Betsy DeVos and Learning Routes

Betsy DeVos has many loving family members. She has many friends who care deeply about her, too. She’s not a lonely woman at all. She’s a woman who has a superb support network that surrounds her day in and day out. Who is at the helm of this vast support network? Dick DeVos is at the helm of it. He’s Betsy’s fantastic husband. He’s many other things a well. He’s someone who in the past was an Amway Corporation top executive. He’s someone who used to take part in all kinds of significant political actions. Business isn’t something that’s lost on Dick DeVos. Although he doesn’t work for the Amway Corporation at this moment at time, he hasn’t turned his back on the business scene. He works for the Windquest Group any time the chance strikes. It strikes a lot as well.


Being the Secretary of Education in the wonderful United States is a role that many people covet. DeVos doesn’t have to covet it, however. That’s because she has it. She has it courtesy of President Donald J. Trump. This American leader decided to give her the job after watching all of her actions for years. He identifies that DeVos is a person who is indomitable. He identifies that it isn’t daily that people encounter women of her ilk. She’s a gem in many ways.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation isn’t a group that American citizens ignore. It’s a not-for-profit group that has captivated so many sedulous individuals in the nation. Dick and Betsy place a lot of emphasis onto the foundation and its activities. They give it many donations, too. These donations can be suitable for all kinds of requirements. They help people with many artistic endeavors.


Arguing isn’t something that’s in DeVos’ DNA. She thought that her father was a role model when she was a youngster. Edgar Prince was a bona fide role model, too. He was an assiduous businessman who never allowed challenges to negatively rock his world. He was a painstaking businessman who thought patiently about all kinds of situations and circumstances.


There are many charter schools in the United States right now. DeVos believes that there could always be more. She wants charter schools to basically take the planet by storm. She thinks that charter schools can provide youngsters with all sorts of thrilling learning routes. That’s what she wants for them.


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