Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Explains Why He Put His Latest Company Together

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago, Illinois, businessman who has co-founded multiple technology firms. Among these are InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, MediaBank, and most famously Groupon. He has been a leader at these companies, including being the chief executive officer and chairman of the board. His latest company, Tempus, Inc. is bringing cutting-edge technology to the field of healthcare.

Tempus is a company that helps physicians deliver personalized care to cancer patients. His company built a library filled with data such as molecular data, clinical data, doctor’s notes, and genomic sequencing data. Machine learning and analytics sort this data and come up with relevant insights. Eric Lefkofsky says the goal is to help physicians develop individualized treatment plans that lead to better patient outcomes when diagnosed with this deadly disease.

He has partnered with many hospitals and universities around the nation. One of these is LSU Health Shreveport’s Feist-Weiller Cancer Center. This center is led by Maria-Magdalena Georgescu, M.D., Ph.D. She partnered with Tempus so that she could better research glioblastoma, a common and very deadly form of brain cancer. To date, people with this type of cancer face grim prospects because it grows too fast to be effectively targeted and treated.

Eric Lefkofsky says that the digital tools and analytics that his company provides to Feist-Weiller Cancer Center will help them better understand how their patient’s profiles, using their genetic information, will respond to various treatment options. They will be able to see what treatments can shrink or eliminate these types of tumors and lead to better patient outcomes.

Along with his long-time business partner, Eric Lefkofsky established Tempus in 2015. He says that he saw a need for much better technology when it comes to cancer care and decided he had the skills to fill it. He had gone along with a family member to their appointments to treat their cancer. He saw that physicians didn’t have access to the data that would help them better help their patients beat cancer. He put together a team of experts who built a platform that is now used for 25% of cancer patients in America.

Ted Bauman Explains Why Investors Should Seriously Consider Buying PayPal Stock

Ted Bauman, who edits an email financial newsletter, is a big proponent of investing in PayPal. He says that in a world where cash is no longer king the company that offers the best user experience, services, and security when making financial transactions is the one to bet on. In his estimation that company is PayPal.

There are still some people around who will use cash to make small purchases such as those less than $20. Increasingly, though, people haven’t had cash in their wallets for months to years. People want to either use a debit card, credit card, or their smartphone to buy things nowadays. Cash is a dwindling part of the equation when making a purchase.

Ted Bauman says that investors can take advantage of the move to making financial transactions digitally. His expertise comes from being an international economist who spent 25 years working in South Africa’s not-for-profit industry. He worked on both housing and finance. He has long been watching the evolving financial industry and has been sharing with subscribers on how to make money from the new ways of spending for the past few years. Learn more about Ted Bauman at bizjournals.com

He warns people away from old-model companies like Mastercard and Visa. He says that cashless payment platforms, such as PayPal, are replacing the use of credit cards. He says that PayPal offers many benefits to its customers who want to make online payments. This company has been very successful at adapting to how consumers want to spend their money.

PayPal was once owned by eBay who bought them to manage purchases on the eBay platform. Before that, people who used eBay had to deal with checks or other inconvenient ways of buying things. PayPal greatly simplified matters by offering a unified payment platform.

Ted Bauman sees PayPal as a precursor of digital currencies like bitcoin. If people hadn’t gotten used to storing money in the cloud on PayPal they might never have wanted anything to do with cryptocurrencies. Ted Bauman points out that PayPal is now used around the world and is not only firmly entrenched but offers something unique and valuable.

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Steve Ritchies Rise to Success

When it comes to the succession of any leadership role in a company, very few people are often considered to take up the leadership mantle of any company. The people considered for the Chief executive position are skilled at what they do, have a proven record of accomplishing the impossible in previous posts, and they are committed to seeing the company succeed at all costs. This description does apply to Papa John’s current Chief Executive officer, Steve Ritchie. He acquired his position as Chief executive officer in 2014. His rise to this position took commitment, hard work, and dedication to not only the company but the employees as well.

He started working at Papa John’s—which is the third largest pizza delivery company in the world —as a customer service representative in 1996. In this position, he earned $6 for every hour. He would later move from the customer service position, to become a Papa John’s operator and owner in 2006. In 2010, Steve Ritchie began to serve as not only an owner in Papa John’s but also in other leadership positions. He would later work from other leadership ranks to become the Chief executive officer. In 2015, he was also named the president of Papa John’s.

His succession to becoming the company’s chief executive officer has made it easy for him to focus on the team members that make Papa John’s what it is today. His experience working as a customer service representative has given him the tools he requires to motivate his team to do better. It also makes him the right leader to take Papa John’s to another level of growth. In his current leadership position, he has been able to lead the global development of Papa John’s, enabling the growth of its digital market in this competitive day and age.

Shervin Pishevar Fears Where the Dow Jones May Go

The stock market is never entirely predictable. Trends do emerge that provide analysts with some reasonable indications about where the Dow Jones may head. And then things happen without warning. Recent upheavals in the trade war between the United States and China led to the market dropping. A proposed ban on Huwai technology further hurt the market. Then, some concessions emerged, and the market perked up. All of this occurred within a few days. The lesson here is the market can be volatile. In a 21-hour tweet storm, technology and venture capital guru Shervin Pishevar warned his followers about potential market disasters.

Since his tweet storm garnered media attention, Shervin Pishevar warned more than his Twitter followers. A sizeable audience learned about his predictions. And those market predictions are frightening. Pishevar believes the stock market may drop by 6,000 points. The financial disaster tornado occurring in the aftermath of a 6,000-point drop could drag the global economy into a nightmare scenario. All this did happen before. The 2008 financial crisis proved the stock market is never invulnerable.

Pishevar did hint in the tweet storm he agreed with conventional wisdom. Gold prices increase when markets collapse, but he did not outright endorse any precious metal purchasing plans. Pishevar isn’t selling the public anything. Nor does he try to motivate them to take specific actions. In his past and present tweets, he shares his opinions. Not everyone agrees, but the ideas are worth checking out.

Shervin Pishevar runs Investment company, a top venture capital enterprise. As a “super angel investor,” Pishevar help funnel money into many business ventures. He is most well known for being an original Uber investor, and Pishevar currently puts efforts into the Virgin Hyperloop One transportation system. He knows a lot about tech, finance, and investing. His insights come from experience, although opinions do remain speculative.

Shervin Pishevar doesn’t want to start a panic. He does, however, want the public to pay attention to the current stock market landscape. Being caught by surprise during a Dow Jones decline could yield devastating effects. Stay current on all news and be informed.


Catching Up With Sheldon Lavin

An interview with Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group, LLC, was conducted by none other than Senior Editor of CEOCFO Magazine, Lynn Foss. The interview details many areas of interest for business owners to learn about a successful CEO’S journey to success, as well as for those interested in getting to know more about the Global Food Executive.

Published May, 29th, 2017, the interview began with asking Lavin about his time working as a financial consultant. For those who are not familiar, Sheldon Lavin answered the question detailing what he learned as a financial consultant and how it helped him later in life in other business endeavors. He answered with the fact that he has always envisioned himself working within a business that he himself had full ownership of. The CEO revealed that he has an academic background specifically in the area of finance and accounting, which is precisely why he chose to go that route.

The CEOCFO representative went on to ask Sheldon Lavin how he originally envisioned his company, to which he replied that he envisioned it as exactly what it is today; a quality enterprise whose name is synonymous with food processing the world over. With the next question being about the global reach of Lavin’s company, it is no surprise that OSI Group does indeed have a far reach. They have 70 physical locations, Lavin said, in 17 different countries in the world. The products processed by the company vary in each country and includes mainly proteins, baked goods, vegetable based items, and some sauces. To know more about him click here.

When asked how he made it all come together to start with, Sheldon Lavin explained that OSI Group is an entrepreneurial based company that is not run like a lot of other companies of the same type. There are no dictatorial rulers at the top, despite there being certain rules and policies within the company to follow. Lavin goes on to explain the evolution of the company and that innovation has always been in his DNA. The CEO talks more about the culture of family that is appreciated at the company and that the company has always had a philanthropic edge to their dealings with charities, such as the Ronald McDonald House.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Sheldon-Lavin

Serge Belamant and His Breakthrough in the World of Computer Systems

Serge Belamant is a renowned entrepreneur and computer scientist. He is the founder of the Patent Holdings Technologies. His technological inventions include the use of cryptocurrencies, which is a simplified technology that enables individuals, banks and governments to make investments decisions as well as to make natural deposits, withdrawals and payments. Born in 1953, Serge Belamant moved from France, where he was born, to South Africa where he was raised. In South Africa, he attended his high school and university education. He went to Highlands North Boys’ High School where he excelled and participated in various activities such as sports and academic activities.

He has been awarded Victor Ludorum from his excellence in class work and attained the sixth position from the participation of chess in the South African Chess School Championships. In completion of his high school studies, he passed with remarkable grades that earned him a position at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg where he studied Engineering in the first year before moving into Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. After three years of studying, he transferred to the University of South Africa to study Information Systems. After his studies, he enrolled in different jobs in South Africa. Click here to know more about Serge Belamant

The first company to work for was Matrix; he developed programmes that detected the water levels in dams. This helped in providing statistics that could be used in the future. He participated in Council for Scientific, Industrial Research and Vereeniging projects. After these projects, he worked with Control Data as the Top analyst for the national grid systems. As he progressed with his career, he was chosen a consultant of Bancorp and later worked for SASWITCH where he made his success breakthrough by creating a real-time computer transaction switching programme for the bank.

After several jobs on other technology firms, Serge Belamant decided to start his own company, which he named Net1 Technologies, inspiration from his first Fund Transfer System technology. The success of this company mainly came when VISA hired him to integrate his FTS technology with their operation. Serge Belamant has since become the founding father of most of the blockchain technologies’ software and programmes that are in process to today.

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Things you need to know about Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian began his career in 2015. Ara Chackerian is a well-known expert in the field of health. He has brought notable developments in the area through his ventures, and he continues to partner with other experts in the industry to ensure that everyone acquires good health. His innovations have brought a positive impact in the lives of many, and he continues to put a lot of effort to ensure that he comes up with solutions to handle the various conditions and severe disease that affect people. His hard work has already born fruits, and through his ASC Holdings venture, he has helped people living with cancer overcome the adverse effects that they experience as a result of the diseases and the entire treatment process.

Ara Chackerian has invested in various companies in their early stages through the ASC Holdings venture. He has shared his knowledge of technology and health with many executives, and he seeks to change the world through his innovative ideas.

The advocates for hard work and he encourages people to move fast towards achieving their dreams. He believes that dedication is critical when it comes to chasing one’s dreams. He advocates for sharing as he also believes that through doing so, people get to acquire a lot of ideas on how they can improve lives.

The duo also believes that depression has slowed developments in various sectors, and as a result, he took part in the founding of the TMS Firm, with the target of helping mental illness patients that do not respond to other forms of treatment. TMS relies on the technology of stimulating patients through transcranial magnetic, to help them acquire healing faster. Besides, Ara Chackerian is also a great and dedicated philanthropist, and he seeks to help other people achieve better living standards through his work.


David McDonald Top Leader of OSI Group

David McDonald was raised on a farm in Iowa. It was no surprise when he went on to pursue a degree in animal science. As an alumnus from Iowa State University, David McDonald remains active with the school. He contributes to the scholarship fund and helps the students by being involved in making internships available to them at OSI Group. David McDonald has been awarded for his work in the alumni association and also for his philanthropic work.

Working at OSI as a project manager was David McDonald’s first job after graduating from Iowa State University. He is the company’s current president and chief operating officer. OSI Group is a meat processing company based in Illinois. When the business first opened, they were a butcher shop then it grew to become supplier to McDonald’s restaurants. Within the last twenty years the company has expanded into the large international corporation it is today. In 2016 it earned a ranking of 58 on Forbes list as being among the largest privately owned U.S. company. Their products include bacon, fish, and other meats. The company has operations in seventeen countries with around sixty-five processing facilities. They supply to restaurants domestically and overseas including Subway and Starbucks in China.

His experience and knowledge has led him to play a key role in the company’s expansion to China. The company has acquired Baho Foods and Creative Foods Europe which help them with growing in the European market. The company has also expanded into other foods and do not only focus on the meat products that started the company. OSI Group has partnered with Nation Pizza and Foods in the domestic market. They are expanding to include frozen entrées and even tofu products. By acquiring other companies and by partnerships the company continues to grow both domestically and overseas. The company also cares about the environment. Their facilities adhere to environmental standards and are certified by LEED, they are energy efficient and meet green standards. David McDonald’s leadership will definitely help the company continue to grow. The company attributes their success to continuously making improvements and anticipating consumer needs and staying ahead of their competition.


Paul Mampilly Sees Big Business Go Small in 2019

According to Paul Mampilly, a trusted investment guru who writes for Banyan Hill Publishing, 2019 is going to be a year of upheaval for large businesses. According to Mampilly, big businesses are going to start acting like smaller businesses. This will lead to a series of adaptable, modern-thinking companies interested in gaining a more personal relationship with their consumers.

2018 was a hard year for big business. Many veterans began closing up shop in the wake of an increase of online sales, modern sales practices, and modern consumers. At the same time small start-up companies were making bank. Not only were they selling products but they were creating interpersonal relationships with consumers. Such companies used social media, multi-level marketing, and other modern business practices to gain the upper hand.

Despite the size of big business it soon found itself losing money hand over fist. The age of look but don’t buy began. Consumers began visiting retail to look at a product but would refrain form buying it because it was cheaper online. Numerous companies like Toys ‘R’ Us were suddenly on the fence. Best Buy was one but it was able to make a comeback by adapting to modern day sales practices. Paul Mampilly believes it will not be the only one.

In order to survive big companies are going to have to adapt and began acting like smaller start-ups. In Paul Mampilly’s eyes this means new modern product lines, multi-level marketing aspects, increase use of social media, and direct-sales approaches. Companies are going to become in tune with desires of the consumer and follow their trends. This will lead to a revival for big business in 2019 and many will come back from the brink. Of all the projections Paul Mampilly has made about 2019, he is most certain about this.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a professional investor with decades of experience on Wall Street. Mampilly was a senior portfolio manage, hedge-fund manager, and money manager for various companies. During the financial crises Mampilly was one of a few investors who actually made profit. A master of stock-based investments Mampilly works as an analyst assisting mid-level investors make profitable returns.

Bhanu Choudhrie Talks About Success In Investing

Bhanu Choudhrie is a native of India who was born in 1978 and moved to London after studying International Business and Marketing through the University of Boston. In 2008 at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards, he won Entrepreneur of the Year. From 2001 to 2011, Bhanu Choudhrie served as the Executive Director for C&C Alpha Group which is based on London in the United Kingdom.

While Bhanu Choudhrie completed an internship at JP Morgan in the United States, he made the decision to move to London where there were many business opportunities available. He is grateful to have had the exciting opportunity to both work and learn in countries that he was not native to. He was able to meet interesting people and learn things that he wouldn’t have in his home country. He was fascinated to be able to win the Entrepreneur of the Year Award n 2008 and never expected to win. While he doesn’t say that anyone can do it because he did, he does believe that it is an opportunity that many people have with enough work and dedication.

Visit Bahnu Choudhrie on Twitter.

While Bhanu Choudhrie was with C&C Alpha Group, he had an opportunity to work with many different industries such as restaurants, hotels, and healthcare. The company invests in many different industries and while he enjoys working with all of them, he has stated that real estate is among the most exciting. He has also stated how much he enjoys the opportunity to meet so many different people in the position, especially when it comes to opening hotels and attending the events surrounding them. Being able to hear the different stories and opinions from people and professionals from a wide variety of industries is a unique opportunity that he is grateful for.

Philanthropy is exceptionally important to Bhanu Choudhrie not only for his personal values but also out of respect for the religion of Hindu. If you give, you will get back and he has been giving back since he was a young child. His own mother runs her own charity called Path to Success in which he acts as a director.

Find out more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/bhanu-choudhrie