Paul Herdsman-A Leader in the Business of Customer Service


Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Office of NICE Global; a Jamaica based business services company that provided solutions to companies that need to outsource portions of their operations.

Paul Herdsman and his team focus on providing their clients with customer service based assistance. He is an entrepreneur that has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in retaining clients, developing business opportunities along with marketing, sales and human resources.

Bringing all of this knowledge into the direction of his own team is what Paul Herdsman does best. He understands the importance of a business maintaining and supporting its team members while working to gain profit, and runs his team in the same manner. He considers the investment in the staff at NICE Global to be the company’s greatest and most important asset Herdsman creates a culture that ensures all talented team members feel the successes of the company as it grows.

Paul Herdsman has been diligent in taking careful insight in the functions of each role he has fulfilled throughout his career. He has always considered what the best portions of each job were, how effective he was and the aspects of the position that he excelled at. He always found himself to be drawing to customer service and prides himself creating an efficient and streamlined experience for each and every customer.

Paul also takes pride in streamlining business operations to enhance their day to day functions and their customer service. This was, and continues to be Paul Herdsman’s inspiration for his efforts with NICE Global.


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