Paul Mampilly Takes On The Financial World With His Popular Financial Newsletter

Paul Mampilly took advantage of all his potential and made it work for him. He realized that he had an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world and went for it. Mr. Mampilly was born India, where his parents struggled financially. They decided to move, and everything changed. Paul, and his sister, had a good childhood that their parents could only dream of. Paul was able to attend prominent colleges in his youth, earning a substantial education in finance and accounting.

The financial expert attended Montclair State University where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting and finance. This would be only the beginning of his education, and Paul would continue on to great things. The budding businessman then received a Master of Business Administration degree in finance from the Fordham Graduate School of Business. These educational accomplishments were just the beginning to the many Paul Mampilly would experience in his life. Visit on his website to learn more.

The next step in Mr. Mampilly’s journey to success would be Wall Street. In the fast-paced finance world of Wall Street, Paul helped financial institutions to grow their hedge funds. This became a successful endeavor for the young professional, making a name for himself in the field. Soon, Paul Mampilly was working for billion dollar companies, managing their equally impressive hedge funds. He even was invited to an investment competition, which he won during the economy’s financial recession. Before he could take a break, the financial expert was everywhere. Mr. Mampilly was even featured on TV networks like Bloomberg News, Fox Business News, and CNBC.

With the fast-pace and stressful environment wearing on the financial expert, Paul decided to take a journey down a completely different career path. In 2016, Mr. Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing to help the average American, instead of the super rich on Wall Street. He created a financial newsletter that would become a huge hit among subscribers. It is called Profit Unlimited and has amassed over 100,000 subscribers and growing. That’s not all, Paul Mampilly also created two trading services for his subscribers called Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

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Presenting The Awards Received By Nexbank

The city of Dallas is home to some of the most trusted financial institutions in the country. One of the best performing banks in the city is Nexbank, and they are providing a variety of services to their clients. The company received awards from an event that recognizes banks that are performing better.

The financial services company said that they topped three categories from the event. These categories are equity, efficiency, and the quality of their asset. Nexbank is happy knowing that they received the awards for these categories, and thanked the organizers for choosing them as the recipient of the recognition.

The event, which was sponsored by the S&P Global Marketing Intelligence, is held every year. They are choosing the best community banks in the country, and they will need to review the performance of each bank to determine if they deserve an award.

In the case of Nexbank, they had to study how the bank is doing transactions, and how they are hitting their financial goals. Based on the bank’s return on average tangible common equity (ROATCE) that is recorded yearly, they posted the highest score, giving them the top spot in the awards night.

The company’s efficiency ratio, as well as Texas ratio, also posted high scores, landing them on the third place. This category is for banks that has assets worth $3 billion to $10 billion.

S&P Global Market Intelligence feels happy knowing that the banks in Texas are among the best performing the country. They had six metrics to consider when choosing the banks that will receive the award, and the S&P Global Market Intelligence observed these banks for a year.

The six metrics that they considered are the following: pretax return on average tangible common equity, the efficiency ratio and the Texas ratio, loan growth, interest margin, and the net charge-offs for average loans. For more details you can visit

Nexbank said that the awards they receive will be their inspiration to improve their services. They will be going major transformations because of the awards that they receive, and they promised that they will work hard to achieve more awards in the next recognition events hosted by the S&P Global Market Intelligence.






Stratford Shields Brings Ideas to Life

Stratford Shields Turned Parking Spots into $483 Million

Stratford Shields is currently the Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets and this man has become a very successful entrepreneur by indulging into an industry that has a problem with parking. Shields started his career when he graduated from Ohio State University with a B.A. in History and then continued to achieve his MA in Political Science and MBA from Columbia University. Where did his 483 million dollar idea come from? According to Shields himself, he stated that he looked at how the city of Chicago privatized their parking and had a lot of problems and backlash. He thought that he could replicate the principle of privatizing the parking lot while also considering the mistakes that have been made and reducing them while applying it to Ohio State. He could do this because Ohio State was essentially a small city consisting of 100,000 people which is about the same size as the city of Pittsburgh.

Ohio State’s Deal of the Year

After Shields decided to reconstruct the privatization of parking for Ohio State University except without all of the problems that Pittsburgh had, the University of Ohio entered into a 50 year concession at the beginning of 2012 for an upfront payment of 483 million dollars. On top of privatizing parking, Shields stated that on top of streamlining the privatization ideas he could also raise money for University’s endowment to also benefit student’s research and scholarships.

Shields Advice to Achieve Success

According to Shields, his most favorable quality is his great attention to detail to client specifications and following up with them. He also stated that persistence is important and do not let naysayers affect your drive. Success is not final, and failure is not fatal.

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Ted Bauman Explains Why Investors Should Seriously Consider Buying PayPal Stock

Ted Bauman, who edits an email financial newsletter, is a big proponent of investing in PayPal. He says that in a world where cash is no longer king the company that offers the best user experience, services, and security when making financial transactions is the one to bet on. In his estimation that company is PayPal.

There are still some people around who will use cash to make small purchases such as those less than $20. Increasingly, though, people haven’t had cash in their wallets for months to years. People want to either use a debit card, credit card, or their smartphone to buy things nowadays. Cash is a dwindling part of the equation when making a purchase.

Ted Bauman says that investors can take advantage of the move to making financial transactions digitally. His expertise comes from being an international economist who spent 25 years working in South Africa’s not-for-profit industry. He worked on both housing and finance. He has long been watching the evolving financial industry and has been sharing with subscribers on how to make money from the new ways of spending for the past few years. Learn more about Ted Bauman at

He warns people away from old-model companies like Mastercard and Visa. He says that cashless payment platforms, such as PayPal, are replacing the use of credit cards. He says that PayPal offers many benefits to its customers who want to make online payments. This company has been very successful at adapting to how consumers want to spend their money.

PayPal was once owned by eBay who bought them to manage purchases on the eBay platform. Before that, people who used eBay had to deal with checks or other inconvenient ways of buying things. PayPal greatly simplified matters by offering a unified payment platform.

Ted Bauman sees PayPal as a precursor of digital currencies like bitcoin. If people hadn’t gotten used to storing money in the cloud on PayPal they might never have wanted anything to do with cryptocurrencies. Ted Bauman points out that PayPal is now used around the world and is not only firmly entrenched but offers something unique and valuable.

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Isabel dos Santos’s Consistent Efforts for Reform

Isabel dos Santos is extremely well-known for the charitable work she does around the world. Being one of the most successful business people in the country, she has a major influence on much of the world, and she tries to use it to help others. Lately, she has taken to helping underprivileged children.

In her mind, these kids are given a completely unfair hand, and there are simply far too many of children out there who have no opportunity at all to succeed. Because Isabel dos Santos has worked with so many different people, she knows the importance of being around others when you are young, and many children are not even rewarded this blessing. Because of this, she tries to take note of everything in her life that not everyone has which she might take for granted.

Isabel dos Santos does not ever want to reach a point in her life where she feels like she is not being challenged, but she is also thankful that the challenges life dealt her still provided her with basic human needs. In her mind, it is resentful that we should even have any human beings on this earth who are not getting enough food and water. She wants to change this, however, by funding efforts to both localize food and make greater efforts with exports to get to all the children in the world who do not have that sort of thing available for their disposal.

Many companies have all that they need in order to give something back to the world and yet they are still hesitant to do so. Isabel dos Santos has noticed this in the state of business in Angola, and it was what disgusted her enough to decide that it was well-past time she entered the market for business. Of course, at this point, she was only young, and she had much to learn, but by taking a look at all the massive bounds she has made for humankind in her lifetime, we can see that Isabel dos Santos is not likely to be stopping her efforts anytime soon.

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Shervin Pishevar Fears Where the Dow Jones May Go

The stock market is never entirely predictable. Trends do emerge that provide analysts with some reasonable indications about where the Dow Jones may head. And then things happen without warning. Recent upheavals in the trade war between the United States and China led to the market dropping. A proposed ban on Huwai technology further hurt the market. Then, some concessions emerged, and the market perked up. All of this occurred within a few days. The lesson here is the market can be volatile. In a 21-hour tweet storm, technology and venture capital guru Shervin Pishevar warned his followers about potential market disasters.

Since his tweet storm garnered media attention, Shervin Pishevar warned more than his Twitter followers. A sizeable audience learned about his predictions. And those market predictions are frightening. Pishevar believes the stock market may drop by 6,000 points. The financial disaster tornado occurring in the aftermath of a 6,000-point drop could drag the global economy into a nightmare scenario. All this did happen before. The 2008 financial crisis proved the stock market is never invulnerable.

Pishevar did hint in the tweet storm he agreed with conventional wisdom. Gold prices increase when markets collapse, but he did not outright endorse any precious metal purchasing plans. Pishevar isn’t selling the public anything. Nor does he try to motivate them to take specific actions. In his past and present tweets, he shares his opinions. Not everyone agrees, but the ideas are worth checking out.

Shervin Pishevar runs Investment company, a top venture capital enterprise. As a “super angel investor,” Pishevar help funnel money into many business ventures. He is most well known for being an original Uber investor, and Pishevar currently puts efforts into the Virgin Hyperloop One transportation system. He knows a lot about tech, finance, and investing. His insights come from experience, although opinions do remain speculative.

Shervin Pishevar doesn’t want to start a panic. He does, however, want the public to pay attention to the current stock market landscape. Being caught by surprise during a Dow Jones decline could yield devastating effects. Stay current on all news and be informed.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Insight on Prudent Investment Strategies

One of the most misconceptions in the industry of wealth creation is that you need a financial adviser if you have a relatively significant amount of money to put into an investment docket. While this could be true, novice, as well as young investors, need more advice than anyone since they may end up making mistakes by spending a lot of money on the high-risk investment. That’s why it’s vital to hire an investment expert such as Igor Cornelsen to offer insight regarding some of the best investment strategies in the industry.

Igor Cornelsen’s Career

Cornelsen is an experienced investment adviser who took a bold step to pursue his dream. The move turned out to be the best since he managed to graduate from one of the best institutions and venture into a banking career after graduating with honors. Multibanco first employed Cornelsen as a senior executive. He assisted the management in developing useful strategies that could support the business to grow its shares. He would later move to Unibanco where he also served as the head of operations. As an investment banker too, he developed an excellent reputation in offering prudent investment advice to clients. Igor Cornelsen opened many investment opportunities for his clients. He would later start his firm after serving in different banking and financial institutions.

Today, he issues investment advice to clients. Here are some of his opinions.

  • He implores managers to practice safe investment by putting their money in low-risk business. He also advises them to read a lot regarding investment and safe investment strategies.
  • Igor Cornelsen also suggests that managers need to monitor various financial details that affect the market. Moreover, he focuses on introducing new market trends in the industry since they can improve the client’s financial status. Cornelsen also adds that it’s vital to start investing at a tender age.


Paul Mampilly Sees Big Business Go Small in 2019

According to Paul Mampilly, a trusted investment guru who writes for Banyan Hill Publishing, 2019 is going to be a year of upheaval for large businesses. According to Mampilly, big businesses are going to start acting like smaller businesses. This will lead to a series of adaptable, modern-thinking companies interested in gaining a more personal relationship with their consumers.

2018 was a hard year for big business. Many veterans began closing up shop in the wake of an increase of online sales, modern sales practices, and modern consumers. At the same time small start-up companies were making bank. Not only were they selling products but they were creating interpersonal relationships with consumers. Such companies used social media, multi-level marketing, and other modern business practices to gain the upper hand.

Despite the size of big business it soon found itself losing money hand over fist. The age of look but don’t buy began. Consumers began visiting retail to look at a product but would refrain form buying it because it was cheaper online. Numerous companies like Toys ‘R’ Us were suddenly on the fence. Best Buy was one but it was able to make a comeback by adapting to modern day sales practices. Paul Mampilly believes it will not be the only one.

In order to survive big companies are going to have to adapt and began acting like smaller start-ups. In Paul Mampilly’s eyes this means new modern product lines, multi-level marketing aspects, increase use of social media, and direct-sales approaches. Companies are going to become in tune with desires of the consumer and follow their trends. This will lead to a revival for big business in 2019 and many will come back from the brink. Of all the projections Paul Mampilly has made about 2019, he is most certain about this.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a professional investor with decades of experience on Wall Street. Mampilly was a senior portfolio manage, hedge-fund manager, and money manager for various companies. During the financial crises Mampilly was one of a few investors who actually made profit. A master of stock-based investments Mampilly works as an analyst assisting mid-level investors make profitable returns.

Gareth Henry`S Constant Motion To Success

Knowing Gareth Henry is like knowing a famous baseballer with the skill of playing a fastball combined with big sized stepping. The story begins at the University of Edinburgh where Gareth graduated with a bachelor degree in actuarial science. As expected of the majority of actuaries always ending up in an insurance company, Henry was the director in charge of strategic business solutions for an organization known as Schroders for a start. In response to a question about what makes him different, Gareth Henry said that the ability and knack which made him able to talk to his colleagues at work, clients they received and even strangers about ideas in investments and how efficiently they could invest in meaningful ways. This ability is not common in mathematicians and is one thing that makes him outstanding in the big crowd of actuarial scientists.

His success came as a result of the combined super understanding of finance and Gareth`s passion for serving the customers as best as possible. Soon after the start of his business venture, Gareth Henry was appointed the head of investor and investment-related operations at Fortress which closely followed by joining of Angelo Gordon. Before joining Angelo Gordon, Gareth Henry had made significant profits and made noticeable funds from the hedge fund he was in charge of. As a requirement in his job, he engaged with investors from all over the globe. He met with investors from the United States, he met successful business people from the Middle East. He also traveled to Asia and Europe to attend meetings, make deals and encourage individuals to invest.

To succeed in the investment world, Gareth has to employ a combination of many disciplines and gained experience. He combines this with dedication and passion to help him understand the needs of every client and that is the great crucial difference between him and other investors. Articles, research, and clients commonly refer to Gareth`s speed as a motion that is constant. To explain to this, Gareth Henry does not rush to make deals or make investments rather he is in constant pursuit of success even If it sometimes comes to asking for help. He also values feedback from team members and clients as he believes this is key in the process of understanding clients both internal and external needs.

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Matt Badiali: From Science To Finance, Success And Banyan Hill

Matt Badiali never thought he would be a successful chief resource investing expert. Originally, he was set to go to a career path in Science after studying natural resources for over two decades. He finished his bachelor’s degree at Penn State University and received his Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. After a fateful encounter with an investor friend, he was swayed to the Finance industry and became a successful investor. In 2017, he launched his first ever newsletter segment in the site Banyan Hill Publishing called the “Real Wealth Strategist”.

Matt Badiali set his focus on resource investment. When it comes to the natural resource market, prediction and analysis are hard to make because of its high degree of speculation. In order to know the market perfectly, an investor needs to learn about the financial and the scientific aspects. Because of his more than two decades of experience in the industry, he has the knowledge and keen insights into the natural cycles of the natural resource market. In addition to this, him being a hands-on investor, makes sure that the investments that he put his hands into will be successful.

As a hands-on investor, Matt Badiali has been researching investment opportunities in a lot of countries. His investment research has taken him to Singapore, Iraq, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, and even to the Mexican desert. He believes that to be able to ensure the safety of the investment, the investor must go and see the investment for his or herself. Because of this, he has been able to meet a lot of mining company CEOs, experts, and other resource investors as well as new technologies, trends, and discoveries.

Matt Badiali currently manages two newsletters in Banyan Hill, the “Real Wealth Strategist” and the “Front Line Profits”. There is also an upcoming newsletter called the “Power Trend Profits” in which he will be collaborating with John Ross. Real Wealth Strategists is where Badiali shares his insights to mines, oil projects, and another kind of profit-making investments in the natural resource market. Front Line Profits is about his recommendations in small-cap natural resource stocks which he deemed will be profitable in short term. Power Trend Profits is set to stage Badiali’s knowledge and experience in geology and finance.

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