A School With A Great Student Life

The United States is ripe full of colleges where you can study art. There must be thousands of state, community and private schools for various art subjects. However, few schools stand out as being superior to the rest. These schools include the University of Rhode Island, School of Visual Arts and Academy of Art University.

There are many different expenses that students have to pay. For a full time undergraduate student, the costs per academic year equal out to about $26,147. This is one of the more expensive schools that you can go to, though the expenses pay out dividends when you come out with great connections, a valuable degree and relevant skills.

 The school is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students have an option to stay at dormitories, if they choose to. There is a shuttle bus provided so that students can easily get from the dorm buildings to the campus. The institute provides the best facilities so that students can focus properly and learn. There are many different classrooms and lounges that put students in the best possible mind space to do work.

The Academy of Art University has a vibrant student life that includes many clubs. These clubs include the Anime Club, Beyond The Front Row, Black Student Union, Chinese Students Association, Christian Student Fellowship, Comics and Concept Art Club, Drama Club, Drawaholics Anonymous Crew, Gaming at Academy of Art University, Interior Architecture and Design Club, Improv Club, Fine Arts Online Club, Indonesian Student Association, Jewelry and Metal Arts Club, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Outloud!, Sigma Delt Sorority, Tea Time Animation, Urban Knights Radio and Veterans Club. From looking at all of these clubs, it is quite evident that there is something for everyone. It is also quite evident that there is a diverse student body at the school that includes many different ethnic and racial groups.

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Tigerswan, James Reese

The Promising Destiny Of TigerSwan And Colonel James Reese

Though there are certainly plenty of great multinational security companies, there are few security brands like TigerSwan. This leading security firm has done a lot to improve security for countless thousands around the world. By partnering with public security entities, TigerSwan has proven its commitment to making the world a safer place. This company was founded by none other than James Reese, a retired Lt. Colonel known for leading the famous Delta Force through tumultuous times.

At its amazing training facility, TigerSwan has taught numerous security operators about establishing security in less-than-ideal conditions. Because TigerSwan’s staff features quite a few veterans, this company’s employees and partners are known to have impeccable ethics and standards. TigerSwan’s commitment to education sets this company apart from competitors that are less singular. Throughout the world, security threats continue to multiply and spread at an alarming rate. Fortunately, innovative security firms like TigerSwan continually invent solutions to clients’ novel and difficult security problems. As hard as they might try, terrorists and criminals aren’t able to match the firepower or tactics of legitimate security operators. Because they are deeply ethical community members, responsible security providers help police authorities in maintaining peace and stability.

Tigerswan, James Reese

Since his honorable discharge from the military, American hero James Reese has opted not to rest on his laurels. Tirelessly, Reese demonstrates leadership and managerial talent that is is deeply influential in the security sector. Whether they are military service member or private security guards, skilled operators worldwide have recognized Reese’s expertise and ability. Through TigerSwan, Reese’s influence can only grow in the years ahead. Thanks to Reese’s global vision, TigerSwan has kept people safe from danger in more than 100 nations across the globe. If Reese every retires from leading TigerSwan, it is likely he will handpick a successor with a proven skill set.

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Sujit Choudhry’s Passion Surpasses Ceasefire

 The world of politics and government is constantly adapting to current situations and the people that live them. This means that the world’s leaders need to be just as upkept and educated about the progress. Authors like Sujit Choudhry has made it their job to be productive in educating the world about what he feels needs to be throughly analyzed and explained to better promote the concept of world peace. He has co-authored along with George Anderson to create a 17 case study compilation called “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”. This book addresses so many political and governmental topics that sheds light on various constitutional processes and law making systems.

The text specifically gets into dept about the relationship between territorial cleavages and constituional design. Conflicts that are commonly existing across the globe are included within’ the text that can be applied to unique political systems and circumstances. Sujit Choudhry includes information about territories that are politically strict, smaller regions with little governmental influence, and more. Some of the places that are specifically mentioned are Nepal, Ukraine, Spain, Cyprus, Spain, and others. The two authors have also written a policy paper that can be used as a tool that gives even more insight and research along with the book. The policy paper is published with the same title as the original book.

The policy paper contains excerpts that allow readers access to even more information about law making processes and their corresponding territories. Readers can also gain advice from the authors on how to handle situations and opinions about how different factors can become intermingle with one another. Sujit Choudhry is a credible source that handles his educational and political duties even under conditions of political violence and ceasefires. Sujit Choudhry is a great example of what a scholarly leader should be.

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How Aaron Lupuloff Is Working To Turn Students Into Future Leaders

The United States is one of the lowest scoring educational systems in regards to educational success. It has been shown that this directly correlates to the fact that many students are unhappy, and many do not feel there is a sense of purpose in their life; this makes it harder to persevere in life. Considering students are challenged with IQ tests on a regular basis, it is easy to see where their insecurities arise and it becomes harder to learn or succeed in life.

However, Aaron Lupuloff has worked very hard to supply resources to the Gwinnett County Public High School. As the Senior Executive Director of the GCPS foundation, he has helped the Gwinnett School rank number one in Georgia and 13th across the United States in Science, Mathematics, and Technology. Although, it is important to recognize the teachers and staff in their efforts that have helped the children succeed in their educational endeavors as well.

Mr. Lupuloff works towards reminding others to be more patient, work to be humble, and ask others for help when necessary. These concepts are intertwined with extracurricular activities that help students with life experiences as well as the ability to build healthy bonds with teammates, teachers, and other students. The main goal of the GCPS foundation is to fund scholarships, develop leadership, and fully fund forward-thinking programs. Aaron Lupuloff has faith that the foundation has encouraged and excited students throughout the very diverse public school of Gwinnett County.

With over 180,000 students enrolling in the 2018-2019 academic year, it is easy to see there is a need for good meals, proper school supplies, and content that is engaging for every student. Without the help of Aaron Lupuloff and the GCPS foundation it would be hard to see how the students would have access to such funding that is provided solely for their success and futures. Mr. Lupuloff has been a community advocate for many years, and works hard to keep money in the Gwinnett County Public School system to ensure every student has a chance to succeed. For more details about Aaron you can visit stockwits.com. Check out his YouTube channel too.


Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Interview

Aaron Lupuloff, executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, discusses the organization during an interview at the Corky Kell Classic.

Strong Series C Funding Sets ClassDojo Up for Continued Success

In an era where technology has become more complex and pervasive in the classroom, ClassDojo’s communication platform seeks to empower those in the education system by streamlining how parents, teachers, and students interact. In 2011, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded the company as a platform to help teachers create ground-up change in how they monitor their classrooms. Teachers can reward students for good behavior through a point system, which the company is now famous for.

For pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade students, positive reinforcement in the classroom and in the home can help students become more interested in their education and investing in their own futures. Too often, busy parents do not have the time to deeply understand what their children are doing, and ClassDojo’s centralized app has become a key to using technology to resolve these problems. Teachers are given the ability to provide constant feedback for improving the platform, and parents can monitor the subjects that their children are studying at school on a daily basis.

ClassDojo review from parents – ttps://www.gettingsmart.com/2014/08/parents-review-classdojo/

The barrier to communication between teachers, school officials, students, and parents has been drastically reduced, thereby creating a closer sense of community within the education realm. Last month, the ClassDojo announced that the company’s Series C funding clocked in at $35 million, which, combined with previous rounds of funding, puts the start up’s total funding at more than $65 million.

With ClassDojo’s widespread popularity within the United States and across the globe, this Series C funding comes at a time when ClassDojo is looking to better orient their paid subscription product, Beyond Learning, for better integration with their core platform. At the time of writing, ClassDojo has achieved 95% penetration in United States pre-K through eighth-grade schools and has customers in 180 countries. Of these international markets, ClassDojo’s app has gained traction in Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, where more than a quarter of elementary school teachers use the platform regularly. As ClassDojo’s customer base grows, teachers and families will gain more awareness of how to create a positive school culture, which will provide more opportunities for the company to grow its new Beyond Learning product.

Dick DeVos Part of Grand Rapids Downtown Development

Dick DeVos doesn’t like urban sprawl. That’s why when Grand Rapids leaders floated an idea to build a sports and convention center north of downtown, Dick DeVos made plans to keep the venture in the city limits. At the time, DeVos was moving up the corporate ladder on his way to CEO of Amway Corporation. However, DeVos put that aside to start convincing community leaders that a downtown venue was the way to go.


If you asked Devos, he would say that he saw what happened when Detroit built major entertainment venues outside of their downtown area. He didn’t want Grand Rapids to suffer a similar fate. DeVos said that Detroit was a telltale “lesson,” and he wanted better for his City of Grand Rapids.


DeVos organized his informal lobbying group with the name Grand Action. The group was made up of local business leaders who wanted to see Grand Rapids entertainment stay in Grand Rapids. The group is responsible for the development of much of the Grand Rapids skyline including DeVos Place, DeVos Performance Hall, Van Andel Arena and the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Because of their efforts, Grand Rapids has seen a renaissance. Old factories have been converted to apartments and condominiums, and more young people than ever are making downtown a destination. The City of Grand Rapids has followed suit making Rosa Parks Circle the hub of downtown activity.


The DeVos family didn’t just stop with business development as a way to improve the city. Rick DeVos, son of Dick DeVos is the founder of Art Prize, an art competition held semi-annually in Grand Rapids. Artists from around the world partner with businesses to display their work throughout the City of Grand Rapids. Visitors can see the art for free and vote on their favorites. Artists can win prizes based on the community vote as well as based on juried decisions from art experts.


While many wealthy families send their children to expensive boarding schools, Dick DeVos decided local was best for his own family. His children attended nearby Grand Rapids Christian High School. The school attracts local Christian families from a variety of economic backgrounds throughout the city. The DeVos family is also a donor and supporter of Potter’s House, a charter school for families of all incomes in the Grand Rapids area. DeVos and his wife Betsy Devos say that it’s their goal to make quality education available to families of all economic backgrounds.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

Rocketship Schools Showing Leadership In Education and Throughout the Community

To ensure that students are successful in the classroom, they must have a strong foundation, built on leadership, with parents and teachers working together to help children excel in their education. No other charter or public school understands this better than Rocketship Public Elementary Charter Schools.

Rocketship Schools are raising the bar, setting the new standard for child education and overall student involvement. Their educational curriculum emphasizes the critical studies of STEM: consisting of the sciences, technology, engineering and math. The teachers of these studies heavily engage with their students, familiarizing themselves with the parents and families of their students and providing personal, tailored instructions for them to become better students. This becomes quite impactful for a student’s education, because now that the teachers have created a healthy and positive dialogue between them and the parents, the parents are now empowered to take the necessary actions needed to help their child excel; not mention, the parents are aligning with other parents, expressing the importance and benefits of teacher/parent collaborations. Rocketship fully understands that engagement between the teacher and parent is key to student success, as this is shown in the results, as communities that have Rocketship Schools in them are more cohesive, where the teachers and families of the students operate more as partners in education, rather than separate entities. The results are also shown from a national standardized testing standpoint, where Rocketship students largely outperform their charter and public school comrades in ELA and Math testing and score impressive retention rates of 90%, crushing the notion that children can’t obtain a great education in low income areas.

With same fervor needed to secure the success of their students, Rocketship places just as much value and care into their students as they do with their students’ families and communities. Best example given, would be when Rocketship came to the aid of fellow San Jose Rocketship student, Cesar and his surrounding community. Cesar, along with his mother Dulce and their family, were victims of the Coyote Creek flooding disaster in the San Jose area, which devastated a large portion of the area, leaving homes destroyed and thousands of families displaced, looking for shelter to start life anew. Rocketship took the opportunity to help out immensely, raising over $60,000 for Cesar’s family along with 30 other families whom children attend the San Jose Rocketship School and were impacted from the flood. The funds raised went to the families for rent deposits, home repairs, other high cost expenses and amenities needed in a time of relief. Dulce thankfully praises Rocketship for being such a community leader, stating, “My family is so thankful for the support we received from everyone at Rocketship, for giving us nights where we could rest knowing our children were safe and sound.”

Rocketship Public Elementary Charter Schools is a national nonprofit network of public elementary charter schools catering to low-income communities, making sure that the children of these communities have the opportunity to receive an excellent education.

Founded in 2006, Rocketship’s mission is to work as a collective of teachers, parents, and leaders to close the achievement gap by building a scalable and sustainable school model that magnifies student success, in underprivileged communities throughout the United States. Rocketship places high value in authenticity, community, tenacity, innovation and excellence.