Top companies choose Christopher Linkas when they are seeking advice due to his extensive knowledge of investing. His desire for finance led him to the top as soon as he graduated from college and held a position with one UK-based Investment Group. His excitement with markets pushed him to follow a career path in finance and served as an Asset Manager and Analyst. He was appointed the vice president by his employer after a short stint in the first company. The benefits of early investing apply to both the servicemen and women as well as civilians, together with any person acknowledging the potential of wealth accumulation can begin saving for the future.


Anyone investing in the market knows it goes up and sometimes down. It requires the investors to study the stock performance as well as be cautious when selecting those individual meeting preferences. Christopher Linkas elevated investors’ funds to over $4 billion between two years. This achievement led him to work in New York with Goldman Sachs and in 1998 was named a vice president and established a connection between the financial giants’ essential divisions.


Early investments earn interests that an investor can increase by continuously buying stock. The extended measure of time that youths have in the markets enables the investments to escalate from installments that establish a base for retirement. A young person who begins investing $2,000 every year for a decade at a 10% interest rate can accumulate a fortune exceeding the amount of someone making the same investment three times the same length but begun nine years later.


Christopher Linkas recommend regular activities by youths wishing to enjoy entrepreneurship in the business sphere. The initial investment starts to yield profit s immediately putting the young investor ahead of the others. The returns provide the funds for the purchases others may not be able to afford.


The one goal almost every investor has is the need to have a satisfactorily quality life. Christopher Linkas trusts that chances come to those who train enough and remain on toes. Deals take some time to process and need investors to express a reasonable amount of patience.


The aids that IC System will offer the charitable events for the good of the community

IC System has gained the reputation for providing the customers with services that cater to the collection needs. The thing that makes them be often thought of is the innovative practices that will be of assistance when it comes to the upper tiers. Together with IC System honesty they have, they are trusted by many as being the best when it comes to the providing of the receivables management services the belief that they have is that any firm is part of a community that is large. They have a tradition and that is the ethical practices together with that is the essential component of the firm’s philosophy that is modern in that it cares about giving back to the community.

So that to give their best support when it comes to the culture responsibility IC System has tried their level best in the institutionalizing of how they are providing by use of the philanthropic team that IC System created. In 1981 that’s when the group was founded with the name of Employee Charitable Help Organization. Their responsibility is that they will take care of everything that will be involved in the charities. They will achieve the charity by planning the donating events, coordinating the community activities and for the employees, they will create opportunities for them to participate in volunteering.

There have been different charities that IC System has been involved with, and the charities are for different causes too. The effort that IC System will make when it comes to the charity is that they will offer the funds and encourage the employees to participate by taking on the sponsorships. Together with the donations, there is the volunteer program. The volunteer programs that the IC System will organize most of them will be centered on the food drives that will have the collection and donated foods for the people in need. During the drives, the employees at IC System will assist in the parking of the foods and giving them to the kids. When they are not feeding the kids, there is maybe another event that IC System is organizing.

Lee May Sponsored Fundraiser For Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club

Lee May is a contracting company founded in the year 2013 by a number of directors with great construction experience that exceeds 100 years. It has a trusted team of professionals that have worked with the firm for many years and shown their ability to produce quality results. Over the time, the firm’s primary focus has been demonstrating innovation and resourcefulness to the construction industry while at the same time maintaining high levels of industry standards regarding quality and safety.


Their good long lasting relationship with their clients is as a result of ensuring a cost-effective and timely service delivery making them the preferred contractor. With its proficient staff, Lee May offers a number of services such as design and building services, construction management, residential & commercial refurbishment, fit-out, land acquisition among many others. Over the time the firm has achieved ISO accreditations 9001, 14001 and 18001, Safecontractor, CQMS, and Chas. Additionally, it has also improved the company ’s infrastructure, construction services as well as its clients base to a well-established construction service provider that can now look up to the future with a positive eye.


Even though Lee May is largely in the construction industry, it’s also involved in charity affairs as a way of giving back to the community. Being a proud sponsor of Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club, Lee May planned to shoulder a sponsored 10K run that will raise funds to help in the purchase of a new minibus for the club. The collected money will be given to the club as a donation to help improve its training services and in return create an excellent opportunity for the club’s young boxers to compete in the domestic and European tournaments. Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club also plays a significant role in the development of young people by instilling strong family values that are promoted by the club. Therefore, Lee May strongly believes in the club’s activities and is very optimistic that in the long run this noble cause will be a success and their goal of £20K will be achieved with your support. No matter how small the amount is, both the company and the club will highly appreciate.


Fighting for Human Rights in the Modern Society

It can be quite mind-boggling that in the present world we live in, there are still people to struggle to achieve their optimum dignity to live. Some people suffer in the hands of government abuse, victims of war, or troublesome societal policies that keep them sinking in the pit of despair. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Thankfully, there are many human rights organizations that are willing to help these individuals in need. In this article, we will be looking at the top organizations and their advocacies for human rights.

  1. Amnesty International

Amnesty International is known as an organization to conduct research and promote actionable steps in preventing abuse of human rights. One of their advocacies is to demand justice for citizens of countries that have experienced violations of human rights.

  1. Global Rights

Global Rights is an international non-profit organization that focuses on working with local activists in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Their goal is to protect the rights of the marginalized communities. Through assistance and training of the staff, they work closely with partners to expose human rights abuses, conduct community projects and become a catalyst for change for mismanaged policies.

  1. Human Right Watch

Human Right Watch closely adheres to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They oppose situations where people have suffered from the lack of basic human rights. These include capital punishment, discrimination of sexual orientation, among many others. The organization advocates freedom of individuals with fundamental human rights.

About the Frontera Fund

Another interesting program that supports human rights is founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Both people are the founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. They have set aside the settlement money from the arrest given to them by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to help migrants succeed in Arizona. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

They named the project Frontera Fund, which will be amounting to $3.75 million. This amount is a result of the settlement they received after being unjustly arrested in October of 2007 by County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The two journalists were arrested from their homes in the late evening, after exposing some deeds of the said Sheriff.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin hope that Frontera Fund will be able to give financial support to groups that fight for migrant, civil and human rights. It also aims to promote freedom of speech and participation in the state, including the Mexican border.

Arizona Charities Get Support from Local Jason Hope

Scottsdale, AZ is lucky to have one of their local residents so dedicated to the improvement and support of the local community. Jason Hope grew up in Tempe and attended Arizona State University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and an MBA. Jason Hope developed an intense interest in technology and how it could be used to support a better life style for all people.

Hope has been an avid supporter of local education programs in Arizona, which he sees as a way to help young people with ideas to eventually change the world for the better. He supports many of the educational institutions he was helped by, giving schools in Arizona the opportunity to serve more students. He believes that all students should receive a good education, no matter what their family’s financial resources are. He recently gave a substantial donation to Teach for America’s Phoenix Chapter. Its goals are to make education available to all people.

Jason supports other organizations as well. One of the major ones is the SENS Foundation. This is an organization that is doing research on the anti-aging process, so they can develop ways to allow people to live longer, healthier lives. The organization works to develop ways to rejuvenate and rebuild living cells within the body as a way of substantially improving a person’s health.

Jason Hope gives his financial support to other organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of Phoenix, the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, Arizona Science Center, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Jason is a major supporter of new Internet technology. He loves supporting ideas that relate to satellite technology to connect various devices. Without it the Internet would not work. He says that satellite technology allows businesses to connect remotely, furthering their ability to conduct business and support the employment of many people in the community.

He plans to continue his support of his local community as well as supporting new technology and biotechnology projects that can improve the lives of everyone.

For more information, visit Jason Hope’s social media pages on Facebook or Twitter.