Eli Gershkovitch Influence On Worlds’s Brewing Industry

Eli Gershkovitch opened his first brewpub in 1995 in Gastown Canada. The Steamworks Brewpub became popular in a short amount of time mainly because it was the first and only steam-powered brewing establishment. Eli Gershkovitich achieved this monopoly by navigating the main legal complexities that made it hard for other entrepreneurs to set up such a business in Canada. It was particularly less of a struggle for him given that he was a qualified attorney.


The popularity and high success of the Steamworks Brew Pub saw Eli Gershkovitch open a Restaurant which initially went by the name Transcontinental and eventually became the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar. Eli Gershkovitch, later on, expanded the establishment gradually, steadily increasing his seats from 185 to 754. Steamworks Group of Companies ranks as one of the leading producers of quality beer around the globe.

Recently held open Beer championships in the US saw Eli Gershkovitch triumph among the famous American breweries and bring glory to Canada by scooping a total of 24 awards 10 of which were gold medals. Canada became the first country aside America to win such a significant number of awards at the championships. The constant reinvention of beer production and development of a new well thought out brands uniquely crafted has put Canada on the map regarding best quality beer all around the world (MontrealGazette). For an instant, the famous pilsner and lagers are brands that are internationally recognized are most beer fanatic favorites.


Eli Gershkovitich has unarguably had a large impact on the beer brewing industry both locally and internationally. He attributes his success in persistence and the urge to grow. In one of his interviews, Eli Gershkovitich said and I quote “you can choose to stay small, or you can decide to grow.” He has made incredible milestones in the industry by constantly reinventing the quality of his product and his products and creating new products that suit the preferences of the consumers. Eli Gershkovitch remains one of the most successful pioneers of steam brewing method of producing beer in Canada and all over the world.

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