Ashley Lightspeed and the Key to Succeeding

Ashley Lightspeed has reached for greatness ever since she was young. For her entire life, she has believed that there is more to the world than what is presented to us in the menial tasks of day-to-day work, and she has proven this to be true over the course of her incredibly inspiring and fruitful career. Though her work first began with a strong passion for architecture, having found influence from her father, she has grown to cultivate a true care for the inner-workings of the business and investment world. It is this that currently possesses her, and she has shown throughout her career that she is capable of dominating anything she sets her mind to.

This much is apparent by the enormous amount of work she is willing to put into her job, and yet to her, it is hardly a matter of work as much as it is a genuine love for business and investment. Ashley Lightspeed has always believed that the customer’s wishes should be considered before anything else, and this is why she has crusaded against the current trend in business to merely function on the basis of generating revenue.

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In opposition to this, she has focused her work on determining what it is the people of the world actually want and finding new ways to deliver it to them. It is clear from her success in her job that she has been able to figure out what makes people tick, as her knowledge in investment has led to the growth of countless corporations over the years, and she hopes to only grow that list as she becomes more and more familiar with the ever-changing landscape of business. There is a part of her that is aware she cannot be perfectly in-tune with the world of business, but she still seeks to reach this status in every single day of her life, and it is perhaps for this reason that she is so well-respected among her peers.

Some people underestimate the importance of being respected in the workplace, but someone like her, who has dealt with employees who have a lack of respect for the work they do, is able to appreciate the genuine importance that comes along with being truly dedicated to your work. She knows that unless you are willing to take everyone else’s thoughts into consideration, you are likely not going to be able to figure out the best solution for any task that comes at hand.

In the eyes of Ashley Lightspeed, it is nothing but absolutely essential to ensure that all thoughts are considered before moving forward, as if this is not guaranteed, you will simply be leaving room within your business to slip up. While she is aware that mistakes are bound to happen even in the most successful of careers, she believes that caution is paramount in minimizing these mistakes. Particularly when you are pursuing a career in investment, where one wrong move can lead to your downfall, prudence is the key to success.

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Isabel dos Santos: The Wealthiest Female Entrepreneur in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a Russian-Angolan businesswoman, and the eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Angola’s ruler from 1979 to 2017. She is the wealthiest female in Africa, with a net worth of over $2 billion. She established her wealth through investing, and she also started doing businesses by setting up firms that focuses on trucking, telecommunications, and tourism.

At a very young age, Isabel dos Santos was sent overseas by her father to study at the best schools in Europe. When she was in college, she took up an Electrical Engineering degree at the King’s College in London, United Kingdom. This is where she met her future husband, a billionaire scion from Zaire. After she graduated from college, she decided to look for a job, and earning her first wealth in the process. She invested her wealth in various European companies, and earned a lot from incentives.

When the 1990s decade came, her father requested for her return in Angola, and asked if she can lend a hand in the Urbana 2000 project. This project aims to clean the streets of Luanda, and Isabel dos Santos accepted the challenge. She was given a high-ranking position to manage the project, and in the end, the program was successful. After the program concluded, she ventured into different investment options, and built businesses in various industries.

Isabel dos Santos started to invest in a trucking business, and it was a great idea because companies in Angola needs to rely on reliable trucking services to move their projects. After her trucking business proved to be a success, she opened a telecoms firm because she saw the potential of the industry. The excessive use of walkie-talkies would become the blueprint for a massive industry that will be developed a few years into the future. She also invested in the tourism industry, opening the Miami Beach Club for tourists visiting Angola. It was a hit among the guests, and it attracts a lot of tourists from around the world. She proved herself to be a successful businesswoman, and she also generated profit for her country, thanks to her numerous investments.

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DonataMeirelles Contributions to the Fight against HIV and AIDS

DonataMeirelles is a fashion consultant and socialist from Brazil well recognized from her work as a style director at Vogue Brazil. Besides, DonataMeirelles is a supporter of researches and studies concerning AIDS as well as promoting the fight against HIV and AIDS. She involves multiple HIV and AIDS research facilities which have enabled her to acquire a significant number of audiences reaching more than 463,000. Recently, she reacted to a post by the New York Times about a HIV patient who got cured through AmfAR. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at

About AmfAR

AmfAr is a non-profitable organization that aims at supporting the fight against HIV and AIDS through research, advocacy, prevention and treatment studies worldwide. Founded in 1983 with a partnership between the AMF and the National AIDS Research Foundation, the facility merged to form the AmfAR which aims at fighting HIV and AIDS stigma as well as educating the public concerning the disease. Currently, the organization has enhanced innovative and modern research techniques to various institutions such as the Family Institute of Health and has received over three thousand grants and invested over four hundred million dollars in HIV and AIDS treatment studies.

Meirelles Support on HIV and AIDS Research Facilities

AmfAR, like other non-profitable organizations, receives funds from well-wishers and fundraising events. DonataMeirelles involves in various fundraising events such as AmfAR Annual Cinema Against AIDS which generates funds from selling exclusive tickets and unique memorabilia auctioning. Similarly, different celebrities including Scarlet Johnson, Andy Warhol, Annie Leibovitz, and Kate Hudson have involved in multiple donations of items and participating in auctioning which generated over $265,000; the recent event proving about $20 million. DonataMeirelles support to the organization aims at finding the cure to HIV and AIDS by the year 2020 while the facility continues to receive a record amount of funds from various sectors and individual donors.

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The Support That Donata Meirelles Is Offering To Get an AIDS Cure

Donata Meirelles is well known for being a Brazilian fashion consultant. There are so many contributions that she has made in the fashion industry. Also, at the Vogue Brazil, she was a former stylist. The other thing is that she has gained a reputation for is being an advocate for the research of AIDS and education. To show her support in the cause, she attends the annual events, and not only that she will engage her online followers if they can support her to fight AIDS and HIV. Donata has over 463,000 followers, and a team of a broad audience that is assisting her in different ways that AIDS can be researched and the funding. See more of Donata Meirelles fashion and style at Fashionismo.

There is a post of the New York Times that she reacted to recently which read: “patient of HIV is said to have received a cure for the second time. The success will be of great help to the scientist to end AIDS.” Donata Meirelles is excited just like the rest, because for many years together with the AIDS research community they have been involved in many fundraising efforts. She said that she was very excited to read about the news. Donata was introduced by a friend to the amfAR eight years ago. Since then, she has been nothing but supportive of the cause.

To increase the support that amfAR gives these initiatives, they do so through the help of fundraisers and donations. The largest source of revenue for the amfAR’s is through the fundraising they organize. Meirelles has been nothing but support to every event they have had. Especially the amfAR’s Annual Cinema against AIDS Donata will ensure that it’s always a success. They will raise money through the number of expensive tickets sold. The other way is that celebrities will donate costly items that will be auctioned in the foundation.


Isabel dos Santos Continues To Raise Importance Issues Of Economic Awareness For The Continent Of Africa:

In the business sector of the African country of Angola, Isabel dos Santos is an individual who clearly stands out from the pack. This is due to the level of success that she has cultivated over the course of her career in business. Through her wide and diligent investments in both Africa and abroad, Isabel dos Santos has become Africa’s wealthiest woman. She also holds the distinct honor of being the continents first female billionaire. She currently holds stakes of stock in several of the biggest and most important companies in the Angolan business sector and was named in 2015 as one of the world’s most influential women. This prestigious distinction was bestowed on Isabel dos Santos by the BBC.

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The impeccable reputation of dos Santos has been built not only due to her success as a businesswoman but also due to the fact that she has become such a strong advocate for important issues that the people of Africa face on a daily basis. She is a huge advocate for the continued development of the economy of Africa and has advocated for a tech revolution in the continent. Women’s issues are also near and dear to Isabel’s heart and she has worked hard over her career to promote causes that empower women.

Isabel dos Santos recently found herself in an important speakers position as the Africa Summit 2019. This event was held in Brussels, Belgium at the EU headquarters. During her talk, Isabel dos Santos raised important points about the importance of bringing technology to the people of Africa along with critical education. She feels strongly that these are the areas that are of the utmost importance in terms of making it possible for Africa to be able to develop in some areas where it has been lagging behind other parts of the world. Isabel also touched on areas such as the agricultural sector and urban planning in regard to areas that she sees as critical for the future development of the economy of Africa.


Doe Deere Launched Line Of New Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Doe Deere might have been the undisputed queen of cult makeup but the beauty mogul has decided to take on a new venture with the establishment of her new company, Poppy Angeloff. The company currently offers a wide range of Victorian-inspired pieces of jewelry that are designed for modern women. The jewelry line has been curated by Doe Deere herself and is unlike most brands that target modern women.

The inspiration to start up a new company came from the heirlooms that were passed down through the generations in Doe Deere’s family. When she was still involved with the makeup business, Doe Deere was one day looking at some old Victorian styled pieces of jewelry. She realized that there was a certain amount of timeless beauty that came along with this style of pieces which was relatively unmatched by most kinds of jewelry available today. She realized that this was something that appealed even to a modern woman like herself, which was surprising given how old this actually was. However, the beauty of these pieces wasn’t the only bit of motivation that Doe Deere needed. She contemplated a potential business idea in this regard, but it was only when her sister decided to give her a push dd she finally came to the conclusion that she wanted to start a jewelry business.

Ever since then, the company has become the main focus of Doe Deere’s professional aspects. Having moved on from the makeup business, she is now focusing her efforts full time on Poppy Angeloff and all that it offers.

The unique bit about the collection released by the brand is the fact that they brilliantly display the creativity of Doe Deere. With incredibly delicate and detailed patterns and intricate designs, the craftsmanship behind these pieces of jewelry is what has got fans excited and eager to get their hands on the latest collection.

In a recent interview, Doe Deere stated that the company is the next step in her evolution as an artist, an entrepreneur, and a human being. She wanted to make something that people would be proud of owning and which would last for a significantly long period of time, which is exactly what she plans to achieve with the jewelry released under this brand.