Canadian Entrepreneurs Embracing LocationSmart Expansion North

Location as a service (LaaS) is about to get a lot more powerful across the nation of Canada.

That’s because California-based LocationSmart recently announced it is bringing its world-class LaaS to the Great White North. This will provide a host of capabilities, including carrier network location, SMS (Short Message Service), consent management, gaming compliance, workforce management capabilities and much more.

The service will provide consent-based access to 90 percent of Canadian smartphone users.

LocationSmart is widely recognized by industry observers for its stellar track record in providing excellent security across an array of LaaS functions. It can be used across all platform types, including tablets, smartphones, M2M/IoT, feature phones and more.

Officials with LocationSmart said they completed a comprehensive Beta program for Canada in early 2018. Many business entities and individual users are already on board and using LocationSmart LaaS. Thanks to what has been a seamless implementation of process, users across Canadian have been quick to take advantage of the power of mobile network location services.

LocationSmart is a company with an established reputation that dates back more than 20 years. The company was founded in 1995 in Los Angeles as TechnoCom Location Platform. By 2003 the firm was recognized as among the fastest growing companies in Southern California by Deloitte & Touche.

TechnoCom Location Platform was rebranded as LocationSmart in 2012. The company leverages a variety of location methodologies. Some examples are network location, IP address location, Wi-Fi location and landline location, to name just a few.

LocationSmart prides itself on security. It’s a member of the CTIA trade association, the TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association) and IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals). The company names many Fortune 500 firms as clients, but it also is a favorite of young-and-hungry start-up operations. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

Mario Proiett is CEO of LocationSmart. He said bringing his company’s services to Canada opens an array of opportunities across many industries. Proiett added that LocationSmart has bolstered its capabilities by adding to its international profile. That will help customers explore new business opportunities, he said.

A key feature and benefit offered by LocationSmart is powerful data analytics. Customers can tap into LocationSmart Analytics to conduct real-time trend analysis, for example. They can also track performance in any area of their business process. Summary drill down stats keyed to specific market areas are available at a manager’s fingertips. The importance of insights delivered by data is an area that cannot be overestimated for the important role it plays in keeping a modern company competitive and growing.

Another example of a powerful capability offered by LocationSmart is Geofencing. This enables users to create a virtual perimeter in a specific geographic area. This is valuable for functions such as fleet management, financial services, compliance management and asset management.

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LocationSmart Provides Real-Time Tracking Into Canada

LocationSmart has recently announced plans to expand their services into Canada. They are the largest Location-as-a-Service company in the world. Their services include secure carrier network location, consent management, short message service, and geo-contextual services. This new expansion will provide access to over 90% of Canada’s mobile subscribers.

Canada offers location and SMS services to all major cellphone providers and most other providers. After receiving proper consent, all businesses can locate all Canadian mobile devices on the network. All locations are provided in real-time. LocationSmart will now be able to provide carrier-grade security and privacy control to make sure location information is secure and trusted. Real-time location plays a major role in tracking shipments, gaming compliance, roadside assistance, workforce management, and transaction verification.

Customers will be able to find a brick-and-mortar business with the help of LocationSmart’s platform with a short text message. A business can create a dedicated number for customers to interact with. Once approved, the customers location will be detected and they will be provided with the nearest address to the business they are looking for. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

LocationSmart can help in many ways in the workplace. You can locate your assets and resources as well as employees. This can be used to assign jobs and assignments based on location. You can also conduct an audit to make sure your workers are arriving and departing work locations at the appropriate time.

There are several tracking devices that can not be located through Wi-Fi or GPS. Mobile devices can always be located through network locations without any hardware modifications, service calls, or mandatory downloads. These tracking devices can help you safe-guard valuable assets.

LocationSmart can be used to create an elaborate geo-fence. This geo-fence can inform you when a customer enters your area of service. A geo-fence can be placed around a building, neighborhood, asset, or street. You can be informed when someone enters or exits the area. This can you help you decide if you want to approve or deny a transaction based on the customers location. This can prevent identity theft and fraud.

LocationSmart is a Cloud Location Services leader for connected devices with over 15 billion connected devices worldwide. LocationSmart was founded by Mario Proietti and Masoud Motamedi and located in Carlsbad, California.

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