Business Owner Ara Chackerian is Advancing the Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian is an investment executive at Capital Holdings, LLC. He serves as the Managing Director of the company. His background is extensive, and he has been in the field of investments for more than 20 years. In addition, he co-founded TMS Healthcare Solutions. He serves on the board at that company. These companies are based in San Francisco.

Capital Holdings, LLC invests in young, early stage companies. Its primary focus is on that of healthcare companies. As an entrepreneur and a businessman, he sees potential in early stage companies for growth. His other company, TMS Healthcare Solutions provides a treatment for depression, which stimulates the brain through transcranial magnetic activity.

Ara Chackerian developed his entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, and he attributes its development to his parents. They encouraged him to think things out, and by doing so new ideas will come alive. He has two hobbies in particular, about which he has said, help to get him in a “state of calm” and thought. Surfing and running are calming to him. Check out

There are several more companies that he has co-founded, also in the health related industry. He believes that he will have an impact in changing the healthcare industry in the United States. He is dedicating his life to helping other people. That includes with Advanced Healthcare, talk therapy, and diagnostic imaging. His work is not limited to the US, he is also active in businesses in Nicaragua and Armenia. Check out

Ara graduated from Florida State University. He studied marketing, and he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. Ara is known as an angel investor. All of his businesses are highly successful. Successful not only in terms of helping people, and they are good financial investments. This speaks to his teen expertise in identifying good investments, which is what makes for a successful entrepreneur and a savvy business owner. You can visit pipelinerx

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