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Empiricus Research is a financial investment publishing company founded by Brazilian entrepreneurs, Rodolfo Amstalden, Felipe Miranda, and Caio César de Mesquita in partnership with the American company, The Agora. It sells information through newsletters with its newsletters currently enjoying a staggering 180,000 subscribers.

Empiricus also owns half of the O Antagonista website. Before creating Empiricus, Caio Mesquita worked in the financial market, Felipe Miranda was a professor at FGV, and Rodolfo Amstalden was a consultant at the International Paper. The three have also been partners in other businesses operating in the financial market, including at Sextus.

Empiricus gained much attention after releasing the video “O Fim do Brasil” in 2014. The video was broadcasted through social media video Ads in Facebook and Google Ads. As its name ‘The End of Brazil’ suggests, the video predicted tough times for Brazil’s national economy. It attacked the policies implemented by the then President Dilma Rousseff’s government. The video was similar to the version of the play “End of America” owned by the Agora group.

Empiricus used various marketing and promotional strategies to attract customers, including paid Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Most of their promotional themes dealt with political issues.

Empiricus produced some investment analysis pieces during elections periods. The articles highlighted essential issues like what should be expected if Aécio Neves wins the elections and which stocks should be expected to go up in case of an Aécio victory. Another piece produced during this period asked its readers to protect themselves should Dilma win the elections.

Given the timing of production, the pieces became contentious as they had a massive impact on the elections and were subsequently suspended. The judicial suspension was, however, lifted by the TSE (Electoral Supreme Court) after recommendations made by a Judge of the Supreme Court, Mr. Gilmar Mendes. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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