Victoria Doramus’ Work in the Community

Many people around the world suffer from addiction and need someone to show them that they can make it past their addictions. The family of Amy Winehouse put together an organization that helps people recover from whatever addictions that they may be dealing with. Victoria Doramus is an individual that takes time out of her day to help people move past their addictions. Serving as an addiction and recovery expert Doramus has been in the place of the people who are trying to recover. By using the resources that she had available she was able to create a life after being addicted.

Victoria Doramus is very passionate about people who are recovering from addiction, but she is also passionate about helping in the community in other ways. She has been working with charities since 2016, and she has gone deeper and deeper into her involvement since she started. She is very involved in a program called Room to Read. The Room to Read nonprofit organization is geared toward educating children so that they may increase literacy rates. They help children develop the necessary skills to become great readers. Victoria Doramus is a scholar herself. It is no surprise that she is willing to help educate children.

Victoria Doramus is from New York City. She left New York City for Colorado looking to obtain higher education. In 2002 Doramus became a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. While she was a student at the university, she discovered a profound love for writing. She loved writing so much that she decided to make writing the focus of her education. When she was finished with her program at the University of Colorado Boulder, she traveled to London to continue her education.

While in London Doramus studied fashion and the arts. She soon combined the love that she had for writing with the love that she had for fashion. When she entered the workplace, she used her knowledge and skill to impact marketing and branding through fashion and writing. Many people have benefited from that work that she has done over the years.