Highland Capital Management: Made With A Certain Kind Of Investor In Mind


There are a lot of different varieties of investors in this world. Some prefer to put their money into companies that are on the up and up and presumed to be safe. There are others in this world who like to take on a little more risk in their portfolio. Those people are seeking what is known as high-yield investments.

Those are the kind of people who may be likely to be interested in investing in something like Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is among the most successful and largest firms operating in the financial sector today.

Dondero is noted by industry observers to be a pioneer in several realms, especially in developing innovative approaches in the “Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO)” market.

What Highland Capital does is take money from institutional and retail investors alike to put into investments that have the high yield that these investors seek. They also want to find investments that are considered “value” investments. This means that they are most appealing not as much for their growth prospects but for their price now compared to the financial status that they are currently in.

James Dondero, with co-founder Mark Okada, is responsible for the creation and growth of Highland Capital Management. The two set out to create this fund back in 1993. They had a lot of combined knowledge about how credit markets work, and they wanted to use that knowledge to make wise investing decisions.

Their plan has worked to perfection as the fund has grown in power and influence over the years. It has literally billions of dollars under management at this point in time. This makes it one of the bigger funds in the entire country. Get More Information Here.

The run that Highland Capital Management has been on is likely to continue to roll on. James Dondero remains at the helm of the fund, and he is going to continue to make the same kind of decisions that he has made all this time. Keep watching Highland Capital Management to see what kind of moves they make. See This Page for additional information.


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Highland Capital Management


The head of Highland Capital Management, a Dallas based hedge fund is retiring at the end 2019 after three decades of service. According to the HCM company website, Mark Okada is retiring from active management to take up an advisory position in the firm.

The mercurial investment manager and entrepreneur will retain a controlling stake in the company. Mark Okada and James Dondero, the Highland company president joined forces to form the investment firm back in 1993. Mr. Okada’s insights into finance and investment matters played an instrumental in growing Highland Capital into a global credit and investment behemoth it is today.

Highland Capital Management’ success is evident in the leveraged loan market and aggressive expansion to varied asset classes. Besides holding a key management portfolio, Mr. Okada has also been the face of Highland Capital Management on popular business networks like Bloomberg and CNBC. See Related Link for more information.

Following news of his retirement, the company president has greatly appreciated Okada’s contributions to the company since its establishment. According to the Dallas Morning News, Dondero is grateful about Okada’s leadership style, personality and performance. Today, the investment adviser on credit and alternative investment strategies oversees an asset portfolio amounting to more than $15 billion.

Highland Capital Management has made efforts to diversify its portfolio to effectively serve a growing list of institutional and retail investors from all around the world. Its focus over the years has increased to include; high yield credit, real estate investment, regional verticals, public equities and special situations structure credit.

Highland Capital Management maintains a physical presence in several global financial capitals, including Buenos Aires, Seoul and Rio de Janeiro. Its workforce currently stands at 150 employees and continues to grow in line with its vision. As part of its community impact philosophy, Highland Capital supports volunteerism and community uplifting endeavors. Click Here for more information.


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