A School With A Great Student Life

The United States is ripe full of colleges where you can study art. There must be thousands of state, community and private schools for various art subjects. However, few schools stand out as being superior to the rest. These schools include the University of Rhode Island, School of Visual Arts and Academy of Art University.

There are many different expenses that students have to pay. For a full time undergraduate student, the costs per academic year equal out to about $26,147. This is one of the more expensive schools that you can go to, though the expenses pay out dividends when you come out with great connections, a valuable degree and relevant skills.

 The school is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students have an option to stay at dormitories, if they choose to. There is a shuttle bus provided so that students can easily get from the dorm buildings to the campus. The institute provides the best facilities so that students can focus properly and learn. There are many different classrooms and lounges that put students in the best possible mind space to do work.

The Academy of Art University has a vibrant student life that includes many clubs. These clubs include the Anime Club, Beyond The Front Row, Black Student Union, Chinese Students Association, Christian Student Fellowship, Comics and Concept Art Club, Drama Club, Drawaholics Anonymous Crew, Gaming at Academy of Art University, Interior Architecture and Design Club, Improv Club, Fine Arts Online Club, Indonesian Student Association, Jewelry and Metal Arts Club, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Outloud!, Sigma Delt Sorority, Tea Time Animation, Urban Knights Radio and Veterans Club. From looking at all of these clubs, it is quite evident that there is something for everyone. It is also quite evident that there is a diverse student body at the school that includes many different ethnic and racial groups.

Find out more here https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/academy-of-art-university

Career achievements of Smita Shah

People respect engineers all over the world. Most students that pursue the course do not achieve much, particularly those that are never serious with their studies. The education they acquire form tutors is vital in helping them professionally as most of the details they learn in class relate to the work they ought to do in the outside. Besides, the industry demands a lot of practice. By taking part in construction activities, a learner can discover slight details that can make construction a problem. When one is passionate about knowledge, they have the chance to make the best engineers. Smita Shah learned skills from experts in the construction sectors as well as her teachers. Regardless of the high respect, she has in the industry, her attitude to people is never snobby or ignorant. 

Smita Shah is usually working most of her time. Though being an engineer is a bit demanding, the fact that she handless technical issues make her schedule always tight. She, however, plays most of her activities in the engineering sector. The more complex her work gets, the higher-earning potential she gets. The high returns associated with the industry help her live the best life. She uses the returns to make her knowledge better. Besides, she tries to be healthy by maintaining a lifestyle that her specialist in health recommends. According to Shah, good health and physical strength help human beings become productive. With a healthy body, she can visit the clients she has in different locations. She likes to meet them personally and know what services they like to get from her construction company. She does not prefer taking people through her services online, as she thinks it might be confusing to those involved. Through the meetings, she sets aside for her clients she gets to collect enough information on the nature of the client, their attitude as well as determination. The customers of the venture enjoy extra benefits like discounts and free deliveries for locations that are not far. Besides, they acquire advise on different issues like material analysis, so that they do not fail while selecting the construction materials they want to use for their investments. 

Smita Shah Chicago enjoys the prestige she receives from people outside the field of engineering. Besides, people in media houses perpetuate engineers as respectable individuals. Their perspective has influenced the lives of people in such professionals. Smita also is mostly invited to visit media houses and discuss construction based matters. She explains how engineering affects the economy, and she also outlines any problems that constructors experience. Her sharpness and composure enable her to narrow up the puzzle of individuals on engineering without confusing them. Learn more: https://www.prweb.com/releases/mayor_lori_lightfoot_joins_smita_shah_chair_of_the_sister_cities_of_chicago_delhi_committee_for_annual_lunch_and_proclaims_october_2nd_as_mahatma_gandhi_day_in_chicago/prweb16614875.htm

Besides, Smita Shah Chicago has an interest in empowerment. She is an excellent speaker that uses her experiences in life to give hope and determination to other people. She likes to mentor women that take courses that are never considered worth their try. Her agile nature helps her to shun troubles in her life and live positively. Shah always knows the people that wish the best for her life, and they are the only ones she likes to share her inner issues with, whenever it proves necessary.

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Maarten de Jeu’s Tips on Building Wealth

“Generational wealth” has become a buzz word, especially among millennials and generation z. But what does it mean to truly build wealth? There are various wealth-building investment vehicles. Renown strategic business advisor Maarten de Jeu informs us of how we can increase our wealth by investing in Commercial Real Estate (CRE).


Who is Maarten De Jeu?

Upon receiving his undergraduate degree from Leiden University, Maarten continued his education at the University of Oxford. He ranked first in his class and received a Masters’s degree in Business Administrative (MBA). After graduating, De Jeu has worked at Aviva pic, a British multinational insurance company, as the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. He also worked with TVDK Management Consultants as a consultant, collaborating with noteworthy brands such as Heinz and Sara Lee. De Jeu also has a role in founding two successful companies, SpeakUp, and SVM Business Advisory. 


During his free time, de Jeu enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis, and dedicating his time to various community and business associations. 


What is Commercial Real Estate?

The two common forms of real estate are commercial and residential properties. When investing in real estate you can either increase your wealth by selling the property after the value appreciates over time or by collecting rental income. Residential real estate is the property that is intended to be utilized as a living space. Commercial real estate can be defined as property primarily used for business purposes. 


What are the Benefits of Commercial Real Estate?

Before committing to commercial real estate as your wealth-building investment vehicle, it is important to note that there is some degree of risk involved with any investment and you must always do your due diligence. 


Advantages of investing in commercial real estate 

  1. Smaller market: The steep learning curve and regulations associated with commercial real estate causes the market to be less saturated than residential real estate.
  2. Increased Wealth: Commercial property tenants generally sign a three to five-year lease agreements thus resulting in more cash flow. The return on investment for commercial property is also 3-6 times more than residential. With increased cash flow and the potential to have a higher return on your investment, the chances of building wealth with commercial real estate are much larger.
  3. Owner Benefits: Tenants often sign a ‘triple net lease’ that makes them responsible for paying the building’s maintenance fees, insurance, and property taxes, thus relieving the owner of the financial burden. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/maartendejeu


Maarten de Jeu’s Tips


Building the proper networks with other real estate investors and private lenders play a significant role in your success in the realm of commercial real estate.


It is important to establish your credibility with sellers and lenders. You may want to consider curating a small business plan that will help establish your credibility and competitive advantage.


Knowledge is key. You must have the ability to understand the metrics when analyzing potential commercial properties. 


DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE. Research is essential. Gather as much information about the property, the market, sellers, lenders, regulations, and the location as you can!

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The Sensational Wes Edens

Wes Edens perfectly fits in the shoes of being a renowned philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur. The owner of two sports clubs: Milwaukee Bucks in National Basketball Association and Aston Villa Football Club in the English premier league and the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, has impacted key industries and changed the life of many. Fortress began as a private equity firm, but currently, it is the world-leading asset manager of assets whose value is $42 billion. The fortress does business in many industries globally, like financial services, energy and infrastructure, real estate, media, and healthcare. The funds that Wes Edens was managing in the company led to the building of Virgin Trains USA: a railway line that traverses across various cities in the USA: this was a project that arose through a partnership with Virgin Group.

Under his expertise leadership, Fortress has also created a subsidiary called New Fortress Energy that aims at producing clean energy that will positively impact the world. Wes started the first Liquid Natural Gas in Florida at Miami to enable trains to run on cleaner energy. He has since then strived to empower New Fortress Energy to extend the supply of this alternative fuel energy to other parts of the world. In the world of sports, Wes Edens is an business icon. It is not that this investor is the right sports person, but he is a significant shareholder in NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and Aston Villa Football Club. He has immensely contributed to the rise of Bucks to the level of leading in the NBA championship. At Aston Villa, Wes wants to assist it in returning to the English premier league where it has been for years.

Wes Edens and his wife also began the Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College to teach people on health and medical geography. The major topics covered under this program include infectious diseases, health hazards relating to environmental hazards, and healthcare delivery. As a philanthropist, Wes has supported many of his charitable organizations and foundations with funds. Some of them include the GiveWell Foundation, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Autism Speaks, Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Santa Barbara Museum of National History, Ronald McDonald House of New York, and The University of Florida Foundation. Click here.

Tigerswan, James Reese

The Promising Destiny Of TigerSwan And Colonel James Reese

Though there are certainly plenty of great multinational security companies, there are few security brands like TigerSwan. This leading security firm has done a lot to improve security for countless thousands around the world. By partnering with public security entities, TigerSwan has proven its commitment to making the world a safer place. This company was founded by none other than James Reese, a retired Lt. Colonel known for leading the famous Delta Force through tumultuous times.

At its amazing training facility, TigerSwan has taught numerous security operators about establishing security in less-than-ideal conditions. Because TigerSwan’s staff features quite a few veterans, this company’s employees and partners are known to have impeccable ethics and standards. TigerSwan’s commitment to education sets this company apart from competitors that are less singular. Throughout the world, security threats continue to multiply and spread at an alarming rate. Fortunately, innovative security firms like TigerSwan continually invent solutions to clients’ novel and difficult security problems. As hard as they might try, terrorists and criminals aren’t able to match the firepower or tactics of legitimate security operators. Because they are deeply ethical community members, responsible security providers help police authorities in maintaining peace and stability.

Tigerswan, James Reese

Since his honorable discharge from the military, American hero James Reese has opted not to rest on his laurels. Tirelessly, Reese demonstrates leadership and managerial talent that is is deeply influential in the security sector. Whether they are military service member or private security guards, skilled operators worldwide have recognized Reese’s expertise and ability. Through TigerSwan, Reese’s influence can only grow in the years ahead. Thanks to Reese’s global vision, TigerSwan has kept people safe from danger in more than 100 nations across the globe. If Reese every retires from leading TigerSwan, it is likely he will handpick a successor with a proven skill set.

Read more here http://blogwebpedia.com/tigerswan-james-reese-from-special-ops-to-entrepreneur.html

Maarten de Jeu – Strategic Business Advisor

Maarten de Jeu’s home town in the Netherlands. He is currently living in Chicago. He earned his M.A degree in Social Sciences in Public Administration from Leiden University, Jeu being the brightest among other MBA Executive fellows in his class ranked 1st in Oxford University- Business School. Maarten de Jeu completed his MBA in 2005. He worked for eight years to gain experience in international corporate strategy in TVDK Management Consultants, which was an Amsterdam based company. He joined the company as an analyst in 1999 and was promoted to Senior Associate position until 2007.


Later he joined Aviva plc in London an insurance firm, where he earned the hearts of the top management by developing a number of strategies and taking initiatives that increased the growth rate of the company in Asia and Europe. In 2008 his hard work earned him the position of Director of Strategy in North American division in Chicago. Where his basic responsibilities were strategic planning, assessment of new business opportunities, M&A support, and business portfolio reviews. Maarten’s effort successfully increased the company’s sale of life insurance in the US.


Maarten started his own company SVM Business Advisory in 2012. It did not take him time to accomplish some major companies, i.e., Ultra High Net Worth individuals, Fortune 100 and technology start-ups to cherish them with his unique mix of technical skills, industry knowledge and deep understanding of the cultural and global setting. One of Europe’s leading listed companies in ethics and compliance solutions “SpeakUp” is also co-founded by Maarten de Jeu.


Few tips about business development and information given by Maarten de Jeu: employees should work as a team to accomplish successful joint ventures, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and divestitures. Keep evaluating your company’s performance by conducting industry research, analyzing data, creating competitive deals, source potential deals, etc. More knowledge about joint ventures and acquisitions is required, especially managing and negotiating deals. Acquiring a company is just a beginning, work to ensure its success. Compare the company’s productivity with your profits and also comparing with rivals. Financial statements must be on the fingertips as it is the most essential part of any business. Your communication skills should be strong enough that you are able to prove your point to persuade with facts and figures in technical terms. Be innovative, think outside of the box. A person can never be creative until he comes out of his comfort zone and tries new things, so be creative. Learn more: https://maartendejeu.weebly.com/


Other than work, Jeu likes to spend time with his family. He is bilingual and can speak four languages. He is a passionate tennis player and he is not just active in the sport he is an active member in several communities i.e. Chicago council and global affairs, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Dean’s International Council, Economic Club of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry and the Environmental Law and Policy Centre.

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OSI Group Likes Sustainability Profile of Plant-Based Impossible Burger

David McDonald, president and COO of OSI Group, said recently that sustainability has evolved rapidly from a peripheral issue to take center stage as one of the most critical elements of his company’s operational strategy. OSI Group is among the world’s largest meat processing firms with more than 65 facilities in 17 nations. It has long been the No. 1 supplier of McDonalds. The two companies have enjoyed a partnership that dates back to the mid-1950s. Both companies have grown together over the past six decades. Both McDonalds and OSI Group have adopted intensive sustainability policies characterized by setting highly specific goals for achieving earmarks in the areas of reduced carbon footprint, reduction of waste, conservation of freshwater and preservation of farmland where meat is produced.

The intensive focus of OSI Group on environmental factors and sustainability is one reason why company officials say they are thrilled by the recent deal the company has made with Impossible Foods. It will manufacture that firm’s 100% plant-based Impossible Burger. Producing the veggie burger fits well into OSI’s aggressive drive toward sustainable operation. Producing an Impossible Burger has a carbon footprint that is 86% lower than a meat-based burger. It requires 87% less water. It results in 89% less greenhouse gas emissions. It contributes a whopping 92% less to water contamination and spares 98% more land to biodiversity.

McDonalds is already selling its own version of a veggie burger, the McVegan, in Finland and Sweden. It has been an enormous hit in both countries. The Golden Arches also recently rolled out a vegan burger in Canada. A U.S. rollout is likely to follow soon. The fast-food giant isn’t using the Impossible Burger for its vegan burgers, but now that OSI is manufacturing the product, industry analysts think that might change. Impossible Foods approached OSI after it began having trouble keeping up with demand. The enormous and enthusiastic response of the public to the meatless treat caught even company officials by surprise. They believe contracting with OSI Group is the key to solving the critical supply shortage that has been holding back company growth.

Sheldon Lavin: Pushing OSI Group Forward

When it’s time for a company to make some strategic moves, you need people at the helm that can make it happen. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group is perfect for that role. After all, he has worked in dance which brings the right type of experience to the company. This business started out as a tiny butcher shop known as Otto & Sons to having McDonalds be its first restaurant to supply fresh meat to. When it was time to go global OSI Group took a chance and it paid off. Now this company is a dominant entity that distributes tons of food worldwide. Check out this article of Sheldon Lavin at provisioneronline.com

Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award in India. His hard work in establishing good production plants in eight locations in the region is why he was not overlooked for something this prestigious. They are also located in 16 other countries that are benefitting from getting the food that meets the needs of those people. Here we see where OSI Group is still pressing forward with more work. They are looking at plant-based foods that are geared toward people that don’t want to eat meat. Impossible Foods came out with a very popular burger that is taking the country by storm. Because it’s trending so well, the company is having a hard time meeting the demand. OSI Group saw an opportunity to come in and take some of the load off by reaching a deal concerning the Impossible Burger. This item is now on the menu of some of the most famous restaurants such as White Castle and The Cheesecake Factory. It’s not going anywhere anytime some as people are wanting more healthy choices. This was a wise move going forward for the company, and Sheldon Lavin played a huge role in it.

Looking for ways to keep the company moving is the role of the CEO and Sheldon Lavin has done that. You can for OSI Group to continue growing and looking into food-based ideas to better help everyone they serve. There is always a good plan in place.

Website: http://sheldonlavin.com/

Maarten de Jeu says Moving to New Markets Takes Time and Strategy

After a certain number of years in operation, a business may start to wonder about taking the
enterprise global. The allure of a new country, with new customers and partners, is enough to get
business leaders to start down that path. Maarten de Jeu, business strategist and founder of SVM
Business Advisory, cautions against impulsive actions, as going international is expensive and time-consuming. But for businesses that can exercise a little patience, success is possible.
With work experience in Asia, Europe, and the US, de Jeu remains a prized business consultant.
Companies like Heinz and Sara Lee turned to him when they had intentions to branch out into new
areas. But even with recognizable brands like these, reputations aren’t always transferable to new
places. That’s why de Jeu emphasizes a need to mind cultural differences if they want to
understand the new market.
Businesses will need to be mindful of how they’re received. How products are sold in the US may
not work in Asia. That’s why de Jeu says a business needs to mind its quality level. Goods and
services need to meet, or better yet exceed, the promise made in advertising. Quality goods will
set the standard for what these new customers will expect from a business.
It’s not just impressing customers. Businesses will spend a great deal of time trying to impress
buyers, investors, partners, and many other people that can help or hurt business changes at
setting up in a new market. Success here depends on how well a business can jump over language
barriers. The solution to this, according to de Jeu, is having someone representing the company
to speak the local language. By communicating in a language that puts them at ease, a business can
proceed with less concern over miscommunication while putting everyone at ease. It also adds
personality to a business, and it says they’ve made a commitment to stay in this new market.
Learning how to communicate locally can also assist in staffing a business. By looking to hire
locally, a business can look at professionals in their industry that can bring both their work
experience and knowledge of their market. When competing with established businesses, knowing
how to organize teams and also sell to certain demographics can make them more competitive,
To make the most of this device, de Jeu says a business needs to remain patient and flexible. Time
is required to know how a market works, establish good relationships with investors, and reach
customers. But with that information on hand, they can determine if plans for change need to be
enacted or if they’re well on their way to becoming an international business. Learn more: https://premiergazette.com/2019/06/maarten-de-jeu-insightful-advice-international-business-owners/
About Maarten de Jeu:

Maarten de Jeu is known as a business development expert and corporate strategist. Educated in
Leiden and Oxford, his career began in the Netherlands, working with clients in the United States
and Europe for TVDK Management. Soon he’d go on to work for Aviva in London, working on
insurance at the corporate level for clients in Europe and Asia. With so much experience and a
coveted level of respectability, de Jeu founded his own firm, SVM Business Advisory.

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Luke Lazarus Makes Australian Startup Businesses Competitively Equipped

 The Path to Success

The path to success has many pitfalls along the way. Those who are best-prepared maneuver around these pitfalls, while those who have not trained well for the journey have often failed to pass thru the tumultuous waters of the competitive business world.

A year goes into making a business profession. A person interested in becoming a business professional will spend between 4-8 years in vocational school after K-12. Also, they will attend multiple seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Additionally, they may read biographies, manuals, life lessons, and self-help books. Usually all of this input and digesting information and knowledge comes before entering the field of business. Not all people preparing for business are the same.

For example, some may have grown up in business environments, while others were only introduced to shop later in life out of necessity and found enjoyment in bringing goods to market.

Early Years in Perth

Luke Lazarus began his business career earlier than most in Perth, where he spent his days making notes of his childhood business plans and persuading his friends to join him in seeing what could be done to make them come alive. Early successes give hope and open career paths to those old joys of success as it did for Luke Lazarus.

He kept his thoughts and remembrance of his early accomplishments as he went thru his school development and training. By the time Luke Lazarus reached the time to decide on his college courses, he had already drawn attention to significant universities abroad who offered Luke Lazarus an assortment of scholarships. Read more: Luke Lazarus | F6S and Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne

Luke Lazarus preferred to stay within his native country and attended the MBA program at Melbourne Business College.

He finished his career degree program within the years alotted and moved on to launch his first business plans soon after.

Within the early years of leaving Melbourne Business, Luke Lazarus was digging deeper into the world of business and successfully launched four successful companies.

Luke Lazarus planned to move forward in another direction, so he made negotiations with several buyers and agreements for the sale of all of his four firms.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy

Luke Lazarus was interested in being an instrument of support to startup businesses throughout Australia, and after some time, he launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy in 2013.

From his first days and weeks ahead he found many companies where he found he could apply his 20+ years of business knowledge and insights to inefficiencies he located thru his analysis and interactions with startups of all kinds.

It has been several years since Luke Lazarus has found a rich niche for his consulting services and has experienced much success in guiding startups to new levels of success, finding ways to attract venture capital funding, or training them to develop solid mission statement and business stories that make a deep emotional connection with clients, investors and consumers alike.

Luke Lazarus travels throughout Australia working wholeheartedly in a world he is extremely knowledgeable, confident, and prepared to make a big difference in startup businesses.

Learn more about Luke Lazarus: