Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, recently underscored some of the most intriguing current developments in the sphere of orthopedics. His detailing of new and exciting orthopedic procedures is based on a report created by professionals in the field. the report was slated to be released in July of 2018.

 Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is one of the foremost experts in the field of orthopedic technology and has accumulated advanced knowledge of surgery and other orthopedic procedures which has allowed him to share information that is relevant to those considering joint replacement. In-depth experience and knowledge of joint surgery is also valuable to investors in businesses that produce prosthetics and joint replacement implants. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has made a reputation for his novel approaches to Common surgical replacement procedures like those of the knee, hip, and shoulders.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is perhaps most well known for creating a knee replacement procedure in which he utilizes a much smaller surgical cut than what would typically be needed in knee replacement surgery. Dr. Kirschenbaum only uses some of the joint, rather than the whole of the knee. This ensures that there is considerably less damage to nearby tissues. Less invasive procedures have allowing patients to enjoy major advantages, including an expedited recovery time and a higher efficient post surgery use of the joints.

Dr. Kirschenbaum has been an advocate for many procedures that are the result of rapidly changing technology. He believes that accessing the most advanced technological discoveries gives the surgeon advantages in precision, control, and efficiency in surgery.


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Interview with Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Joint Replacement Surgeon and Bronx Native

Finding Who Richard Liu Qiangdong is

Richard Liu Qiangdong goes by both his middle name and his first name. Qiangdong is the CEO and founder of JD.com. JD.com is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the business today. In early 2018 the company had an estimated worth of $12 billion American dollars. The platform serves over 100 million different online shoppers. Qiangdong was born in the small town of Sugian. He enrolled at The Peoples’ University of China where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. He also looked into other things such as computer coding and computer science. His first job was at Japan Life. Japan Life is a huge company that supplies natural supplements. He turned to his desire for the entrepreneur world in 1998 and left his position at Japan Life.

Richard Liu Qiangdong started his new business with 12 brick and mortar stores. His business continued to grow to a large empire. This new empire called itself “Jingdong.” In 2003 he moved his business online and created a new marketplace. Two years later all his brick and mortar stores closed. He moved his business online completely. The new online business was different from the rest. He established online stores that sold high-end items of luxury. These items were authentic and branded with names to believe in.

Soon Richard Liu Qiangdong created relationships with other businesses. He began building onto partnerships that would bring his company to the next level. With his new rise, he changed the name of his business. Now, the business would be called JD.com. In 2014 his company would be the first company to be publicly traded on NASDAQ from China. This increased the stock value in the company by 15%. His shareholders would include large companies like Google, Walmart, WeChat and Farfetch. His company then moved to include Europe and Thailand.

Today Richard Liu Qiangdong is still the CEO of the company. Qiangdong himself is recorded by Forbes to be worth over $7 billion. JD.com is the fastest growing and most profitable e-commerce business from within China today.

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Grace Farms Building Foundation

Community centers and public libraries are among some of the organizations and places that have provided creation, dialogue, reflection, and positive community engagements for various towns and cities. They provide a quiet place to learn and get in touch with nature and beautiful scenery. Their mission is to bring people together, though they all look different.

Grace Farms is a place that exceeds the expectation of a community center or library. Grace farms offers a beautiful scenery, with 80 acres of land. Their foundation was built on art, nature, faith, community, and justice, which is something they strive for. They are open six days a week, and their admission is free an open to the public. Grace Farms offers several different programs and activities year round. The possibilities are endless.

The president of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince is behind all of the work. She sought the vision and brought it to life. The Grace Farms Foundation began in 2007 with a few people dedicating their time and energy into creating this land into a land for others to experience wonderful things.

Grace Farms is located in New Canaan, Connecticut. It is one of the largest open lands in it’s area with 80 acres of land. Sharon Prince stated that their intend is to “have a greater enjoyment of the beautiful environment and changing seasons through the spaces and experience created by the River building.” The place is meant to bring peace in Grace along to every visitor. Sharon Prince Grace Farms has not only led Grace Farms to where they are at today, but has also led by example through her personal life as well.

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Career Profile of Attorney Todd Levine

Todd Levine is an attorney who specializes in real estate litigation. He is the founding member of the leading law firm known as Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine PL. Over the past several years, Todd Levine has established himself as one of the top litigation attorneys in South Florida. With this success as a litigation attorney, Todd Levine has built his law firm into one of the best in the nation. Levine credits his success to using his analytical abilities to solve legal disputes for his clients. During his career, he has helped a number of real estate brokers, contractors, property managers, buyers and sellers get favorable outcomes in their legal cases.

Before starting his law firm, Todd Levine was involved in a case that required him to participate in litigation. It was a complex case where Todd needed to gather facts so that he can best represent the client. During the case, Todd Levine was able to successfully get a favorable outcome for his client. As a result, he realized that he had potential to succeed as a litigation attorney in the future. Therefore, he decided to eventually start up his own law firm that specializes in litigation in real estate and in other business matters.

When working during the day, attorney Todd Levine has a number of things that he can be doing at any given time. Most of his day includes meeting with clients, speaking to them on phone calls and also going to court and representing clients at a trial. In order to make his day productive, he looks to make sure that he is always doing an activity that helps him reach his goals.

Since founding his law firm, attorney Todd Levine has looked to focus on providing the best service for his clients. With his client first approach he has been able to earn their praise and get recommendations to others who are in need of his services. Levine believes that if you keep the client’s best interests in mind, you will be able to maximize your potential and succeed as a litigation lawyer.

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A Look At Under Armour Founder Kevin Plank’s Philanthropy

Not long after graduating from the University of Maryland College Park, Kevin Plank came up with the concept of a t-shirt that would wick away sweat when people are playing a sport or exercising. He founded Under Armour in 1996 and is this company’s chief executive officer and chairman of the board. In his company’s first year it had $17,000 in revenue.

In 1999, Kevin Plank took out a $25,000 advertisement in ESPN The Magazine. This led to athletes and teams from around the world buying his company’s products. Over the next year, his company had $1 million in revenue. In 2010, Under Armour reached $1 billion in annual revenue.

Kevin Plank also founded Plank Industries. This is a conglomerate that has companies in the food and beverage, hospitality, commercial real estate, and thoroughbred horse racing industries. Among his largest investments is Sagamore Spirit which distills whiskey. Another key stake is his work redeveloping the Port Covington neighborhood of Baltimore. This company was established in 2012.

He has used some of his wealth to help others. In 2015, Kevin Plank gave a donation of $16 million to St. John’s College High School from which he had graduated. The money has been used to improve the campus and update its athletic facilities. It also funded a new academic program that teaches students the skills they need to become entrepreneurs.

He also gifted $25 million to the University of Maryland in 2014. This funding has been used to support this university’s research, academics, and athletics department. It paid for a portion of the expansion of Cole Field House, including adding an indoor football practice facility. A portion was also dedicated to building the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

A Better Understanding Of Bhanu Choudhrie

Learning what drives an entrepreneur into success is always an interesting fact to unfold. They say the way you get ahead in life is by being the early bird. Let’s take a look into who Bhanu Choudhrie is and what has made him so successful in life.

Who Is Bhanu Choudhrie?

Bhanu Choudhrie was originally born in New Delhi, India June 1978. The type of influence around you certainly helps mold you into the person you become. As a child growing up Mr. Choudhrie was able to witness his family start a real estate business in India. In the ’70s his father and uncle started a TV import-export business.

Mr. Choudhrie attributes his company ideas from the prior success of his families businesses. Continuously advancing his education was and is a big deal to Mr. Choudhrie. Bhanu attended Boston University and developed a grand understanding of International Business & Marketing. Sometime after graduating, he continued his education at Harvard Business School under the Owner Management Program.

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Giving The Best Advice

It is true that your beliefs and principalities play a winning factor in your overall ability to perform well throughout life. As a successful investor and founder of C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie leaves a bit of advice for the people.

Mr. Choudhrie believes surrounding yourself with a great team moves plans into action. Doing activities that interest you give you a better perspective on current projects and he states it’s good for your overall health and energy levels. Staying up to date on what is happening globally allows you to spot opportunities that could be beneficial to you.

Becoming A Well Rounded Person Is The Key

As you become a well-rounded person not only in your field of expertise but in life, in general, you will position yourself the same way Bhanu Choudhrie did. Taking action with a purpose creates the lifestyle you desire.

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DonataMeirelles Contributions to the Fight against HIV and AIDS

DonataMeirelles is a fashion consultant and socialist from Brazil well recognized from her work as a style director at Vogue Brazil. Besides, DonataMeirelles is a supporter of researches and studies concerning AIDS as well as promoting the fight against HIV and AIDS. She involves multiple HIV and AIDS research facilities which have enabled her to acquire a significant number of audiences reaching more than 463,000. Recently, she reacted to a post by the New York Times about a HIV patient who got cured through AmfAR. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at weeklyopinion.com

About AmfAR

AmfAr is a non-profitable organization that aims at supporting the fight against HIV and AIDS through research, advocacy, prevention and treatment studies worldwide. Founded in 1983 with a partnership between the AMF and the National AIDS Research Foundation, the facility merged to form the AmfAR which aims at fighting HIV and AIDS stigma as well as educating the public concerning the disease. Currently, the organization has enhanced innovative and modern research techniques to various institutions such as the Family Institute of Health and has received over three thousand grants and invested over four hundred million dollars in HIV and AIDS treatment studies.

Meirelles Support on HIV and AIDS Research Facilities

AmfAR, like other non-profitable organizations, receives funds from well-wishers and fundraising events. DonataMeirelles involves in various fundraising events such as AmfAR Annual Cinema Against AIDS which generates funds from selling exclusive tickets and unique memorabilia auctioning. Similarly, different celebrities including Scarlet Johnson, Andy Warhol, Annie Leibovitz, and Kate Hudson have involved in multiple donations of items and participating in auctioning which generated over $265,000; the recent event proving about $20 million. DonataMeirelles support to the organization aims at finding the cure to HIV and AIDS by the year 2020 while the facility continues to receive a record amount of funds from various sectors and individual donors.

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Bernardo Chua’s Professional Contributions in the Medical Industry

Bernardo Chua is a graduate of Santo Tomas University from the Philippines. He is a marketing executive at the global level as well as a medical professional. He is highly recognized for carrying on his old family legacy to an international market level of nutrition supplements. He is most famous for his vast research and development on the therapeutic benefits of Ganoderma mushroom. As a young man, he dreamt of becoming a medical doctor. Bernardo Chua’s aspiration was to prolong healthy lives. He also had a passion for herbal medicine which he utilized through his profession. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.

Bernardo Chua has worked in the supplement industry for years. Due to his savvy knowledge and experience in the traditional Chinese herbal solutions, he was employed by Gano Excel. He was tasked to promote supplements, teas or coffee infused with Ganoderma. He showed unique abilities and skills that led to the high market share and growth of the company.

In 2008, the businessman founded Organo Gold while living in Canada. As his greatest attributes, he owed this to his immense knowledge of marketing, sales, and herbal medicine. Over the last 10 years, he has been renowned for his endeavor in the direct sales industry. In his business model for Organo Gold, he obtained his expertise especially while bringing the Ganoderma mushroom into the North American market. Moreover, he leveraged his knowledge developed in the direct sales domain.

He has made education the central focus in creating awareness about herbal remedies. Moreover, he has established trust with the distributors as well as customers. He has used his social media platforms like Facebook to share information about the health benefits of Ganoderma as well as encouraging young people in the business start-ups. He has sponsored OG Cares Foundation which is aimed at enriching the youth in becoming better leaders. Additionally, he mentors and inspires young professionals. Connect: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/bernardo-chua-b96b54aa

Sharon Prince a Visionary Leader Steering Grace Farm to Higher Horizons

Grace Farm is a magnificently built nature center that is located in Connecticut. The foundation spent close to 120 million dollars in establishing the center that sits in 80 acres piece of land. The design work for Grace Farm was done by Sanaa a leading Japanese architecture firm that was recognized by the Pritzker Prize for their excellent work in designing the park and the ultramodern buildings in it. Grace firm serves as the center for spiritual activities, is a meeting place for social justice groups and is a community garden and has a chapel, gym, and a hub.

The main building at the center is known as River and has been divided into five separate sections. The building is made of glass walls that allow people from the inside to have a perfect view of the surrounding landscape that is covered with forests and meadows. While commenting on the building design during the center opening Sharon Prince, the Farm president said that the building design and the nature park is what they had envisioned when they began the project. The people behind the success of Grace Farm is Sharon Prince, the president, together with her husband a hedge fund executive plus other more than 100 donors who cheerfully contributed resources to build an admirable hybrid entity.

Grace Farm is open to the public and among many other things host a 700 seat chapel at the river building known as the Sanctuary. The church is a non-denominational spiritual center that is open to all members of the public. Besides the church, the center is also an art center and features some of the world’s top arts from different artists.
Sharon Prince, the Farm President, also serves as the firm executive director. The Farm, since its inception, has been an enormous success and besides providing members of the community with a peaceful quiet place to interact with nature, has employed more than 25 people. Prince holds an MBA from the University of Tulsa, and she is also a renowned serial entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Explains Why He Put His Latest Company Together

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago, Illinois, businessman who has co-founded multiple technology firms. Among these are InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, MediaBank, and most famously Groupon. He has been a leader at these companies, including being the chief executive officer and chairman of the board. His latest company, Tempus, Inc. is bringing cutting-edge technology to the field of healthcare.

Tempus is a company that helps physicians deliver personalized care to cancer patients. His company built a library filled with data such as molecular data, clinical data, doctor’s notes, and genomic sequencing data. Machine learning and analytics sort this data and come up with relevant insights. Eric Lefkofsky says the goal is to help physicians develop individualized treatment plans that lead to better patient outcomes when diagnosed with this deadly disease.

He has partnered with many hospitals and universities around the nation. One of these is LSU Health Shreveport’s Feist-Weiller Cancer Center. This center is led by Maria-Magdalena Georgescu, M.D., Ph.D. She partnered with Tempus so that she could better research glioblastoma, a common and very deadly form of brain cancer. To date, people with this type of cancer face grim prospects because it grows too fast to be effectively targeted and treated.

Eric Lefkofsky says that the digital tools and analytics that his company provides to Feist-Weiller Cancer Center will help them better understand how their patient’s profiles, using their genetic information, will respond to various treatment options. They will be able to see what treatments can shrink or eliminate these types of tumors and lead to better patient outcomes.

Along with his long-time business partner, Eric Lefkofsky established Tempus in 2015. He says that he saw a need for much better technology when it comes to cancer care and decided he had the skills to fill it. He had gone along with a family member to their appointments to treat their cancer. He saw that physicians didn’t have access to the data that would help them better help their patients beat cancer. He put together a team of experts who built a platform that is now used for 25% of cancer patients in America.