Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta Generously Gives Back To His Alma Maters


Vinod Gupta made a fortune in the business-to-business marketing information niche. In the 1970s he built a company that compiled databases of retailers in various industries. He sold these lists to companies that could market their products to them, such as mobile home manufacturers getting a national list of every mobile home retailer. When he sold the company many years later it was for $680 million. He now owns an investment firm where he invests in startups and acquires ones that are struggling.

He was born in India. Vinod Gupta comes from a small village that is about a hundred miles from New Delhi. He says that his parents inspired him to do well in school and how getting an education was paramount to doing anything in life. Graduating from the Indian Institutes of Technology after studying agricultural engineering, he moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where he got a master’s degree in this field at the University of Nebraska.

He believes in karma and that what you do in life will catch up to you. Vinod Gupta says that karma inspires him to support other people’s educational journeys. He supports students at both of his alma maters with scholarships. By supporting students he helps them become successful adults. In turn, they will provide people younger than them with the same opportunities. Go To This Page for more information.

He partnered with the Indian Institutes of Technology to start a business school. This is the Vinod Gupta School of Management. The school started in 1993 with the $2 million that he provided. It is the only business school at IIT and one of the top-ranked ones in that part of the world. Still often donating to IIT, he wanted to pay this university back for all the doors his education there opened for him.


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