The Business Leadership Of Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a renowned financial specialist, business visionary and business pioneer best known for helping to establish Fortress Investment Group, a private equity business, which primarily invests in transportation and infrastructure, real estate, health care, financial services and media. Fortress Energy, a public traded company founded in 2014 with the goal to produce modern infrastructure solutions to create clean energy while creating a positive and beneficial effect around the world. Additional to starting his own businesses, he is also best known for his ownership of the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks. The team won its only NBA championship in 1971 but through the 2018-2019 season, the Bucks, led by Giannis Antaetokounmpo, boast the NBA’s winningest record. The group’s fortunes have turned significantly since Edens and his partners took control.


U.S senator, Herb Kohl agreed with Wes Edens and his partners that keeping the franchise in Milwaukee should always be top priority. After purchasing, both seller and buyers worked together alongside the Great Milwaukee Foundation in efforts to creating a new basketball stadium that will be able to host concerts, sports events and shows. The new arena will be bringing in millions of dollars into the Milwaukee region. Wes Edens is more than just a part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks but a mentor to the team. He has been working personally with these players to give free, all around counsel for their finances and wealth. Providing one-on-one custom designed to every member from a money related introduction. This was done to enable them to better understand finances and give guidances on spending and investment decisions for both their careers and years after.

Wes Edens is an active philanthropist. In addition his wife, Lynn,Edens has brought a similar measure of energy and effort by giving back on both a local and global level. Which include working together with Macalaster College to advance the institution’s objective, becoming ambassadors to Partners in Health, a company that provides healthcare for those in poor developing countries and being generous benefactors to various charitable causes.

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Ted Bauman Explains Why Investors Should Seriously Consider Buying PayPal Stock

Ted Bauman, who edits an email financial newsletter, is a big proponent of investing in PayPal. He says that in a world where cash is no longer king the company that offers the best user experience, services, and security when making financial transactions is the one to bet on. In his estimation that company is PayPal.

There are still some people around who will use cash to make small purchases such as those less than $20. Increasingly, though, people haven’t had cash in their wallets for months to years. People want to either use a debit card, credit card, or their smartphone to buy things nowadays. Cash is a dwindling part of the equation when making a purchase.

Ted Bauman says that investors can take advantage of the move to making financial transactions digitally. His expertise comes from being an international economist who spent 25 years working in South Africa’s not-for-profit industry. He worked on both housing and finance. He has long been watching the evolving financial industry and has been sharing with subscribers on how to make money from the new ways of spending for the past few years. Learn more about Ted Bauman at

He warns people away from old-model companies like Mastercard and Visa. He says that cashless payment platforms, such as PayPal, are replacing the use of credit cards. He says that PayPal offers many benefits to its customers who want to make online payments. This company has been very successful at adapting to how consumers want to spend their money.

PayPal was once owned by eBay who bought them to manage purchases on the eBay platform. Before that, people who used eBay had to deal with checks or other inconvenient ways of buying things. PayPal greatly simplified matters by offering a unified payment platform.

Ted Bauman sees PayPal as a precursor of digital currencies like bitcoin. If people hadn’t gotten used to storing money in the cloud on PayPal they might never have wanted anything to do with cryptocurrencies. Ted Bauman points out that PayPal is now used around the world and is not only firmly entrenched but offers something unique and valuable.

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Behind the Marketing Curtain with Steve Lesnard

There are many qualities that industry leaders have in common. Tenacity, a belief in themselves and an unquenchable drive to succeed are just to name a few. These qualities and more are what separates those who will succeed from those who will not.

One such gentleman is Steve Lesnard, who has spent his career in making others successful, thereby creating his success. He tackles a product from the direction of being a customer. Getting an answer to the question companies should ask when presenting new products.

The Mind of a Consumer

When taking this mindset, he puts himself in the place of the consumer. After all, consumers are the best brand ambassadors you can have and when done appropriately will send the proper message to other potential consumers. Steve Lesnard helps a company create a marketing solution that makes sense to customers and showcase product best attributes.

As a global brand consultant, he is the man behind the marketing strategy many companies use to define customer expectations and fuel brand development and growth. Imagine creating a memorable marketing campaign that has potential clients thinking only of your product each time they hear it. Think ” ba da da da daa I’m Lovin’ It.

A Strategy of Success

Consequently, with the use of his prior knowledge, Steve Lesnard has used his business acumen to focus on the consumer and in doing so help a company expand its footprint. At its most basic core, his know-how relies on actually listening to what people are looking for. Imagine, listening to what a customers end requirement is to discover how to get them there. Case in point: People who buy shovels do not actually want a shovel. They want a hole in the ground. He tackles the reason why a person will consider buying your brand of shovels over the next.

In doing so, he creates the answer to the need of the customer. With a life spent in customer service, there is no wonder that he is the go-to man for the ideas that can shake up an industry in domestic and foreign markets.

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Focusing on Improving Efficiency of their Business Model

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a famous name in the e-commerce world of China and also in the world for success; he pushed to under his leadership. There are many e-commerce companies in the world that are trying their best to win the hearts of the customers and dominate the market, but not many have been able to achieve the kind of success that has achieved in just over a decade. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s futuristic and his visionary leadership is solely responsible for the success that has achieved and is one of the few self-made billionaires in the world. With the estimated net worth of over $7 billion, Forbes has listed Richard Liu Qiangdong as one of the wealthiest individuals in China today.

Richard Liu Qiangdong understands the business dynamics well, thanks to his EMBA degree from the China Europe International Business School. Richard Liu Qiangdong first started a small physical retail shop in Beijing in 1998 and in the next few years, he was able to scale the business to 12 stores across the country under the top luxury brand name Jingdong. In 2003, the business suffered massive losses due to the customers as well as employees inability to come to the stores. The losses were paving the way towards failure for the entire business, and it is during this time, Richard Liu had to switch the business operations to online retail completely.

Even though the market was dominated by Alibaba at the time, Richard Liu was able to make a niche for itself through brand identity and innovative business strategies that he implemented. Richard Liu is a man known to not give up easily, and even though he faced many challenges on the way, he continued to struggle to fuel his business enough to grow sustainably in an otherwise fiercely competitive e-commerce market. With their improved efficiency and business role model, they have managed to get the results they wanted in the recent quarter and hope to increase them in the future with key technology changes in their operations. The success has been possible because of the vision and the efforts of their CEO Richard Liu.

Richard Liu Qiangdong- His first attempt at entrepreneurship

In 1998, Richard Liu started a journey that would turn out to be one of the best things to have ever happened in the business world. A little known young man was about to make a record that would surprise the world. It is in this year that Liu decided to leave formal employment and concentrate on building his business empire. The progress of this journey is what we see today in, the largest retail business in the world. How did he manage to create a business that would have such a significant impact in the world of e-commerce? What exceptional decision did he make in order to stay ahead of everyone else? Let look at the entrepreneurial journey of Richard Liu.

After quitting formal employment, Liu was ready to conquer the world in the business sector. He rented a small retail store in Beijing to operate his little technology business. He started by selling digital products such as magneto-optical products and other computer accessories. Richard Liu was ready to outdo any other person who was in business at the time. What he did was to offer superior services to any other that was available from other businesses. Some of the things he did to make his company stand out include ease of transaction, better customer service, use of better technology and creating an efficient business environment. With all these benefits coming from his business, there was no way that any other business would stand in his way of becoming a highly successful business person.

Although there were many other vendors in his niche, Richard Liu performed better than others because he invested in quality. At a time when the market was full of fake and overpriced items, he decided to make genuine products, sold at the right price his core business agenda. With this move, Liu did not only distance himself from others but also earned the loyalty and trust of customers. He became the go-to guy for authentic and high-quality products.

By taking unique and innovative steps, Richard Liu managed to take over the retail business in a very short time. His name became a household name. Today, it is not a wonder that his company is estimated to be worth over $60 billion.

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Grand Tokaj Makes It’s China Debut With JD.Com

Just about every Chinese consumer in search of convenience has settled on as their premiere solution for online and in-person shopping. That’s been made clear to any number of international brands, which is why so many want to make their debut to Chinese consumers through China’s biggest retailer. Hungarian wine maker, Grand Tokaj, is looking to do just that by entering the company with as their partner.

This partnership between wine maker and retailer will result in some marketing assistance for Grand Tokaj, helping them acclimate to the changes in Chinese consumer habits and how they differ from Hungary. With a tested logistics network, is the best solution for making sure brands like Grand Tokaj make a good first impression by ensuring that bottles of their wines reach customers accurately and on time.

The result of their team up was learning that there was a real thirst for Grand Tokaj wine. After 10 hours of availability, more than a 1,000 bottles of Takji Aszu, their premiere wine, was sold during the launch event. Within those five days, about 400,000 customers purchased Grand Tokaj wines.

JD FMCG’s President Carol Fung discussed the expanding wine market in China in a recent statement. With more young urbanites, especially women, turning to, they’re turning to more foreign brands to satisfy their tastes.

Grand Tokaj’s CEO Gergely Goreckzy, agreed that the curiosity from young people is helping their brand gain traction in this new region. It’s making inroads for other Hungarian businesses, including other wineries.

when it comes to selling alcohol, has been the top retailer for Chinese drinkers for the past three years. The data collected from those transactions help to build their consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) solutions, helping drink brands become more recognizable commodities. That means being more visible online and in stores.

Remy Cointreau Group is a success story of this method. Their small cognac bottles first showed up on in 2017. It turned out to be a hit during the Singles’ Day Shopping Festival, and it’s since become the company’s best-selling bottle on the site.

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Isabel dos Santos Continues To Raise Importance Issues Of Economic Awareness For The Continent Of Africa:

In the business sector of the African country of Angola, Isabel dos Santos is an individual who clearly stands out from the pack. This is due to the level of success that she has cultivated over the course of her career in business. Through her wide and diligent investments in both Africa and abroad, Isabel dos Santos has become Africa’s wealthiest woman. She also holds the distinct honor of being the continents first female billionaire. She currently holds stakes of stock in several of the biggest and most important companies in the Angolan business sector and was named in 2015 as one of the world’s most influential women. This prestigious distinction was bestowed on Isabel dos Santos by the BBC.

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The impeccable reputation of dos Santos has been built not only due to her success as a businesswoman but also due to the fact that she has become such a strong advocate for important issues that the people of Africa face on a daily basis. She is a huge advocate for the continued development of the economy of Africa and has advocated for a tech revolution in the continent. Women’s issues are also near and dear to Isabel’s heart and she has worked hard over her career to promote causes that empower women.

Isabel dos Santos recently found herself in an important speakers position as the Africa Summit 2019. This event was held in Brussels, Belgium at the EU headquarters. During her talk, Isabel dos Santos raised important points about the importance of bringing technology to the people of Africa along with critical education. She feels strongly that these are the areas that are of the utmost importance in terms of making it possible for Africa to be able to develop in some areas where it has been lagging behind other parts of the world. Isabel also touched on areas such as the agricultural sector and urban planning in regard to areas that she sees as critical for the future development of the economy of Africa.


Mark Holyoake Stays Humble in the Face of Success

One of the greatest things about entrepreneur Mark Holyoake is that you never quite know when he is going to shock the public next with another incredible innovation. He is always bringing something fresh to the world of business, which makes him a very important figure to follow. The businesses he invests in tend to do very well, and this is what has allowed him to reach the heights he has over the course of his career.

Mark Holyoake is very thankful for affiliated businesses. Without them, he would have never been able to break into business. He is also very protective of them, and he will do anything to ensure that they succeed within our economy.

Mark Holyoake wants to design a world where everyone can feel comfortable in releasing their ideas because he believes this is what allows us to progress most quickly as a species. Technology, in his opinion, is rooted in the history of humankind.

We first began to deviate from the regular systems of food chains when we started manipulating our environments to perform necessary tasks. This was the beginning of technology. Now, it has grown so far that our capacity for understanding ourselves and our positions in the universe has grown to an extent that no one could have even imagined years ago. Mark Holyoake feels lucky to be able to be alive during this era because he truly feels as though he can contribute to our incline as a species.

Mark Holyoake, besides being an undeniably gifted man, is thoroughly kindhearted in every sense of the imagination. This is what makes him the most appealing to business partners; sure, he can manage multiple businesses successfully at one time, but being able to do this without have a power trip is an impressive feat.

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Paul Herdsman Makes Operations Move

Paul Herdsman is a COO You Should Know

People like Paul Herdsman are different, they have a natural talent for setting up systems and making certain that things are moving. They are not interested in a lot of chatter, they are interested in making certain that work is happening and that it is happening in a better form on a daily basis.

COO’s know that there are several forms of marketing, internal marketing, and external marketing. Paul Herdsman knows that a great organization conducts itself in a specific manner to where it will be conducting marketing to people or with them.

Marketers will create conversations that working with the conversations and cultures within the community or they will be creating conversations that are distinct and separate. They will have conversations that only involve themselves and not the end audience.

Paul Herdsman knows that it is important to operate in such a manner that one is communicating and conversing with the audience. He is, after all, in a firm that lives and breathes by providing great customer service solutions to their clients.

This means that Paul Herdsman must be someone that is interested in setting up a system that listens to people and works with them to do the proper marketing on behalf of their clients. Specifically, marketing in the sense of solving their problems and finding out what the underlying problems are that these consumers are facing.

People like Paul Herdsman have to consider whether they want to provide amazing services that will wow customers and their end clients or if they will provide average service that everyone expects but no one really remarks on. People like Paul Herdsman have to look at why they matter and who they are building and serving, how that affects their balance sheet and make decisions that will help to cement a long term future.

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Sheldon Lavin has brought the biggest impact to OSI Group

The role of a business leader in any enterprise cannot be ignored. Businesses that have great leaders perform better than those that lack. In fact, the success of a business is associated with the people behind it as opposed to the capital invested. For a company to manage its operations in 17 different entries, it is not an achievement that can be ignored. It takes dedicated leaders to build a successful company that has such a massive influence in the global arena. It is leaders such as Sheldon Lavin who have managed to prove their abilities by leading their businesses to become notable global enterprises. As the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has facilitated the growth of this food company to levels that were never imagined.

About OSI Group was started in 1912 as a small meat shop in Illinois but benefited from good leadership to become a notable business in the region. Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in 1975 after he helped the company to get the funds needed to expand their operations. Before that, OSI Group, then known as Otto & Sons, was under pressure from its main client, the McDonald’s to supply meat products to all locations where the latter was opening restaurants. In the face of this pressure, Otto & Sons had to come up with a plan that would help them to meet the demands of their client. One of the steps they took is to build a facility that would be fully dedicated to the operations of the McDonalds. To accomplish this mission, they had to find a source of money to construct a food production plant.

Otto & Sons approached the bank that Sheldon Lavin was working with. Coincidentally the bank assigned him the role of helping this food business to get the necessary funds. In the process of helping them, the owners of Otto & Sons found that he could be of great help to the management of the company and offered him an opportunity to join them as an equal managing partner. After joining this company, Sheldon Lavin was tasked with the responsibility of facilitating the growth of the company in its global expansion plans. As an experienced business executive, he was the best-suited person to lead the company through the important expansion phase.

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