Dr. Dov Rand: Understanding Physical Medicine

There many specialties in the medical industry. Many people say that they find it difficult to keep all of these specialties straight. For patients, it is essential to have some knowledge of all the branches in the medical department, just in case they need some special care in the future. Physical medicine and patient rehabilitation are one of the areas that are not understood by many. Known as physiatry, this is a field that affects thousands of people in the world. Dr. Dov Rand is a professional who specializes in this department, and he is helping many patients with their problems. The respected practitioner is currently based in the United States (Defrancostraining).

Dr. Dov Rand career life

Medicine is not a field for everyone. The professionals venturing into this area have to spend years in school before they can get the right qualifications to practice. The doctor had to attend some of the best medical schools in the world. After studying and working for years, the medical professional established an institution called Healthy Aging Medical Center where he has been helping thousands of people to attain high levels of health, regardless of their age. There are numerous forms of treatments that have been introduced in recent years, and they have helped the medical doctor to achieve his mission. Dr. Dov Rand has also researched to understand the right medical procedures to carry out on his patients so that they can lead a healthy life.

Hormonal conditions

Physical medicine, combined with rehabilitation has been used to treat many hormonal conditions in patients. Dr. Dov understands this section so well, and he has helped the patients affected in the outpatient setting. Dr. Rand uses bio-identical treatment to restore the health of men who are getting declining testosterone levels because of age. This is a condition many people do not like to speak about. With the help of the experienced medical professional, many men have been cured. The doctor has recently announced that he is looking for better forms of treatment for infertility issues in both men and women.

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Jason Hope’s Mission to Fight Aging

Aging is something we all fear, but Jason Hope has a new way of looking at old things. As a philanthropist, he is always looking for ways to aid in building up another non-profit. Specifically, he is looking for a worthy cause. One of his greatest passions outside of technology is how conditions in the body can be treated by addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms. Many of the age related diseases Jason Hope is aware of, are leading him to further consideration of a pioneering non-profit. Could it be that this non-profit could positively impact communities that are facing diseases that are rooted in aging adults?

Aging is one medical condition that will impact everyone at some point in their life. This is another reason that Jason Hope is interested in learning more about ways to either slow down the aging process or how to reverse it. Regardless of your sex, age, or race, aging will impact your life. This is why he believes that investing in the research for aging is worth the time and money spent. Aging impacts every part of the body, and namely it’s affecting the heart, mind, and overall function as the human body ages. This is why Jason Hope believes that targeting the root of aging could mean a longer and better life. His goal is to find out how to slow down the aging process, and keep the human body young.

His greatest mission is to help healthcare organizations learn new and better ways of targeting aging at the root of aging. Donating thousands if not millions of his own dollars, Hope believes that there is groundbreaking research happening right now. A charitable organization, the SENS Foundation, is at the core of what he’s doing right now. This foundation is rooted in biotechnology, which is focused on how food is produced as well as how medicines can combat disease. The foundation was founded in 2009, focused on research and changing the perception of aging around the world.

Jason Hope is working with founder Aubrey de Grey to bring revolutionary research to the forefront, and they are focused on outreach to politicians and others who may be able to assist them in this mission. Hope believes that now is the time, and the research is more advanced to help us figure out aging can be kept at bay.

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The Unique Approach Of Dr. Dov Rand In Handling Aged Conditions

Dr. Dov Rand is a co-founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Center an organization that offers a variety of solutions on the well-being of their patients. His long-term experience in the medical industry has enabled him to handle all his patient conditions without much straining successfully.

Conditions treated by DR. Dov Rand

Most of the patients who visit DR. Dov Rand for their conditions are aged persons who frequently experience specific complications in their life. Specialists in the health facility with the guidance of Dr. Dov Rand make their treatments using regenerative medicine that replaces human cells or even organs to restore the patient’s normal condition. Some of the aging conditions handled in the organization include;

General body weakness or low energy levels in the body of the patients

Hopelessness or living a long-term gloomy life (depression)

Restlessness conditions among the patients

Nervousness or unpleasant mental state

Low levels of libido or sexual urges

Treatment programs offered for the various conditions

Health Aging Medical Center uses a different unique approach as compared to other organizations in handling their patient’s circumstances. All Dr. Dov Rand’s treatments are centered on new therapeutic services. All the facilities are tailored to control the leading causes of the illnesses and hence offering an immediate aid for the complications.

The organization also provides a program for educating the patients on several matters concerning their conditions. This program ensures that the patients are given a chance to ask even complex questions about their illnesses and also get to know what to expect from their conditions.

Dr. Dov Rand has also created a program that ensures a proper diet is offered to the patients on a daily basis to help contain their conditions. Food supplements provided in the menu include a hormone that inhibits muscle deterioration among patients in their process of weight loss. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet offered also stimulates the appetite to eat among the patients and hence enabling them to develop better-eating practices.

Most of the times dealing with complex conditions affecting our older adults could be a challenging thing, but Dr. Dov Rand offers maximum treatment for all their diseases. Therefore all patients who are in need of his services should feel to contact him for more information.