NexBank Raises Funds For Senior Notes


NexBank is one of the leading financial services companies based in Dallas, Texas. In a recent announcement, the company said that it has finished raising funds for unsecured senior notes. The company just raised $80 million which has brought the total sum to $155 million.

According to recent data, the notes have a maturity that will be reached by March of 2026 and can be called by March of 2021. Each of the notes have an interest rate of 5.5% for a span of five years. All of the notes have been assigned a grade of BBB along with having an outlook that is very stable. As a result, the notes look to be a solid investment for NexBank.

After receiving the proceeds for these notes, NexBank will look to use them to help pay off some business debts. With the additional funds, the company will attempt to address its current financial situation by eliminating some of its key liabilities. This will then allow the company to have more funds available to hire more workers as well as expand to other markets throughout the United States. Find More Information Here.

The President and chief executive officer of NexBank John Holt has made some recent comments about the latest situation regarding the company’s finances. Holt has said that the latest fundraising has resulted in more investor confidence. He has also mentioned that the proceeds of the funds will be used to help the company make key adjustments to its balance sheet. At the end of his recent statement, Holt said that NexBank has a track record of financial strength and stability that will allow it to grow in the future.

NexBank provides financial services to a number of clients. It provides banking services such as commercial banking and mortgage banking. These services entail helping customers make deposits, withdraw funds, and receive loans for things such as automobiles and houses.

NexBank also offers institutional services which entail financial advisory for businesses and individuals. Over the past several years, NexBank has rapidly expanded to other markets and has experienced a lot of growth as well.


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