Impossible Foods Chooses McDonalds Legandary Producer, OSI Group, to Co-Produce Its Impossible Burger

Deer Park and McDonalds

Some things are never forgotten and are like cornerstones in the history of a company. When OSI Group began in 1909 as a small meatpacker in Deer Park Chicago, it couldn’t see the future. In 1955 Ray Kroc came to expand meatpacker quickly and asked them to be his chief meatpacker and distributor. That is over 65 years ago, and the companies grew together. Innovations, expert service, and an eye to detail have been some of the hallmarks of OSI Group since its beginnings.

Impossible Foods

Now over a century has passed since OSI Group began and it is entering into a new era for production history. Impossible Foods, the innovator and creator of the plant-based Impossible Burger recently chose OSI Group to be its chief co-producer as well as its distributor of its Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger is designed as a 100% plant-based burger that is competing with beef burgers as a healthy option.

The Impossible Burger provides the same iron and protein as a beef burger, yet remains 100% plant-based. Impossible Foods decided to choose the legendary food producer after it experienced a significant spike in demand for its flagship Impossible Burger mid-2019. Impossible Foods spent between 2011-2016 in its Redwood city food labs developing a burger that smells, tastes, cooks, and “bleeds” like a beef burger, yet it is all plant-based.

Plant Based-Foods Competition

The plant-based food sector has grown to a $6B industry in the past decade, and Impossible Foods is competing as a healthy alternative to those who want a plant-based burger that has all the essential vitamins and protein as a beef burger yet is 100% plant-based. Impossible Foods debuted the Impossible Burger in mid-2016 in Celebrity Chef David Chang’s restaurant in New York called Momofuku Nishi. Reviews were very positive, and a steady demand for the Impossible Burger has grown since its debut. Other burger companies as Burger King will launch the Impossible Whopper in 7,500 of its stores nationwide this year and has placed it on their menus. Impossible Foods has other plant-based food items in production such as Impossible Sausage which it prototypes for Little Caesars and is being sold in selected stores.

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Sujit Choudhry’s Passion Surpasses Ceasefire

 The world of politics and government is constantly adapting to current situations and the people that live them. This means that the world’s leaders need to be just as upkept and educated about the progress. Authors like Sujit Choudhry has made it their job to be productive in educating the world about what he feels needs to be throughly analyzed and explained to better promote the concept of world peace. He has co-authored along with George Anderson to create a 17 case study compilation called “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”. This book addresses so many political and governmental topics that sheds light on various constitutional processes and law making systems.

The text specifically gets into dept about the relationship between territorial cleavages and constituional design. Conflicts that are commonly existing across the globe are included within’ the text that can be applied to unique political systems and circumstances. Sujit Choudhry includes information about territories that are politically strict, smaller regions with little governmental influence, and more. Some of the places that are specifically mentioned are Nepal, Ukraine, Spain, Cyprus, Spain, and others. The two authors have also written a policy paper that can be used as a tool that gives even more insight and research along with the book. The policy paper is published with the same title as the original book.

The policy paper contains excerpts that allow readers access to even more information about law making processes and their corresponding territories. Readers can also gain advice from the authors on how to handle situations and opinions about how different factors can become intermingle with one another. Sujit Choudhry is a credible source that handles his educational and political duties even under conditions of political violence and ceasefires. Sujit Choudhry is a great example of what a scholarly leader should be.

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Ashley Lightspeed and the Key to Succeeding

Ashley Lightspeed has reached for greatness ever since she was young. For her entire life, she has believed that there is more to the world than what is presented to us in the menial tasks of day-to-day work, and she has proven this to be true over the course of her incredibly inspiring and fruitful career. Though her work first began with a strong passion for architecture, having found influence from her father, she has grown to cultivate a true care for the inner-workings of the business and investment world. It is this that currently possesses her, and she has shown throughout her career that she is capable of dominating anything she sets her mind to.

This much is apparent by the enormous amount of work she is willing to put into her job, and yet to her, it is hardly a matter of work as much as it is a genuine love for business and investment. Ashley Lightspeed has always believed that the customer’s wishes should be considered before anything else, and this is why she has crusaded against the current trend in business to merely function on the basis of generating revenue.

To find more details on Ashley’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

In opposition to this, she has focused her work on determining what it is the people of the world actually want and finding new ways to deliver it to them. It is clear from her success in her job that she has been able to figure out what makes people tick, as her knowledge in investment has led to the growth of countless corporations over the years, and she hopes to only grow that list as she becomes more and more familiar with the ever-changing landscape of business. There is a part of her that is aware she cannot be perfectly in-tune with the world of business, but she still seeks to reach this status in every single day of her life, and it is perhaps for this reason that she is so well-respected among her peers.

Some people underestimate the importance of being respected in the workplace, but someone like her, who has dealt with employees who have a lack of respect for the work they do, is able to appreciate the genuine importance that comes along with being truly dedicated to your work. She knows that unless you are willing to take everyone else’s thoughts into consideration, you are likely not going to be able to figure out the best solution for any task that comes at hand.

In the eyes of Ashley Lightspeed, it is nothing but absolutely essential to ensure that all thoughts are considered before moving forward, as if this is not guaranteed, you will simply be leaving room within your business to slip up. While she is aware that mistakes are bound to happen even in the most successful of careers, she believes that caution is paramount in minimizing these mistakes. Particularly when you are pursuing a career in investment, where one wrong move can lead to your downfall, prudence is the key to success.

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Isabel Dos Santos Believes Women Can Prosper In Africa

Despite the fact that Isabel dos Santos is one of the richest people in the world and the top richest woman in Africa, she states that she still feels as if she faces a fair degree of discrimination in her career. Even in the executive roles that she has played throughout her career, she has found that her opinion is questioned due to her gender. Instead of backing down, she began to assert herself more become more creative in the way that she used her experience, skills, and value as a successful professional. She states that this something that many women in different parts of the world have to deal with and many times they are not able to focus their energy on what they are supposed to be doing because they are busy unfairly having to prove themselves.

Isabel dos Santos wants the business world and entrepreneurship to change for women in Africa. She states that there are already a lot of changes happening as the opinions towards women in the workplace are starting to become more open, but there is still a lot of progress that the world has to work for. Isabel dos says she wants women to understand that the changes that they are fighting for will take a process to achieve, but it is something that must be done. While views may be changing in different countries around the world, change needs to happen on a global level due to the international nature of business.

While there may be a lot of hardships that women face when it comes to the business world of Africa, Isabel dos Santos believes that it is still possible for them to achieve success. Some of the areas in which she believes that women in her home country of Angola can find a good amount of opportunity are minerals, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. In particular, Isabel dos Santos believes that agriculture is one of the most promising markets in Angola. In addition, more Africans are finding themselves with disposable income that allows them to travel and stay at hotels an lodges throughout the countryside. Click here.


Lincolnshire Management and TJ Maloney: The Private Equity Firm Behind The Holley Performance Products Deal


Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that is well versed with the prospect of control investments and is particularly familiar with investment potential for middle market companies. Lincolnshire Management is known for having worked with a wide range of companies coming to them from within the United States. The scope of the industries that they have worked with is considerably large and is something that has helped Lincolnshire Management become the notable name that they are today. Lincolnshire Management believes in offering personalized attention to each company that they work with and tries to ensure that all of their investment needs are met with. Lincolnshire Management has had extensive investment experience and this is something that has enabled the vast growth that Lincolnshire Management has seen.

Lincolnshire Management first opened its doors for business in 1986 and since then has had an incredible impact on the field of investments with the numerous deals that they have undertaken. Lincolnshire Management currently operates out of its headquarters in New York and handles businesses throughout the country. The main services that Lincolnshire Management is involved in include acquisitions, recapitalizations, corporate divestitures, buyouts and many more. Currently, Lincolnshire Management is known to handle more than $1.7 billion in equity from the clients that they have worked with.

Lincolnshire Management has received an incredible amount of attention for several of the investments that they have undertaken. In 2018, Lincolnshire Management worked with Holley Performance Products, and Driven Performance to carry out a merger that would propel both companies to the top of the industries that they are working in. Even though the finer aspects of the transaction were never disclosed, it is something that impacted the manner in which Lincolnshire Management was perceived. Lincolnshire received an incredible amount of praise for their outstanding contribution in this deal and was considered to be a powerhouse with regards to what they did.

Lincolnshire Management is known for having an incredibly proficient team of investors and financialists who work hard to help the clients who want to seek one or more of their financial services and who are in need of investment analysis and services. TJ Maloney is the CEO of Lincolnshire Management.

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Nitin Khanna and Work Oriented Investing

Nitin Khanna may have come across the concept of concentrated positions in companies that are expected to do well over the long term despite any market conditions are the ones that are expected to provide the best returns, even, a respected individual like Nitin Khanna may have witnessed, in times of deep crisis. Nitin Khanna may have also been advised and will advise about the fact that assets that are being able to be deeply resistant to financial crises and able to gain from them, these are the companies that one would want to hold over the long term.

Value-oriented investors like Nitin Khanna can dive deep into a business and learn why the qualitative is just as important as the quantitative, the qualitative may signal the quantitative at times. These intangibles may make a significant difference and may not be easy to capture in excel spreadsheets.

Furthermore, one must follow what is simple and inherent to them, not what is simple and inherent to those that are high priests within a particular field. By chasing after high priests, one automatically defaults in appeals to authority as opposed to asking what is true, and why is it so?

This leads one to believe in an illusion, which can certainly be quite harmful to investments and overall value. Slothfulness and laggardness in the mental realm can be the downfall of many an investor. One must avoid these traps, they are easy to come by in an era of abundance.

Companies that have assets that are stable and will continue to be stable in all times are those all-weather assets that should be appreciated by an investor base. These assets are those that will allow them to be valuable and useful in a recession, in a bull market, and in medium markets. The foundation of a company and its assets certainly matter in the long run as well.

Companies with massive growth potential, that hold the right assets, and can continue to be steady and stable in the long-run are companies that individuals should look out for in the marketplace. Of course, one must also look at the accelerators for growth.


The Talented Commercial Litigator, Todd Levine.

 Todd Levine is a commercial litigator at Miami-based law firm, Kruger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and p.L. He is loves music and art. He is also a founder member of the law firm in 2009 which has been recently ranked among the top best legal firms in the United States. His education background is based on finance and law. This qualifies him to be among the best attorneys to represent homeowners, real estate developers, contractors, investors and other stake holders involved in real estate. He has also represented clients from the field of sports.

Todd Levine is very creative, innovative and he understands that every client has different needs. He, therefore, uses different legal approach for every client. This strategy has helped him win several complex lawsuits especially in finance and real estate. He has managed to end disputes involving business partnership. Despite his experience and exceptional performance in his profession, he appreciates teamwork. He values the opinions of his colleagues. This has made the team to receive a huge approval from the best lawyers in the United States.

 The attorney has excellent reviews from his former clients. The clients acknowledge his knowledge on legal affairs and the capacity to interpret the law without violating ethics. His keenness enables him to identify very fine details that he relates to the law and he eventually wins the lawsuits. According to Martindale Hubbel Legal Leaders, 2012, he is among the South Florida`s best lawyers for commercial litigation. He was also ranked as the best lawyer in America by the U.S News and World Report in the real estate Litigation grouping.

The fact real estate is very dynamic makes Todd a very strong pillar in the business. He also has all it takes to be considered as a mentor by lawyers aspiring to be successful.

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Shervin Pishevar Fears Where the Dow Jones May Go

The stock market is never entirely predictable. Trends do emerge that provide analysts with some reasonable indications about where the Dow Jones may head. And then things happen without warning. Recent upheavals in the trade war between the United States and China led to the market dropping. A proposed ban on Huwai technology further hurt the market. Then, some concessions emerged, and the market perked up. All of this occurred within a few days. The lesson here is the market can be volatile. In a 21-hour tweet storm, technology and venture capital guru Shervin Pishevar warned his followers about potential market disasters.

Since his tweet storm garnered media attention, Shervin Pishevar warned more than his Twitter followers. A sizeable audience learned about his predictions. And those market predictions are frightening. Pishevar believes the stock market may drop by 6,000 points. The financial disaster tornado occurring in the aftermath of a 6,000-point drop could drag the global economy into a nightmare scenario. All this did happen before. The 2008 financial crisis proved the stock market is never invulnerable.

Pishevar did hint in the tweet storm he agreed with conventional wisdom. Gold prices increase when markets collapse, but he did not outright endorse any precious metal purchasing plans. Pishevar isn’t selling the public anything. Nor does he try to motivate them to take specific actions. In his past and present tweets, he shares his opinions. Not everyone agrees, but the ideas are worth checking out.

Shervin Pishevar runs Investment company, a top venture capital enterprise. As a “super angel investor,” Pishevar help funnel money into many business ventures. He is most well known for being an original Uber investor, and Pishevar currently puts efforts into the Virgin Hyperloop One transportation system. He knows a lot about tech, finance, and investing. His insights come from experience, although opinions do remain speculative.

Shervin Pishevar doesn’t want to start a panic. He does, however, want the public to pay attention to the current stock market landscape. Being caught by surprise during a Dow Jones decline could yield devastating effects. Stay current on all news and be informed.

The Loving Kindness of Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a profitable energy company located in Dallas, Texas. They are well-known for their genuine service and door to door energy sales. When you get into the doors however there is more than meets the eye. Not only are they a company that provides a useful service, but they also devote much of their resources towards helping the community. In this instance, the prime example is aiding in the relief effort of the crippling storm Hurricane Harvey. This storm decimated areas of Dallas, leaving many without shelter and nowhere to go with no food or water. This in the eyes of Stream energy was simply unacceptable and tugged at their heartstrings. A genuine company like Stream Energy could not simply stand by while so many people suffered. They were able to fund thousands of dollars by partnering with The Hope supply company.

Through this bond, they made the lives of those afflicted by the storm perk up with hope as they actively engaged the community by giving food, water, and shelter. Stream energy is all about making a lasting relationship with their customers on a genuine level that can hardly be matched. They see each person as a family member and seek to help them in any way they can. Hurricane Harvey was just one of the many instances where Stream Energy has shown their loving kindness. Simply giving the funds to aid in the recovery process isn’t enough for them either.

They continually provide emotional support face to face in an effort to give hope to the people who have lost everything. It’s hard to imagine what a taxing toll that must have taken on all those who were struck with the storm. Stream Energy has the power to provide safe and affordable energy not only to the local homes but also to the souls of those oppressed by mother nature’s storms. They bring light to the community with their rare qualities that make them stand out indefinitely. Other companies should take away from Stream the simple notion of charitable humanity. They have served Dallas Texas for four years.

Sheldon Lavin has brought the biggest impact to OSI Group

The role of a business leader in any enterprise cannot be ignored. Businesses that have great leaders perform better than those that lack. In fact, the success of a business is associated with the people behind it as opposed to the capital invested. For a company to manage its operations in 17 different entries, it is not an achievement that can be ignored. It takes dedicated leaders to build a successful company that has such a massive influence in the global arena. It is leaders such as Sheldon Lavin who have managed to prove their abilities by leading their businesses to become notable global enterprises. As the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has facilitated the growth of this food company to levels that were never imagined.

About OSI Group was started in 1912 as a small meat shop in Illinois but benefited from good leadership to become a notable business in the region. Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in 1975 after he helped the company to get the funds needed to expand their operations. Before that, OSI Group, then known as Otto & Sons, was under pressure from its main client, the McDonald’s to supply meat products to all locations where the latter was opening restaurants. In the face of this pressure, Otto & Sons had to come up with a plan that would help them to meet the demands of their client. One of the steps they took is to build a facility that would be fully dedicated to the operations of the McDonalds. To accomplish this mission, they had to find a source of money to construct a food production plant.

Otto & Sons approached the bank that Sheldon Lavin was working with. Coincidentally the bank assigned him the role of helping this food business to get the necessary funds. In the process of helping them, the owners of Otto & Sons found that he could be of great help to the management of the company and offered him an opportunity to join them as an equal managing partner. After joining this company, Sheldon Lavin was tasked with the responsibility of facilitating the growth of the company in its global expansion plans. As an experienced business executive, he was the best-suited person to lead the company through the important expansion phase.

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