Bruce Levenson Tackles Higher Education Though Non-Profit

Arguably best known for his time as owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson has spent the last couple of years working with his organization the Do Good Institute and it’s making a noticeable difference for students at the University of Maryland.

Do Good Institute focuses on getting undergrads studying business into the habit of taking part in worthwhile causes. The aim, according to Bruce Levenson, is not just to introduce a little more compassion into the world of business but to get the next wave of philanthropic organizations the necessary personnel who know how to successfully meet their operational goals.

According to PR Newswire, the idea of the Do Good Institute came from Levenson and his wife Karen, and they chose the University of Maryland to pilot its program. With a combination of their own fundraising and grants from the state of Maryland, Do Good netted nearly $100 million in seed funding.

In the almost seven years its been operational, the Do Good Institute has already helped to prepare waves of entrepreneurs for philanthropy. One such success story includes Ben Simon, co-founder of the Food Recovery Network which reduces unnecessary waste on the university’s campus. And true to the program’s objective, Simon went on to start Imperfect Produce, helping the impoverished increase their access to fruits and vegetables.

Success stories like Simon’s are examples of the program’s effectiveness, Levenson has said, and he sees it as one that can’t be replaced like digital platforms the way some traditional education models have been. In time, Bruce Levenson sees his program stretching over campuses and influencing the national business model with leaders in disparate industries creating sustainable enterprises that keep notable causes in mind.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson co-founded the United Communications Group with business partner Ed Peskowitz, and in its 40 years has grown into one of the world’s largest business information companies with millions of clients and partners across industries.

Along with his wife Karen, Levenson has been involved with philanthropic efforts. Together they created the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

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Todd Lubar Is Turning Around Baltimore’s Real Estate Industry

Nine years later, the prices of homes in the area have not returned to the average values. However, the contribution of Baltimore’s businessmen and real estate experts such as Todd Lubar has played a crucial role in enhancing the growth of the real estate industry. According to official data, the median prices for homes in the region rose to $243,000, the highest value since 2008.

After completing his degree in Speech Communication at Syracuse University in 1995, Todd Lubar ventured into the real estate business. His desire to help home seekers and interest in the lucrative venture motivated him to join the industry. He started his career by serving as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. This position allowed him to gain experience on the dynamics of conservative mortgage banking.

With a clear vision of starting his own real estate business someday, Todd started networking with different professionals. He made strong relationships with CPAs, financial planners, insurance agents, and real estate agents. Today, these experts are part of his business, as they continue to refer many clients to him.

His first strategic move towards entrepreneurship came in 1999 when he left Crestar Mortgage Corporation and joined Legacy Financial Group. In his new position, Todd was heavily involved in financial matters. To this end, he gained immense knowledge on lending and brokerage of loans.

The residential development company purchased, rehabilitated, and sold different properties. The booming business environment enabled the company to make huge sales revenue, thus enhanced profitability margins. Todd’s desire to help more home seekers saw him found Legendary Financials, an affiliate of Legendary Properties. The new company served underserved clients, who would not access loans from traditional banking institutions. However, the financial crisis of 2008 forced Todd to venture into commercial demolitions and scrap metal recycling business. In his long and successful career, Todd has completed more than 7000 real estate and lending transactions.That can be found on crunchbase.

The real estate investor resides with his wife and two beautiful children in Bethesda, Maryland. He spends his free time with his kids and often takes them for trips across the nation and abroad. Moreover, Todd Lubar has committed his life to adding value to people’s lives by supporting various charitable initiatives.

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The Life Story of Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is a financial professional. He is the chief executive officer and founder of the Forefront Advisory. He is a partner at the CIFCO International Group. Brad founded Forefront Advisory in 2009. This is a capital markets management company. Brad Reifler founded Pali Capital in 1995. He served as the chief executive officer and chairman at the firm. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Brad founded the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. He later went on to start Reifler Capital Management in 1992. Brad served at Refco, Inc. from 1995 to 2000. He was in charge of the institutional sales desk. He was responsible for the company’s sales and execution of foreign exchange, global derivatives, and coming up with custom investment programs for both high net worth and institutional clients.

Brad Reifler has served in the financial sector for many years. He has acquired a reputation as a skilled and efficient financial advisor. He works at Symmetry Property Development, LLC where he is the director. He is also the director at the ITG Market Research, Inc, ITG Investment Research Inc, and the ROOT Exchange.

Brad has been able to serve on numerous boards and advisory boards including the Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank, and Genesis Securities. He shares his skills as a financial advisor and has earned recognition all over the world. He mentors the young and upcoming people who wish to venture in the financial industry.

According to Market Wired, Brad Reifler has worked as an independent director at the Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation since 2014. He is also involved with Roots Markets, Inc. where he serves as the director. He serves in the Millbrook School where he is a trustee and also serves as the chairman of the school’s finance committee.

Brad Reifler was once a director at Wins Finance Holdings, Inc. He is a holder of various regulatory licenses such as series 7,3,63, and 24. He attended the Bowdoin College where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. Brad sold Reifler Trading Company to Refco in 2000. He is the grandson to Ray E. Friedman who is the founder of Refco.

The Milestones of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital was acting as the sole financial advisor for ARES Security Corporation according to an article posted by Press Release on 10th January 2017. Madison arranged a subordinated debt investment and minority equity for ARES Security’s clients. ARES Security is based in Vienna and is a pioneer company in enterprise risk management that offers a broad range of security software solutions. Corbel Structured Equity Partners were the providers of the minority recapitalization. This announcement was made by Charles Botchway who is the CEO of Madison Street Capital. Reginald McGaugh is the senior managing director at Madison Street Capital. She was the leader of the transaction.


Reginald McGaugh stated that it was a tremendous honor for them to work with Ben Eazzetta during the announcement. Ben is the President and Shareholder of ARES Security. Reginald further said that ARES Security is a unique company that has top-notch technology solutions that protect the most critical assets of the world. She also said that ARES Security has an advanced management board and team that challenged them to look for the right financing partner. Ben Eazzetta is the President at ARES Security. He said that their company appreciates the Madison Street Capital team for the work they did for them in 2016. He added that ARES Security was happy with the whole process including the valuation analysis, due diligence, and the process of raising capital.


Partnering with Corbel to structure the investment is the best way towards building a major equity value according to ARES Security. The flexible capital solution at Corbel and its supportive partnership allow ARES Security to go on with its significant sales and also to capitalize on revenue opportunities.


Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company that is committed to leadership, integrity, service, and excellence in delivering financial opinions, expertise in mergers and acquisitions, services in corporate financial advisory, and services in valuation to private and public businesses. Madison Street Capital reputation has been built over the years as a reliable and efficient investment banking firm. The services offered by Madison Street Capital enable their clients to thrive in the international marketplace. Emerging markets are the main elements that drive the international growth of their customers. The firm has team professionals who are experienced, knowledgeable, and with extensive relationships. The company has been able t register massive success and growth since its inception. Customer satisfaction is the top priority at Madison Street Capital. They always endeavor to grow their customer base.


What Does Bumble Provide That Other Apps Don’t?

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind such apps like Tinder and Bumble. Her work in the online dating community is what has catapulted her to achieving not just great money but great respect.

Whitney Wolfe started off working for an agency that was responsible for creating and building mobile applications. She has built and created a beautiful little set of apps with the company and eventually left before she worked with somebody to bring Tinder to life. She built it and came up with the idea with a few other people and eventually left that venture to create her own app, Bumble.

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Bumble follows the idea of creating potential relationships with the simplicity of either swiping left or right. Women have the opportunity to swipe right or left on a guy, and when a match is made, the woman must swipe right first. It’s quite the conflict for guys, which makes it great for girls to find someone because guys are ready to meet and connect with somebody. Bumble is a very active and professional site that has millions of users from across the globe. Countless people of all sexualities are on the site, and it’s the best way to meet genuine people.

As a location-based professional app, this is the right app to use to find people who are around you and nearby. Bumble has a long list of relationships that have already been made. Bumble delivers unique amounts of ways to find people, whether it’s using their paid features or even using the “undo” feature to get back the people you accidentally swiped left on.

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The Career Achievements of Michael Zomber

Author and weapons historian Michael Zomber has had a very long and successful career. For over forty years, Michael has established himself as a leading historian of American civil war arms. Throughout his career, he has collected a number of antique arms from this era and studied their structure and function. As a result, he has become a leading expert on some of the most lethal weapons used during the civil war period. Learn more about Michael Zomber:

Along with establishing himself as a leading weapons historian, Michael has also had a long career as an author of novels pertaining to the American civil war and the Japanese samurai era. He has also been involved in the promotion of world peace by participating in a number of humanitarian organizations.

According to PR News Wire, by having a long career spanning forty years, Michael Zomber has accomplished a number of things. First, Michael has made television appearances on major television networks such as the History Channel. When on this station, Michael would reveal to the masses the history and significance of weapons from the Civil War era.

Another accomplishment of Zomber has been the publishing of his novels. Michael wrote numerous books that tell some intriguing stories during the civil war as well as events of ancient Japan.

One of the most significant accomplishments in Michael’s career has been in literature. He has written a couple of notable novels about the civil war era. These novels discuss the social issues that took place during and after the war.

In one novel, Zomber tells the story about a wounded man coming home to his daughter. They both cope with his injuries and life after the war. His other civil war novel talks about a Kentucky farmer deciding against using slaves.

Michael Zoomber wrote books about the samurai era as well. One of his most notable novels of the samurai era talks about the lives to two samurai who reveal their experiences with the culture and lifestyle of the time. All of these novels reveal some very good insight into the lives of ordinary people and how they deal with a number of conflicts.

Wen by Shaz Conditioner for Extra, Shine and Bounce

The Wen by Chaz hair products will give your hair more shine, body, and bounce. Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles-based stylist, has been in the hair field for more than two decades. Other than managing a celebrity client list in Hollywood, Dean founded WEN in 1993. WEN is a set of innovative hair treatments devised to fight the long-term effects of particular lathering shampoos. Today, the collection has a line of natural products including botanicals and natural herbs that help add moisture, sheen, luster and strength to your hair.

In a story posted on Bustle, a die-hard hair fanatic decided to try the WEN Cleansing Conditioner and confirm if it could transform her thin hair into luscious, healthy strands. If you have never tried the Wen hair cleansing conditioners, the products are typically an all-in-one shampoo, styling treatment, and conditioner. The brand boasts of the fact that these products work well with any hair type regardless of which formulation you try. The lady reached for the Fig version since it promised to give her hair moisture, shine, and bounce.

She divided her experiment into seven days. On the first day, she massaged the conditioner into her scalp as recommended on the product. She let the product soak for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

After continuing with her experiment for seven days, she concluded that WEN Cleansing Conditioner is an excellent product for people with fine hair and who can make a routine of showering and styling their hair every morning. So, whenever you feel your hair craves a little extra shine, then you should reach out for the WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

Try out Wen for yourself! Head over to the Guthy-Renker website or to order online.

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Fabletics clothing is highly sought out for its quality and pricing.

A tremendously well-liked and decidedly triumphant internet merchant for fashion oriented clothing, Fabletics, is distinguished for their internet and physical shops that are a supplementary business venture of their parent enterprise, JustFab. The Online Business top 500 register sets the enterprise at number 98. The actress Kate Hudson is the founder of the enterprise. Fabletics always creates trends within the clothing community for their elegant, tasteful sporty clothing. Several deem Fabletics to be a swiftly expanding enterprise that manufactures high-class and style setting attire known commonly as “activewear” garments.


Fabletics started to develop their physical shop existence to a great quantity of fashionable malls in the U.S., back in 2015. In only 12 months they had achieved the notice of the esteemed magazine, Forbes, who reports that the enterprise will be creating nearly 100 physical shops for the “activewear” garment line from Fabletics within the forthcoming 5 years.


Internet retail business Amazon achieved global awareness by collecting 20% of the internet merchant arena. Likewise, Fabletics has achieved popularity around the world by building up 250 million dollars in three years of running their enterprise. Their patrons make use of a subscriber service.


Ever since the commencement of retailing, patrons were frequently under the notion that if an item is expensive to own, that it must be manufactured with genuine superiority and care. This isn’t an exceptionally pragmatic approach to making a logical purchasing choice in today’s world. There was a genuine drop in the financial system that forced consumers to look for merchandise with lofty purchaser comments, to find exclusive items that stick out from the ordinary and for enterprises that really make inquiries as to their patrons joy with their purchases.


There’s also been an unforeseeable shutting down of a majority of physical shops across the U.S.A. This is mainly in part due to patrons wanting to obtain items on the internet at cheaper prices from a range of diverse shopping options, choosing to head into the physical shops to browse the items personally. Fabletics has not experienced such a termination of their physical shops because of their unique business model. Fabletics subscriber plan uses the information gained from a buyer’s purchases and their associated review notes to make sure that buyers are locating the goods they are attracted to buying, in stock at their physical shops. This is made possible by taking the information from internet viewing of their goods and applying this to stock relevant, brand new trends in their physical shops.



The regularity of buyer commentary shows that Fabletics goods are evocative, tasteful and present a simple system to inspect an assortment of merchandise colors and clothing styles. Fabletics’ celebrated “how to fit” plan is well-known among shoppers to assist them in ordering garments that truly fit.

In Three Short Years, Waiakea Water Dominates Bottled Water Industry

Only three years ago, some may have thought that the bottled water industry was soon to become obsolete. Environmental issues with the way in which bottles were manufactured greatly influenced the minds of consumers who had been growing more environmentally-conscious than ever.

When Ryan Emmons launched Waiaakea Water three years ago, his goal was to revolutionize bottled water in order to create a completely ethical, socially responsible and environmentally-friendly product. Clearly, he was onto something as the company has seen an astonishing 5,000 percent growth in its three short years on the market.

According to Organic Authority, when Emmons visited the Waiakea Springs while vacationing in Hawaii a few years back, he noticed something unique about the water. For one thing, it was clear to him that this water was coming from a completely sustainable source thanks to the unusually high amount of rainfall that this region sees each year.

Another thing that struck him was the water itself. Filtered through long stretches of volcanic rock, this water manages to pick up high levels of silica, a natural substance that has been linked to numerous health benefits including the prevention of dementia.

Additionally, high levels of electrolytes are found in this water. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Emmons decided to bottle the Waiakea water and start a bottled water revolution. Knowing of the environmental issues caused by the mass manufacturing of plastic bottles, he created a manufacturing process that is completely carbon neutral and relies on the use of recyclable materials.

Further demonstrating the brand’s social responsibility, Emmons enlisted the help of Pump Aid, an organization devoted to providing underprivileged regions around the world with clean drinking water. Each time that a consumer purchases 1 liter of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Pump Aid donates 650 liters of clean drinking water to an impoverished village in Africa.

The company’s social responsibility has undoubtedly contributed to its success. Emmons is planning to open a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii as the result of growing demand. Stores across the country now sell Waiakea Water.

Timothy Armour’s Journey To The Top

Timothy Armour serves as the chairman of the Capital Group of Companies. Apart from that, he also serves as the chairman of the Capital Group’s Management Committee as well as the Capital Research and Management Company, Inc.

In the past, Timothy Armour has also served as an Equity Portfolio Manager, where he was responsible for building up customized investment options as well as plans for the clients. He has gained quality experience in the investment during his early days at the Capital Group while he was given the responsibility of an Equity Investment Analyst, during this period he was interpreting critical financial information as well as the public data from global telecommunication companies and other services companies located in the United States to calculate their stock value.

His education background has been an asset to his career development. Armour hold a Bachelor’s degree in Economics that he got from the prestigious Middlebury College. Before joining Capital Group Armour also took part in the investment research when he was employed by other companies. Tim Armour has served as Morningstar’s President and CEO between 1998 and 2000. Prior to retiring from the company in 2008, he was still serving as an investment analyst.

His responsibility at the Morningstar was to perform a series of analysis on the company’s financial record and communicating the data from the investment research to the department of stock as well as funds. Armour has also served as Director of Portions in AARP in 2008 prior to joining the associate member program at Capital Group in 2014.

In the year 2015, the Board members of the Capital Group Companies announced that they had elected Timothy Armour as the company’s Chairman. The circumstances that led to Timothy Armour appointment to the position of the Chairman is connected to the passing of the previous Chairman James Rothenberg.

Timothy Armour is recognized as the best among his peers. Throughout his career, he has earned a lot of respect and esteem from the investment industry experts among them is a well-known investment analyst Janet Yang. Yang gave her opinion regarding the appointment of Timothy Armour to the position of the chairman Capital Group Companies.  She credits the amazing investment strategies to the portfolio manager such as Armour and she agrees with the decision to promote Armour.