The Career Achievements of Michael Zomber

Author and weapons historian Michael Zomber has had a very long and successful career. For over forty years, Michael has established himself as a leading historian of American civil war arms. Throughout his career, he has collected a number of antique arms from this era and studied their structure and function. As a result, he has become a leading expert on some of the most lethal weapons used during the civil war period. Learn more about Michael Zomber:

Along with establishing himself as a leading weapons historian, Michael has also had a long career as an author of novels pertaining to the American civil war and the Japanese samurai era. He has also been involved in the promotion of world peace by participating in a number of humanitarian organizations.

According to PR News Wire, by having a long career spanning forty years, Michael Zomber has accomplished a number of things. First, Michael has made television appearances on major television networks such as the History Channel. When on this station, Michael would reveal to the masses the history and significance of weapons from the Civil War era.

Another accomplishment of Zomber has been the publishing of his novels. Michael wrote numerous books that tell some intriguing stories during the civil war as well as events of ancient Japan.

One of the most significant accomplishments in Michael’s career has been in literature. He has written a couple of notable novels about the civil war era. These novels discuss the social issues that took place during and after the war.

In one novel, Zomber tells the story about a wounded man coming home to his daughter. They both cope with his injuries and life after the war. His other civil war novel talks about a Kentucky farmer deciding against using slaves.

Michael Zoomber wrote books about the samurai era as well. One of his most notable novels of the samurai era talks about the lives to two samurai who reveal their experiences with the culture and lifestyle of the time. All of these novels reveal some very good insight into the lives of ordinary people and how they deal with a number of conflicts.