How EOS Revolutionized Oral Beauty Care For Women

The second best lip balm brand in the world started off as a less famous brand under the management of three genius entrepreneurs. One of the founders, Mehra, revealed that they purposefully opted not to focus on the brand’s history but the productivity of the balm. Consequentially, little was known about the upcoming of Evolution of Smooth,

EOS lip balm gained worldwide fame when icons such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus used the balm in public on a regular. The start of the firm was on the opposite side of that spectrum, lacking in glamor and fame. In an exclusive Fast Company interview, Mehra, Craig Dubitsky, and Jonathan Teller co-founded EOS to create a shift in the boring oral beauty care sector. This establishment was the result of an observation revealing that chapsticks were a unisex product at the time. All brands had a cunningly similar packaging and a boring description complete with a list of ingredients. According to the founders’ research, women enjoyed switching up the balms’ flavors but had few options to pick.

Mehra, Craig, and Jonathan set out to revolutionize the experience of using a balm by creating a product that engaged the user’s senses. That way, every woman would have a more pleasurable moment when they viewed the new shapes of the balm in the store, heard the click sound while opening the balm and enjoyed the wide variety of flavors.

Scaling up the market with predecessors such as Burtbees and Pfizer dominating the market required the three partners to apply aggressive and smart networking and marketing strategies. After landing a sales deal with Walgreens, they began advertising on television, radios, and magazines. They contacted beauty bloggers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to review balms so as to diverge from the traditional marketing skills employed by their predecessors. Currently, they have millions of followers on social media and sell a million balms per week.