Luke Lazarus Consultancy Brings Heightened Awareness to Entrepreneurial Customer Interactions

 Influencing a Customers

A startup that makes it past the first initial years in the marketplace will deal with customers every day of their career, and it will be a constant learning experience.

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They say it is near impossible to get inside a consumer’s head, but some ways have proven to be efficient in getting startups a little closer to understanding how to interact with their potential customers. We have five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting.

There are millions of products that can be influenced by getting the consumer to engage with the product by seeing, hearing, or touching.

Apple® sets up their genius bars in such a way they give their visiting customer a friendly and professional smile, several rows of actual devices they can interact with and someone nearby that can answer their questions. Also, Appl® uses live music to set a tone.

Customer Interaction with Products

Starbucks® does the same thing in their coffee shops. What do your “smell” when you enter a Starbucks® shop?

You will smell the fresh aroma of recently brewed coffee beans that are now flowing into coffee cups traveling on the road or sitting at a table or bar with a customer.

An added aroma of coffee on the shelves for sale. It is an atmosphere. Customers can smell or walk up and hold the freshly roasted coffee in their hands.

Luke Lazarus is getting his startups used to what is referred to as “customer influence points.” These points where the customer interacts with the product is also a way in which the keen observer can learn how their customers interact with their product. Are they inquisitive? Do they smile or grimace? Does the customer hold one or two?

Bringing Clarity to the Story

One of the critical elements of Luke Lazarus’ work as a consultant is he offers the startup teams a heightened understanding of what it means to interact with the consumer.

They not only learn what it means to make an emotional connection with the consumer but also how the consumer shares knowledge of themselves through interacting with the product.

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On a given day a startup in a brick and mortar building with have the opportunity to see hundreds of consumers in their store and all will be different, yet every product the consumer interacts with sheds light on their interest and familiarity with a product.

Depending upon how the consumer interacts with the product can tell the person who is representing the product on how to approach the consumer.

Does the consumer value the product because they interact with it, or are they just inquiring? Do they hold onto the product or casually pass it by and move on to another department.

Market Analysis

Will it be teenagers ages 10-15 or young adults ages 17-24? If the startup is right, they will have a clear understanding of what kind of story to build around their chosen demographic and age group.

They may want to do what some ad groups do is apply the story to different age groups before they find really what part of the population is more interested in their product.

Luke Lazarus helps startups by giving them the tools to observe the things that matter to make their story points and values have meaning to their customers so they can use marketing tools appropriately and consistently.

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Marc Beer On Success In Entrepreneurship

It’s not always easy to be a successful businessman and entrepreneur but somehow Marc Beer
makes it easy. So what’s his secret to entrepreneurial success? Well, he recently gave advice to the
next generation of aspiring businesspeople. During this time, he reminded them of the importance
of having a solid financial strategy, learning from your past mistakes and, first and foremost,
always focus on giving back to the people in your community. He has only gotten as far as he has
by remaining pragmatic in the face of adversity, being willing to compromise for the success of the
company and, above all else, enjoying the process along the way. And of course, it never hurts to
fixate on the success of your company as that can be beneficial in the long run.
He began his academic career as a freshman at Miami University in the early ’80s. After graduating
with a bachelor of science in business degree, he accepted the first job offer he received and slowly
began working his way up the corporate ladder as he proved himself in the business world. That’s
why it came as no surprise to anyone when he started his own business in May of 2000 with him
serving as the founder and CEO. Headquartered in Cambridge, the primary mission of the company
was to obtain these stem cells from the umbilical cords of mothers who had just given birth to
analyze them in hopes of uncovering some potential vaccines or cures.
For a while, the company did pretty well for itself employing upwards of half a thousand people and
even going public just a few years after they launched. Shortly thereafter, it all went downhill as he
sold off the company for a whopping $300 million and left hundreds of people without jobs. Despite
being all set to move on to his next business venture, life threw him for a loop. It seems his wife
had contracted a pulmonary embolism and, despite the doctors doing everything they could, she
didn’t make it. After the mourning period, he tried to take a more central role in the lives of his
three children but they soon made him realize how important his career is. As such, in the autumn
of 2016, Renovia was born. Learn more:
As their chairman, co-founder and CEO, he ensured the company thrived under his leadership and
their main goal is to try and develop medical equipment to help patients who are suffering from
various diseases. One of their main missions is to try and treat pelvic floor disorders which affect
an estimated 25% of females throughout the country. Additionally, they just had their first product
receive a seal of approval from the FDA.

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Sujit Choudhry’s Passion Surpasses Ceasefire

 The world of politics and government is constantly adapting to current situations and the people that live them. This means that the world’s leaders need to be just as upkept and educated about the progress. Authors like Sujit Choudhry has made it their job to be productive in educating the world about what he feels needs to be throughly analyzed and explained to better promote the concept of world peace. He has co-authored along with George Anderson to create a 17 case study compilation called “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”. This book addresses so many political and governmental topics that sheds light on various constitutional processes and law making systems.

The text specifically gets into dept about the relationship between territorial cleavages and constituional design. Conflicts that are commonly existing across the globe are included within’ the text that can be applied to unique political systems and circumstances. Sujit Choudhry includes information about territories that are politically strict, smaller regions with little governmental influence, and more. Some of the places that are specifically mentioned are Nepal, Ukraine, Spain, Cyprus, Spain, and others. The two authors have also written a policy paper that can be used as a tool that gives even more insight and research along with the book. The policy paper is published with the same title as the original book.

The policy paper contains excerpts that allow readers access to even more information about law making processes and their corresponding territories. Readers can also gain advice from the authors on how to handle situations and opinions about how different factors can become intermingle with one another. Sujit Choudhry is a credible source that handles his educational and political duties even under conditions of political violence and ceasefires. Sujit Choudhry is a great example of what a scholarly leader should be.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Continues the Impressive Family Legacy

Bhanu Choudhrie shared that his family began investing in the real estate industry in India more than thirty years ago. His uncle and own father dabbled in the an import and export business dealing with TVs back in the 70s. His great grandfather was the former chairman in the prestigious the Punjab National Bank in India. Being surrounded by overachievers who excelled in their fields, Bhanu Choudhrie said that it was a natural progression for him and the cousins in his generation to follow the strong legacy that their founding fathers have set forth. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on facebook to learn more about his platform.

Stellar Education Record

Bhanu Choudhrie’s impressive educational track record proves how much he has imbibed his family’s influence. He attended the Boston University in Massachusetts, where he specialized in International Business & Marketing. After his graduation from his undergraduate degree, Mr. Choudhrie moved onto the prestigious and world-renowned Harvard Business School and attended their Owner Management Program where he learned so many concepts and networked with top industry professionals.

Professional Expertise

Bhanu Choudherie is the founder of the C&C Alpha Group, which has been around for almost two decades. With his guidance, his team has managed to develop a massive and profitable investment portfolio. His company has a reputation of excelling in their investment efforts in developing countries like India and the Philippines.

Mr. Choudhrie is an active entrepreneur holding several positions in various prestigious executive boards. In spite of his already hectic schedule, he makes time for these endeavors because he is able to learn from the many different personalities in the organization. In the same token, he hopes that he is able to inspire his co-members with his own success story.

Philanthropic Deeds and Societal Contributions

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that he exists in this world for a purpose, and that is not just to create money but to make concrete contributions to the world. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has in fact garnered many awards for his majorly positive influence in society both as a businessman and as a philanthropist. His favorite advocacies is called the Path to Success where he helps the marginalized secure their education. On top of that, he is also supportive of people with long term health problems. Learn More:

Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Luke Lazarus is one of the most reputable startup consultants working from Melbourne. He has extensive experience having been in this niche for more than two decades. At this point, he has been building on business plans, offering overview support to other CEOS in Australia.

As a consultant, he provides clarified perspectives that give vital decisions a priority. Luke Lazarus is also positive that business operators need supporters in the operations. This way, any entrepreneur will be able to focus more on what is vital to the business.

His Background Information

Luke Lazarus studied business from the Melbourne school of business. To this end, he earned his master’s in business administration when he was 24. Later on, he spent most of his time with the waning or new business figuring out issues with such ventures and also offering the possible solutions to such problems.

According to him, he is mainly concerned with the establishment of new business and ensuring that they are on the right track. Besides, he also helps the business operators to redefine their projections and plans to ensure that they can benefit the most out of their ventures. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus –

What’s one trend that excites you?

Among the most significant trend that moves Mr. Luke Lazarus is that the rise of the new technology in the market has a very influential role in the consumption of the goods in the market. This way, more products have been able to reach consumers more innovatively.

To this end, the clients are now able to have emotional connections with the items that they love as well as the supplies of such goods. This way has elevated the consumer experiences to its best. These dynamics in the market have also increased the way that the items are promoted in the market and in turn; this has increased the number of questions in the market.

One of the Behaviors That Make Him Productive

Luke Lazarus is always fond of recording all his activities in a notebook that he never leaves behind. This measure helps to ensure that Luke has all his programs in order. As such, he has his programs rolling out as expected. He also adds that jotting down your plans is also an effective way of prioritizing them. This is one of the effective ways that has helped Luke Lazarus to grow most of his ventures without many struggles.

However, he also advocates that one should always bear in mind that setting up a new venture might pose some challenges. Therefore he supports that new entrepreneurs should be ready to learn what the market has to offer and the dynamic within it. According to him, this is one of the easiest ways to navigate the market.

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