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Sharon Prince Grace Farms is a community center and cultural institution. It is nestled through 80 acres of beautiful land with a wide variety of sights to see. Grace Farms is open seven days a week and is free to the public. They have thousands of visitors per year that are thrilled to engage in their activities. They have several programs that offer various learning opportunities, and all while having fun doing so.

Grace Farms is a place that offers grace, peace, and getting in touch with the beauty of nature. This place is considered to be one of the largest lands open to the public in its county. In the words of the president of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince stated, ““The whole idea for Sharon Prince Grace Farms was inspired by the land. This expansive property inspires a sense of awe, it’s so beautiful.”

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

Besides her role at Grace Farms, she is also a board member at Next Generation Nepal, a charity organization that seeks to reconnect victims of child exploitation with their loved ones.

There are at least 70 different bird breeds that have been spotted at Grace Farms. Many guests visit the place just for sightseeing. There are also ponds that are available for fishing, and walking trails that offer a beautiful scenery. But one of their greatest attractions is their gardening center. They offer the ability to learn how to obtain and maintain a home garden.

They also donate more than 500 pounds of produce per year to charities. They hold several events throughout the year with special guests. One of their most popular events is their earth day celebration, where guests learn the value of our earth and keeping ecosystems clean for our animals. Sharon Prince Grace farms is beautiful, and a peaceful place to be.




Sharon Prince Calls Out Sexism As She Tries To Make The World A Better Place For Everyone


Sharon Prince, Founder, Chairperson and President of Grace Farms, has been calling out sexism and related vices since she was young. Sharon Prince has been working to improve gender parity even as she continues to create a public space that inspire change and connect people to nature. She uses every tool at her disposal to fight sexism and promote gender parity. Apart from writing widely about the topic, she uses her voice to speak for the people who can’t speak for themselves and make sexism a thing of the past.


According to Sharon Prince, using your voice efficiently to call out and discourage sexism needs practice. She has developed a boots-on-the-ground tactic to exercise her voice, question and call out sexism. She is against the norm of naming women Mrs. Someone when there is no married men equivalent. Such discrepancies are what Sharon is fighting against and it can be achieved through behavior modification.


In her Linkedin post, Sharon Prince quoted Lexicon scholars who have highlighted that language is a powerful tool used to either promote sexism and gender discrimination or fight it. Sexism has reduced over time but it has not reached an acceptable level. Sharon Prince encourages women to raise their voices and condemn sexism as it comes no matter how risky it is.


Sharon has embraced a clever, sincere, and concise approach to using her voice a period of time to bring down anyone trying to promote sexism or sexual discrimination. Sharon Prince developed a thick skin at a young age and whenever she faced sexual discrimination, she confronted it head on. While it was in some way inacceptable to speak against such behaviors at the time, she nevertheless didn’t stand sexism when she started a career in finance in New York City.


At some point, she asked a board member about the number of women in his board and since then, the private equity investor and a Fortune 500 board member has ensured gender parity in his board. Read This Article to learn more.


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