Gump’s: A Brief History Of The Luxury Retail Icon


As one of the leading pioneers in the luxury retail business in the United States, Gump’s began as a modest frame and mirror shop in 1861. Founded by brothers Gustave and Solomon, Gump’s is now a global supplier of unique artifacts.

When a tragic fire destroyed its flagship building in San Francisco, the brothers rebuilt their business in Union Square. While many people would have given up the dream of entrepreneurship after a fire, the Gump Brothers used the tragic experience to rebuild their empire. Find More Information Here.

As one of the largest worldwide suppliers of exotic goods such as silk, upholstery, and jewelry, Gump’s has even sold merchandise to some of the most iconic historical figures including President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 2005, investment banker, John Chachas acquired the company. As a young boy, Chachas was a frequent visitor to Gump’s and always admired the Buddha statue on display.

As luck would have it, not only did Chachas acquire the coveted statue, he also acquired the business where he first admired it. Chachas was bound by a contract that stipulated that the Buddha statue had to remain in its original location unless a pricey replica could be found to take its place. See This Article for more information.

He found a company to take on the task of replicating the statue and subsequently took the original piece home. The owners are relaunching Gump’s for the 2019 Christmas season and will document the icon’s history on its social media platforms and website. Gump’s is still based out of both San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY.


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Gump’s San Francisco Readies For A Relaunch


Solomon Gump started his family business in 1861, selling jewelry and luxury goods. A century and a half later, Gump’s is one of the most trusted luxury brands in the country. But the business has fallen on hard times. In later 2018, Gump’s closed its doors. Now that the business has been acquired, it’s ready to reintroduce itself to customers.


Gump’s San Francisco is looking to reopen its doors, sticking to what built the name up and adapting it for the future. Anne Chachas, Executive Vice President for Gump’s San Francisco, praised the brand’s connection to its clientele. And now it’s up to new leadership to gather the products needed to make an exceptional experience that’ll have a similar effect on a different customer base.


AS with the company’s founding, Gump’s is going back into the hands of a family. John and Diane Chachas started their investment in Gump’s back in 2007, and now with their children Jack, Christopher, and Anner, the company’s leadership will apply the same king of family orientation that built up its reputation. It’s a move that was praised by Antionette Gump, the great-great granddaughter of Solomon Gump. Learn more about in This Article.


The Gumps brand carries an assortment of jewelry, pearls, and jade imported from various parts of Asia. They’re also known for homewares, furnishings, crystal, and fine china. It’s been the location to access these luxury goods in the San Francisco bay area. The Chachas family wants to uphold that tradition as they go through redevelopment, but expand with an online presence in time for the fall 2019 shopping season.


The goal is to be up and going in time for the Christmas season, Anne Chachas said in a recent statement. Gump’s has always been a hot location with San Franciscans during that time of year, and the Chachas are looking to once again be part of that tradition.


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Gump’s of San Francisco, one of the most recognized and respected luxury names in the country is set to re-open under new management in the fall of 2019. This iconic company was founded by Solomon Gump during the Civil War. With the help of his family, Gump created a name for himself and became one of the foremost merchants of exquisite jewelry.

For 150 years, Gump’s was a major player in the selling of precious stones and expensive gifts, but was closed in December of 2018. The new owners plan to initiate the store’s reopening including a major online reveal that will recast the brand for millions of its clients, both old and new.

Anne Chachas, Gump’s Executive Vice President, believes that Gump’s has the ability to continue producing and selling products at the same exceptional rate for which the business has come to be known.

Anne and her brothers Christopher and Jack, recently became majority owners in the company and will head the re-opening of Gump’s in North America and Europe. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Antoinette Gump, a great, great granddaughter of Solomon Gump also expressed satisfaction that her relative’s store is returning to a family-owned status.

Gump’s has long been famous for its exotic collection of jewelry, home furnishings, and unusual gifts from faraway places like Asia. The new leadership intends to expand upon that tradition.

The Chachas family says that it plans to sustain Gump’s eminent reputation in the store’s re-launch. The location of the new store has not yet been verified. More information can be read Here.

They have stated plans to open both digital and physical stores in time for the 2019 Christmas season. The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The web site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages. The location for the new Gumps brick-and-mortar store has not yet been released.


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