Neurocore Leading The Charge Against ADHD


Every year at least over 1,000 people are diagnosed with ADHD. Most of them are children. There are medications that will keep them subdued and quiet for at least eight hours before the disorder kicks up again. However, these medications are controlled distances with certain side effects.


They may work and some children go into adulthood with no more symptoms of the disorder. For those that do, something else needs to be done, and Neurocore has the answer. It’s called training the brain to function as it should. That means getting to focus and staying that way. Their method so far has proven to work, and patients do see plenty of improvements after being committed to the sessions.


Neurocore has a specific way of getting the brain to really do what it needs to do. The process starts with the patient bringing in their favorite movie and putting a device on their head while watching the movie. The minute the patient’s mind starts to become unfocused, there is an electric nudge that will place the brain back into focus on the movie. The patient would have to come for about six to eight weeks or longer to see the results.


When a patient starts to notice that they have not been taking their medication because they have not been fidgety or unfocused, then that means the treatment works. Neurocore’s idea of training the brain’s neurological biofeedback into doing what it’s supposed to do is quite amazing. Read This Article to learn more.


Neurofeedback is a new treatment that is offered by Neurocore. Neurofeedback is not here to take the place of the traditional treatments but it is here to provide a third option. The focus of the treatment of neurofeedback is to harness the brain’s ability to learn.


Their success rate on this method is pretty high, and lots of people that have done it are not taking medicines anymore. If you are need of ADHD treatment, you should consider Neurocore instead of medications. Seeing a doctor every 30 days for a control substance can get very tiresome.  Click Here for more information.