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From the bottom of the pack to the top of the world, the progress of an athlete during their lifetime is something that mesmerizes people around the world. The timeless success stories of those who acted on the talent they had, and the stories of those rose to stardom, are equally as interesting for fans around the world. Mark Holyoake has a story that encompasses his entire life from birth to retirement. Doug Sandler recently wrote a piece about the astounding life of this man.

Mark Holyoake grew up in Wellington, New Zealand where he lived under the perfect circumstances for someone seeking to become special in life. He showed signs of being athletically talented from a young age. Once he turned 9 years old, Mark Holyoake was winning small scale events and perfecting his craft. However, he hit the pedal to the medal when he turned 10.

That was the point he found himself placing highly at national level events. His accomplishments reflect only an aspect of his life. Mark Holyoake was also a master of time management with how he mixed his professional and academic life. He attended Auckland University to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

There is not a single athlete who believes they will still be doing professional sports throughout their entire life. The body can only handle so much and you will peak younger than you might like in life. Mark Holyoake views securing an education as an investment for the future. His self-discipline allowed him to graduate while never stepping away from earning high honors. Mark Holyoake’s career reached its height when he made a run for the team Olympic team in 2009 and 2010. He not only landed a role on the team, but helped lead them to a 4th place finish in their sport.

This landmark moment marked the end of Mark Holyoake’s career as a gymnast. He choose to fall back on his degree and become a personal trainer. The experience and knowledge he accumulated would be better severed helping the lives of individuals looking to improve. Find More Information Here.

Holyoake secured himself a full-time job as a leader, coach, and teacher of fitness. He then decided to launch his gymnastic clinic to support athletes’ health and wellness. He established a gym CrossFit Carbon Method venture and proceeded with its growth and development.


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Mark Holyoake – A Successful Entrepreneur and Gymnast


Mark Holyoake is a famous gymnast and entrepreneur in New Zealand. He emerged position 25 in 2005 World Artistic Gymnastic competition and position 11 in 2006 Commonwealth Games. In 2010, he took part in the Common Wealth with the Current Zealand team where he took position four on parallel bars. Mark was listed in the Guinness World Record Book for the most double leg rotations in a minute while on a pommel horse.


Mark Holyoake has vast experience in Gymnastics, which has made way for most of his endeavors inclusive of going into CrossFit space. Mark is not only athleticism and muscle, but he also has a good education background. He studied at Auckland University and acquitted a Bachelors’ Degree in Exercise Science. Before his endeavor in business, Mark had retired from gymnastics and took a job in Les Mills International, a popular gym chain in the globe.


Mark has also served as a personal trainer and made an excellent reputation. He earned several titles such as a teacher, a coach, and an outstanding leader. He is currently a great entrepreneur and has made tremendous success. He owns the RXClinic in partnership with Andy Rogers, a professional Olympic athlete. Roger and Mark blended well since Rogers was a professional weightlifter while Mark was a professional gymnast. Both managed to establish a brand of workout that combined weightlifting and gymnastics.


Mark Holyoake established ‘Mark Holyoake Gymnastics’ after RXClinic incredible success. He taught those who took over his clinic on how to combine gymnastics with their general workout plan. Mark began CrossFit competition in 2014. He took position 279 in his latest CrossFit competition which took place in 2019.


Geek shared a News’s article entitled “Gymnastics To CrossFit: Mark Holyoake Road To Entrepreneurship”. He shared how Mark Holyoake attained his incredible success by owning and running a local CrossFit gym. As a retired gymnast, Mark has moved his earlier perfected skills into a booming business that solely depends on his success in business, best assets, and experiences.


Mark Holyoake passion for Crossfit saw him partner with Tila Hamad, a licensed coach and founded a CrossFit gym by the name Carbon Method CrossFit. Mark has led by example in showing people how to turn what you love and treasure into a successful career. Go To This Page for additional information.


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