Behind the Marketing Curtain with Steve Lesnard

There are many qualities that industry leaders have in common. Tenacity, a belief in themselves and an unquenchable drive to succeed are just to name a few. These qualities and more are what separates those who will succeed from those who will not.

One such gentleman is Steve Lesnard, who has spent his career in making others successful, thereby creating his success. He tackles a product from the direction of being a customer. Getting an answer to the question companies should ask when presenting new products.

The Mind of a Consumer

When taking this mindset, he puts himself in the place of the consumer. After all, consumers are the best brand ambassadors you can have and when done appropriately will send the proper message to other potential consumers. Steve Lesnard helps a company create a marketing solution that makes sense to customers and showcase product best attributes.

As a global brand consultant, he is the man behind the marketing strategy many companies use to define customer expectations and fuel brand development and growth. Imagine creating a memorable marketing campaign that has potential clients thinking only of your product each time they hear it. Think ” ba da da da daa I’m Lovin’ It.

A Strategy of Success

Consequently, with the use of his prior knowledge, Steve Lesnard has used his business acumen to focus on the consumer and in doing so help a company expand its footprint. At its most basic core, his know-how relies on actually listening to what people are looking for. Imagine, listening to what a customers end requirement is to discover how to get them there. Case in point: People who buy shovels do not actually want a shovel. They want a hole in the ground. He tackles the reason why a person will consider buying your brand of shovels over the next.

In doing so, he creates the answer to the need of the customer. With a life spent in customer service, there is no wonder that he is the go-to man for the ideas that can shake up an industry in domestic and foreign markets.