Equities First Holdings – Business Loans Can Help You Succeed

Equities First Holdings specializes in alternative lending and is one of the most reliable firms out there. Since its formation, this outstanding firm has maintained a great reputation as a provider of stock-based loans. Equities First Holdings has built a solid partnership with many successful companies and has numerous clients all over the world. It has a team of financial services experts.

JD Helps Chinese Millenials From Rejection When Gifting With JD Gift

Providing gifts to others has been one of the longtime Chinese traditions. It is believed that providing gifts shortens the emotional distance between people. This also facilitates communication and creates a number of business opportunities. When providing someone with a gift, it is expected that gifts should be given to people directly. The advancements of technology has made providing gifts a little awkward. JD.com which is China’s largest retailer, is looking to eliminate the awkwardness by offering an app called JD Gift. This is a mini program that is embedded with the WeChat app which makes providing gifts very easy.

When ordering a gift online, a user can get the item sent to the recipient in a more convenient way. However, there is still some awkwardness with this option. If a person does not know the address of the recipient, the user will have to ask them for it. As a result, the recipient is likely to tell you that they are not interested in having a gift sent. With JD Gift, this won’t be an issue because the app makes it easy to find the exact location of the recipient. A gift giver just needs to select a gift from the selection of available items and make the purchase. Once the purchase is made, the recipient will receive a message telling them to provide their shipping information. Since the gift is already paid for, there is no need to refuse the gift.

The new JD Gift app is very appealing to the younger generation of Chinese consumers. According to 2018 statistics, there were over 600 million social media users and 30% of internet time spent was on WeChat. The age group of these users was between the ages of 26 and 35. Since most Chinese youth now socializes online, quite a few find it awkward to provide gifts online and therefore prefer to provide gifts through the new JD app. A recent survey conducted by JD revealed that 34% of users said that avoiding awkwardness was important when providing gifts. It also revealed that 28% of users preferred the app because it helped them increase their chances of avoiding rejection.

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Nearshore Inbound Call Experts, Quality Service & Valuable Solutions


Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited, or NICE, is a well-developed, highly reputable service that deals with a variety of inbound call solutions. NICE is able to create an efficient business environment with its knowledgeable staff and highly skilled technical support agents to deal with an array of problems.

NICE Global provides full-service business solutions including customer care, low-risk business ideas, tips on succeeding in business and increasing revenue in business. Moreover, the company prides itself on its ability to help a business grow.

This culture of quality ensures a satisfying customer service experience, a uniquely quick I.T. solutions network, and efficient quality assurance solutions. Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited currently has over 30 years of combined experience to fortify an already exceptional service. With years of customer care industry experience, NICE continually trains its employees to maintain a systematically productive approach in catering to its wide range of customers.

NICE now has over 130 employees, over 65,000 sq ft of office and information technology work space, and manages over 300,000 calls per year. For individuals looking for employment, Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited offers a fun, engaging work environment with fully paid training and access to some of the best technological tools, ensuring a pathway to achieve one’s professional goals.

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton talks states that the time has come to showcase Jamaica to the world, as a major hub for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in an article entitled: “Time to Showcase Jamaica As Major BPO Player”.

Paul Herdsman is the co-founder and current COO of Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited. He is responsible for maintaining the various aspects of daily operations, strategic partnerships, and long-term growth planning for the organization. Known for his concise, logical approach to business situations, Herdsman was able to create and manage a nearshore service, enabling him to create a business focused primarily on high quality customer engagement. During his free time, Paul Herdsman enjoys fishing and golf, but is mostly busy spending time with the family and solving problems for his business. Find More Information Here.


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