American Entrepreneur Nick Sarnicola Talks About His Two Global Brands

Nick Sarnicola is an American entrepreneur, salesperson, team builder, and philanthropist who has been in the network marketing industry for 20 years. He built a billion-dollar sales team at ViSalus Sciences, a company he co-founded in 2005. In the position of chief executive officer, he oversees a global company that helps people lose weight and reach their fitness goals. He became the CEO of ViSalus on January 1, 2017. Before that, he was this company’s top salesperson. He developed a national network of independent promotors who sell ViSalus products. His network company is based in Los Angeles, California, and has customers across North America and Europe.

One of the most successful products Nick Sarnicola introduced at ViSalus was Vi Shape Superfood Shake. This is a plant-based meal-replacement shake. It has plenty of protein due to the ingredients flaxseed, pinto beans, quinoa, chia, chickpea, and pea. He hand-selected these ingredients based on their healthfulness. The shake also has 25 vitamins and minerals, nine essential amino acids, lots of fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics. It’s also vegan, doesn’t contain GMOs, is gluten-free, and is kosher. He launched another very successful company in 2017, Liv Global. This company encourages people to get out and live their life now, not putting off things they want to do until retirement. It has a mobile app that features events to attend. People can become subscribers and get access to exclusive events along with great travel deals.

Liv Global is an award winning organization thanks to the efforts of Nick Sarnicola. The Hermes Creative Awards recognized Liv Global in May 2019. His company won two Gold awards, one for its corporate website and the other for its membership overview video. Other awards it has won include the Telly Award, the Gold Marcom award, and being a finalist for the Cine Golden Eagle award. He established the Rooks-Sarnicola Entrepreneurial Institute a few years ago. Nick Sarnicola wants to encourage people to become business owners. His institute recently gave a grant of $10,000 to an aspiring entrepreneur at Michigan’s Muskegon Community College. He donated $200,000 to his own institute as a permanent endowment so it can continue to fund the dreams of young people.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy: Maintaining the Advantage of Advancement

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is one of the most influential Brazilian figures in business, and there are a plethora of good reasons to justify his presence as such. When you analyze his work ethic, it becomes clear that nothing in the world matters more to him than advancement, and this much is reflected in his many business endeavors. He believes that without constant efforts to improve the state of your business, you will invariably fall off in the world of entrepreneurship.

Especially given his field of engineering, it is constantly necessary to ensure that you stand at the peak of technological evolution, as without this advantage, your business is guaranteed to fall into irrelevance. This is a lesson Maurício Mendonça Godoy has learned over and over throughout the course of his career. Even if he were involved in a field other than technology, Maurício Mendonça Godoy believes he would still consider constant progress to be a very important asset of running a company. The field of business at large requires you to be receptive to progress, as if you are not, it will simply surpass and outgrow you. See more articles about Mauricio Godoy at

While progress has always been of paramount importance to Maurício Mendonça Godoy, he is aware that there are several other characteristics necessary in someone truly willing to stand at the top of an industry. Specifically with regards to the automobile and engineering industry, a vast amount of perseverance is required in order to maintain a high standing. This is something he has spoken extensively on in his interviews, as he believes that it is of utmost importance to push forward even when times seem tough.

After all, being a member of the business community always comes with some level of uncertainty, and without having skill in perseverance, that uncertainty can often be enough to deter you from your path to success. This is why Maurício Mendonça Godoy has never given up even in his hardest times throughout running one of the most successful engineering companies in Brazil. Being such an important figure certainly comes with its hardships, but for him, the benefits of having that position by far outweigh the negatives. Connect:

Richard Liu Qiangdong Talks to Fellow Entrepreneurs at Davos Forum

Forum and similar conferences and conventions are essential to global economic growth and innovation. These types of gathers are places where entrepreneurs and business leaders gather to learn from each other and share concepts. Getting inviting to such an event is considered an honor by many nationally and internationally recognized business leaders.

Richard Liu is one of the most recognized business leaders of today. Richard Liu is founder and CEO of one of China’s largest e-commerce giants, He began developing the company in 1998, though it was not his first attempt at entrepreneurial independence.

While still at university, Richard Liu purchased a small restaurant, which he hoped he could run while still attending classes. Almost immediately, Richard Liu realized that running a business is a full-time job, but he could only dedicate at most two hours a week to the restaurant. Within a matter of months, his restaurant went belly up, and Richard Liu ended up in debt.

After earning a degree in sociology from Renmin University, he earned an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School and took a job at a Japanese health product company named Japan Life. Two years after joining Japan Life, Richard Liu struck out on his own again, this time, opening a four-square-meter shop in Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Park.

The little shop only sold magneto-optical products, but his products were some of the only authorized merchandise in the area. Many of his competitors sold knock offs and cheap replicas. Despite the price difference, customers responded to Richard Liu’s Jingdong, making his second attempt at entrepreneurship successful. Refer to This Article to learn more.

At the height of his early success, he owned and operated 12 Jingdong locations throughout Beijing and planned to open more. Before his plans could take flight, a SARS outbreak brought his world tumbling down.

SARS made in-person interactions dangerous and scared many into living more homebound lives. To reach his customers, Richard Liu moved his company online and was born in 2004.

Liu Qiangdong has also been recognized by the “Business of Fashion Top Performing Businessmen of 2018”. An award that is very well deserved by Richard Liu Qiangdong. It is a reflection of his consistency and excellence in his business.




Carsten Thiel Understands The Science of Molecules and Marketing


Carsten Thiel holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Max Planck Institute. Thiel left his native Germany to study organic and biochemistry at the University of Bristol in England earning a Bachelor’s in biochemistry. Even though he is a scientist by training Carsten Thiel has a knack for sales and marketing.

Hoffman La-Roche

Thiel’s first job after college was with the Basel, Switzerland based biotechnology company Hoffman La-Roche. His first post at Hoffman La-Roche was Communications and Product Manager. For Carsten Thiel, his time with Hoffman La-Roche was both a learning and employment opportunity. Carsten Thiel gained knowledge in the areas of research and development, customer service, and marketing.


Xenical is the prescription version of the over-the-counter weight loss drug Alli. Xenical works by inhibiting the absorption of fat. To realize maximum results Xenical has to be taken as part of a diet and exercise regimen. When Hoffman La-Roche was ready to bring Xenical to market Carsten Thiel was charged with overseeing the marketing of Xenical. See This Page for additional information.

Carsten Thiel’s Strategy

There is a tendency to rush a new product to market with much hoopla and a touch of puffery. Carsten Thiel took a different approach to promote Xenical. Hoffman La-Roche would not depend on exaggerated promises to sell Xenical. Carsten Thiel focused on identifying the drug’s target market. Specifically, Thiel wanted prescribers to recommend Xenical to patients, who were most likely to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve maximum success with the drug. Prescriber and consumer education also factored into Thiel’s marketing strategy.


Carsten Thiel’s tactics were designed to slowly establish a positive reputation for Xenical. The slow and steady approach to marketing the drug paid-off. In its first year on the market, Swiss sales of Xenical equaled 1 billion francs.


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The story of Nick Sarnicola

Nick Sarnicola boasts for having many titles in the business world. The executive tops the corporate list for being a lifestyle entrepreneur, team builder, philanthropist, and sales leader. His career has lasted more than two decades, and he has successfully transformed the story of many companies in the world. Thousands of professionals have a great story to tell because of the assistance they got from the entrepreneur. It is rare to get an executive who blends well with his or her workmates in the office. The products from his companies have made all the difference in the market. With the emergence of life-threatening medical conditions, Nick Sarnicola has shown so much concern, collaborating with several companies to introduce workable solutions. The brands under the leadership of the business executives are popular, and they show that he loves his role in the business industry. The wealthy nutrition expert was financially independent before turning thirty-five years old. Those close to him tell a story of a professional who loves to use all his potential to make tomorrow better. Leadership strategies used by the executive are unique, and they work for all his organizations. One of the companies under his management has increased its facilities in the market, reaching sixteen nations of the world. See more on Twitter for more information.

Two globally recognized lifestyle companies function under the leadership of Nick Sarnicola. The executive founded both institutions, and he mostly motivates people to transform and live healthy lives. The business leader plans to inspire more individuals in the world to invest in their businesses and raise to change the world. Successful investments, according to Nick Sarnicola, are functional because they enjoy leadership from individuals who love their responsibilities. Running a business should always be a lifestyle for the people involved. One of the best qualities of Nick Sarnicola is his ability to market products from scratch. Even with very little resources around him, the businessman has an entrepreneurial spirit that is not common among many people in the world. The philanthropist knows how to introduce marketing campaigns that work for all brands, regardless of their size in the market. Global sales do not scare him either. After years of service in the challenging industry, the executive has all the skills to make sales and marketing easy and exciting. Visit:

JD Helps Chinese Millenials From Rejection When Gifting With JD Gift

Providing gifts to others has been one of the longtime Chinese traditions. It is believed that providing gifts shortens the emotional distance between people. This also facilitates communication and creates a number of business opportunities. When providing someone with a gift, it is expected that gifts should be given to people directly. The advancements of technology has made providing gifts a little awkward. which is China’s largest retailer, is looking to eliminate the awkwardness by offering an app called JD Gift. This is a mini program that is embedded with the WeChat app which makes providing gifts very easy.

When ordering a gift online, a user can get the item sent to the recipient in a more convenient way. However, there is still some awkwardness with this option. If a person does not know the address of the recipient, the user will have to ask them for it. As a result, the recipient is likely to tell you that they are not interested in having a gift sent. With JD Gift, this won’t be an issue because the app makes it easy to find the exact location of the recipient. A gift giver just needs to select a gift from the selection of available items and make the purchase. Once the purchase is made, the recipient will receive a message telling them to provide their shipping information. Since the gift is already paid for, there is no need to refuse the gift.

The new JD Gift app is very appealing to the younger generation of Chinese consumers. According to 2018 statistics, there were over 600 million social media users and 30% of internet time spent was on WeChat. The age group of these users was between the ages of 26 and 35. Since most Chinese youth now socializes online, quite a few find it awkward to provide gifts online and therefore prefer to provide gifts through the new JD app. A recent survey conducted by JD revealed that 34% of users said that avoiding awkwardness was important when providing gifts. It also revealed that 28% of users preferred the app because it helped them increase their chances of avoiding rejection.

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Serge Belamant Is A Computer Science Innovator

Disruptive technology has been changing industries for years and there are certain creative types that have been responsible for some of the biggest innovations in our lifetime. Serge Belamant is one of these pioneers and the man behind what is known as blockchain technology. The little gold chip on the front of your debit and credit cards is actually one of the earliest implementations of blockchain and it is the result of work that Serge Belamant did for payment processing giant Visa. He attended school in South Africa after being born in France and graduated from Highlands North High School For Boys.

While he attended the University of South Africa and Witwatersrand University, he did not actually complete his college education before he began working on his professional career in computer science, information systems, and engineering. Not finishing college is something that is not uncommon among computer geniuses such as Serge Belamant himself as well as Marc Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. One of the earliest achievements that Serge Belamant had when it came to disruptive technology occurred while he was working for Control Data. Networking computers in very early phases and he realized that there was no security or privacy when using a computer on a network.

At this point, he knew that there had to be a way to create some type of technology that could make transactions more secure and unchangeable through networked computers. Eventually, this idea led to him creating the technology that was behind the popular blockchain of today. While working for SASWITCH, Serge Belamant was able to create a new switch system for a large banking system in South Africa. This system included fault-tolerant hardware along with a parallel processing system, but one of the most important things was that it allowed communication through the bank’s different ATMs.

Bhanu Choudhrie Has Poured His Enthusiasm For Aviation Into The Creation Of His Unique Academy

In 2001, renowned entrepreneur and active philanthropist Bhanu Choudhrie entered into a new business endeavor, an endeavor that has proven to be highly profitable. His educational background comes from studies that were conducted at U.S. easts coast institutions Boston University and Harvard. Education has remained something that Bhanu Choudhrie holds in high esteem and much of his work has been involved in providing educational opportunities for people in need. He has donated much funding in the way of philanthropic giving that has gone to support educational organizations across the world. Bhanu Choudhrie is also the founder of the Alpha Aviation Group, the largest training program for those entering the pilot field in the Middle East.

This program has been going for then years now and is renowned for its commitment to providing opportunities to a diverse set of aviation students. There are numerous national identities represented at the Bhanu Choudhrie founded Alpha Aviation Group and the school includes many female students. Bhanu Choudhrie enjoyed an impressive career before his formation of C&C Alpha Group. During this time, he was able to further develop his base of knowledge and gain a great deal of knowledge. These experiences included time spent as an intern with JP Morgan. After this time, he relocated his operations to London, the city he still calls home.

This was in 2000, a year before the formation of C&C Alpha Group. The firm has been in operation now for eighteen successful years. This success has allowed Bhanu to continue to pursue his philanthropic efforts. The field of aviation is one that has fascinated Bhanu for many years. This was a big part of the motivation behind his decision to create a training academy for the future pilots of the world. The result of these efforts is the Alpha Aviation Group. The organization has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and is renowned for the high success rate that it has in putting its students through the program successfully. Countless aviation students have been able to land industry jobs as a result of the training that they received this unique program.

Vijay Eswaran Continues to Motivate

Vijay Eswaran has become my idol. He is the man that I have become a fan of because he has this leadership style that is unlike anything else that is out there. He has become a leader that has put forth some very positive energy that has allowed him to create a successful reign at Qnet. This is the company that he leads, and his leadership style has been rather impressive. He is inspiring because he has a history of strong leadership that is gentle. He has stated in his books that every experience is a learning experience. This has served him well because he has been able to deal with failed business ventures and rise up to the leader that he is today.

He has really been able to do some great things with QNet because he has a group of motivated employees. He has been able to establish a global presence by marketing to 20 different countries. This is something that is makes him stand out as giant in the direct selling industry. He also founded the QI group, and this has also given him a huge presence in the world of financial and retail services. His diverse presence has allowed him to maintain a presence as one of the most successful men in all of Asia.

I think that he has managed to become so wealthy because he was determined. He said that that there were failures along the way, and many things didn’t turn out as he expected. Vijay Eswaran has said that the support of his wife was unwavering, and this is what helped him get through it all in the beginning. I think that Eswaran shares something in common with other businessmen in that he didn’t believe that he was cut out to make money for other people. This is something that many people share when they discover their own companies. That have core values that extended beyond getting their basic needs met. People like Vijay Eswaran want more than food, clothing and shelter. They want to excel to leadership roles and make money for themselves. They want to present something to the world that fills a void. This is what has allowed Vijay Eswaran to grow and learn from his experiences.

He has shared much of this experience with others. This is very helpful for the person that wants to find a new way to build their business presence. A ton of people fall into the same traps that others are involved in because they just don’t have the the insight. Vijay Eswaran can lead many people around the traps of being an entrepreneur. He has shared experiences and helps me gain knowledge.

Paul Herdsman-A Leader in the Business of Customer Service


Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Office of NICE Global; a Jamaica based business services company that provided solutions to companies that need to outsource portions of their operations.

Paul Herdsman and his team focus on providing their clients with customer service based assistance. He is an entrepreneur that has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in retaining clients, developing business opportunities along with marketing, sales and human resources.

Bringing all of this knowledge into the direction of his own team is what Paul Herdsman does best. He understands the importance of a business maintaining and supporting its team members while working to gain profit, and runs his team in the same manner. He considers the investment in the staff at NICE Global to be the company’s greatest and most important asset Herdsman creates a culture that ensures all talented team members feel the successes of the company as it grows.

Paul Herdsman has been diligent in taking careful insight in the functions of each role he has fulfilled throughout his career. He has always considered what the best portions of each job were, how effective he was and the aspects of the position that he excelled at. He always found himself to be drawing to customer service and prides himself creating an efficient and streamlined experience for each and every customer.

Paul also takes pride in streamlining business operations to enhance their day to day functions and their customer service. This was, and continues to be Paul Herdsman’s inspiration for his efforts with NICE Global.


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