Isabel Dos Santos Believes Women Can Prosper In Africa

Despite the fact that Isabel dos Santos is one of the richest people in the world and the top richest woman in Africa, she states that she still feels as if she faces a fair degree of discrimination in her career. Even in the executive roles that she has played throughout her career, she has found that her opinion is questioned due to her gender. Instead of backing down, she began to assert herself more become more creative in the way that she used her experience, skills, and value as a successful professional. She states that this something that many women in different parts of the world have to deal with and many times they are not able to focus their energy on what they are supposed to be doing because they are busy unfairly having to prove themselves.

Isabel dos Santos wants the business world and entrepreneurship to change for women in Africa. She states that there are already a lot of changes happening as the opinions towards women in the workplace are starting to become more open, but there is still a lot of progress that the world has to work for. Isabel dos says she wants women to understand that the changes that they are fighting for will take a process to achieve, but it is something that must be done. While views may be changing in different countries around the world, change needs to happen on a global level due to the international nature of business.

While there may be a lot of hardships that women face when it comes to the business world of Africa, Isabel dos Santos believes that it is still possible for them to achieve success. Some of the areas in which she believes that women in her home country of Angola can find a good amount of opportunity are minerals, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. In particular, Isabel dos Santos believes that agriculture is one of the most promising markets in Angola. In addition, more Africans are finding themselves with disposable income that allows them to travel and stay at hotels an lodges throughout the countryside. Click here.


Bhanu Choudhrie On Financial Investments

Bhanu Choudhrie has been to a variety of universities, he has learned a lot, and he’s invested in himself to a great degree. Bhanu Choudhrie has invested in himself so that he can turn around and make great decisions that would matter to him, his businesses and his employees.

Bhanu Choudhrie will stay focused on different things in finance and keep up with news such as the one presented below.

Bhanu Choudhrie must keep in touch with investments or possible investment opportunities that will pay off in the future because that is what his job is, to conduct the analysis and to make certain that it is staying on track.

In his investments, he may have come across a firm such as Transferwise, Bhanu Choudhrie would see that Transferwise has chosen to go a different route, and processes money for many different organizations. He would pay close attention to trends and movement within the world in regard to finances and to progress within the world. He is one investor that will look for value within his investments and would understand why the right relationships are needed within the business sector to go to the right places.

The idea is to make less mistakes in the investment game and he knows it, large investors have realized this early on and people like Bhanu would understand the importance of minimizing errors within the investment game as there are many opportunities to do so.

TransferWise is Going Against the IPO Route for Now

By definition, an IPO is a way to turn a firm’s non-liquid stock into a tradable, liquid security. This way, any shareholders or early investors who put their amount in the company could liquidate their investment by selling their company shares to the public.

This often works in the company’s favor, where the amount earned through stock sales is put towards scaling its operations further. More often than not, more stock sales mean more growth for the company. It is because the people who are integral to a company’s operations are prone to re-invest the money they make from selling their shares.

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Todd Levine: A Knack for Success

The best professionals in their respective fields often have a knack for what they do. Not to say that hard work and dedication aren’t a part of succeeding in life; some people are naturally talented. One of the most naturally talented Florida attorneys is attorney Todd Levine.

Todd Levine is a partner at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L. He specializes in commercial real estate litigation and regularly worked with real estate brokers, property managers, buyers and sellers, investors, and more. They come to him because he’s the best at handling commercial real estate projects and transaction-related litigation.

After a Bachelor’s in Finance in 1988 and a law degree in 1991, he discovered he had a talent for litigation. While working a complex case, quickly figured out a way to reframe issues and arguments so that the judge and jury could better understand his side of the case.

The case ended settling in their favor, and attorney Levine realized how useful his power could be if he continued challenging himself. To this day, he seeks out complex cases to test the limits of his ability. As he gained experience and put more courtroom wins under his belt, clients referred others matters to him.

Today, his schedule is well-managed, but all over the place. As a complex commercial attorney, he doesn’t have “typical” days or weeks. Every day brings with it new challenges and environments that he must adapt to and overcome. One day, he could be in Fort Lauderdale in trial, and the next day, he has a meeting in Miami.

No matter how complicated his schedule appears, he always uses his time wisely, allowing him to stay productive throughout his day. Because he travels so much; he’s learned to take calls and video meetings while traveling.

If attorney Todd Levine isn’t too busy, he’s looking over cases. He starts by taking an in-depth look at the case before boiling everything down to key issues. That’s what he’ll present to the judge, jury, or arbitrator.

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A Better Understanding Of Bhanu Choudhrie

Learning what drives an entrepreneur into success is always an interesting fact to unfold. They say the way you get ahead in life is by being the early bird. Let’s take a look into who Bhanu Choudhrie is and what has made him so successful in life.

Who Is Bhanu Choudhrie?

Bhanu Choudhrie was originally born in New Delhi, India June 1978. The type of influence around you certainly helps mold you into the person you become. As a child growing up Mr. Choudhrie was able to witness his family start a real estate business in India. In the ’70s his father and uncle started a TV import-export business.

Mr. Choudhrie attributes his company ideas from the prior success of his families businesses. Continuously advancing his education was and is a big deal to Mr. Choudhrie. Bhanu attended Boston University and developed a grand understanding of International Business & Marketing. Sometime after graduating, he continued his education at Harvard Business School under the Owner Management Program.

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Giving The Best Advice

It is true that your beliefs and principalities play a winning factor in your overall ability to perform well throughout life. As a successful investor and founder of C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie leaves a bit of advice for the people.

Mr. Choudhrie believes surrounding yourself with a great team moves plans into action. Doing activities that interest you give you a better perspective on current projects and he states it’s good for your overall health and energy levels. Staying up to date on what is happening globally allows you to spot opportunities that could be beneficial to you.

Becoming A Well Rounded Person Is The Key

As you become a well-rounded person not only in your field of expertise but in life, in general, you will position yourself the same way Bhanu Choudhrie did. Taking action with a purpose creates the lifestyle you desire.

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Clement Perrette success story

Clement Perrette is successful in the finance industry. His career story motivates many young executives who want to venture into asset management. His company is currently performing well because of the leadership it gets from the executive. Clement Perrette splits his working time so well so that he can balance his duties. His professional life that focuses on asset management takes most of his time. However, the business leader is very passionate about oceans. Whenever he gets some time to spare, Clement goes to the sea for an adventure. The executive holds the role of senior portfolio manager in an institution under his name, RAM GBTR. The income fund has customers from all countries of the world.

Over the years, Clement Perrette has attracted many clients. Currently, most of the customers are investors who need safe, diversified, and liquid income fund. Serving in finance is exciting for the visionary finance consultant. When he was growing up, the executive wanted to work in the sea.

However, as fate would have it, he ventured into finance. The oceans, however, hold a prominent role in his life. Whenever he is away from the office, the executive joins his friends so that they can tackle sea preservation projection. The team has handled many projects in the past, and most of them have turned out to be very beneficial. The sea is one of the areas that sustain the lives of many animals.

Many people do not know that they have the responsibility of protecting the sea, just like the environments around them. Clement Perrette loves any project that brings sanity in the sea. According to him, this feeling gives him satisfaction.

Clement Perrette daily routine is always complicated. In an interview, he says that he hardly plans his activities. Waking up early and checking his many emails marks the start of his busy day. Checking his customers before he gets busy in the sea is also an important role in busy schedule. Without the clients, his company would be struggling in the tight markets. This is why the finance consultant checks on them often to ensure they are doing well.

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Looking Into the Milestones That Carsten Thiel Has Achieved In the Field Of Medicine

Carsten Thiel has proven to be a visionary individual in the medical field. He is an executive at EUSA Pharma where he is serving as the current president. His style of leadership is impeccable, and he has proven that he has the necessary expertise to lead the firm. Also, his experience comes in handy. Some of the medical products that he has launched successfully include Prolia, Strensiq, Neulasta, and Vectibix. Besides being actively involved in the spearheading of some of these medical products, he has managed to succeed in the launch of many forms of therapies that are beneficial to many patients. Carsten Thiel’s decision-making process has also proven to be among the contributing factors to his success in the biotechnology field.

Carsten Thiel has also been a good student throughout his life. He has also studied in different institutions, and the grades that he would attain were remarkable. He mainly specialized in biochemistry. After completing his studies, he joined the workforce, and his main focus was on innovation. His first employment opportunity was at the Hoffman La-Roche- a biotechnology firm.

His first job post entailed working as a communications and product manager. He would utilize the scientific knowledge that he possesses to ensure that he would earn a promotion to different positions within the firm. Later, he was assigned duties involving scientific marketing. Carsten Thiel managed to perform quality work since he was also experienced to some extent. He mainly focused on ensuring that the company would gain a positive reputation as a result of quality customer service. Carsten Thiel would also oversee the process involving testing, and he would ensure that the product would enter a viable market. After working for a few years, his success rate came in handy, and he was able to secure different leadership positions in firms such as Xenical, among others.

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Lincolnshire Management and TJ Maloney: The Private Equity Firm Behind The Holley Performance Products Deal


Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that is well versed with the prospect of control investments and is particularly familiar with investment potential for middle market companies. Lincolnshire Management is known for having worked with a wide range of companies coming to them from within the United States. The scope of the industries that they have worked with is considerably large and is something that has helped Lincolnshire Management become the notable name that they are today. Lincolnshire Management believes in offering personalized attention to each company that they work with and tries to ensure that all of their investment needs are met with. Lincolnshire Management has had extensive investment experience and this is something that has enabled the vast growth that Lincolnshire Management has seen.

Lincolnshire Management first opened its doors for business in 1986 and since then has had an incredible impact on the field of investments with the numerous deals that they have undertaken. Lincolnshire Management currently operates out of its headquarters in New York and handles businesses throughout the country. The main services that Lincolnshire Management is involved in include acquisitions, recapitalizations, corporate divestitures, buyouts and many more. Currently, Lincolnshire Management is known to handle more than $1.7 billion in equity from the clients that they have worked with.

Lincolnshire Management has received an incredible amount of attention for several of the investments that they have undertaken. In 2018, Lincolnshire Management worked with Holley Performance Products, and Driven Performance to carry out a merger that would propel both companies to the top of the industries that they are working in. Even though the finer aspects of the transaction were never disclosed, it is something that impacted the manner in which Lincolnshire Management was perceived. Lincolnshire received an incredible amount of praise for their outstanding contribution in this deal and was considered to be a powerhouse with regards to what they did.

Lincolnshire Management is known for having an incredibly proficient team of investors and financialists who work hard to help the clients who want to seek one or more of their financial services and who are in need of investment analysis and services. TJ Maloney is the CEO of Lincolnshire Management.

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The Business Leadership Of Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a renowned financial specialist, business visionary and business pioneer best known for helping to establish Fortress Investment Group, a private equity business, which primarily invests in transportation and infrastructure, real estate, health care, financial services and media. Fortress Energy, a public traded company founded in 2014 with the goal to produce modern infrastructure solutions to create clean energy while creating a positive and beneficial effect around the world. Additional to starting his own businesses, he is also best known for his ownership of the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks. The team won its only NBA championship in 1971 but through the 2018-2019 season, the Bucks, led by Giannis Antaetokounmpo, boast the NBA’s winningest record. The group’s fortunes have turned significantly since Edens and his partners took control.


U.S senator, Herb Kohl agreed with Wes Edens and his partners that keeping the franchise in Milwaukee should always be top priority. After purchasing, both seller and buyers worked together alongside the Great Milwaukee Foundation in efforts to creating a new basketball stadium that will be able to host concerts, sports events and shows. The new arena will be bringing in millions of dollars into the Milwaukee region. Wes Edens is more than just a part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks but a mentor to the team. He has been working personally with these players to give free, all around counsel for their finances and wealth. Providing one-on-one custom designed to every member from a money related introduction. This was done to enable them to better understand finances and give guidances on spending and investment decisions for both their careers and years after.

Wes Edens is an active philanthropist. In addition his wife, Lynn,Edens has brought a similar measure of energy and effort by giving back on both a local and global level. Which include working together with Macalaster College to advance the institution’s objective, becoming ambassadors to Partners in Health, a company that provides healthcare for those in poor developing countries and being generous benefactors to various charitable causes.

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Ted Bauman Explains Why Investors Should Seriously Consider Buying PayPal Stock

Ted Bauman, who edits an email financial newsletter, is a big proponent of investing in PayPal. He says that in a world where cash is no longer king the company that offers the best user experience, services, and security when making financial transactions is the one to bet on. In his estimation that company is PayPal.

There are still some people around who will use cash to make small purchases such as those less than $20. Increasingly, though, people haven’t had cash in their wallets for months to years. People want to either use a debit card, credit card, or their smartphone to buy things nowadays. Cash is a dwindling part of the equation when making a purchase.

Ted Bauman says that investors can take advantage of the move to making financial transactions digitally. His expertise comes from being an international economist who spent 25 years working in South Africa’s not-for-profit industry. He worked on both housing and finance. He has long been watching the evolving financial industry and has been sharing with subscribers on how to make money from the new ways of spending for the past few years. Learn more about Ted Bauman at

He warns people away from old-model companies like Mastercard and Visa. He says that cashless payment platforms, such as PayPal, are replacing the use of credit cards. He says that PayPal offers many benefits to its customers who want to make online payments. This company has been very successful at adapting to how consumers want to spend their money.

PayPal was once owned by eBay who bought them to manage purchases on the eBay platform. Before that, people who used eBay had to deal with checks or other inconvenient ways of buying things. PayPal greatly simplified matters by offering a unified payment platform.

Ted Bauman sees PayPal as a precursor of digital currencies like bitcoin. If people hadn’t gotten used to storing money in the cloud on PayPal they might never have wanted anything to do with cryptocurrencies. Ted Bauman points out that PayPal is now used around the world and is not only firmly entrenched but offers something unique and valuable.

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Behind the Marketing Curtain with Steve Lesnard

There are many qualities that industry leaders have in common. Tenacity, a belief in themselves and an unquenchable drive to succeed are just to name a few. These qualities and more are what separates those who will succeed from those who will not.

One such gentleman is Steve Lesnard, who has spent his career in making others successful, thereby creating his success. He tackles a product from the direction of being a customer. Getting an answer to the question companies should ask when presenting new products.

The Mind of a Consumer

When taking this mindset, he puts himself in the place of the consumer. After all, consumers are the best brand ambassadors you can have and when done appropriately will send the proper message to other potential consumers. Steve Lesnard helps a company create a marketing solution that makes sense to customers and showcase product best attributes.

As a global brand consultant, he is the man behind the marketing strategy many companies use to define customer expectations and fuel brand development and growth. Imagine creating a memorable marketing campaign that has potential clients thinking only of your product each time they hear it. Think ” ba da da da daa I’m Lovin’ It.

A Strategy of Success

Consequently, with the use of his prior knowledge, Steve Lesnard has used his business acumen to focus on the consumer and in doing so help a company expand its footprint. At its most basic core, his know-how relies on actually listening to what people are looking for. Imagine, listening to what a customers end requirement is to discover how to get them there. Case in point: People who buy shovels do not actually want a shovel. They want a hole in the ground. He tackles the reason why a person will consider buying your brand of shovels over the next.

In doing so, he creates the answer to the need of the customer. With a life spent in customer service, there is no wonder that he is the go-to man for the ideas that can shake up an industry in domestic and foreign markets.