Omeed Malik: The Father of Farvahar


Omeed Malik was born in New Jersey to two immigrant parents. His father was Pakistani and his mother was Iranian. He went on to receive a law degree from Emory Law School and his bachelor’s degree from Colgate University. After receiving his education, he started off a spokesman for New Jersey representative Donald Payne. He then worked as a corporate lawyer at Weil, Gotshal, and Manges in New York.

He then had stints at both MF Global and Bank of America Merrill Lynch before leaving to start his own firm. After leaving Bank of America, he filed a lawsuit against them for defamation and breach of contract among other things. He won an eight figure sum. Omeed Malik then went on to start Farvahar Partners where he currently serves as chief executive officer.

His lengthy experience in many other important leadership roles has served him well as the face of his own company. Omeed Malik looks to use his industry experience to serve in an advisory capacity to his clients. He also wishes to provide capital raising efforts and liquidity. Malik applies Farvahar’s mission statement to everything he does. “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds”. It has been in part that exact message that has made him one of the most successful men in his industry.

He provides advice to companies and financial advisors as well as the general public based on the expertise he feels he has perfected through his combination of experiences in the industry. Omeed’s understanding of the market is second to none. See Related Link to learn more.

Omeed often gives lectures and is asked to feature on panels about all kinds of topics such as investing, trading, business development, and other topics significant to his field. It is clear to everyone in the industry that Omeed Malik has arrived and he is here to stay.


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