DonataMeirelles Contributions to the Fight against HIV and AIDS

DonataMeirelles is a fashion consultant and socialist from Brazil well recognized from her work as a style director at Vogue Brazil. Besides, DonataMeirelles is a supporter of researches and studies concerning AIDS as well as promoting the fight against HIV and AIDS. She involves multiple HIV and AIDS research facilities which have enabled her to acquire a significant number of audiences reaching more than 463,000. Recently, she reacted to a post by the New York Times about a HIV patient who got cured through AmfAR. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at

About AmfAR

AmfAr is a non-profitable organization that aims at supporting the fight against HIV and AIDS through research, advocacy, prevention and treatment studies worldwide. Founded in 1983 with a partnership between the AMF and the National AIDS Research Foundation, the facility merged to form the AmfAR which aims at fighting HIV and AIDS stigma as well as educating the public concerning the disease. Currently, the organization has enhanced innovative and modern research techniques to various institutions such as the Family Institute of Health and has received over three thousand grants and invested over four hundred million dollars in HIV and AIDS treatment studies.

Meirelles Support on HIV and AIDS Research Facilities

AmfAR, like other non-profitable organizations, receives funds from well-wishers and fundraising events. DonataMeirelles involves in various fundraising events such as AmfAR Annual Cinema Against AIDS which generates funds from selling exclusive tickets and unique memorabilia auctioning. Similarly, different celebrities including Scarlet Johnson, Andy Warhol, Annie Leibovitz, and Kate Hudson have involved in multiple donations of items and participating in auctioning which generated over $265,000; the recent event proving about $20 million. DonataMeirelles support to the organization aims at finding the cure to HIV and AIDS by the year 2020 while the facility continues to receive a record amount of funds from various sectors and individual donors.

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How Nicolas Krafft Became A Top Executive At L’Oreal

Nicolas Krafft has been employed at L’Oreal for the past two decades. He has managed a number of their cosmetics products around the world. After putting in a lot of work he is now in the upper echelon inside their Professional Products Division. He is presently the international general manager of Pulp Riot. His duties include marketing this brand around the world using both creativity and analytics. Additionally, he engages in product development, managing people, and crafting online strategies.

He was born and raised in Switzerland. Nicolas Krafft attended the University of St. Gallen from which he graduated with bachelor degrees in accounting and finance. He also had the opportunity to study abroad which he says taught him about other cultures. His first job was in Canada where he worked as a junior product manager. His next stop was Germany which he cites as one of the world’s most competitive markets when it comes to cosmetics.

Since he worked with a small team when he was in Canada, Nicolas Krafft says this experience made him more entrepreneurial. Due to this, along with being very interested in Asian cultures, he was able to get a job with L’Oreal in Asia. He was put in charge of introducing the professional cosmetics brand Matrix there. This brand also needed product development, which he did, so that it would address the specific needs of Asian women.

In late September 2018, L’Oreal held a fashion and beauty show in Paris that Nicolas Krafft helped put on. This show took place on a catwalk in the middle of the Seine river. It was open to the public and many celebrities showed up and took part. This included actresses modeling some of the clothes and makeup like Louise Bourgoin, Eva Longoria, and Elle Fanning. The show was about creativity and diversity.

There were giant TV screens set up around the location this show was held in. This was so that tourists and people out for a walk could see what was happening. Other people were able to sit on the banks of the Seine for free. Drones filmed the show and the feeds were broadcast globally.

The Support That Donata Meirelles Is Offering To Get an AIDS Cure

Donata Meirelles is well known for being a Brazilian fashion consultant. There are so many contributions that she has made in the fashion industry. Also, at the Vogue Brazil, she was a former stylist. The other thing is that she has gained a reputation for is being an advocate for the research of AIDS and education. To show her support in the cause, she attends the annual events, and not only that she will engage her online followers if they can support her to fight AIDS and HIV. Donata has over 463,000 followers, and a team of a broad audience that is assisting her in different ways that AIDS can be researched and the funding. See more of Donata Meirelles fashion and style at Fashionismo.

There is a post of the New York Times that she reacted to recently which read: “patient of HIV is said to have received a cure for the second time. The success will be of great help to the scientist to end AIDS.” Donata Meirelles is excited just like the rest, because for many years together with the AIDS research community they have been involved in many fundraising efforts. She said that she was very excited to read about the news. Donata was introduced by a friend to the amfAR eight years ago. Since then, she has been nothing but supportive of the cause.

To increase the support that amfAR gives these initiatives, they do so through the help of fundraisers and donations. The largest source of revenue for the amfAR’s is through the fundraising they organize. Meirelles has been nothing but support to every event they have had. Especially the amfAR’s Annual Cinema against AIDS Donata will ensure that it’s always a success. They will raise money through the number of expensive tickets sold. The other way is that celebrities will donate costly items that will be auctioned in the foundation.


Glenn Schlossberg: Fashion In His Veins

Glenn Schlossberg is one of the most competitive entrepreneurs in the fashion industry right now. He quickly adapts to the market and always makes sure that he stays competitive through innovations in his brand. Glenn has fashion running through his veins because of the influence of his father’s business – he is a natural dressmaker that was coupled with the modern times.

Glenn built his own company, Jump Design Group, apart from his father’s dress factory in the year 1990 – and he is a major supplier of high quality clothing in the fast fashion industry today. Jump Design Group supplies clothing for Tiana B. Macy’s, Marina and Bebe. The Fast Fashion industry is now under a critical eye because of sustainability issues and the environmental threats that it poses – as a matter of fact, the fast fashion industry is one of the top waste producers of all industries. With this in mind, Glenn Schlossberg has been sparking initiatives to better the production process of his production line so that he can change how the industry works. Jump Design Group makes sure that they keep the highest quality in their work but also stays highly efficient with the resources that they use like materials and labor.

Business and Fashion is first nature to Glenn Schlossberg – he chose not to further pursue education because he knew he wasn’t doing well in high school and he also dropped out very early in college. Glenn then started working for his father’s dressmaking company and learned the ins and outs of the business. He learned critical information first-hand, at a very early age and he became naturally akin to it. With all the experience and knowledge that Glenn accumulated from his father’s business, he gained the confidence to build and run his own company and so that he did. Glenn wrote his business plan with the help of his wife, Zena – who had a Master’s Degree in Business Administration that was of big help to the establishment of Jump Design Group. They both marketed it around until they got funding to start the business – from there, everything was history.

Glenn Schlossberg considers Jump as his greatest achievement. Jump is a company that he built from the ground up and he values every single person that has helped him build his company. This is why Glenn and his wife enjoys giving back to the community that has helped them get through the years and charitable work is of great importance to the Schlossberg couple.

Fabletics clothing is highly sought out for its quality and pricing.

A tremendously well-liked and decidedly triumphant internet merchant for fashion oriented clothing, Fabletics, is distinguished for their internet and physical shops that are a supplementary business venture of their parent enterprise, JustFab. The Online Business top 500 register sets the enterprise at number 98. The actress Kate Hudson is the founder of the enterprise. Fabletics always creates trends within the clothing community for their elegant, tasteful sporty clothing. Several deem Fabletics to be a swiftly expanding enterprise that manufactures high-class and style setting attire known commonly as “activewear” garments.


Fabletics started to develop their physical shop existence to a great quantity of fashionable malls in the U.S., back in 2015. In only 12 months they had achieved the notice of the esteemed magazine, Forbes, who reports that the enterprise will be creating nearly 100 physical shops for the “activewear” garment line from Fabletics within the forthcoming 5 years.


Internet retail business Amazon achieved global awareness by collecting 20% of the internet merchant arena. Likewise, Fabletics has achieved popularity around the world by building up 250 million dollars in three years of running their enterprise. Their patrons make use of a subscriber service.


Ever since the commencement of retailing, patrons were frequently under the notion that if an item is expensive to own, that it must be manufactured with genuine superiority and care. This isn’t an exceptionally pragmatic approach to making a logical purchasing choice in today’s world. There was a genuine drop in the financial system that forced consumers to look for merchandise with lofty purchaser comments, to find exclusive items that stick out from the ordinary and for enterprises that really make inquiries as to their patrons joy with their purchases.


There’s also been an unforeseeable shutting down of a majority of physical shops across the U.S.A. This is mainly in part due to patrons wanting to obtain items on the internet at cheaper prices from a range of diverse shopping options, choosing to head into the physical shops to browse the items personally. Fabletics has not experienced such a termination of their physical shops because of their unique business model. Fabletics subscriber plan uses the information gained from a buyer’s purchases and their associated review notes to make sure that buyers are locating the goods they are attracted to buying, in stock at their physical shops. This is made possible by taking the information from internet viewing of their goods and applying this to stock relevant, brand new trends in their physical shops.



The regularity of buyer commentary shows that Fabletics goods are evocative, tasteful and present a simple system to inspect an assortment of merchandise colors and clothing styles. Fabletics’ celebrated “how to fit” plan is well-known among shoppers to assist them in ordering garments that truly fit.