Raffaele Riva Advises People to Follow Their Passion

As someone who has created a string of successful business ventures, Raffaele Riva currently stands as a renowned entity across various sectors. Whether it is about creating a wealth management firm or a real estate business, an asset management consultancy or a trust investment company, Riva has been front and center across these segments since a while.

Raffaele Riva currently holds the position of being the present of AUREA Multi Family Office, which he also founded by himself. The company is the core entity through which Riva has launched a multitude of businesses, such as those mentioned above.

Some of the companies that Riva has launched under the banner of AUREA Multi Family Office include but are not limited to BGB AUREA Ltd., Aurea Consulenti Associati SA, and Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA. At the time of writing, Riva has an integral leadership role in these three companies, while also helming various other ventures that he has launched alongside of them.

Raffaele Riva is not only known for his penchant to launch various companies at once. He is also quite popular for paying attention to the role of innovation and how it plays an integral part in each of his business ventures.

Regardless of the segment where he has launched his business, Riva has ensured to give the aspect of innovation its fair share of focus. It is through this frame of mind that the entrepreneur has been able to set his ventures apart from a plethora of competitors.

Apart from innovation, another aspect that Raffaele Riva has given significant attention to is to create his businesses with a certain sense of passion. Through his own approach to his various businesses, the entrepreneur has shown that any businessperson’s success largely depends on the level of enthusiasm that they show towards the field that they are operating in. Since Riva is known for bringing a certain sense of fervor to his ventures, he demonstrates and leads by example on this aspect.

Through his different approach that comes from a sense of helping people with each venture, Raffaele Riva has carved a certain niche for himself in the business industry. At the time of writing, he continues to fulfill his leadership role in several of his companies.

Bhanu Choudhrie Continues the Impressive Family Legacy

Bhanu Choudhrie shared that his family began investing in the real estate industry in India more than thirty years ago. His uncle and own father dabbled in the an import and export business dealing with TVs back in the 70s. His great grandfather was the former chairman in the prestigious the Punjab National Bank in India. Being surrounded by overachievers who excelled in their fields, Bhanu Choudhrie said that it was a natural progression for him and the cousins in his generation to follow the strong legacy that their founding fathers have set forth. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on facebook to learn more about his platform.

Stellar Education Record

Bhanu Choudhrie’s impressive educational track record proves how much he has imbibed his family’s influence. He attended the Boston University in Massachusetts, where he specialized in International Business & Marketing. After his graduation from his undergraduate degree, Mr. Choudhrie moved onto the prestigious and world-renowned Harvard Business School and attended their Owner Management Program where he learned so many concepts and networked with top industry professionals.

Professional Expertise

Bhanu Choudherie is the founder of the C&C Alpha Group, which has been around for almost two decades. With his guidance, his team has managed to develop a massive and profitable investment portfolio. His company has a reputation of excelling in their investment efforts in developing countries like India and the Philippines.

Mr. Choudhrie is an active entrepreneur holding several positions in various prestigious executive boards. In spite of his already hectic schedule, he makes time for these endeavors because he is able to learn from the many different personalities in the organization. In the same token, he hopes that he is able to inspire his co-members with his own success story.

Philanthropic Deeds and Societal Contributions

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that he exists in this world for a purpose, and that is not just to create money but to make concrete contributions to the world. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has in fact garnered many awards for his majorly positive influence in society both as a businessman and as a philanthropist. His favorite advocacies is called the Path to Success where he helps the marginalized secure their education. On top of that, he is also supportive of people with long term health problems. Learn More: https://www.behance.net/bhanuchoudrie/

Sharon Prince’s Grace Farms Offers Family Friendly Activities

Grace Farms is 80 acres of natural beauty in New Canaan, CT. Open to the public with no admission charge, it provides opportunities to enjoy the land, environment, and wildlife native to this part of New England.

There are various programs offered depending on the season and weather. In the Summer, there are fishing, long hikes, and outdoor games. Fall brings some of the best foliage in the U.S. There are group tours and lots of photography. When Winter comes, the snow cover creates beautiful vistas for birdwatching and tracking animals. Lectures and art programs are available all year round.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms was founded to restore the native wild meadows and trees, thus attracting and saving wildlife. Local bees, insects, birds, and butterflies make their home there. Kestral Falcons were on Connecticut’s list of endangered species, but they have had a resurgence in the habitat provided by the farm, and are no longer considered endangered.

A large community garden is used to grow food served at the farm and to donate to local families in need. The garden series program teaches visitors how to start their own organic garden. It teaches various gardening techniques, from caring for fruit trees to planting vegetables.

Earth Day is celebrated with activities designed to inform the public about preserving and caring for the environment. Bird walks, bird of prey demonstrations, and pollination discussions are the projects of the day.

Sharon Price is the founder of Grace Farms. Started in 2009, her nonprofit Foundation works to improve people’s lives by involving them in the natural world, fair treatment for everyone, and the arts. They have received many awards for their achievements in protecting the environment, sustainable buildings, and the common good.

For More info: vimeo.com/218796822

Richard Liu And JD.com Continues To Grow

Richard Liu the chief executive officer of JD.com has just entered into a partnership with another e-commerce chinese giant by the name of Farfetch. This is another power move being made by JD.com and its chief executive officer Richard Liu.

This partnership was made to further strengthen and grow the business. This deal that was down by JD.com into the company Farfetch was a 397 million dollar investment made by JD.com into the company. The two companies want to leverage each of their expertise in the luxury fashion industry along with the reach that they both have established in China. JD.com and Richard Liu have also made some big partnerships with American big box brand Walmart. Walmart currently is a 12% shareholder in JD.com as of 2017.

Richard Liu and JD.com has also sold stakes in their company to the WeChat owner Tencent. Tencent made a 215 million dollar investment and acquired a 15% stake in the company. Part of the deal was also for the company to promote JD.com exclusively on their social networking platform. Once this happen JD.com and Liu Qiangdong immediately saw the benefits and was the first Chinese e-commerce platform to be listed on the NASDAQ.

The influence of WeChat was so prominent that this happened in just two months of WeChat promoting JD.com on their social networking platform. This success instantly made JD.com and Alibaba strong competitors in the United States and local Chinese markets.

Richard Liu took a loss on his brick and mortar stores Jingdong but he was able to bounce back and counter this loss by building an extremely successful e-commerce business. Mr. Liu is an example of how unexpected tragedy can possibly derail a business but hard work and perseverance can help an individual overcome any unexpected setbacks.

Liu Qiangdong ‘s: Twitter.

Matt Fleeger: Man with a Heart of Gold donates to the Sadie Keller Foundation

Around January 25, 2019, Gulf Coast Western Inc. CEO Matt Fleeger donated $14,000 to the Sadie Keller Foundation. As an oil and natural gas magnate, Fleeger is known for contributing much of the profits from his organizations to children’s causes. For example, he is the founder of the Fleeger Family Kitchen, a non-profit organization which teaches children STEM skills through gardening.

Fleeger contributed to the Sadie Keller foundation as a part of his company’s commitment to aiding children who are suffering from cancer. The Sadie Keller foundation, named after 10 year-old leukemia survivor and child advocate Sadie Keller, was established after the cancer survivor endured three years of blood transfusions, infections, rare side effects of cancer medications, and even missing entire years of school. Sadie has since recovered; her last treatment was in 2017. Since then, she has made videos increasing awareness of her condition and reaching out to other cancer patients her age. She quickly spread her message, including showings on ESPN during cancer awareness events, and eventually, her foundation received a donation from Matt Fleeger.

Currently, the Sadie Keller Foundation primarily lobbies congress for pediatric cancer research funding and provides services and resources to families struggling financially with treatment for their children. Some of the funds from donations to the Sadie Keller Foundation are used to lobby congress for better fudning of pediatric cancer and work towards eliminating childhood cancer across the country. The most notable laws the foundation has had a hand in advocating for include the STAR Act and the Race for Children Act, both of which are dedicated to finding pediatric cancer research. Donations from individuals like Matt Fleeger are essential to maintaining efforts in securing pediatric cancer research funding, as less then four percent of annual cancer research funding is actually allocated specifically to pediatric cancer research.

Mark Holyoake Stays on a Path to Success

Mark Holyoake achieved what few gymnasts can do. He reached the professional ranks of the sport. A cursory glance of his career reveals many incredible accomplishments. The Wellington, New Zealand native holds the world record for most rotations on a pommel horse. He performed 66 rotations in 60 seconds, an incredible feat. His career reveals placements in the Commonwealth Games and the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

These achievements reveal the results of hard work that started at age 9. Mark Holyoake is now retired from professional gymnastics, and many people wonder what the high-profile athlete is doing today. Interestingly, he turned his attention to the world of entrepreneurship. Holyoake serves as the co-owner of Carbon Method Crossfit, a unique facility that combines Holyoake’s approach to training along with CrossFit principles.

After initially becoming involved with CrossFit, something he did after becoming a personal trainer, Holyoake started to compete in the CrossFit Games. While not as high-pressure as professional gymnastics competition, the CrossFit Games are challenging. Holyoake rose to the challenge and did well. Most interestingly, his involvement in the CrossFit Games revealed he still maintains that winning competition attitude.

Success in life requires hard work and a consistent approach to commitment. Had Holyoake not possessed these traits, he wouldn’t be a world record holder. Nor would he display the attributes of a successful entrepreneur. Fans and would-be clients may look over his career biography and see someone who never walked away from a commitment to continual achievement.

Holyoake adheres to the notion that life experience provides a basis for learning. Every day becomes a learning experience. Taking that experience and utilizing to do better with today and tomorrow’s challenges might lead to better success. Self-reflection and a drive to continually learn can both be benefits in business.

Mark Holyoake does stay true to his roots. He teaches a gymnastics class once a week at his studio. The retired pro keeps some of his skills sharp by running the class. Holyoake also takes the class as an opportunity to share his knowledge about the sport.

Contact Mark Holyoake: prabook.com/web/mark.holyoake/3756853

Sharon Prince Grace Farms

Sharon Prince was the person who helped dream up and then bring Grace Farms to life with her vision that focused on positivity and helping to end the exploitation of kids. She also wants to end the human trafficking of women on the domestic front and internationally. Prince had the vision to bring Grace Farms to fruition through the Grace Farms Foundation.

Indeed, Sharon Prince Grace Farms received financial support through private donors to raise the monies to create a spectacular building that sits on many acres of land in New Canaan, CT. The architectural design of Grace Farms is a fantastic sight because of its uniqueness and its noticeably large portions of the glass that makes up Grace Farms.

The distinct look of Grace Farms is a testament to the talented group at SANAA. They are an award-winning, Japanese architectural company that made Grace Farms a place that has won lots of awards since it opened in 2015.

Grace Farms hosts workshops and seminars for non-profit organizations and individuals that focus on the public good. With 80 acres of property, Grace Farms has tapped into the millions of dollars the was given by private donors to create such a unique place. And Grace Farms supports many public programs, which are for children, teens, adults as well as seniors.

Grace Farms supports all of the good things that human beings bring. Many people visit Grace Farms to do live performances and discuss many topics involving justice, women’s rights, children’s rights, and much more.

At Grace Farms, individuals are allowed to attend Sunday church services. Sunday breakfast functions also happen at Grace Farms before the services. Grace Farms believes strongly in support those of many races and creeds. Spiritual beliefs, as well as religious beliefs, is vital to the Grace Farms Foundation.

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Isabel Dos Santos Believes Women Can Prosper In Africa

Despite the fact that Isabel dos Santos is one of the richest people in the world and the top richest woman in Africa, she states that she still feels as if she faces a fair degree of discrimination in her career. Even in the executive roles that she has played throughout her career, she has found that her opinion is questioned due to her gender. Instead of backing down, she began to assert herself more become more creative in the way that she used her experience, skills, and value as a successful professional. She states that this something that many women in different parts of the world have to deal with and many times they are not able to focus their energy on what they are supposed to be doing because they are busy unfairly having to prove themselves.

Isabel dos Santos wants the business world and entrepreneurship to change for women in Africa. She states that there are already a lot of changes happening as the opinions towards women in the workplace are starting to become more open, but there is still a lot of progress that the world has to work for. Isabel dos says she wants women to understand that the changes that they are fighting for will take a process to achieve, but it is something that must be done. While views may be changing in different countries around the world, change needs to happen on a global level due to the international nature of business.

While there may be a lot of hardships that women face when it comes to the business world of Africa, Isabel dos Santos believes that it is still possible for them to achieve success. Some of the areas in which she believes that women in her home country of Angola can find a good amount of opportunity are minerals, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. In particular, Isabel dos Santos believes that agriculture is one of the most promising markets in Angola. In addition, more Africans are finding themselves with disposable income that allows them to travel and stay at hotels an lodges throughout the countryside. Click here.


Bhanu Choudhrie On Financial Investments

Bhanu Choudhrie has been to a variety of universities, he has learned a lot, and he’s invested in himself to a great degree. Bhanu Choudhrie has invested in himself so that he can turn around and make great decisions that would matter to him, his businesses and his employees.

Bhanu Choudhrie will stay focused on different things in finance and keep up with news such as the one presented below.

Bhanu Choudhrie must keep in touch with investments or possible investment opportunities that will pay off in the future because that is what his job is, to conduct the analysis and to make certain that it is staying on track.

In his investments, he may have come across a firm such as Transferwise, Bhanu Choudhrie would see that Transferwise has chosen to go a different route, and processes money for many different organizations. He would pay close attention to trends and movement within the world in regard to finances and to progress within the world. He is one investor that will look for value within his investments and would understand why the right relationships are needed within the business sector to go to the right places.

The idea is to make less mistakes in the investment game and he knows it, large investors have realized this early on and people like Bhanu would understand the importance of minimizing errors within the investment game as there are many opportunities to do so.

TransferWise is Going Against the IPO Route for Now

By definition, an IPO is a way to turn a firm’s non-liquid stock into a tradable, liquid security. This way, any shareholders or early investors who put their amount in the company could liquidate their investment by selling their company shares to the public.

This often works in the company’s favor, where the amount earned through stock sales is put towards scaling its operations further. More often than not, more stock sales mean more growth for the company. It is because the people who are integral to a company’s operations are prone to re-invest the money they make from selling their shares.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s: Twitter.


Todd Levine: A Knack for Success

The best professionals in their respective fields often have a knack for what they do. Not to say that hard work and dedication aren’t a part of succeeding in life; some people are naturally talented. One of the most naturally talented Florida attorneys is attorney Todd Levine.

Todd Levine is a partner at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L. He specializes in commercial real estate litigation and regularly worked with real estate brokers, property managers, buyers and sellers, investors, and more. They come to him because he’s the best at handling commercial real estate projects and transaction-related litigation.

After a Bachelor’s in Finance in 1988 and a law degree in 1991, he discovered he had a talent for litigation. While working a complex case, quickly figured out a way to reframe issues and arguments so that the judge and jury could better understand his side of the case.

The case ended settling in their favor, and attorney Levine realized how useful his power could be if he continued challenging himself. To this day, he seeks out complex cases to test the limits of his ability. As he gained experience and put more courtroom wins under his belt, clients referred others matters to him.

Today, his schedule is well-managed, but all over the place. As a complex commercial attorney, he doesn’t have “typical” days or weeks. Every day brings with it new challenges and environments that he must adapt to and overcome. One day, he could be in Fort Lauderdale in trial, and the next day, he has a meeting in Miami.

No matter how complicated his schedule appears, he always uses his time wisely, allowing him to stay productive throughout his day. Because he travels so much; he’s learned to take calls and video meetings while traveling.

If attorney Todd Levine isn’t too busy, he’s looking over cases. He starts by taking an in-depth look at the case before boiling everything down to key issues. That’s what he’ll present to the judge, jury, or arbitrator.

Follow this link for more https://profiles.superlawyers.com/florida/miami/lawfirm/kluger-kaplan-silverman-katzen-and-levine-pl/fd11fb95-fb5a-4345-90a9-ef22e63b2541.html