Gustavo Martinez Explains How AI And Analytics Help Startups

Gustavo Martinez is an advertiser. He has worked in the ad industry for nearly 35 years. Now an independent consultant, he spent years as an executive. He was president of two prominent global ad firms which are Mather and Ogilvy and McCann World Group. He was the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. He decided to step away from managing companies so that he could dedicate himself to helping struggling companies build their brands using artificial intelligence and analytics.

Raw creativity is what drives the ad industry, Gustavo Martinez reminded people in a recent interview. Companies in this industry need to be flexible because creative geniuses aren’t compatible with working a nine to five job. Advertising executives expect their best ad developers to have some degree of instability combined with a strong independent streak.

He has described ad-making as “applied artistry.” There’s a goal to accomplish which is pushing a company’s product or service. However, taking a bland or formulaic approach to getting there doesn’t work. Having said that, Gustavo Martinez said that, of course, there are business aspects that need to be accomplished such as operating a profitable ad agency. It is creativity that will enable an advertising firm to be profitable, though.

He explained that the ad industry has been using independent consultants for over 100 years. Consultants are not employees and so are treated differently. They don’t work a nine-to-five job which has crushed the souls of people in other industries. If a creative genius was treated like most employees are, they wouldn’t produce well at all and the whole effort would be counter-productive.

Gustavo Martinez said that when a true creative genius is given the freedom to produce in their way, that is when the magic happens. With freedom, they can produce fantastic results and so everyone involved is happy, including ad firm executives and the firm’s clients. How the creative genius came up with the advertising, including what hours and how many of them, is irrelevant.

Now operating as an independent consultant, he is addressing the fact that nine out of 10 companies fail in their first three years. Gustavo Martinez says that harnessing artificial intelligence and analytics can solve this problem. He has a partnership with two companies: UV Business Acceleration and Massive Data Heights. He calls his new business acceleration process “total-market-strategy optimization.”

Using analytics and AI, Gustavo Martinez provides insights to startups so they know how to design and market their products and services. This includes using AI to filter through millions of online customer reviews. This information is compiled and analyzed to provide startups with actionable insights. This replaces the old, ineffective way of doing things, which is taking a trial-and-error approach.


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Vijay Eswaran Continues to Motivate

Vijay Eswaran has become my idol. He is the man that I have become a fan of because he has this leadership style that is unlike anything else that is out there. He has become a leader that has put forth some very positive energy that has allowed him to create a successful reign at Qnet. This is the company that he leads, and his leadership style has been rather impressive. He is inspiring because he has a history of strong leadership that is gentle. He has stated in his books that every experience is a learning experience. This has served him well because he has been able to deal with failed business ventures and rise up to the leader that he is today.

He has really been able to do some great things with QNet because he has a group of motivated employees. He has been able to establish a global presence by marketing to 20 different countries. This is something that is makes him stand out as giant in the direct selling industry. He also founded the QI group, and this has also given him a huge presence in the world of financial and retail services. His diverse presence has allowed him to maintain a presence as one of the most successful men in all of Asia.

I think that he has managed to become so wealthy because he was determined. He said that that there were failures along the way, and many things didn’t turn out as he expected. Vijay Eswaran has said that the support of his wife was unwavering, and this is what helped him get through it all in the beginning. I think that Eswaran shares something in common with other businessmen in that he didn’t believe that he was cut out to make money for other people. This is something that many people share when they discover their own companies. That have core values that extended beyond getting their basic needs met. People like Vijay Eswaran want more than food, clothing and shelter. They want to excel to leadership roles and make money for themselves. They want to present something to the world that fills a void. This is what has allowed Vijay Eswaran to grow and learn from his experiences.

He has shared much of this experience with others. This is very helpful for the person that wants to find a new way to build their business presence. A ton of people fall into the same traps that others are involved in because they just don’t have the the insight. Vijay Eswaran can lead many people around the traps of being an entrepreneur. He has shared experiences and helps me gain knowledge.

Mark Holyoake Defines a Generation of Sports


From the bottom of the pack to the top of the world, the progress of an athlete during their lifetime is something that mesmerizes people around the world. The timeless success stories of those who acted on the talent they had, and the stories of those rose to stardom, are equally as interesting for fans around the world. Mark Holyoake has a story that encompasses his entire life from birth to retirement. Doug Sandler recently wrote a piece about the astounding life of this man.

Mark Holyoake grew up in Wellington, New Zealand where he lived under the perfect circumstances for someone seeking to become special in life. He showed signs of being athletically talented from a young age. Once he turned 9 years old, Mark Holyoake was winning small scale events and perfecting his craft. However, he hit the pedal to the medal when he turned 10.

That was the point he found himself placing highly at national level events. His accomplishments reflect only an aspect of his life. Mark Holyoake was also a master of time management with how he mixed his professional and academic life. He attended Auckland University to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

There is not a single athlete who believes they will still be doing professional sports throughout their entire life. The body can only handle so much and you will peak younger than you might like in life. Mark Holyoake views securing an education as an investment for the future. His self-discipline allowed him to graduate while never stepping away from earning high honors. Mark Holyoake’s career reached its height when he made a run for the team Olympic team in 2009 and 2010. He not only landed a role on the team, but helped lead them to a 4th place finish in their sport.

This landmark moment marked the end of Mark Holyoake’s career as a gymnast. He choose to fall back on his degree and become a personal trainer. The experience and knowledge he accumulated would be better severed helping the lives of individuals looking to improve. Find More Information Here.

Holyoake secured himself a full-time job as a leader, coach, and teacher of fitness. He then decided to launch his gymnastic clinic to support athletes’ health and wellness. He established a gym CrossFit Carbon Method venture and proceeded with its growth and development.


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Mark Holyoake – A Successful Entrepreneur and Gymnast


Mark Holyoake is a famous gymnast and entrepreneur in New Zealand. He emerged position 25 in 2005 World Artistic Gymnastic competition and position 11 in 2006 Commonwealth Games. In 2010, he took part in the Common Wealth with the Current Zealand team where he took position four on parallel bars. Mark was listed in the Guinness World Record Book for the most double leg rotations in a minute while on a pommel horse.


Mark Holyoake has vast experience in Gymnastics, which has made way for most of his endeavors inclusive of going into CrossFit space. Mark is not only athleticism and muscle, but he also has a good education background. He studied at Auckland University and acquitted a Bachelors’ Degree in Exercise Science. Before his endeavor in business, Mark had retired from gymnastics and took a job in Les Mills International, a popular gym chain in the globe.


Mark has also served as a personal trainer and made an excellent reputation. He earned several titles such as a teacher, a coach, and an outstanding leader. He is currently a great entrepreneur and has made tremendous success. He owns the RXClinic in partnership with Andy Rogers, a professional Olympic athlete. Roger and Mark blended well since Rogers was a professional weightlifter while Mark was a professional gymnast. Both managed to establish a brand of workout that combined weightlifting and gymnastics.


Mark Holyoake established ‘Mark Holyoake Gymnastics’ after RXClinic incredible success. He taught those who took over his clinic on how to combine gymnastics with their general workout plan. Mark began CrossFit competition in 2014. He took position 279 in his latest CrossFit competition which took place in 2019.


Geek shared a News’s article entitled “Gymnastics To CrossFit: Mark Holyoake Road To Entrepreneurship”. He shared how Mark Holyoake attained his incredible success by owning and running a local CrossFit gym. As a retired gymnast, Mark has moved his earlier perfected skills into a booming business that solely depends on his success in business, best assets, and experiences.


Mark Holyoake passion for Crossfit saw him partner with Tila Hamad, a licensed coach and founded a CrossFit gym by the name Carbon Method CrossFit. Mark has led by example in showing people how to turn what you love and treasure into a successful career. Go To This Page for additional information.


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Nitin Khanna and Work Oriented Investing

Nitin Khanna may have come across the concept of concentrated positions in companies that are expected to do well over the long term despite any market conditions are the ones that are expected to provide the best returns, even, a respected individual like Nitin Khanna may have witnessed, in times of deep crisis. Nitin Khanna may have also been advised and will advise about the fact that assets that are being able to be deeply resistant to financial crises and able to gain from them, these are the companies that one would want to hold over the long term.

Value-oriented investors like Nitin Khanna can dive deep into a business and learn why the qualitative is just as important as the quantitative, the qualitative may signal the quantitative at times. These intangibles may make a significant difference and may not be easy to capture in excel spreadsheets.

Furthermore, one must follow what is simple and inherent to them, not what is simple and inherent to those that are high priests within a particular field. By chasing after high priests, one automatically defaults in appeals to authority as opposed to asking what is true, and why is it so?

This leads one to believe in an illusion, which can certainly be quite harmful to investments and overall value. Slothfulness and laggardness in the mental realm can be the downfall of many an investor. One must avoid these traps, they are easy to come by in an era of abundance.

Companies that have assets that are stable and will continue to be stable in all times are those all-weather assets that should be appreciated by an investor base. These assets are those that will allow them to be valuable and useful in a recession, in a bull market, and in medium markets. The foundation of a company and its assets certainly matter in the long run as well.

Companies with massive growth potential, that hold the right assets, and can continue to be steady and stable in the long-run are companies that individuals should look out for in the marketplace. Of course, one must also look at the accelerators for growth.


Smita Shah: Promoting the STEM Industry and Encouraging More People to Take a Career Involving STEM

In the United States, the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) industry is dominated by males. However, recent statistics show that this trend is slowly changing over time, and more women are becoming interested in taking up a STEM career. One of the most successful individuals in the industry is Smita Shah, who is known as the founder, president, and chief executive officer of SPAAN Tech, Inc. The company that he established provides engineering solutions to projects that are technical in nature. She has been helping a lot of businesses that are having technical issues, and her company is rated as one of the top firms when it comes to engineering services.


Smita Shah has always known that she is extraordinary. When she was a child, her teachers noticed how bright she is. While studying in India, she showed her classmates that she can excel in STEM subjects. After her basic education, she decided to migrate to the United States and study at MIT. MIT Is one of the best universities in the world, and it is unusual seeing women of color studying engineering in the university. Smita Shah stated that people are skeptical if she told them that she is studying from MIT, but during her stay with the university, almost half of the students are female, and she is confident that the attitude towards women studying in MIT already changed in the present.


After she graduated from MIT, she decided to pursue a career in the business sector, establishing a company that relies heavily on the concept and principles of engineering. Through the years, she has become an expert in the industry, and she would also speak in public to highlight the importance of STEM in the country. She encouraged many children, especially girls, to take up a STEM career because the United States badly needed for people working in the industry. Because of her attitude and desire to help the country in promoting the STEM career, Smita Shah was awarded numerous awards and recognition. Learn more:


She received multiple awards during her career, and her company was also recognized as one of the fastest-growing firms in the country. As an immigrant, Smita Shah was also entitled to receive the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. She was so happy with the recognition that she received and promised that she will do her best to encourage more people in entering the STEM industry. As a civic leader, she also promised to promote innovation and entrepreneurialism. With her assistance, many startup businesses in the United States are becoming more aggressive in expansion, and they are relying on the advice and services provided by Smita Shah’s company, as well as her mentoring techniques and strategies on how to become successful in the industry. 

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Sharon Prince, Grace Farms


Sharon Prince Grace Farms is a community center and cultural institution. It is nestled through 80 acres of beautiful land with a wide variety of sights to see. Grace Farms is open seven days a week and is free to the public. They have thousands of visitors per year that are thrilled to engage in their activities. They have several programs that offer various learning opportunities, and all while having fun doing so.

Grace Farms is a place that offers grace, peace, and getting in touch with the beauty of nature. This place is considered to be one of the largest lands open to the public in its county. In the words of the president of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince stated, ““The whole idea for Sharon Prince Grace Farms was inspired by the land. This expansive property inspires a sense of awe, it’s so beautiful.”

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

Besides her role at Grace Farms, she is also a board member at Next Generation Nepal, a charity organization that seeks to reconnect victims of child exploitation with their loved ones.

There are at least 70 different bird breeds that have been spotted at Grace Farms. Many guests visit the place just for sightseeing. There are also ponds that are available for fishing, and walking trails that offer a beautiful scenery. But one of their greatest attractions is their gardening center. They offer the ability to learn how to obtain and maintain a home garden.

They also donate more than 500 pounds of produce per year to charities. They hold several events throughout the year with special guests. One of their most popular events is their earth day celebration, where guests learn the value of our earth and keeping ecosystems clean for our animals. Sharon Prince Grace farms is beautiful, and a peaceful place to be.




SPAAN Tech’s Smita Shah And How She Thrived In Math And Science Industries

Last year, Smita Shah visited the Steve Cochran show in order to share her experiences as a woman in the man-dominated field. As the founder of SPAAN Tech, Shah has finished a lot of projects and thrived through challenges. It has been 20 years since she founded the company. Right now, SPAAN Tech created hundreds of projects which are aimed to help communities.


SPAAN Tech spent 20 years providing the construction needs of different communities in the country. It is known for managing the ISTHA-I90 Construction, as well as the reconstruction of the Tri-State Tollway I-1294. The company is also involved in the construction of the South Water Purification Plant and the O’Hare Fire Protection System Rehabilitation. Even though Smita Shah was not sure about the company’s future 20 years ago, the company has turned out to be a successful venture.


Smita Shah is a graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she received a degree in Science and Civil Engineering. She finished her studies in 1996 and two years later, she founded SPAAN Tech in 1998. In the past 20 years, the company was able to receive a lot of recognition, including an award from the Small Business Commerce Association. Shah’s reason in making the company is to gather talented people in order to assist communities in building and developing infrastructure for a better state of livelihood and quality of life. Shah’s plan in the future is to keep the company small. Instead, she will focus on getting opportunities to help communities in building more infrastructures.


During her academic days, Smita Shah experienced how different it is to be a female pursuing a degree in a man-dominated field. Although she eventually passed through this state and turned it into normal, she still receives the same experience up to this day. Shah shared how she was sometimes mistaken as the marketing girl of her own company. But instead of letting this matter get the best out of her, she instead uses this as a motivation in order to help empower other women that want to pursue careers that are both related to Science and Mathematics. Learn more:


Smita Shah believes that there is no need for stereotypical treatments. Everyone can dive into careers involving Science and Math because the two fields are something that involves daily life. In addition, she encourages women and minorities to pursue these fields because the more development in Science and Math, the more wonderful inventions and researches can be made.


Shah also busted the myth that being in a field involving Science and Math will not give you a balanced family and career life. In fact, she gives herself as an example. When she is not working at SPAANTech, Shah is busy spending her time with her daughter and son.

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Sharon Prince Calls Out Sexism As She Tries To Make The World A Better Place For Everyone


Sharon Prince, Founder, Chairperson and President of Grace Farms, has been calling out sexism and related vices since she was young. Sharon Prince has been working to improve gender parity even as she continues to create a public space that inspire change and connect people to nature. She uses every tool at her disposal to fight sexism and promote gender parity. Apart from writing widely about the topic, she uses her voice to speak for the people who can’t speak for themselves and make sexism a thing of the past.


According to Sharon Prince, using your voice efficiently to call out and discourage sexism needs practice. She has developed a boots-on-the-ground tactic to exercise her voice, question and call out sexism. She is against the norm of naming women Mrs. Someone when there is no married men equivalent. Such discrepancies are what Sharon is fighting against and it can be achieved through behavior modification.


In her Linkedin post, Sharon Prince quoted Lexicon scholars who have highlighted that language is a powerful tool used to either promote sexism and gender discrimination or fight it. Sexism has reduced over time but it has not reached an acceptable level. Sharon Prince encourages women to raise their voices and condemn sexism as it comes no matter how risky it is.


Sharon has embraced a clever, sincere, and concise approach to using her voice a period of time to bring down anyone trying to promote sexism or sexual discrimination. Sharon Prince developed a thick skin at a young age and whenever she faced sexual discrimination, she confronted it head on. While it was in some way inacceptable to speak against such behaviors at the time, she nevertheless didn’t stand sexism when she started a career in finance in New York City.


At some point, she asked a board member about the number of women in his board and since then, the private equity investor and a Fortune 500 board member has ensured gender parity in his board. Read This Article to learn more.


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Shervin Pishevar Fears Where the Dow Jones May Go

The stock market is never entirely predictable. Trends do emerge that provide analysts with some reasonable indications about where the Dow Jones may head. And then things happen without warning. Recent upheavals in the trade war between the United States and China led to the market dropping. A proposed ban on Huwai technology further hurt the market. Then, some concessions emerged, and the market perked up. All of this occurred within a few days. The lesson here is the market can be volatile. In a 21-hour tweet storm, technology and venture capital guru Shervin Pishevar warned his followers about potential market disasters.

Since his tweet storm garnered media attention, Shervin Pishevar warned more than his Twitter followers. A sizeable audience learned about his predictions. And those market predictions are frightening. Pishevar believes the stock market may drop by 6,000 points. The financial disaster tornado occurring in the aftermath of a 6,000-point drop could drag the global economy into a nightmare scenario. All this did happen before. The 2008 financial crisis proved the stock market is never invulnerable.

Pishevar did hint in the tweet storm he agreed with conventional wisdom. Gold prices increase when markets collapse, but he did not outright endorse any precious metal purchasing plans. Pishevar isn’t selling the public anything. Nor does he try to motivate them to take specific actions. In his past and present tweets, he shares his opinions. Not everyone agrees, but the ideas are worth checking out.

Shervin Pishevar runs Investment company, a top venture capital enterprise. As a “super angel investor,” Pishevar help funnel money into many business ventures. He is most well known for being an original Uber investor, and Pishevar currently puts efforts into the Virgin Hyperloop One transportation system. He knows a lot about tech, finance, and investing. His insights come from experience, although opinions do remain speculative.

Shervin Pishevar doesn’t want to start a panic. He does, however, want the public to pay attention to the current stock market landscape. Being caught by surprise during a Dow Jones decline could yield devastating effects. Stay current on all news and be informed.