Bhanu Choudhrie Is Filling The Sky With Pilots

On a day when there was the longest non-stop flight ever, from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport to Sydney Australia was nothing short of remarkable. With 49 passengers, the flight took just over 19 hours to complete. The only thing we love more than flying is non-stop flying, so this was a big day for airlines and passengers alike. The way we can better enjoy flying even more is if there are more pilots to take us places. Bhanu Choudhrie, founder and director of C&C Alpha Group, took notice of the need for more commercial pilots and has taken steps to mitigate this shortfall.

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Mr.Choudhrie, under the Alpha Aviation Group, has expanded the company’s simulator facility and also added 4 additional simulator bays. Ultimately he would like to see industry demand be met by training more pilots. The largest growth market is the Asian-Pacific airline industry, so his focus is on developing more pilots to serve that burgeoning market. In the end, this is going to make millions of travelers happier and it is going to provide more jobs and eventually this could actually carry an additional benefit of reducing costs to fly.

In the 13 years since Bhanu Choudhrie launched Alpha Aviation Group, they have trained nearly 1000 new pilots. In addition, prior to the launch of his firm, less than 5% of pilots were female. His firm’s graduating classes are 20% female, a fact that Bhanu Choudhrie is proud of. Something else he is proud of is the fact that when the firm was started some 13 years ago, they had only one simulator, and now they have a total of six simulators. That is exponential growth in this space where more training facilities are needed.

Bhanu Choudhrie has created several strategic partnership relationships with airlines in the markets his training center largely serves. Some of those partners include Philippine Airlines, PAL Express, Air Asia and Air Arabia, amongst others. Mr. Choudrie, in just 13 years, has been able to foster excellent working relationships with companies that can employ his graduates and further enhance his proliferation in this space. This is all the work of a very smart businessman.