Isabel Dos Santos Invests in Successful For Everyone Future

Isabel dos Santos is a positive role model for people everywhere. She uses her acquired knowledge from experience and schooling to improve the lives of others. Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of Eduardo dos Santos and his wife. She was given a prestige elementary education at an all-girls’ boarding school and later moved to London to study electrical engineering at King’s College in London where she met her husband Sindika Dokolo (Itwebafrica). 


Isabel later started a very successful business career. She earned a lot of her money from investing in an oil company. She also held management positions in a number of highly successful companies always helping the company where she worked at to grow and achieve higher levels of success. Isabel dos Santos later went to work for her dad then, started companies of her own. Then, she found her passion for development in telecommunications through powerful partnerships and investments not only in Africa but in companies in other countries such as Portugal. 


Isabel Dos Santos eventually founded her company Unitel International as a partnership with Telecom. One of her main interests also was to start philanthropic projects.  This business really paved the way for many of her moves for charity and helpful actions she has fulfilled all over Africa. She started to channel her power and success into helping the people of her mother country, Africa. Isabel has been planting seeds to grow prosperity ever since. She strongly believes in the ability to create jobs with the simple use of a computer screen and an internet connection 


This is a very beneficial approach to creating opportunity because it has a very low opportunity cost with a huge amount of gains. Santos aims helping oppressed women, she knows that her helpful approach can give the women of Africa a chance in the business world. On the working field, she also aims to improve Africa’s agriculture through the use of modern-day technology and calling for investments for Africa. She has helped sow seeds into a strawberry farm that now flourishes as a valuable resource for income and nutrition in Africa. 

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