item sent to the recipient in a more convenient way. However, there is still some awkwardness with this option. If a person does not know the address of the recipient, the user will have to ask them for it. As a result, the recipient is likely to tell you that they are not interested in having a gift sent. With JD Gift, this won’t be an issue because the app makes it easy to find the exact location of the recipient. A gift giver just needs to select a gift from the selection of available items and make the purchase. Once the purchase is made, the recipient will receive a message telling them to provide their shipping information. Since the gift is already paid for, there is no need to refuse the gift.

The new JD Gift app is very appealing to the younger generation of Chinese consumers. According to 2018 statistics, there were over 600 million social media users and 30% of internet time spent was on WeChat. The age group of these users was between the ages of 26 and 35. Since most Chinese youth now socializes online, quite a few find it awkward to provide gifts online and therefore prefer to provide gifts through the new JD app. A recent survey conducted by JD revealed that 34% of users said that avoiding awkwardness was important when providing gifts. It also revealed that 28% of users preferred the app because it helped them increase their chances of avoiding rejection.

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Talkspace Reviews the Most Recent Online Psychotherapy Techniques and the Impact They Might Have

When it comes to psychotherapy, Talkspace is a company that is mainly focused on the subject of psychotherapy. The CEO and the co-founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank, hatched the firm to facilitate a way to connect clients across the world with many outpatient specialists that practice psychotherapy.

Oren Frank and Roni, his wife, Talkspace was founded by Oren Frank and Roni Frank in 2012. Their motto of “Therapy for All” is very personal for both Oren and his spouse. They founded Talkspace to help others and use technology to help people in the psychotherapy milieu.

Oren and Roni Frank wanted to use modern-day technology with smartphone devices using the app they pushed to create. Talkspace is all about providing therapy to many people that live across the globe. Because smartphones and apps are so pervasive, today, contacting them using mobile devices would be ideal. Read more about Talkspace at

The Frank’s believe very strongly in helping people receive the top mental help. Getting the best mental health care is not only a moral right but should be available for all to get psychotherapy treatment.

Oren and Roni are a couple who believe that all individuals who need psychotherapy can contact a licensed psychotherapist. Regarding Oren Frank and his experience concerning therapy and counseling, he and wife Roni were both involved in therapy. Indeed, the therapy that the Franks received was for couples.

Because the Frank’s wholeheartedly believe in their company, they have worked very hard to help people who need a licensed therapist get help. Talkspace has a large base of individuals — at least one million of them. These million people receive access to licensed therapists.

One of the ingenious things about Talkspace  is that they can fill a need in the market. Talkspace published an app that can tap into the skills of qualified therapists.

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ViSalus Packs Protein Punch

If you’ve heard of The Shake Mix That Tastes Like A Cake Mix®, then you’ve heard of ViSalus, known also as Vi. Vi-Shape® is packed with protein that works together in a unique proprietary blend. Two types of protein are contained within its mix;


  • Non GMO soy protein
  • Whey protein


Who is the Vi Company?


As a global lifestyle health company, Vi was founded in 2005. The founders accepted a challenge to start a movement that would empower people to become the best version of themselves, 90 days at a time.


Known for the “Body by Vi Challenge”, the company has offices in Los Angeles and Detroit as well as in Italy. ViSalus serves customers across 15 countries and has generated nearly $2 billion in cumulative sales.


Moreover, they have awarded free products, cash and prizes that have totaled more than $100 million. ViSalus has received numerous innovation awards in the industry, while adding to their many patents.


ViSalus uses a unique and collaborative approach, and their users help and motivate each other during the journey that can change not only their lives but also motivate loved ones to take a leap of faith in their own health and wellness journey.


As far as transformations that can be seen, the company is responsible for over 3 million amazing weight-loss and fitness transformations. Refer to This Article for additional information.


What is the global mission of ViSalus?


Their mission is the transformation of:


  • Prosperity is created by Vi through entrepreneurship, leadership and contribution.
  • Health is made possible through its programs, support and the right products.
  • Life thrives with the creation of meaningful connections and life experiences.


Core values


Driven by six core values, ViSalus and community promotes the following as words to live by:


  1. Be inspired. Be inspiring.
  2. Build trust through collaboration.
  3. Be a good teacher and a better student.
  4. Think like an entrepreneur.
  5. Seek simplicity.
  6. Challenge yourself. Challenge others.


ViSalus stands strongly and consistently behind these core values as they promote the #ViLife lifestyle.



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Raffaele Riva

Over the course of time, we have observed several investors making their mark within the industry based on their extensive career and knowledge. Raffaele Riva is one such name who has been able to well establish him in the world’s top financial hubs; London and New York. As a British national, Raffaele has various degrees to his credit including an MBA from the prestigious Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. Riva credits his education greatly for all that he has achieved so far. In the last decade, Raffaele’s work was extensive and indeed a testament to his experience; he worked in various capacities including funding startups, financing novice incubations and of course carrying out various successful investment.

An insight into Raffaele’s life dictated to us that one of the major keys to success is to start your day early and get done with work as it comes your way. He also emphasizes greatly on the need for physical exercise. Raffaele is well aware of the need to take time out for one’s self and maintain a work-life balance for both physical and mental health. Daily meditation is one of Riva’s essentials. He also believes that he is a meticulous planner that has helped him stay on schedule and prevent procrastinating and lying off of work. He credits his team for assisting him in sticking to his schedule and avoiding delays. Raffaele is not in the business for money, instead, he enjoys helping businesses is garnering resources and helping their dreams turn into reality. With his nature of work, there are bound to be obstacles but finding that sweet spot is essential.

Despite all this success, there are certain things that Raffaele would have told his younger self; he says he has been in this fast track lifestyle for 15 years so taking things slow wouldn’t be much big of a deal.

Genucel Medium and Anti-Aging

Are the terms Fine Lines and Wrinkles Interchangeable?

Beauty companies and influencers like to talk about fine lines and wrinkles when they describe the benefits of using their products. The typical customer will use these terms interchangeably when looking for a product that is right for them. It is so easy to get these two words mixed up, but fine lines and wrinkles aren’t the same in their makeup and nature.

What is the cause of Wrinkles and Fine Lines?

Based on, Fine lines and wrinkles have dissimilar kinds of folds in the skin people get when they’re aging. It is important that you distinguish these two kinds of lines accurately and use treatments, such as Chamonix’s Genucel line. Products like these can help you identify these types of lines before they become too different.

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by innocent facial movements. The skin loses collagen and elasticity as we age. They both have similarities, but they differ in how you get them. Fine lines aren’t permanent while wrinkles are.

Anti-Aging Products

Prevention is the best method to take care of fine lines and wrinkles. You should use gentle face washes that have a good moisturizer. You should also use a moisturizer or sunscreen daily. Stay out of the sun.

If wrinkles and fine lines do become problematic, anti-aging products can help. Targeted products, such as Genucel should be used because they contend with the early stages of fine lines and wrinkles worsen.

Active Ingredients in Genucel

The Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy system aims to keep the skin that surrounds your eyes more tight, more firm, and younger. The active ingredients make your skin look younger without utilizing artificial chemicals like other brands. The two main ingredients in the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy are plant stem cells and eyeseryl. Plant stem cell therapy helps keep your skin looking youthful. Eyeseryl is an unusual ingredient to the Genucel system. It helps to reduce puffy skin.

Genucel has transparent products. They are all designed and tested to naturally benefit your skin. For more information, visit the Genucel Gazette Day and Genucel Medium websites. To see more about Genucel visit

Talkspace: A Program Where Therapists Can Speak with the Public

In 2012, a new software program was released that allows users to talk to a therapist. The program, called Talkspace, is conceptualized by Oren Frank, and seven years after he launched it to the public, Talkspace has become the leading application providing virtual psychotherapy services.

The idea behind the creation of the program started in 2012 when Oren Frank and his wife started having misunderstandings, which can ultimately lead to divorce. He fears that his wife might leave him, so he decided to look for therapists who he can speak with. However, he thought about creating a program that will allow him to call a therapist and speak through the device. It gave him a clear idea about what he should do next, and he worked on the application while trying to woo his wife. In the end, the divorce did not push through, and he was able to create Talkspace.

Read more about Talkspace at

The application was distributed to many mobile users in 2012, and people have been downloading it for the purpose of creating group chatrooms. However, a major overhaul of the systems allowed more therapists to join the program, and they started talking to the users, identifying what their problems are. Oren Frank was able to create a place where therapists can practice their profession, and earning more clients in the process.

Some of the well-received features of the program include the addition of communication through media like music, photo, and video aside from the usual texts. Oren Frank stated that this is a must for the software program to gain traction. People who have downloaded Talkspace are saying that they enjoy using it, and speaking with a professional has become a bonus. Talkspace can be used by paying a monthly fee, and those who have tried using the premium version are saying that the program is worth it.

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American Addiction Centers: Defeat The Day

“One day at a time” is something that is said quite often when it comes to someone that is battling an addiction. It is something that needs to be repeated over and over again because the more that people hear it; the more it is going to sink in with them. They are going to understand what they need to do and how just getting through one day is a victory in itself.

They need to celebrate the victories, big and small. For many of them, it starts with knowing they got through one day without having a drink. For a lot of people that suffer from AUD (alcohol use disorder) that is a huge accomplishment. A lot of them have gone years and years with drinking a huge amount of booze and not even giving it a second thought.

Another accomplishment is the fact they have decided to get the help they need at an AAC (American Addiction Centers) treatment center. Many people go through their life having an addiction like alcoholism, and they never do anything about it.

They suffer in silence. That is not the way to go in today’s world. While people might be trying to be brave and just tough it out, it is much stronger and tougher to actually go out there and get help. It is admitting you need help and committing to the program.

While in treatment, they are going to learn a lot about themselves. They are going to learn how they received this disease, yes, disease in the first place. Read more: American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alcohol | AliveNewsPaper  and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about alcohol use, and the AAC is going to break down those misconceptions so the person suffering from an addiction can fully understand what they are going through and what they are feeling in their life.

They want it to all make sense to them without any room for error. Understanding the disease and how it came into their life in the first place is an important part of their recovery process.

One of the most frustrating aspects of having an addiction is when someone does not fully understand it. If someone doesn’t understand it, how can they be expected to fix it? They are left with a lot of questions and not enough answers.

The AAC has answers because they have done studies and surveys. They have talked to people that have battled it and defeated it. They have also talked to people that have battled it and lost. For the AAC, they talk to as many people as possible because every single one of them has a different story to share on their situation. The fact they are willing to share it with the AAC just proves the trust they have built up with their clients.

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