Carsten Thiel Understands The Science of Molecules and Marketing


Carsten Thiel holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Max Planck Institute. Thiel left his native Germany to study organic and biochemistry at the University of Bristol in England earning a Bachelor’s in biochemistry. Even though he is a scientist by training Carsten Thiel has a knack for sales and marketing.

Hoffman La-Roche

Thiel’s first job after college was with the Basel, Switzerland based biotechnology company Hoffman La-Roche. His first post at Hoffman La-Roche was Communications and Product Manager. For Carsten Thiel, his time with Hoffman La-Roche was both a learning and employment opportunity. Carsten Thiel gained knowledge in the areas of research and development, customer service, and marketing.


Xenical is the prescription version of the over-the-counter weight loss drug Alli. Xenical works by inhibiting the absorption of fat. To realize maximum results Xenical has to be taken as part of a diet and exercise regimen. When Hoffman La-Roche was ready to bring Xenical to market Carsten Thiel was charged with overseeing the marketing of Xenical. See This Page for additional information.

Carsten Thiel’s Strategy

There is a tendency to rush a new product to market with much hoopla and a touch of puffery. Carsten Thiel took a different approach to promote Xenical. Hoffman La-Roche would not depend on exaggerated promises to sell Xenical. Carsten Thiel focused on identifying the drug’s target market. Specifically, Thiel wanted prescribers to recommend Xenical to patients, who were most likely to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve maximum success with the drug. Prescriber and consumer education also factored into Thiel’s marketing strategy.


Carsten Thiel’s tactics were designed to slowly establish a positive reputation for Xenical. The slow and steady approach to marketing the drug paid-off. In its first year on the market, Swiss sales of Xenical equaled 1 billion francs.


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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, recently underscored some of the most intriguing current developments in the sphere of orthopedics. His detailing of new and exciting orthopedic procedures is based on a report created by professionals in the field. the report was slated to be released in July of 2018.

 Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is one of the foremost experts in the field of orthopedic technology and has accumulated advanced knowledge of surgery and other orthopedic procedures which has allowed him to share information that is relevant to those considering joint replacement. In-depth experience and knowledge of joint surgery is also valuable to investors in businesses that produce prosthetics and joint replacement implants. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has made a reputation for his novel approaches to Common surgical replacement procedures like those of the knee, hip, and shoulders.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is perhaps most well known for creating a knee replacement procedure in which he utilizes a much smaller surgical cut than what would typically be needed in knee replacement surgery. Dr. Kirschenbaum only uses some of the joint, rather than the whole of the knee. This ensures that there is considerably less damage to nearby tissues. Less invasive procedures have allowing patients to enjoy major advantages, including an expedited recovery time and a higher efficient post surgery use of the joints.

Dr. Kirschenbaum has been an advocate for many procedures that are the result of rapidly changing technology. He believes that accessing the most advanced technological discoveries gives the surgeon advantages in precision, control, and efficiency in surgery.


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Interview with Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Joint Replacement Surgeon and Bronx Native

Carsten Thiel Takes Time With Family Before Business


Carsten Thiel had been surrounded by science and medicine since he was a child. As the son of medical doctors, he had always wanted to follow the footsteps of his parents and work in some part of medicine.

Thiel is now an expert in pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals who has helped launch many different successful products throughout his career.

He was raised in Germany in a time that was still turbulent before he moved to the U.K. in order to pursue an education at the University of Bristol. While he was attending the school, he earned his bachelors and master’s degrees in organic chemistry and biochemistry. He went on to earn a Ph.D. from Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry for Molecular Biology.

Taking time out of his day to spend time with family is important for Carsten Thiel. Because his days can sometimes get quite busy and long, he makes sure to spend the mornings with them discussing their lives over breakfast and coffee. This is a good time to be able to get everyone’s schedule synched while relaxing before he starts his day. After spending time with his family, he reads the news and checks his emails. He stated that these activities are important and he tries to do them every day. Go To This Page to learn more.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything that you need to do during your day which is why Carsten Thiel tries to prioritize. By making sure that Carsten Thiel is keeping his long-term goals in mind instead of just his short term, he is better able to accomplish what needs to be done. In addition, building relationships is important to any business which is why he spends another good part of his day communicating with customers and meeting with the board of the company to make sure everyone has the same goals.


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How Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Uses a Passion for Medicine To Achieve Better Patient Care

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel wasn’t always sure he wanted to be a doctor. He earned an undergraduate degree in religion at Florida State University and as the time came for the end of school, he could no longer deny that his true life’s passion was medicine. He is now an emergency physician in Tallahassee, Florida.

As he has pursued his passion, he’s come to find that being detail oriented and organized are skills that are surprisingly useful in the practice of medicine. An emergency room is a chaotic place. It’s also fast-paced. He deals with patients who have experienced recent trauma, or are having cardiac distress, fractures, or other acute illnesses. These are patients who need care urgently. 

In this chaotic environment, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has found that organization and proper systems are the antidote to the unpredictable nature of emergency patient care. Systems that are firmly in place can help save time when it matters most. 

He has taken his passion for medicine and expanded it to the greater systems in the business of medicine in order to improve patient care. 

Beyond organization, he’s found that another key element is teamwork. The more they work together to improve things in the workplace the happier everyone is at their jobs and the better provided patient care. 

None of these elements–a dedication to medicine, organization, or teamwork–would be as useful as they are if Dr. Eric Forsthoefel wasn’t passionate about his work. That passion makes him curious to find the best answers when treating his patients in the moment and leads him to find better organization systems, encourages him to work with his team, and even to look into better electronic healthcare records systems. 

Medicine requires a lifelong dedication to learning. It isn’t a career meant for someone who needs instant gratification. You have to learn new techniques, new technologies, and stay up to date on the latest research in the field. This is especially true in emergency medicine. If someone wasn’t truly passionate about medicine, they wouldn’t have it in them to fulfill the needs of this career over the long term. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel takes his passion for medicine and uses it to see him through the in and out of improving patient care every day in his emergency room.

The Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in NYC

Laser hair removal is a common medical procedure used by growing numbers of men and women who want to remove facial and body hair. It’s more effective than running a razor or across an area of skin. it’s not time-consuming like having to rub a depilatory cream on constantly, but how does it work? Laser hair removal identifies hair follicles from which hair is going to grow and stops it while it’s still at the follicle stage. Patients do visits during a period of a few weeks. The result is dramatic. Patients quickly obtain the smoothness they desire. There’s no ideal candidate for hair removal. The process works on those of every complexion, hair color as well as texture.

Dr. Jennifer Walden at the Skintology Clinic in New York helps patients attain hair-free areas of their bodies by using unique and thorough therapies. Patients who receive her amazing treatments do so comfortably and enjoy the benefits quickly. Dr. Walton is a trusted practitioner in the laser hair removal field who provides patients with skilled laser removal services and detailed advice on post-treatment at home care. Those with questions and in search of in-depth information on what laser removal actually is can schedule consultations with her during which any and all questions can be addressed. Whether the desired aftermath is to look impeccable for an upcoming resort holiday or everyday life, Dr. Walton offers the widest range of skincare solutions in the field.

Patients who’ve undergone hair removal procedures with her are not just pleased by their improved appearances. They love the personal time and attention they get before and after laser hair removal at Skintology as well as the diverse range of other skin treatments that are offered. Doctor Walden treats a wide variety of patients. The Skintology staff is multilingual. Men can book manscaping back and facial hair treatments at special prices periodically available on the Skintology Clinic website where complimentary prices are advertised. Couples can book appointments to receive facials together. Best yet, discounts on specific treatments from microneedling to hydrafacials can cost less by staying on top of special pricing.


Carsten Thiel And Darrel P. Cohen Join EUSA Pharma

Dr. Carsten Thiel was recently appointed to the office of President of EUSA Pharma in Europe. Dr. Darrel P Cohen was also appointed as Head of EUSA’s Clinical Development Department.

EUSA is a company that focuses on creating pharmaceuticals that treat rare diseases. Both Dr. Cohen and Dr. Thiel have extensive educations and experience to fill these positions and strengthen EUSA’s structure globally in clinical development.

Carsten Thiel attended the University of Marburg and has a Masters in Biochemistry as well as a PhD in Molecular Biology from Max Planck Institute in Germany. Dr. Thiel started his career at Hoffman La Roche. He held several positions at Amgen.

During his time at Amgen, Dr. Thiel was responsible for the development of several products that treated bone disorders, nephrology, and oncology. Carsten Thiel followed this up with a few years working for Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. and prior to his position at EUSA Europe Dr. Thiel held the position of CEO at Abeona Therapeutics focusing on US gene-based therapies.

Darrel P. Cohen attended the Boston University School of Medicine where he obtained an MD and a PhD in Microbiology. He has held the position of Director for Clinical research for Sanofi- Aventis. Dr. Cohen previously led the Clinical Development Center of Pfizer’s global oncology as Vice president and was responsible for helping in the development of several oncology products that were quite successful. In his long career, Dr. Darrel P. Cohen has held the positions of Associate in Medicine and Hematology/ Oncology fellow at the Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Darrel P. Cohen brings 20 years of experience as a hematologist/oncologist in clinical development to EUSA. Go To This Page to learn more.


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Hyland’s Rise to Homeopathic Hierarchy

Hyland’s Homeopathic began its inception with humble beginnings, dating back to 1903, where eight doctors, one of them being George Hyland, who created Hyland’s in the basement of a building. Seven years later, Mr. Hyland purchased a pharmacy, which at the time was only focused on compounding medications, but eventually upgrading to a homeopathic company. With products ranging from relief tablets to cell salts, there are over hundreds of items for all member of the family. Homeopathy is the process where it is believed that the body can be able to heal itself. Instead of large doses that would normally treat an ailment, homeopathic medicine emphasizes small, fine doses of medicine for healing. With the ingredients that we use in all our products, we are confident that with the use of our products, no matter what age you are, will provide you with instant relief. We take pride in developing products for all of our customers, especially babies and children, as we have the opportunity to lay the foundation for them to choose products that will benefit them now, and even in the future.

This is information that every parent should know, and if not, should be aware of: signs of teething can start around 4 to 7 months. Hyland’s has created a section just for babies on our website. There are various tablets that babies can use for various reasons. Hyland’s teething tablets is an answer to every parent’s worst nightmare. Hyland’s has created a natural active ingredient homeopathic baby oral pain relief tablets that will sooth the pain and discomfort that comes along with teething. The dissolving of the tablets that Hyland’s has created makes it so much easier for your little one’s comfort while teething. All babies will experience teething at some time in their lives, but the tablets created by Hyland’s will help our little one’s get through the day with a big smile. Hyland’s has produced a product that is safe, gentle, easy to take, with all natural-active ingredients just for your infants. There are no artificial flavors, no benzocaine, dyes, or parabens in this product.

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Ira Kirschenbaum on Increasing Your Learning

There is this one interesting quote that may easily be found on various social media sites, it goes like this “don’t seek idols, seek mentors”.

This truth is relevant today and it will be relevant tomorrow as well. The fact of the matter is that we are all connected in some form or fashion. Each industry from business to technology to manufacturing and finance all build on top of each other in a very specific manner. One can only advance within each field if they are doing a few of the key things within each field that matters.

We will talk about these activities and how Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has used these principles in his own life.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and Understanding

The first step to being relevant within the world is to understand yourself and your place within the world. This is quite likely one of the hardest things out there for quite a lot of people out there. Since they don’t understand the world and their place within the world they can easily become lost and seem as if they are going astray, not being productive and not doing what they should within the world. Yet, if they are truly seeking to be a productive member of society such as Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, they will certainly continue to learn and grow and help out while they go about their journey.

This key step of understanding will allow them to minimize issues, help them to prepare and be the best that they can be in the field that they are proficient in. As stated above, understanding yourself and the world will not be easy but it will help to make your way a bit more smooth if you are able to find out the actions you should take to be like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and Learning

The next key aspect of progressing forward in life is to learn. Once you understand yourself and the world around you, it is time to stay focused on improving your position and move from one level to the next.

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Dr. Dov Rand: Understanding Physical Medicine

There many specialties in the medical industry. Many people say that they find it difficult to keep all of these specialties straight. For patients, it is essential to have some knowledge of all the branches in the medical department, just in case they need some special care in the future. Physical medicine and patient rehabilitation are one of the areas that are not understood by many. Known as physiatry, this is a field that affects thousands of people in the world. Dr. Dov Rand is a professional who specializes in this department, and he is helping many patients with their problems. The respected practitioner is currently based in the United States (Defrancostraining).

Dr. Dov Rand career life

Medicine is not a field for everyone. The professionals venturing into this area have to spend years in school before they can get the right qualifications to practice. The doctor had to attend some of the best medical schools in the world. After studying and working for years, the medical professional established an institution called Healthy Aging Medical Center where he has been helping thousands of people to attain high levels of health, regardless of their age. There are numerous forms of treatments that have been introduced in recent years, and they have helped the medical doctor to achieve his mission. Dr. Dov Rand has also researched to understand the right medical procedures to carry out on his patients so that they can lead a healthy life.

Hormonal conditions

Physical medicine, combined with rehabilitation has been used to treat many hormonal conditions in patients. Dr. Dov understands this section so well, and he has helped the patients affected in the outpatient setting. Dr. Rand uses bio-identical treatment to restore the health of men who are getting declining testosterone levels because of age. This is a condition many people do not like to speak about. With the help of the experienced medical professional, many men have been cured. The doctor has recently announced that he is looking for better forms of treatment for infertility issues in both men and women.

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Neurocore – Brain Performance Improvement Centres

A very effective and reliable option given by Neurocore for people suffering from mental health or behavioral health problems is the neurofeedback. By opting for this strategy, you can improve the brain’s ability to learn and process all the information provided about the environment with utmost ease with just simple tasks.

About Neurocore center deals with all the problems related to our brain while also talking about removing the stigma around mental health. It handles clients with various issues such as ADHD, Anxiety, ASD, Depression, Memory, Migraines, Sleep, and Stress. They first run an initial assessment on their client. It includes making brain wave analysis by using qEEG technology, heart rate, and breathing analysis and other such tests to get a good look inside your brain.

The second step is to make a detailed personalized treatment program for you, using the patterns of your brain as a guide. It helps your brain to work more efficiently and more productively. They make sure you follow this program through a positive reinforcement and repetition. The final step is to run another assessment after the program is completed to compare it with the first assessment.

If you visit Neurocore website, you can contact them by filling a simple form and get the help you or your loved ones require immediately.

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